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We picked the topic of Pearl Harbor, we chose this topic because we are interested in World War Two. We picked it because it took place in the United States of America. More importantly, it was a turning point for the United States of America. Pearl Harbor, December 7, 1941 is important because it is the day of infamy. It is a day that America will remember forever. It was the day of infamy because it changed the world and the United States of America. This battle was one of the only times a country had ever attacked the United States The Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor because they wanted the United States to get involved in the war and wanted to control the Pacific. Before Pearl Harbor, the United States did not want to get involved in the War (World War II) because they knew what World War I was like. They did not want destruction and death to happen again. Before any of this started, Germany was invading Poland, they would take them as if they were hostages and then kill them or make them work. This was one of the reasons the United States did not want to get involved with the war. On the evening of December 6, 1941, most Hawaiian residents were looking forward to a night of slumber, the Imperial Japanese fleet task force also known as Kito Butai were gearing up for the attack. The Hawaiian residents had no idea what was in for them the next day. The Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor the next day very early in the morning. They were still asleep and some of

the others got up early in the morning to get their daily bread or breakfast. Later that morning the army saw planes come up on their radar system. They thought it was some planes from the mainland coming in for landing. Suddenly they realized that they were Japanese planes coming in, they came in and started dropping bombs. The Japanese blew up 3 main ships of Pearl Harbor they were the USS Arizona, the USS Oklahoma and the USS Utah. The United States was just getting out of a tough time, the Great Depression, that influenced people not to go to war. They tried to avoid getting into the war, until they were forced to when the United States was attacked by the Japanese planes on December 7 at Pearl Harbor. The United States soon declared war on Japan from the
attack. After Pearl Harbor the United States started building artillery and ammunition. The economy got better, people were employed, they had jobs and money. The United States started to grow bigger and bigger from all of their hard work for war. The Great Depression was over at last! The attack on Pearl Harbor and the United States entering into the war, changed the economy, the Government, and the way people thought about war. This day was very important.