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Submitted to fulfill the requirement of English Final Practical Exam




Submitted to fulfill English School Final Practical Examination By: Galih Yogha Prakoso 1011.10.250 XII Science 2

Baleendah, January 2013

Guiding Teacher I

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Dra. Mona Haldrina 196907311997022002

Dra.Euis Sutarsih 19550101 198003 2 010

Principal of Baleendah Senior High School

Drs. H. Aa Sudaya, M.Pd NIP.19581201 198303 1 011

Red red onion (Allium we have load l. quercetin. metilaliin. Food flavorings. vegetables. in addition to the traditional medicine due to the effects of compound antiseptic anilin and alisin it contains. materials. kaemferol. Red Red onion is one of the important types of vegetable economical value that can be relied upon as a source of income to farmers and large contributor to revenue.ABSTRACT Although the red onion rather than basic necessities. and floroglusin.) is a multipurpose tuber vegetables. The active ingredient of red onion essential oil consisting of sikloaliin. PREFACE . but every day it takes to cook the spices to complement traditional medicine. industrial raw materials and food processing. can be used as seasoning. State of food diversity and nutritional adequacy.

Therefore. both in terms content and composition. But many people help the author to face it. the author hopes this paper can be useful and can give the positive knowledge and insight for general readers and writers in particular. January 2013 Author ACKNOWLEDGEMENT . during making this paper. The title is “BENEFIT OF RED ONION AS TRADITIONAL MEDICINE”. they never stop to support the author to make this paper and also they always stay beside the author to help the author solve all the problems. Finally. The author realized in the preparation of this paper is far from perfect. And the author really want to say thanks to them. Baleendah. the author excepts critism and constructive suggestions from the readers to further improvement of writing paper in the future. There are many difficulties also the challenges faced by.Praise and gratitude to Allah SWT because of his mercy the author can complete this scientific paper.

Iis Triwartini as a homeroom teacher. M.The author deeply appreciates to those who have helped the author to solve all of problems. as a headmaster of Baleendah 1 Senior High School. 6. Dra. motivation from moral and material side. She helped the author to do the experiment that support this paper. 4. Mona Haldrina Hikmat as the supervisior. 3.Pd. Chapter I Introduction . 2. They never tired to give spirit. Aa Sudaya. They always give the happiness in author’s life. support. H. She provided the author with direction and technical support and also as a mentor in chemistry’s subject. They also have big act in the progress of completion this paper. Author’s parents. 1. Author’s friend. never stopped to support and give the motivations to the author until the paper complete. who has share her time for supervising this research study. Their prayers always accompany the author to complete this paper. especially to. 5. Drs. Author’s family.

Not only for seasoning. The Red onion is a plant that often we meet. medicine is beneficial to health. traditional and now they are implemented its use because it is easily reached by the public. 2003). One of them is by using the medicinal herb business of plant (Kardinan. as can still be digested by the body. The benefits of its components have not revealed all and remains to be excavated. can also be obtained easily and inexpensively. Red onion will never loose from everyday life indonesian and . in addition to the process naturally strengthens the body immune.1.1 Background of The Study Traditional medicine is drugs tillable traditionally. The reality in society in some diseases that cannot be cured by medicine or pharmacy. trust. According to this time research. eventually turning to traditional medicine. good price and its availability. or habit of local either spatially magic and traditional knowledge. hereditary. Among them to overcome disorder erection and prolificacy woman. Traditional medicine is widely used at this time because according to some research not too cause side effects. Traditional medicine many benefit mankind. red onion has many benefits for your health because of the effect of compound antiseptic aniline and alisin they contain (Rukmana. The movement back to nature or movement of living a healthy life with back to nature is very encouraging towards the use of plants as medicinal ingredients. according to prescriptions of ancestors. customs. 1994). Plant is a source of component chemicals very complex.

.2.2 Is traditional medicine using red red onion is better than pharmacy medicine? 1.the world in general. To find facts of some diseases that can be cured using the red onion.3. To know excess traditional medicine than drug containing chemicals.2. To know substances contained in red onion.2 The Research Question 1.3 Purpose and Benefit 1.1 Does red onion can be a traditional medicine? 1. 2. 3.1 Purpose : 1. The history of even estimating this material already known to people since for centuries. 1.

3.1.4. 1.4 1.1 1. Especially is using red red onion as traditional medicine.2 1. 1.3 1.5 Background of The Study The Research Question Purpose and Benefit Methodology The Organization of The Paper CHAPTER II LITERATURE REVIEW . Methodology The methods used in this scientific writing are experiment and literature study by searching information from the internet and the other people. The Organization of The Paper APPROVAL PAGE ABSTRACT PREFACE ACKNOWLEDGEMENT CHAPTER I INTRODUCTION 1.2 Benefit : Give information and advice to society to be able to manage or making itself traditional medicine from raw materials available in nature.5.

Recommendation BIBLIOGRAPHY APPENDIX .5 Dihidroaliin 2. Conclusion 5.2 Essential Oils The Benefits of Red onion The Usefulness of Red onion A Consuming Manner Red onion That Should be Avoided CHAPTER III METHODOLOGY 3. The Research Site Red onion plants 2.4 2.4 Floroglusin 2.3 2.8 Pectin 2.2. Experiment 3. The Research Design 3.7 Vitamin and Mineral Saponins 2.2 A substance contained in the red onion The Data Analyses CHAPTER IV FINDING AND DISCUSSION CHAPTER V CONCLUSION AND RECOMMENDATION 5.2.3 Sikloaliin 2.6 Peptide 2.2.2.

The development of discharging red onion not as fast as his relatives of garlic Red onion just common consumed by the living in southeastern asia. In the Netherlands. the red onion is more round. Differences be real. garlic. however. In france. The tubers of armour in red are as if being seasoning compulsory for cookery typical Melayu. In addition. all red onion should all red onion more elongated and red onion more of a reddish brown color. Bulbous plant layer is derived from Western Asia.CHAPTER II LITERATURE REVIEW 2. As scallion another. depending on varieties are cultivated typical traditional or local. red onion usually have size smaller and more round with a reddish color. such as cucumber and carrots. in Denmark all red onion yellow brown traditional. pickled red onion tillable along with other vegetables. red onion most asiri its content. Compared with its relatives. In asia. Usually. red onion often also be consumed in the form of pickle.1 Red onion plants (Allium cepa L) Red onion plants (Allium cepa L) is The tubers of plants of the family liliaceae living in tropical regions. Some countries have varieties red onion different. Red onion can exist in many countries. red onion also has scent sulfur we sliced them we will smell the sharp and oil asiri consisting of sulfur. .

The red onion can be grown well in rice paddy fields or even in a fairly exposed to the Sun. Phlegm must be taken because sputum solidest will bother respiratory and also makes throat hurts when cough. Red onion is a kind of the tuber which very popular. A substance red onion apothecary life is very efficaciously as a cough.2 A substance contained in the red onion (Allium cepa L) Red onion is a kind of vegetable which is very easy grown and propagated.1. The important contents in red onion bulbs are: 2. Saponins A substance contained in the red onion this could help to melt phlegm exposed when you cough disease.2. Red onion is very rich in content useful substances to our bodies. .A picture of red onion 2.

Volatile oil red onion is also useful for massage when eject wind from the stomach and waged circulation. kuersetin.2. 2. and air. if inhaled can diminish dizzy also restore consciousness when faint or drunk travel both terrestrial. A volatile oil red onion best to treat diseases hemorrhoids. Volatile oil red onion this has a typical. the sea. Essential Oils Essential oils contained in the red onion. When you catch cold or exposed other diseases due to circulatory not smooth as menstruation that is not smooth in females massage with volatile oil red onion this can be approached.2. 2.3. 3. Fifth substance red onion was a febrifuge or body temperature really powerful. because volatile oil red onion it serves as a contraceptive drunk land. Volatile oil and red onion also beneficial for wound healing blisters upon the nipples of nursing mother volatile oil and red onion also foam to treat hemorrhoids. and floroglusin. its benefits are: 1. Sikloaliin Substance sikloaliin red onion is very powerful to lowers body temperature. kaemfreol.2. Volatile oil red onion it is totally suitable to be carried on the way. So substance sikloaliin red onion this . sea or air. Substance sikloaliin red onion this has any equal to think the other contents on shallots namely metialiin.2.

2.5. Vitamin and Mineral Confirmed that all containing proteins. iron vitamins b1 and c metabolism useful to the human body. Substance sikloaliin red onion is a kind of drug famous as a full of hot extraordinary. mineral . substance floroglisin red onion it could also prevent the emergence of cancer cells in the body.2.2. red onion fat calcium phosphorus.4. Substance dihidroaliin red onion this much used by the troubled by urinating. Floroglusin Substance floroglusin on tubers red onion and to lowers body temperature. 2. So with many mengkomsumsi shallots you will find vitamin & amp. Peptide on red onions red by the experts made into medicine diabetes. Peptide Peptide on red onion very useful also to offset blood sugar. Substance floroglusin on tubers red onion is one drug deterrents cancer good. Based on clinical trial. substance dihidroaliin on red onion can solve disease water content art. so with shallots you can also treat piddle sweet or diabetes. If bodily metabolic smoothly and badan you healthy. Dihidroalin Substance dihidroaliin red onion this help launched expenditure urine for the troubled by urinating.can be used to drug fever.2.2. 2. 2.6.7.

In the red onion are many substances needed by the body as calories.2 g 36 mg 40 mg 0. As a constituent of the tissues of plants. 2.2. Table of content of nutrients in 100 grams of red onion A component of nutrition Energy Protein Fat Carbohydrate Calcium Phosphorus Iron Vitamin A Vitamin B1 Vitamin C Mineral Sum 39 kcal 0.2 g 10.8 mg 0 IU 0.8. fat calcium and others. Softening of tissue fruits during cooking. acid galakturonat is a derivative of galactose.enough to our body. especially stated between and cellulose hemi cellulose. proteins.03 mg 15 mg 88 g .3 g 0. Compound pectin also serves as adhesive material between the cell walls of each other. Main compound consisting of polysaccharides comprising a unit acid d galakturonat connected with ties 1-4 glucoside. destruction steadiness icoloid often change the fruits caused by changes in substance pectin. Part among two cell walls adjacent were called lamela middle. Pectin Pectin in general are on primary cell walls of plants. pectin is shaper of gel and a thickener is valuable. Pectin in general consisting of various compounds of carbohydrates. As additive. pectin substance liable to the most violent and texture trees bearing fruit and vegetables.

killer bacteria. it can even make out tears precisely scent that signifies the compound efficacious drugs at red onion. 3.BDD 90% Source: Directorate Of The Department Of Health Nutrition RI (1992) 2. vitamins b1 and c. while content the saponin diluting phlegm.4 The Usefulness of Red onion (Allium cepa L) : Red onion (Allium cepa L) can be used as follows: 1. Investigators lastly. and blood sugar. Flatulence. 2. phosphorus. For containing flavonglycosides. calcium. Scent pincushion arising due to assorted amino acid.3 The Benefits of Red onion (Allium cepa L) Although has a pungent red onion. He also have several other substance is efficacious to lose heat. puking. facilitate expenditure wind from the stomach. lower cholesterol. launched expenditure urine. . Fever in children 2. fat. Catch a cold. prevent coagulation. red onion can also for preventing cancer because sulfur content. warm. he is regarded as anti inflammation. iron. Tuber layers containing such substances as protein.

2. Scrapings. . Ulcer/ wound. 7. 11. 10. Diabetes. 9. because crude red onion been sliced and after passing one day will be very active substances in attracting bacteria in the vicinity. so consuming red onion raw remaining days ago can disrupt bodily health. 6.5 A Consuming Manner Red onion That Should be Avoided You shall consume red onion been sliced raw in the day.4. The breast swollen / mastitis. 5. Dysentery. Diabetes. 12. Irregular menstruation 13. 8. Cough. Hypertension. Water bug.

author use two kinds of collecting data process. There are : 1. Experiment .1 The Research Design In making this paper.CHAPTER III METHODOLOGY 3.

The author also browsing from internet to get the source of this topic. The author practiced the process of making traditional medicine from red onions in author’s house.The author did experiment to support this topic. 2.2 The Research Site Date : 23-02-2013 Place : Nur Herliana’s house. Literature Method The material in this paper author get by reading some literature book that proper with the topic in this paper and take a summary from so many source to make the contain of this paper shown the truth of the topic.3 Experiment Tools and materials : - Red onion (Allium cepa L) Kerosene Eucalyptus oil - . 3. 3.

5. enter the grated red onion into a saucer. Chapter IV Findings and Discussion 4. combine these ingredients using the fingers of the hand. provide tuber red onion. Finally. First. How to use: the herb is smeared on the stomach bloating. 4. Fourth. legs.- Grated Saucer Plastic as foundation Work steps : 1. add eucalyptus oil to taste. 2. whole body.1 Finding . and hands on the child's fever. add a little bit of kerosene. Third. 3. second. grate until smooth.

and even as an anti-cancer. it is more relative safely even that no side effects if their used correctly. the authors found that red onions can be used as traditional medicine to treat a fever. anti-allergic. because Content medicinal plants are complex and organists so can be synchronised with the organic food is a substance that is consumed in order to reconstruct the damaged organs or systems. the price is cheaper.2 Discussion Red onion contains essential oil which is crucial for healing fever patients. In addition. 4. namely its toxicity its relatively lower than of chemicals drugs. Traditional medicine Chemical Medicine Prices relatively 1. Fever is a general symptom that always arises in a person. because it has an effect as an anti-bacterial. So. The price is affordable and the ubiquitous is easily obtained are . antiinflammatory.From the research writer have done. This is because essential oils are the elements that have been widely recognized as a substance that is anti-bacterial and antiinflammatory. Traditional medicine has an excess. when the person was having a kind of inflammation / infection in the body. While an element flavonoids on red onions even more powerful. Comparison of the red onion as traditional medicine and Chemical Medicine No.

The reaction is fast. Just fixing some body systems Fix the whole body system. The reaction is slow. Side effects the treatment more often. Chapter V Conclusion and Recommendation 5. 4. red onion . Side effects are relatively imports. Besides being used as a multipurpose spices.1 Conclusion Red onion (Allium cepa L) is a plant of the Liliaceae bulbs family that live in the tropics. smaller even not at all cause any side effects if used appropriately. 3.expensive because the 2.

(Allium cepa L) can also used as a traditional medicine that can be used as an alternative medicine to cure various diseases. .2 Recommendation Research has been proved that red onion that we often encounter is useful. the authors suggest: 1. Red onion contains essential oils that can be used as a natural febrifuge. From the study above. 5. Treatments by using red onions do not cause side effects such as using chemical medicines. But alternative medicine is not causing harmful side effects.2. The production of alternative medicines should more improved again. 3. Need more research to find out other benefits of the red onions . because it proven to cure chronic diseases but does not cause side effects such as chemical medicines. therefore the writer hope readers get a new knowledge about the red onion. It is better to switch to using alternative medicine although the efficacy was not immediate. one of them is as a febrifuge medicine.

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