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Skyscrapers, earthmovers, ground breakers. Our buildings rival the heavens. Our bridges span the seas. Ingenuity is so cunning. Innovation is not ours. Creativity is a luxury. We build with our hands what we have in our hearts. Fight the avalanche. Youll be buried every time. We run and run and run. Keep falling behind. Always last in line. Before lines were lines, before time was time, the author wrote a story in the sky, and earth below. Little do we know we have only what were given. Light up the sky. Were going where no man has ever gone. Were going where no mans forgotten. All you are is all we want. It burns inside us all. Were finding heart in giving soul. Were walking home into thin air singing. We are justice fighters with faces of fire. Many walk away, but we stand firm. Our decisions affect our descendants. Skyscrapers, earthmovers, ground breakers. Our footsteps, bringing purpose, changing history.

Ive feared the deepest darkest secrets that live inside of me. Defeat and tragedy walking in shame finding nowhere to hide. Ive thrown my bottles of guilt into the sea hoping the waves carry them away from me. My heart is beating. Ill never stop fighting. Ill keep breathing to stay alive, and here I go, off to make a change. Im screaming revival. All of my strength- all of my might will go into this to take back my life. Im taking back my life. This song is music to my ears and is a new production on an old stage. I wont dwell in unhappiness, grasping humility, asking forgiveness. Tomorrow is gone Ill start living for today. Ill never stop the fighting, and Ill take it away.

What have I done? Above the grave of a stranger, these words were never heard. I put my feet in the shoes of another man. You were wronged, let down, and defeated. Death cheated and played you like a fool. I should have built a tower to hold you high. I died inside when I cut you down. Death has come to destroy. Defeat shows its face. I failed you. I threw you away. I cut you down. Sometimes I need to hit a little harder. Sometimes I need to speak a little quieter. I made you carry the casket of an innocent man when it should have been me. Oh God, Im speaking to you. You said we are redeemed. Oh God, Im speaking to you. You said we are set free. We are the weak. The pain is the devourer. Its devouring me. Forgive me.





Silence is a frustrating answer when all you want is a sign. Its hard to be surrounded by the ones that you love when they keep passing you by. Beneath the tough facade, I know that we are getting through. None of us are ready to just remember you. Whenever you are lost I know that we can find you standing outside screaming at the sky. Dont let the tears of agony consume your heart. Let it beat on in hopes and dreams of a new start. No one knows the weight on your shoulders. No one knows the burdens you bare. These thoughts wont stop. Itd be so easy to take the easy way out. Compassion is a beautiful thing so show some for yourself. Rock solid from the outside looking in. Inside youre praying for help. Youre praying for help. Its hard to be surrounded by the ones that you love when they keep passing you by. Beneath the tough facade I know that were getting through. Life is a gift. Remember that. Break free. I know silence is a hard answer when all you want is a sign. Patience is a virtue. You will be revived.

Closed off, we wake from the dusk only to step out into open air, just to see the same clouds opening. If this is a region people dream of, insomnia is the only cure- the only antidote. Youve been deceived into thinking this is the perfect life. Its an illusion to your perception. Youve been deceived. I wish time was still ancient so I could bridge the gap between here, between there, between you and I. Frustration is setting in. I am seeing red. This blessing is a curse. Counting all the things that I took for granted. Counting down the days. Watching the clock as it just stands still to just sail away. Waiting for the morning that takes me home, to take me home. All of this is worth every penny- every cent. I would give back everything just to be back home. This is a bittersweet dream Ive dreamt. Oh Pangaea, where have you gone? Im at all four corners of this world. Oh Pangaea, what have you done?

Ive thrown away all of my outside distractions. Im diving headfirst to chase a dream that I wont let go. Its worthless- a waste of time. This goal is out of reach. You better fall back in line. This is what I need. You are what I need. I need motivation to prove you wrong, and I will prove you wrong. What makes you think that you are different? How can you chase these dreams? Theyve become a chore. I know Im close. Im almost there. Just a little more, and I will prevail through what you call ignorance. I will prevail. Now Ive chased this dream to do what I love, and I wouldnt trade it for a thing. Now Ive chased this dream, and I made it out alive. I wouldnt trade it for a thing. I threw away what naysayers say, and started on a race that I had to win for myself. And you proved me wrong, you proved me wrong. All Ive learned is teaching me more. All I know is driving me on.




Youre living for today, but your future is looking bleak. One day itll all come crashing down. Nothing lasts forever. Youve only planned for the here and now. Live fast and die young. Its whats ahead, but just remember slow and steady wins the race, so pick your head up and keep your mouth shut. You are the captor of originality. You are the thief of authenticity. Respect is something that youll never see. Everything you write all sounds the same. Youre forsaken. Forsaken on this mountain. The bridges have turned to ash. This is your final hour. This is your great fall. You wont make it out alive so say your dearest goodbyes. You are Goliath standing firm in your light. We are Davids and youre in our sights. Your dreams have come true. Have you forgotten the reason why? Life, death, dreams, wealth- nothing lasts forever. Greed, envy, gluttony will amount to nothing. Nothing lasts forever. The earth is about to quake. Brace for impact. Run for the hills. Brace for impact. Its a long way home. Brace for impact. Run for the hills. Youll surely end here. Goliath, were screaming your name. Goliath, were coming for you.


Show our eyes true color. We want to hear the trumpets roar with words that trample the pagans cavalry. Pummel the darkness with the light. Hand in hand, side-by-side, we will march with full force. With your words from our throats we will march with full force. Words that will shake the earth and boil the seas trample the bones of the living dead as they roam the streets alone. We go marching on. Let the trumpets roar. Im the harbinger, not the author of these timeless words. Led by the comforter I sing to you, and if my throat were to be cut from ear to ear, I hope that these words would carry on in these songs that I pray you sing one day. We sing for you. You stand up pridefully in front of thousands screaming words of justice and truth. You wear a mask of this cities hero. You are the pretender. You fake, but fortunate. Your weak speech lines your gums with gold teeth, yet you dont believe in a word that you say. Youre speaking shackles to life. Self-righteousness is your demise. You coward. Draw a line in the sand. You bastard. Look at what you have become. Your breath reeks of perversion. Your tongue is just like a whore, full of vulgarityfull of the disease. Where is the life in the life you live? You are the poor millionaire. Where is the life in the life you live? A lifeless empire, a lifeless heir. You crown is like a lions mouth devouring you from the inside out. Turn away before theres nothing left. Its life or death. Tyrant. Ring the bells of repentance, awakening from your deathbed. You stand up pridefully in front of thousands screaming words of justice and truth. You wear a mask of this cities hero. You are the pretender. Coward. Where is the life in the life you live?





Where do we go to escape the end of the world? Did we, the dogs, open fire that you would cast this rainstorm over our heads? This crushing loss that brings us to our knees- is there a way to live again when theres nowhere to run? Is there a way to live again when theres no way to go on? Is there a way to live again through this tragedy? He is God. We are just men. Who are we to question? Were figures in a forest full of haunting trees, brushing shoulders with death to make sure were alive. The whole world ahead, our hearts left behind. Every word burns, branding broken souls. Pushing to move on. Soon we will be home. When youve lost your way, when you have no words, we are your strength, when you dont have anymore. Oh Sunday mourning, all we had we lost. All we gained is chaos. Where we belong is with you. All we have is you. Please rescue us. A star cant be seen unless all the sky decides to be dark. Every drop of a waterfall rushes on towards the end. This melody will move us. This song will lead us on. Reverence is revival. This town is reborn.

You have become a malicious liar that breaths for attention, playing charades, wearing the head of a lamb. My days consumed by nights of you. Howling at the moon as if you were wounded but no, youre the one showing teeth, ready to feast on newborn beginnings as you cry wolf. We know. 8,064 hours of conspiracy. 200 months which brings me 17 years of lies and betrayal. The truth. Never seen. Never told. Never known. Youll never tell the truth. All I want is the truth, Queen of hearts. But you are the deceiver with a lying tongue and matching lips. My heart thirsts for vengeance but my father has taught me forgiveness. If I had not decided to follow Him, Id devour you like a lion, leaving your bones out to dry. Id put you through the same hell you put me through, pouring out conspiracies and lies, but this world will remember me for all that Ive done and all that Ill be. The victim in me is dead. I am reborn. So even though you call me self-righteous and call my beloved treacherous, there is one thing to take away. Leveler, make level the road for the righteous. I forgive you, queen of hearts, for through me, He will show you true love.




Produced & Mixed by Jason Suecof Mastered by Troy Glessner Pre-Production by Dustin Davidson Additional Mixing by Eyal Levi Management: Chuck Andrews for Goodfight Entertainment A&R: Jonathan Dunn & Adam Skatula Publicity: Jeff Breil & Jeff Royer for Black Lodge PR North & South America booking: Matt Pike for The Kenmore Agency Europe, Australia, Asia booking: Tom Taaffe for The Agency Group Business Management: Mark Zelasko for Rob Shore & Associates Illustrations by Jordan Crane Art Direction by Invisible Creature Design by Ryan Clark for Invisible Creature Band Photo by Cory Morton All songs written by August Burns Red 2011 Thirsty Moon River (ASCAP) / Eggroom Publishing (ASCAP) August Burns Red Proudly Endorses: Ampeg, Atticus Clothing, Audio-Technica, Daddario Strings, Dunlop Picks, DW Hardware, EMG Pickups, Evans Drum Heads, Focus Rite, Gator Cases, Ibanez Guitars, In-Tune Picks, Mesa-Boogie, Peavey, Peter Says Denim, Planet Waves, Rapco-Horizon, Red Bull, RJM, Samson, Truth Drums, Ultimate Ears, Vic Firth, Vitamin Water, Zildjan Cymbals... Thanks for your support!

The Greiner, Davidson, Luhrs, Rambler, and Brubaker families, Jason Suecof, Ronn Miller, Jeremy Frost, Eyal Levi, Chuck Andrews, Paul Conroy, Amy Buck, Rick Barnhart, Bells, Zachery Veilleux, Matt Pike, Merrick Jarmelowicz, Tom Taaffe, Jonathan Dunn, Brandon Ebel, Adam Skatula, Ryan Clark, John Frazier, Scott Carlton, Casey Crowell, Micah Dean Johnson, Jeff Breil, Jeff Royer, Josh Bowman, Jade Dylan Roser, Christopher Hondru, Chris Carroll, Kevin Kennaley, Mychael Wright, Jeremy Weiss, Brandon Sloter, RL Brooks, Ian Dietrich, Jeff Spellmeyer, John Awad, Cory Morton, Coty Tarr, Troy Glessner, Carson Slovak, Cindy at Homewood Suites in Lake Mary, Between the Buried and Me, Emery, blessthefall, Silverstein, Architects, A Day To Remember, Texas In July, Polar Bear Club, Balance and Composure, Iwrestledabearonce, Underoath, Set Your Goals, Impending Doom, Bring Me the Horizon, This Is Hell, Veara, Parkway Drive, Enter Shikari, My Children My Bride, An Early Ending, Lamb of God JB Brubaker thanks: Mom and Dad, Carmen, Toph, Sarah, Bri, Brady, Crystal, Ambe, Seb, Trina, Rick, Rachel, Laney, Tulls, Bane, Crentist, Lupers, Dee, Chooch, Bonus, Marka, Kettle, Nunez, Beav, Ev, Kind Heart, Old Boy, BigDW75, Blique, Wizzle, Chan, MaColl, Memphis, Linus, Pike, MJ, The Jeffs, Gregg, Scube, Paul Waggoner, Hugh Gilmartin, Mike Taft and Mike Orrigo, sports, and everyone down on the Wood Duck. Jake Luhrs thanks: Id like to thank my heavenly Father, my savior Jesus Christ and my Comforter for giving me this opportunity to live out my dreams and passions. Id like to thank the Luhrs, Hahne, Lankton, Welch, and Barber families. I want to thank all of my friends in SC, PA, and CT who have supported me over the years. All of August Burns Red: Matt Greiner, JB Brubaker, Brent Rambler, Dustin Davidson, Jade Roser, Josh Bowman and Kip Hondru, along with everyone who is involved in making ABR what it is today. Chuck Andrews and everyone at Goodfight Entertainment, Solid State Records, Matt Pike, and Tom Taffe. Thanks to Chris Carroll, Josh Kellam and Brook Reeves for being such great brothers in Christ. Thanks to Dr. Mike Brown and Mark Driscoll for being my church on the road! Thanks to The Mustard Seed for all the great people who work there and the delicious burger The Screamer, named after me. (P.S. your bible studies rule, thanks Daryn!) Thanks to CLG for being a great home church. I want to thank all our fans, without you we would not be where we are today. Thanks for listening; it means the world. Lastly, thank you to my fianc Kris Welch for being such a beautiful woman who inspires me to grow stronger in myself and in the Lord. Brent Rambler thanks: I would like to thank my wife Lindsay, my family, JC, Beez, Jigs, DD, Cren, Bonus, The Gentle Giant, Kettle, Nunez, Kind Heart, Old Boy, Chooch, Amy Buck and everyone at Goodfight, Paul Conroy, Jeremy Weiss and his lovely Weiss Pack, Greg, Scuba and the Chameleon staff, the Jeff s at Black Lodge, the Tooth and Nail staff, all of my friends from home who make life awesome, and Gunner. Matt Greiner thanks: My companion Jesus Christ, who loves me and blesses me with this opportunity, my Mom and Dad, the 7 more important Greiner children, my soon to be sister Courtney, my friends and fellow musicianaries Jake, JB, Brent, and Dustin, Chad Johnson, Chris Carroll, Brent Ulrich, Brian Summers, Ben Shea, Timmy and Brick By Brick, Steve Espamer and Life Center, Emily Fisher, Liz Machlitt and Respira Collective, Shawn Ulmer and Veil Arms Clothing, Peter and Ozom at PSD, Mark Driscoll and Jon Dunn at Mars Hill Church, The Brits and the Hammers, Sarah Malaney, and many, many thanks to Jesus Culture for writing the anointed song, Your Love Never Fails. Dustin Davidson thanks: My entire family for their love and support, all of my wonderful friends at home and across the globe, Chuck, Paul, Amy, Beez, Bane, Jigs, and Cren for being great dudes to tour with, the fantastic ABR crew, Josh, Kip, Jade, and Kevin, Suecof, Ron, and Eyal from audio hammer studios, my friend and tattoo artist Tod Bain from 1st revelation tattoo, Chrys Johnson, Hugh Gilmartin, Mike Taft, Buff Huff for constantly helping me out with gear and recording stuff, everybody at Solid State for their hard work, and anybody else that has helped out this band in any way!

August Burns Red is: Matt Greiner (Drums) JB Brubaker (Guitar) William Jacob Luhrs (Vocals) Dustin Davidson (Bass, Vocals) Brent Rambler (Guitar)