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nice / kind / good / stupid / silly / intelligent / clever / sensible (1) / (im)polite / rude (2) / unreasonable (3) OF someone (to do something):
Thank you it was very nice / kind of you to help me. It's stupid of her to go out without a coat.
(1) einfühlsa m sein (2) grob sein (3) unvernün ftig sein

nice / kind / good / (im)polite / rude / (un)pleasant (un)friendly /cruel TO someone:
She has always been very nice / kind to me. Why are you so rude / unfriendly to Ann?



(4) (un)ange nehm

angry / furious (5) ABOUT something // WITH someone FOR something:
Why are you so angry about it? They were furious with me for not inviting them to my party.

(5) wütend sein

pleased g:


/ disappointed


/ satisfied


WITH somethin

(6) Gefallen finden (7) enttäusc ht sein (8) zufrieden sein

I was pleased with the present you gave me. Were you disappointed with your examination results?
(9) genug haben

bored / fed up


WITH something:

You get bored / fed up with doing the same thing every day.

surprised (10) / shocked / amazed (11) / astonished (12) AT / BY something:

(10) überrasc ht sein

(11) erstaunt sein (12) sich wundern

Everyone was surprised by /at the news.
(13) enttäusc ht sein

exited / worried / upset


ABOUT something:

Are you exited about going on holiday next week?

afraid / scared something


/ frightened / terrified OF someone /

(14) sich fürchten

Are you afraid of dogs?

proud / ashamed


OF someone / something:

(15) sich schämen

I'm not ashamed of what I did.

good / bad / excellent / brilliant / hopeless something:
I'm not very good at repairing things.


AT (doing) (16) hoffnung

married TO someone
Linda is married to an American.

sorry ABOUT something:
I'm sorry about the noise last night.

sorry FOR doing something
I'm sorry for shouting at you yesterday.

be / feel sorry FOR someone
I feel sorry for George.

famous FOR something:
Florence is famous for its art treasures.
(17) verantwo rtlich



FOR something:

Who was responsible for this noise last night?

interested IN something:
Are you interested in art?



OF something / someone:

(18) gern haben

Mary is fond of animals.

full OF something:
The letter was full of mistakes.
(19) wenig, knapp

short OF



I'm a bit short of money.
(20) begeister t sein

keen ON



We stayed at home because Mary wasn't very keen on going out in the rain.
(21) ähnlich sein

similar TO



Our friends 7. We 10. . (ride) his bike every day. (meet) in front of the (go) to the doctor's. We sometimes cinema. (go) to the park every Friday. Frank 3. He 9. My sister 2. crowded WITH (22) (people. 5. She 8. (like) dogs. (have) the best ideas. (say) good bye. (be) the best singer in our class. My parents 4. (do) the shopping. PRESENT SIMPLE 1.. Uncle George 6.Your writing is similar to mine..) (22) überfüllt The city was crowded with tourists. (play) football in the park. Carol 11.. She (read) a book.

The children 6. They my pencil. (go) my name. (buy) behind a tree. (call) down. The children 14. He 9. Tom and Sue 4. (sit) . (talk) stamps. My sister 13. Bill 15. We about stickers. (collect) two T-shirts. (have) got nine posters. (play) 5. (be) at home. They 2.12. Mary 3. PRESENT TENSE Fill in the present tense 1. (hide) in the garden. My mother 8. (eat) hamburgers. She 7. (borrow) shopping. I (live) in a big house.

Example: I am hungry. (collect) good bye. isn't. (say) Tom. His schoolbag is brown. He stamps. She 13. Mary .. Peter goes to the party. 2. The students 15.. Mary can ski.I am not hungry. Bill got nine posters. . 1. don't. to the red. Ken and Sam 11. .10. Use short forms (doesn't. (live) up. Carol 12. (stand) 14.. (help) in a big house. (have) PRESENT TENSE NEGATION Put the sentences into negation. His schoolbag 3.). Peter party.

Pat 7. They 14. They are at home. Pat is a clever boy. Tim has a brother. 5. Tom 15. football. They 11.4. We meet our friends. The monkey takes the banana. The teacher hands out the books. Tom can play football. We our friends. My mother Spanish. My mother speaks Spanish. 6. 12. hungry. 8. The monkey the banana. I oranges. in . at home. The teacher the books. Winter October. a sister. I like apples. Tony is hungry. Winter begins in December. They are at Sarah's party. at home. a clever boy. Tim 10. 13. Tony 9.

he 2. The cat always drinks its milk. Look. the monkey a banana! at 11. it its milk! 6. he is going to the park. Mother cooks in the kitchen. Look. He goes to school.PRESENT PROGRESSIVE He goes to the park. They breakfast! their . 10. Look. she 5. Look. Now. they church! 8. Look. you to ! her hair! to school! a coffee! a letter. She washes her hair. Look. Right now. In the afternoon we watch TV. He drinks a coffee. Look. We dance in the living room. I 4. I swim every day. The monkey eats bananas. mother in the kitchen. They run to church. 1. We the moment. Look. we in the living room! 7. They have breakfast. 9. You write a letter. he 3. Look. 12. Look.

(walk / take) the dishes. Listen! The baby 2. (drink) in the garden now? (play) a picture. PRESENT SIMPLE OR PROGRESSIVE 1. The penguin swims very well. 14. What are you doing? I (clean) 5. to school but today the bus. the two little penguins ! 15. (paint) French in their school. We always we . The children their breakfast now.13. (cry) an egg for breakfast. Who 7. Look! I 8. English children beer. I never 6. . The children eat their breakfast. At the moment father a little red car. Sue sometimes (have) 3. 4. Father drives a big car. Look.

2. Bill often loses his key. Susan 15. (watch) a book at this moment. (read) PAST TENSE 1. Last week I two letters. (eat) TV now. I always 14.(learn) 9. My sister never 13. They always get up early. one last 4. It's nine o'clock and we (eat) 12. 11. This morning they up late. He Saturday. She meets her friends every evening. She . He always goes to work by car. Can you help me? No. (go) lunch now. Yesterday he to work by bus. 3. (learn) 10. We table . (play) breakfast at 7 o'clock. I test. sorry. I write a letter to Jane every week. Joe often for the to school with me.

Last Friday they .00. We our shopping last Monday. Ann often takes photos. 7. too. I eat an orange every day. But yesterday we at 8. 8. Yesterday I oranges. I only a newspaper yesterday. .them yesterday evening. too. too. 10. 13. Last weekend she some photos. They buy a new car every year. too. We usually go to the cinema on Sunday. They come to my house every Friday. 9. 12. We leave at 8. We to the cinema last Sunday. two 11. 14. 6. too. too. Last year they a new car. We usually do our shopping on Monday. Tom always has a shower in the morning.30 every morning. I usually read two newspapers every day. Tom a shower this morning.

He played football. I 6. She 12. She hurt her leg. He 5. Paula 3. her birthday. He washed the car. She 8. the keys. Sam was tired.PAST TENSE NEGATION Fill in the negation. Steve the hotel. I found the keys. her leg. He 13. I forgot her birthday. Martin his grandparents. They the party yesterday. her room. He 7. 2. high. She tidied her room. They were at the party yesterday. . 11. He jumped high. Steve left the hotel three days ago. 1. Sam 9. We arrived late. Martin visited his grandparents. the car. late. Paula wrote back. I back. football. at 10. tired. We 4.

Use present perfect. 15. 2. She last summer. 1. Snoopy has climbed onto his house. Example: Snoopy / climb / onto his house. I / find / some money in the street . Mr Brown read my essay. 3. Mr and Mrs Baker / have / an accident . in Italy PRESENT PERFECT Write down the sentences. She was in Italy last summer. Brian / play / football . 4. Susan / read / her new book .14. Mr Brown my essay.

The girls / bring / some wood for the fire .. Tom Davis / win / the volleyball match . 8. The Snows / buy / a van for their holidays . 10. PRESENT PERFECT PROGRESSIVE . 5. 7. Mrs Black / wash / the dishes . Mr Martin / make / breakfast for the boys . Alison Brown / lose / the swimming match . 9. 6.

your brother (play) he (play) golf? 7. (drive) since 1972. How long guitar? 6. I 5. (play) tennis since he was (wait) for the bus for 15 minutes. (live) in India since last you (work) in the . 11. Peter month. My sister 13. (live) in that (cook) for 3 hours. How long garden? it (rain)? (study) German for two years. Mike 3. 14. I (work) for this company for seventeen years. My mother 12. 8. 1. How long 9. Mary 10. It 2.Fill in the Present Perfect Progressive. (collect) stamps since 1995. How long (rain) for hours. My grandparents house since 1962. 4. Bob seven.

future of the words below. They (lie) in the sun for hours. In the afternoon we George’s uncle and play table tennis in his garden. Then we we think we new jeans. I a great day. Maybe I back before 6 o’clock. . We around in the shopping mall where a look at the shops.15. have – go – meet – visit – walk – have – buy – not be – have Tomorrow I my friend George. We our dinner at the to the movies and then we new fast – food place. FUTURE TENSE Fill in the will .

She 5. (go) her aunt. They 3. I 2. (write) them tea. They 7. Winter holidays February. We 6. I 10. (offer) their holidays in Wales. Tom (help) 12. (be) in the first week of .FUTURE TENSE Fill in the GOING TO future. (be) him tomorrow. There 13. My friends (spend) 8. My father 11. (wash) you with the homework. 1. a meeting at our school. He 4. (visit) a test. (buy) 9. (meet) to Dublin. (feed) his car. (drive) to the football match. a birthday present for the rabbits. My uncle Harry.

go ... a car. They it for you.go When I’m older I When I’m older I When I'm older I When I'm older I When I'm older I When I'm older I When I'm older I out late.14..go . a lot of sweets. do .buy ..wash . (repair) Japanese. TV as long as I like..stay . to ..make . to the cinema.go . (learn) FUTURE TENSE When I’m older I will . buy . When I’m older I will not. I 15. two children.write .have .

my bed in the morning.will future. to school. for a walk with my my father’s car. in my parent’s house. 1. I hope the weather (be) nice. I offered him this job. so much. FUTURE TENSE Fill in the correct future tense . I think he it. (take) 3. . (drive) to New York tomorrow 2. When I’m older I When I’m older I When I’m older I When I’m older I any homework. They morning.When I’m older I When I’m older I When I’m older I parents. going to or present progressive.

They 7. (fly) to Seattle next summer (invite) 50 people to the party and I (come). They holidays. We think he night. 9. That exercise looks difficult. probably (not leave) tomorrow. he (go) to the football match? (win) the match? (stay) till Thursday. I (play) cards this evening. (go) to the cinema tomorrow. I promise I anyone. 6. She 14. 12. (come) home late in the PAST SIMPLE OR . 11. He 15. (not tell) your secret to 5.4. I you. I 8. It (rain). Take your umbrella with you. (help) hope everyone 10. Are you sure they 13.

I think she I (wear) her new hat when (see) her at the zoo. A lot of children when the star 9. (wait) at the station (arrive). When the phone . (play) tennis when 6. First Sam then he (watch) TV when the (ring). (ring) mum 8. She doorbell 4. (hear) a cry and (run) into (buy) the newspaper and (take) the plane to Chicago. 5. (have) their supper when (hear) about the accident. 3.PROGRESSIVE Past simple or past progressive 1. They postman (play) cards when the (come). 2. They they 10. Susan and Sally it (begin) to rain. 7. I (sweep) the floor when I (hear) a noise. We the kitchen.

(talk) about the movie while (walk) home. They lights (take) a photo when I (read) a book when the (go) out. While George Bill 14. Sally (dance).(work) in the garden. 12. (play) computer games. (repair) his bike 13. We we 15. (forget) our lunch at home last . They Friday. 11.

As soon as it (take) her umbrella. 3. 8. 2. When we (go) out we (put) on (go) swimming after it (arrive) there the . (start) to rain she (play) cards after he (do) his 6. 9. (thank) me she 7. 5. 10. 11.PAST PERFECT Fill in past tense or past perfect tense. He homework. He (comb) his hair after he (brush) his teeth. (open) the window it (see) the movie we (go) (leave) she (start) to 4. 1. After they (become) colder. Before we our new shoes. They (stop) raining. Before she (take) my present. After we to bed. We (see) the robbers after they (leave) the bank. After he cry.

ceremony 12. Father mother 13. After she she 14. He he 15. He

(already start). (start) to wash the car after (go) out. (got) her new dress (show) it her parents. (fall) from the balcony after (take) away the railing. (eat) the cake after he (ask).

1. When he dinner. 2. he Angeles? 3. I 4. Father mother (arrive) we (have)

(already arrive) in Los

(not see) him for two days. (smoke) his pipe while (prepare) the tea.

5. She 6. Look! It 7. She 8. Last night I suddenly I 9. Carol

(already do) the washing up. (snow) now. (have) the flu last winter. (read) a book when (hear) a scream. (already start) her new job. (run) away and

10. Last week my rabbit I (not find) it yet.

11. The teacher board while the children the text. 12. Water 13. What He 14. I evening. Peter

(write) sentences on the (fill) the words in

(boil) at 100 degrees Celsius. (do) at the moment.

(have) a bath. (go) to the theatre yesterday

We (fly) to Paris. Present simple: We to Paris.

Present progressive: We Past simple: We to Paris. to Paris.

Past progressive: We Future: We to Paris. to Paris.

Present perfect: We to Paris.

George and Bill (read) the newspaper. Present simple: George and Bill Present progressive: George and Bill Past simple: George and Bill the newspaper. the newspaper. the newspaper.

Present progressive: Paul Past simple: Paul his uncle. Paul (visit) his uncle. his uncle. Past progressive: Paul Future: Paul his uncle. Present simple: Paul his uncle. Present perfect: Paul his uncle.Past progressive: George and Bill Future: George and Bill Present perfect: George and Bill the newspaper. his uncle. . the newspaper. the newspaper.

Henry does his homework. They go to school by bus. They can dance.Are you hungry? 1. ? 9. The parrot eats apples. ? 4. ? . They are Austrian. ? 10. ? 5. . Brad listens to the radio. ? 12. Elephants eat grass. We are pen friends. ? 3. They are cool.PRESENT TENSE QUESTIONS Form the questions. We live in a big city. I can play the guitar. Example: I am hungry. ? 2. I like reading books. ? 11. I am good at school. ? 6. ? 7. ? 13. ? 8.

Simon reads comics. 3. Sally smokes. The girls jumped into the lake. ? 15. grandparents? 4. 7. Sam bought new jeans. ? PAST TENSE QUESTIONS Form the questions. his younger sister? 6. 1. housework? new jeans? the a shower? the homework? their into . She did the homework. They visited their grandparents. Susan finished the housework. He looked after his younger sister. the lake? 5.14. He took a shower. 2.

PRESENT PERFECT QUESTIONS Write down the questions and the short answers. We listened to our favourite CD. tennis last Saturday? 10. 15. happy? hard? early? at school? to the exam? 14. She got up early. your favourite CD? 9. She passed the exam. She made breakfast yesterday. 1. He was happy.8. 12. the Coopers / arrive / yet ? No. They were at school. breakfast yesterday? 11. . They played tennis last Saturday. . The boys worked hard. 13.

5. Tim / find / his workbook ? No. 4. 7. Susan / ride / a bike before ? Yes. you / ever be / to Sweden ? Yes. . 6. 8. 3. she / already finish ? No. he / ever read / a book from Shakespeare ? Yes. . . you / sleep / well all night ? No. . you / ever play / the piano ? No. 9. . . . it / snow / this winter ? Yes.2. . . . 10. you / hear / from Daniel lately ? Yes.

QUESTION WORDS Fill in the correct question word. 4. does the boy come from? He's from Newcastle. 2. are you going to do on Saturday? I don't . is best at playing tennis? It's Bob. 12. 3. 11. 7. ten. is an orange juice? It's fifty pence. 9. clock. 6. are you going? I’m going to my friends. much is the shirt? It's twenty pounds. 5. know. can I get some ice cream? You can get some at the snack bar. 1. are you going to order? Fish and chips. I think. old are her children? They are seven and is Peter's birthday? In April. 8. does the restaurant open? It opens at six o' 10. sits next to Frank? Clara.

14.13. 3. is that boy over there? That's Simon Long. 4. book is this? It's Nelly's.30. 1. I think. is Susan's party? It's on Friday. are you so angry? Because I haven't won the money. old is his cat? 6 weeks. 15. 2. QUESTION WORDS Fill in the correct question word. does Mr Olson live? He lives in Market Street. is the weather like in Chicago? It's cold and windy. . did the film begin? At 7. has got my pullover? I have got it. 5. 6. 7. is your name? Carol.

1. ? 2. I stayed up until twelve. 9. . do you usually have for breakfast? I usually have toast and coffee. 14. ? 3. pullover is that? It's Frank's. 13. were the ski boots? They were 380 did Jack feel? He feels ok. can speak French? I think Stacy can. 15. is your telephone number? It's 4729147. I get my pocket money from my dad.8. 11. pounds. does your mother get up? At 7. This computer game has four levels. 10. 12. is Mr Jackson? He's a dentist. QUESTIONS Ask for the underlined words.

? 7. The lesson passed quickly. It began three years ago.HOW MANY . She copies the story. They danced till the morning. ? 8. He wrote lots of stories for her. ? HOW MUCH . ? 10.? 4. ? 9. ? 6. He dropped the cup on the floor. ? 12. He warmed his hands. ? 5. He made a big mistake. They fell in love. ? 11.

lot. litres. 3. money have we got? We haven’t got a bikes are there in the garden? Two. any. pens are in your bag? Six. 10. lemonade have we got? We’ve got only one bottle. children have they got? Two girls and a milk have we got? About one and a half steaks have we got? We’ve got eight . 9. boy. 11. 12. 8. 6. steaks. meat is there? We have got two steaks. 4. bananas have we got? We haven’t got sugar have we got? Enough. bread have we got? Some. 7. 5. bottles are there? Three. 2.1.

she (be) very happy. 4. 3. The baby the truth. (miss) TV. (not to the USA if I have enough money. If Tom is at home. If he is in San Francisco. he Bridge. If they good marks if we don't learn. If you help your mother. You will have to walk if you 6. She will be angry if you tell) 5. (buy) . (sleep) Golden Gate 8. (watch) if you are more quiet. If Mary (help) in the kitchen. He to the doctor's if he doesn't feel well tomorrow. (have) 2. he 7. (see) 9.CONDITIONAL CLAUSES 1. a car they will drive to Italy. (go) 10. I will buy a new skateboard. I (travel) 12. If I enough money. We get) 11. (not the bus. she will get more pocket money.

What work tomorrow? (happen). if I had your 5. 2. If he studied. What will John do. If he tells me the truth I glad. he 4. If he it. If I work harder I 14. if he job? (buy) a (not get) the . If I was offered the job. I address. she would eat something. she new car. (be) CONDITIONAL CLAUSES 1. (sell) the exam. if you didn´t go to 6. (pass) his car he won't get much money for 15. (send) you a postcard. 7. If she (take) (be) hungry. If she has enough money. I think I it.13. (pass) the exam. 3.

I (phone) her if I knew her number. (catch) the train. (work) harder I will pass the exam. (lose) her 9. She would be terribly upset. If he hurried. If he come.8. if I ring. If I hear a thief I (catch) him. CONDITIONAL CLAUSES 1. if the factory (close) down. he will come. (ring) the bell. (have) more 2. Many people would be out of work. if you president of your country? 11. (be) the 10. . (have) time. 3. he 12. If he 13. the waiter would 14. He would go to the cinema if he time. If I have some money I 15. What would you do. If I (buy) a new car.

7. If we had gone to London we the Tower. If he had offered me the job I (take) it. 14. If she explains him the situation he (understand) it. If he offers me a job I (take) it. 15. 6. (visit) me (learn) harder. (have) some money I will buy a new (see) (invite) Linda. (be) angry. If I car. 12. If it 13. 9. If they were rich they 5. I would pass the exam if I (stay) at a hotel. I would have been glad if he in hospital. I will have to invite Bob if I 10. (stop) raining we will play tennis. If I did not visit him he 11. 8. PASSIVE VOICE . If he (drive) more carefully he would not cause an accident.4.

(Past (correct) by the . English (Present tense) (speak) all over the world. We (Present perfect) 5. (Future tense) (take) to school. (Present (never / beat) at badminton. The homework teacher. Some ink (Present perfect) 12. Her new book (Future tense) (forget) in a few years' (steal). (Past tense) (hear). Milk (use) to make butter and cheese. (Past tense) (spill) on the carpet. The thieves tense) 13. (make) in France. The dogs tense) 7. This quarrel time. 8. by the police. Not a sound 11. 2. (Past tense) (keep) in house. (Future tense) 3. (Present (publish) next month. This shirt 6.1. (Present tense) 9. My pencil case perfect) 4. They 10.

(Past PERSONAL PRONOUNS Fill in me. Can you help 2. us. Can you help ? ? ? 3. the sandwiches. help . John can't do his homework. the ball. him. We don't know the way to the church. We are hungry. Her ring tense) 15. Give 8. Give it to 6. I tense) (find) under the bed. 7. you. The boys are playing football. Bring please. it. 1. 5. I need help. Can you see 4. her. I can't find my books. (Past (offer) an interesting job. This pen is for Mary. Please. John. can you come to ? . . you and them.14.

Father is in the living room. Bring the book. These flowers are a present for mother. . They always help with my homework. This letter is for father. Sandra never always does . a glass of 13. Betty. Please. The children are thirsty. Give water. My friend Susan lives in London. 15. 10. I cannot do homework. 12. Give to .9. 14. homework. give to . This is a postcard from . 2. My parents are very nice. I have other work to 11. I cannot help do. POSSESSIVE PRONOUNS 1.

I must learn for 9. The children sometimes clean shoes. 4. milk. The children are writing 11. food. 12. new house. We like neighbours. Can you spell 5. Carol likes new skirt. test. REFLEXIVE PRONOUNS . exercise book. hut. pen. Our uncle and aunt like 7.3. name. Susan cannot find 6. The dogs eat bike. Peter is writing in 10. 15. I often clean 14. exams. The cat is drinking 8. The dog is sleeping in 13.

some lunch. in such an . 8. .1. . The players clean the field 9. . I want him to do the job 7. He has to fix that 6. They were concerned for unsafe situation. 14. She did all the work by 4. He never talks about 3. Elizabeth sang quietly to 13. Grandpa cut some questions. She asked 10. 11. Mrs Miller planted the roses 15. The horse hurt . . . 5. I always find the way 12. Tell me a little about 2. . . I went to the shop to buy . . John hurt while he was repairing his car. .

The shirt trendy. 11. plays the is in the middle can lend me a pen? belt is black are Jim's. Can you see the rabbits grass? 6. Did you like the meal restaurant? 3. The trousers 10. What's the name of the film star main part in "The Green Card"? 7. had caused a terrible accident we helped yesterday is Nancy's you are wearing today is very . are hopping in the 5.CONJUNCTIONS Fill in who or which. Is this the policeman 4. I like people the doctor gave you had in the helped you? are nice and friendly. 12. 1. Is there someone 9. The driver was arrested. Have you taken the tablets you? 2. The woman mother. Have you seen the column of the square? 8.

He was tired and went . What time did you arrive 9. When are you going 11. Scotland. Paris for two weeks. Greece? bed 10. 8. I saw Ken car. 4.PREPOSITIONS OF PLACE Fill in at. 5. to or by 1. the art gallery finished last Dave's wedding. The exhibition Sunday. Linda is a student 6. on. Turn left the hotel? the traffic lights. After some years he arrived back 7. The train arrives platform 3. She studied 3. in. Cambridge University. We decided not to go 2.

a . half an hour. I suddenly felt ill 4. I’ll be at the office 2. Carol got married 6. the examination. 7. foot. 3 3. 5. So I read it day. I saw Bill this morning. The book was easy to read. The easiest way to go there is underground. 1994. The train stopped every station. He was passed me. 14. a bus which 13. PREPOSITIONS OF TIME 1. They were working in the garden o’clock seven o’clock. I’ll be back 7 o’ clock. They have lived there 20 years. I missed the bus and had to go 15.12.

In summer he always goes jogging Sundays. 15. Can you give him 3.AN . I saw him midnight.SOME 1. . He learned to drive a lorry 14. She started dancing great star. Do you have 2. I did my homework 12. They were at school 10. 13. A . 6 and now she’s a 11. Give him milk? tea? orange? present. 2 o’ clock. Do you want 4. three weeks. He waited they were quiet. the morning. We were at the party 9.8. the evening.

Mum. Have you got 8. Tom gives me 13. an apple . Does he like stickers.three 3. Please buy me 15. please give me 11. Father buys me 6. little hamster! eggs to bake a cake. a box . a city .ten .five 2. This is melon.5. apple? stamps? orange juice? jam? 9. Do you want 7. Do you like some butter and 10. apple? nice present. We need PLURAL 1. 14. excellent test. Does the monkey eat 12.

three 14.three 7.twelve 10. a child .two 9.five 15. a brush .six 2.eight 12. a day . a family .four 5. a strawberry . a glass . a kiss . an orange .three 3. a player . a man . a boy .eight . a monkey .4. a fly .eleven 11. a wolf .two 6.six 8. a knife .four PLURAL 1.

two 7.ten 9. a goose . a box . a lady .eleven 5. a baby .four 10.ten 13.twelve 15. a camera .five SOME OR ANY .two 11. a tooth . a key . a foot .4. a match .eight 14.six 6. a fox . a life .three 12. an hour .

Fill in some or any .Where? I can't see 9. He is repairing 2. I'd like we haven't got have for lunch. Where is Tom? . She wanted to do to help me. He is buying 6. The children want to have party but we don't have 4. . but milk. But you can orange juice. sitting under the tree. . there is someone in the garden.Was there in it? . popcorn. but not money. to help me. . I can't see .Sorry. of course. It's too dark. 5. 7. in it? – chocolate 3. I didn't need 10.Yes. – Is there Yes. Yesterday there was a box in the street. .something or anything someone or anyone 1. Look. old 8.He is at the shop. Look. crisps for their . milk for breakfast. there were magazines in it. there is Sorry. I can't find my bag. Where's Dad? – In the garage. .

(bad) . He was very 10. (angry) . She looks 8. They skate 9. (nervous) . (gentle) 11. (careful) in school. This steak tastes 6. Ann often behaves 3. She looked at me 7. There was a storm yesterday night . (good) . She always works 2. (great) . He works very 5. The doctor felt his leg 12. (pretty) . (great) . . That sounds .ADJECTIVE OR ADVERB 1. (good) that he won the race. (happy) . He is often very 4.

Arthur fought (good) picture! (beautiful) and they won the battle. "I love you". (hard) 3." (hard) 4. (silly) and . The boys played so tournament. Their son is 15. "Go and have a rest. Camilla said in a voice. (good) ADJECTIVE OR ADVERB 1. (soft / warm) .(heavy) 13. He was so busy with his new computer that he had time to help his mother. They smell 14. 7. (good) that they won the 2. From the top of the mountain he could see across the countryside. What a 6. I like roses. (far) 5. You shouldn’t work so . (soft) . The cat's fur felt .

(careful) 11. (loud) . 1. (fast) 13. Jane opened the door 12. They could hear a . Suddenly he woke up because the phone rang . 2. 15. is / near / school / There / new / a / our / cinema . I like driving . (quiet) cry.8. (quiet) . got / my / problem / I / with / have / homework /a . He tasted the various kinds of tea (careful) WORD ORDER Write down the sentences into correct order. She spoke to me very 14. Paul lay in bed . The maid shut the door 9. (terrible) 10. (soft) .

5. 6. did / very / The / trick / well / magician / his . when / a / helps / she / thinks / problem / trouble / Mary / has / doll / her / a . circus / went / with / we / ago / the / Two / my / to / parents / months . 10. 3. 7. her / Cindy / you / I / found / Can / tell / that / have / necklace . way / on / bike / Mike / on / already / been / his / to / his / school / has . to / we / On / a / restaurant / sometimes / Sundays / go . after / Jim / sister / Mother / look / asked / his / to / younger . 8. well / think / your / very / I / don't / father / drives . 9.. 4.

He doesn’t smoke very much. You know than . He isn’t very tall. 8. We don’t know many people. 6. . . COMPARISON 1. You work . You’re 3. than 4. She isn’t very old. 7. You’re than than than her. They haven’t got much money. 5. You’ve got . She isn’t very clever. I don’t work very hard. I’m not a very good cook. You smoke than . You are 2.. You cook than .

I didn’t get up very early. Dad's car is much 2. (heavy) than the . His thirst grew 4. than 9. They live in a 6. 7. You can run . He thinks this test was the last one. (good) tennis player of the (nice) girl. I think scuba diving is than climbing. 5. You got up than . Susan is a 8. This suitcase is others. (fascinating) (big) (difficult) than (beautiful) house. I can’t run very fast.than . COMPARISON 1. (big) and (fast) than mine. She is the world. 3. 10.

it was raining they drink and . (big) house but Fred lives 14. 10. 2. (expensive) than (tall) than Keith but Phil is 11. They live in a in a (big) one. This was the (young) than (bad) film I have ever seen.9. (many) books than Peter but (many). Doris reads Frank reads the 12. Bob is the (tall). CONJUNCTIONS 1. (beautiful) as Spain. 15. My sister is three years me. France is as 13. Hotels in London are in Vienna. People cause accidents drive. They stayed at home heavily.

he fell down the tree. they won. 7. I can’t understand 12. she hasn’t phoned yet. They were very proud 13. he had had he said he could do it smoking is bad for your 6. You should know health. He broke his arm time they left the party. She wanted to open the door find the key. 8. Linda’s father always watches TV home from work. He didn’t know 14.3. Do you know 10. We were playing tennis 9. he started playing chess? he will work in his holidays. Tommy went to his friends lunch. .Tim knew he comes it was dark it started to rain. 5. I wanted to help him himself. 4. 11. Tommy decided to leave outside. she couldn’t 15.

. .) 1. .WHAT'S THE TIME? Don't forget to write a. 20:15 2. 14:55 9. . 22:30 11. Don't write the word "minutes" (eg: 06:50 . 05:42 13. 11:00 8. . 10:45 15. 17:08 .m. 06:17 6. . 20:45 7. 21:46 10. 16:23 14. . 07:30 3. 14:50 4. 12:15 12. . . 18:23 5. . or p. Start the sentence with "It's". . . .It's ten to seven a.m. . .m.

: 06:50 .g.It's ten to seven) . Don't write the word "minutes" (e.WHAT'S THE TIME? Start the sentence with "It's".

m. It’s a quarter to five a.WHAT'S THE TIME? Drag the items on the right to match the items on the left.m. It’s twenty to eleven p. Your correct answer appears in green. Your incorrect answer appears in red. It’s five to nine p. It’s half past midnight . 15:45 20:55 22:40 04:45 17:50 21:30 08:10 06:00 00:30 14:05 02:40 12:15 It’s ten past eight a.m.m.

You can climb up the tree careful. 3. had stolen the you should ask Mary.m.m. It’s twenty to three a. I can't help you. Tom had told me a joke.It’s five past two p.m. The police arrested the thief money. she was tired.m. It’s a quarter past noon It’s a quarter to four p.m. It’s six o’clock a. 7. she 8. He was not at home we asked the neighbours when he would be back. 6. She came in 4. 5. CONJUNCTIONS 1. I laughed sat down. It’s half past nine p. I cannot come I have no time. She went to bed early 9. She got a bad mark at her last test .m. It’s ten to six p. you must be 2.

. 10.promised to learn a lot for the next one. we had bought last 12. I found out I meet her. He wore the trousers Friday. they are living. She always greets friendly 11.