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Task 2

2 multimedia industry players are invited to share their knowledge and experiences in Multimedia Creative Workshop which held in conjunction with Minggu Mesra Pelajar FTSM. The first speaker is En. Azrol Mohd Noor, the Senior Manager of Content Development in Multimedia Synergy Corporation. Multimedia Synergy Corporation is a multimedia company that focuses on developing e-learning courseware for education and non-education markets. En. Azrol Mohd Noor further explained that this is because current education framework progresses following the advancement of information technology. Mere paper-based teaching approach is no longer sensible for today’s students to ensure comprehensive knowledge acquisition. Talking about e-learning courseware, En. Azrol Mohd Noor showed us some of his company’s products such as “Day to Night”, “Tick Tock” and “The Story of Earth”. All this e-learning courseware is designed to deliver virtuous messages to the users such as environment preservation, time management etc. Surprisingly, an outstanding invention such as Zakat courseware is developed to assist Muslim in Zakat payment. After that, En. Azrol Mohd Noor shared with us the problems currently faced by multimedia fresh graduates before steeping into the career world. Firstly, strong multimedia knowledge with rich creativity is vital to perform in this discipline. Elements such as design, animation and programming must be enhanced to guarantee a brighter future prospect. Furthermore, some fresh graduates unable to apply multimedia knowledge they have leant in their work due to the gap exists between education and industry. Sometimes, internships in certain firms exclude the industrial trainees from joining the company’s project because industry newbies require additional supervision and guidance which consumes extra time and cost. In a nutshell, En. Azrol Mohd Noor product showcase convinced me that multimedia study is a very potential field with wide development pathway ranging from e-learning courseware to zakat application. From En. Azrol Mohd Noor explanation, I also informed that multimedia students must enhance themselves regularly with the latest technology update besides normal class lessons to accommodate themselves into the industry easily.



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The strength of an individual is very limited regardless of how knowledgeable and experienced an individual is. finalizing animation and facial and lip synchronize. Ahmad Razuri Roseli. Games Then. teamwork and cooperation are important in developing a project. En. Ahmad Razuri Roseli then explained to us three major departments which played essential roles in producing the Upin & Ipin series. En. It consists of script. En. Ahmad Razuri Roseli played the video of Upin & Ipin: Mengusik Jiwa. Watching the video certainly makes us wonder who the elite team behind this popular animated series is. A139064 TTTH3843 Page 2 . Les’ Copaque Production is a local reputable animation production company that produced Malaysia well-known animation . Modeling: 3D visual 3. Ahmad Razuri Roseli acknowledged that passion is the main core element that we must possess to excel in multimedia creative industry. Before ending the workshop. the Assistant Art Director of Les’ Copaque Production. After a brief self-introduction. Compositing: color correction and visual effect 5.The workshop continues with the talk given by En. Upin & Ipin animation also mirrored the multimedia creative industry in Malaysia which capable of producing a quality animation that suits local viewer. Effects 6. audio. Concept: 2D visual 2. From my point of view. The second department is Art department with six major roles listed as below: 1. Storyhouse department is the third department which contributes in the production of Upin & Ipin series. The first department is Animation department which in charge of blocking. composing. Ahmad Razuri Roseli told us that Les’ Copaque Production has also developed a game under Art department: the Upin Ipin Dash by using ActionScript and can be downloaded from Apps Store.Upin & Ipin. storyboard (2D) and design sections. En. Rendering: lighting and texture 4.