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S othebys Hong Kong To Offer At Its Spring Sale 2013 The Worlds First Private Collection O f Works By Renowned Contemporary Japanese Artist Yoshitomo Nara
A testimony of the unique connection between the collector, Shun Kurokochi, and the artist in the past two decades Hong Kong Public Exhibition: 3 April 5 April | Auction: 5 April

Yoshitomo Nara ^

White Night acrylic on canvas 2006 162.4 x 130.4 cm (Est. HK$4.8 6.4 million / US$620,000 - $830,000)

Kong, Hong Kong, February 2013

Sothebys Hong Kong is delighted to announce the sale of the worlds

first private collection dedicated to the works of renowned contemporary Japanese artist Yoshitomo Nara (b.1959) You Are Not Alone - Yoshitomo Nara Works from the Kuroko chi Collection to take place Kuroko Collection, on 5 April at Hall 5, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. The Collection, amassed by Mr. Shun Kurokochi, an ordinary man working at a bank in Tokyo, comprises 35 lots ranging from acrylic on canvas, lots,

works on paper, edition prints to products such as wristwatches and skateboard dated between 1988 and 2006. All the works, preserved in pristine condition, are fresh to the auction market, and have been published and showcased in various important Nara exhibitions worldwide including I Dont Mind, If You Forget Me and Nara + graf : A to Z. With some of the works dating back to the late 1980s when the artist was in his late twenties, this Collection, estimated to fetch in excess of HK$18 million / US$2.4 of million million *, is a retrospective of Naras artistic career and a testimony of the unique connection between the collector and the artist in the past two decades.

Kurokochi, who has been living and working abroad for over a year now, has been a keen supporter of Nara long before the artist shot to international fame and the two developed a unique personal connection through his collecting journey. Nara has always addressed the loneliness in his childhood as a central theme in his work. It is precisely this feeling that connects him with collectors including Kurokochi, who built an extraordinary art collection by saving up in exchange for Naras works you feel lonely, but you are not alone.

Art, Evelyn Lin, Sothebys Head of Contemporary Asian Art enthuses: We are honoured to present You Are Not Alone - Yoshitomo Nara Works from the Kurokochi Collection, the worlds first auction of a private collection dedicated to the Yoshitomo Naras works, alongside our Spring Sale Series this year. From collecting Naras works, following Naras footsteps around the globe, to interacting with the artist, Kurokochi regards art as an important part of his life. His endeavour truly inspires art lovers who intend to collect art they appreciate. Art collection is indeed not an unaffordable luxury.

Kurokochi, Shun Kurokochi the owner of the collection, says: Assembled over nearly two decades, these works reminisce of childhood longings that I still feel as an adult. Being a lonely child myself, I see myself in the lonely and annoyed-looking children in Naras works, and I wished to do for them everything I craved from my loved ones. This strong affinity drove me to give up the small luxuries in life in exchange for these works. Through collecting I developed a personal relationship with the artist whose intelligence I admire greatly. I am now ready to part with this Collection, and I believe through Sothebys they will find new owners who are equally touched by them.

HIGHLIGHTS White Night acrylic on canvas 2006 162.4 x 130.4 cm (illustrated on page 1) 30,000 Est. HK$4.8 6.4 million / US$620,000 - 830,000 White Night represents a significant shift in the colour palette in Naras work, consisted of multi-layered paint and brushstrokes. The eyes of the girl, in particular, are no longer in two or three solid tones, but rather encompass a full range of hues and shades. It is an important work that displays the highly imbued sentimentality within the artists mature career phase. It was created during a crucial transition period in Naras career in 2000s after he began to collaborate closely with the architecture and design collective, graf, in 2003. It was showcased in one of Naras most elaborate solo exhibitions to date, Nara + graf : A to Z.

Sleepless Night (Standing) acrylic on canvas 1997 120 x 110 cm Est. HK$3.2 4.8 million / US$410,000 - 620,000 The pastel colour palette and sharpened contours of the eyes critically define the beloved style that became internationally recognised in the 1990s. While the blue dress is frequently seen in many of his works, the full-body portrait is an essential composition that constantly reappears throughout the artists entire
Yoshitomo Nara

oeuvre as well.

Girl Lamp Flower Gir l acrylic on canvas 1993 150.3 x 140cm US$260 60,000 360 Est. HK$2 2.8 million / US$260 ,000 36 0 ,000 First exhibited at Naras solo exhibition Be Happy, at Galerie Humanite in Nagoya, Lamp Flower Girl belongs to Naras earliest body of work that featured children as the main theme. The bold black outline and solid colour tone signify two major characteristics in his aesthetics from the early to mid-1990s, shortly after his study at the Kunstakademie Dsseldorf. The composition of the large head, high forehead and bulbous facial features, especially the elongated eyes,
Yoshitomo Nara

together formed a crucial prototype to the extremely popular iconic style that emerged in mid-1990s.

Pale Egg Mountain acrylic on canvas 1999 50 x 40 cm HK$650,000 US$80,000 Est. HK$650,000 950,000 / US $80,000 120,000 Arguably the most popular icon in Naras work aside from the children portrait, the sleepy-eyed puppy also dominates his drawings, paintings and sculptural works. Pale Egg Mountain depicts a close-up of the well-liked animal that certainly reveals a much closer resemblance with his human counterpart.
Yoshitomo Nara

Hag Drawing for Argentine Hag (set of fifteen) acrylic, coloured pencil on paper 2002 cm; biggest: 34.3 x 36.3 cm; smallest: 17.5 x 20 cm US$160,000 $160 10,000 Est. HK$1.2 1.6 million / US $160,000 2 10,000 This exceptional set of works serves as illustrations for the novel Argentine Hag by Japanese author Banana Yoshimoto, and is thus rarely seen in the market. Many of the motifs in the work, such as pyramids and dolphins, are not only visually distinctive, but also uniquely situated within Naras practice. The novels
Yoshitomo Nara

subsequent adaption into a film further highlights the subtle relationship of Naras work with popular culture.

Chick the Ambassador acrylic on canvas 1993 100 x 90 cm HK$800,000 US$100,000 Est. HK$800,000 1.2 million / US $100,000 160,000 The chick from Chick the Ambassador can frequently be seen in Naras works from 1993. It is one of the few animals to have been depicted by Nara in his expanding oeuvre and represents the earliest artistic practice of the artist.
Yoshitomo Nara

Kaifibe Kai -Ten acrylic painted on cotton mounted on fiberglass reinforced plastic 2001 58 x 58 x 18 cm US$160,000 10,000 $160 Est. HK$1.2 1.6 million / US $160,000 - 2 10 ,000 Made with acrylic paint on cotton on fiberglass reinforced plastic, Kai-Ten signifies Naras experimental attempt in shifting towards three-dimensional paintings. The circular dish-shaped work challenges viewers in re-interpreting the traditional plane of painting, and remains one of Naras most exciting medium ever applied.
Yoshitomo Nara

Pandora's Box acrylic on canvas 1990 90.4 x 90.2 cm HK$800,000 US$10 $100 60,000 Est. HK$800,000 1.2 million / US $100,000 - 1 60 ,000 Painted in 1990, Pandoras Box embodies various intriguing themes from Naras practice. The girl in the work is seen stepping in a water puddle, one of the most ubiquitous motifs in his works. The piece also draws on the
Yoshitomo Nara

reference from the Pandoras Box from Greek mythology.

^ All images should be marked Yoshitomo Nara and no permission is granted to alter the images in any way.

NOTES TO EDITORS 201 1) Sotheby's Hong Kong Spring Sales 201 3 Calendar (The schedule is subject to change) Auction Category 3 Apr 4 Apr 5 Apr The elBulliCellar sold to benefit the elBulliFoundation The Classic Cellar from a Great American Collector 11 Finest and Rarest Wines Including Wines Direct from Bodegas Vega Sicilia Fine Chinese Paintings You Are Not Alone - Yoshitomo Nara Works from the Kurokochi Collection In Transition The Didier Hirsch Collection of Contemporary Chinese Art from 1990s Contemporary Asian Art 6 Apr 7 Apr 8 Apr Modern and Contemporary Southeast Asian Paintings 20th Century Chinese Art Important Watches Fine Chinese Ceramics and Works of Art A Magnificent Falangcai Bowl from the Collection of Dr. Alice Cheng Water, Pine And Stone Retreat Collection, Scholarly Art III The Meiyintang Collection, Part V An Important Selection of Imperial Chinese Porcelains Magnificent Jewels and Jadeite Hong Kong Exhibition and Auction Venue Hall 5, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre (New Wing) 1 Expo Drive, Wan Chai, Hong Kong II) Asia Travelling Exhibitions Calendar Date 19 & 20 Feb 6 & 7 Mar 9 & 10 Mar 16 & 17 Mar 23 & 24 Mar City Tokyo Shanghai Beijing Singapore Taipei Venue Sothebys, Fuerte Kojimachi Building Four Seasons Hotel Four Seasons Hotel The Regent Singapore Fubon International Convention Centre

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