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Course Syllabus

Course Description This course looks at rock music from two perspectives: as a succession of related musical styles characterized by specific musical elements; and as a social movement influenced by and reflecting the changing American political and social climate from 1950 to the present. Through reading, directed listening, and asychronous online discussion, students will sharpen their appreciation and understanding of historically important styles of rock and develop an awareness of how the music and its performers have contributed to and reflected America's on-going social and cultural development. MU 015 will begin with a brief discussion of those elements of music which apply to rock, so that we have appropriate terminology with which to discuss the music. We will then discuss and listen to some of the roots of rock & roll including African music, blues, and early rhythm-and-blues, and proceed decade by decade to trace the development of rock music from 1950 to the present. For each decade we will attempt to answer three questions: 1. What important political, social, economic, and technological forces are affecting American society? 2. How are these forces reflected in and affected by the music? 3. What musical elements characterize each style of rock music, and what common musical threads connect different styles? By the end of this course you should have a greater understanding of the musical elements of rock & roll, as well as the connections and influences of one style on another. You should also have a much richer understanding of recent American political and social life, and how this has affected and been affected by the development of rock music.

Required Texts Szatmary, David P. Rockin' in Time - A Social History of Rock and Roll.(7th. ed.) Brackett, David (ed.). The Pop, Rock, and Soul Reader. (2nd. ed.) All texts available from the UVM Bookstore

Required Listening Audio and video clips posted online Learning Format We will use a combination of reading, directed listening, online audio and video clips, and asychronous online discussion to cover the material in the course. As in any online course, you will be required to participate in online discussion by posting answers to discussion questions and responses to other students' answers according to a weekly schedule. There will also be weekly listening exercises/assignments posted for you to complete. You will also be required to write a short essay and complete a final project. Grading Your grade will be determined as follows: Discussion 35% Mid-term Exam 25% Final 25% Essay 15% Attendance Attendance in an online course is determined by participation in the Discussion Board. If you don't participate in the discussion, you haven't attended. Anyone who does not participate in the discussion for one week will be asked to withdraw !!! Specific guidelines and due dates for the essays and final project will be posted. Participation in the online discussion is a vital component of this course, and will account for at least 35% of your grade. All work must be turned in on time. Because of the shortened summer timeframe, no late midterms, essays, final projects, or final exams will be accepted!!!

MU 015 History of Rock and Roll Tentative Schedule Summer 13 Week Date Topic Elements of music; Roots of rock 50s - R&B to Early Rock 1 5/20-26 60s I Folk Music 55-71, 82-95, 140-146 (Sz.); Brackett, 153-175 Reading Assignment Preface, p. 1-15 (Sz.) 15-54 (Sz.); Brackett, 79-87, 119131

60s II British Invasion 60s III Acid Rock 2 5/276/2 60s IV Electric Blues Midterm Exam

106-132 (Sz.); Brackett 213-226 147-168 (Sz.); Brackett 238-242 181-197 (Sz.); Brackett 243-251

60s V Motown/Soul 70s I Fusions & singer/songwriters 70s II Glam, Disco, Punk

96-105, 169-180, 197-199 (Sz.); Brackett, 176-187, 202-207 193-195, 200-216 (Sz.); Brackett, 279-283 217-258 (Sz.); Brackett, 271-278, 350-361, 368-373


80s MTV & Michael Jackson 4 6/10-14 90s Grunge & Rap 00s Jam Bands & D.J.s Final Exam

259-291 (Sz.); Brackett, 384-386, 388-393, 401-405, 431-435, 412-419 292-314, 329-352 (Sz.); Brackett, 442-445, 503-506, 451-463, 471-487 363-377 (Sz.); Brackett, 488-490,

585-588 Essay due 6/16