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Oracle Receivables Oracle Applications 11i

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Oracle Receivables Understanding Functions

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including user-defined dunning letters . • Integrate with other Oracle application modules like order entry. recurring invoices and commitments. Ltd. • Generate standard invoices. 4 © Spider Systems Pvt.Oracle Apps : Account Receivables Receivables • Facilitates • Control of Billing and Collection Processes . statements . • Track. debit-memos .credit -memos . . aging and key indicator reports. monitor and collect your receivables to reduce customer’s accounts. • Automatic accounting for all trade and miscellaneous cash receipts. general ledger Slide No.

• Enter & Apply Individual/Batch Receipts for customers. Debit-memos . . Slide No. 5 © Spider Systems Pvt. chargeback .deposits etc. • Know the collection methods supported by AR • Import Transactions using AutoInvoice feature from order entry or external feeder system . Credit-memos .Oracle Apps : Account Receivables Course Objectives • Create / Enter & Manage Customer information • Enter Individual/Batch Transactions like Standard Invoices. Ltd.

Oracle Receivables .

. Ltd.Oracle Receivables Function’s Slide No. 7 © Spider Systems Pvt.

• Entering Automatic Receipts. . Ltd. 8 © Spider Systems Pvt. Slide No. legacy System etc.Key Processes Key Processes : • Entering Customer Information • Entering Standard Invoices • Entering Invoices with Rules • Correcting Transactions • Tax Processing • Completing Transactions • Entering Manual Receipts. • Miscellaneous actions relating to collections like dunning letters • Auto-Invoice->Creating Transaction from external sources like sales orders (Order Management ) .

.Oracle Apps : Account Receivables Main Functions/Menu’s in Oracle Receivables • Transactions • Receipts • Collections Customers Set-ups Reports Interfaces Control Slide No. Ltd. 9 © Spider Systems Pvt.

.Key Features ( 1 of 2 ) Customer • Specify customer relationships • Validate customer addresses • Enter addresses in country-specific formats • Enter an unlimited number of: • • • • • Addresses. foreign or domestic Remit-to addresses Business purposes Contact names Telephone numbers Slide No. 10 © Spider Systems Pvt. Ltd.

maintain customer information. • Enable related customers to establish reciprocal payment and contract Terms. • Establish Relationship between Customers. Ltd. Slide No. • Create .Oracle Apps : Account Receivables Customers : • Oracle Receivables can be used to group customers into profile classes to streamline credit and collection processing. . • Eliminate duplicate customer entry • Merge customers. 11 © Spider Systems Pvt.

Customer .

Ltd.Oracle Apps : Account Receivables Customer Workbench • Customer Workbench provides the following Functions • • • • • Standard Quick Summary Profile Classes Merge Slide No. . 13 © Spider Systems Pvt.

Choose automatic or manual organization and person numbering by setting the Generate Party Number Profile Option. . • Define customer profile classes (optional ) • Define customer look-ups (optional ) Slide No.Oracle Apps : Account Receivables Customer Entry : • Pre-Requisites are • Choose automatic or manual customer and site numbering (optional ) . 14 © Spider Systems Pvt. Ltd.

statements cycle . • A Profile class defines several default values for customers with similar credit terms and payment terms . 15 © Spider Systems Pvt. • Profile classes are used to define a customer more accurately and efficiently. . finance charge terms. etc. Slide No. • Default Values can be modified specific to customer • Example: A profile class can be defined for small scale customers and their credit terms . statement cycle collector and dunning letter sets . Ltd.Oracle Apps : Account Receivables Defining Customer Profile Classes. values can be set for them as a business policy.

Customer Profiles .

Ltd. .Oracle Apps : Account Receivables Slide No. 17 © Spider Systems Pvt.

Ltd.Oracle Apps : Account Receivables Slide No. . 18 © Spider Systems Pvt.

Oracle Apps : Account Receivables Update options for profile class : • Do not update : Only the customers created in the future will be reflect the change • Update all profiles : The attribute will be updated in all profiles. Ltd. 19 © Spider Systems Pvt. . • Update all uncuztomised profiles : Profile Value attribute is customized for a customer then any change to this profile class will not change the customized attribute Slide No.

20 © Spider Systems Pvt.Oracle Apps : Account Receivables Customer Entry • Different Types of customer entry methods are • Standard customer entry • Quick customer entry • Customer interface method Slide No. Ltd. .

Ltd. 21 © Spider Systems Pvt.Oracle Apps : Account Receivables Entering Customers using Standard method : • Enter the Customer Name and number(if numbering is set to manual ) • Enter the Profile class • Customer Address : Multiple addresses can be assigned to a single customer and for each address business purposes can be assigned . • Payment Methods • Contact person name and contact numbers • Order Management information Slide No.Also all the different addresses can have relationship defined like bill-to and ship-to address . . • Bank Account information like bank name and account numbers.

Oracle Apps : Account Receivables Slide No. 22 © Spider Systems Pvt. Ltd. .

.Oracle Apps : Account Receivables Slide No. Ltd. 23 © Spider Systems Pvt.

Oracle Apps : Account Receivables Slide No. 24 © Spider Systems Pvt. . Ltd.

25 © Spider Systems Pvt. .Oracle Apps : Account Receivables Slide No. Ltd.

Ltd. 26 © Spider Systems Pvt. .Oracle Apps : Account Receivables Slide No.

.Oracle Apps : Account Receivables Slide No. Ltd. 27 © Spider Systems Pvt.

Only one active dunning site can be defined per customer • Legal : Serves as the government point of contact • Statement : Consolidated statement and invoices are sent here and only one site per customer • Marketing : Marketing Literature and Product announcement . Sales tax are calculated based on this address • Dunning: Dunning Letters are sent to this Location . Ltd. .Oracle Apps : Account Receivables Assigning Business Purpose to Addresses : • Bill-to : All invoices are sent at this address for payment • Ship-to: Place to where the goods are shipped. data sheets are sent at this address. Slide No. 28 © Spider Systems Pvt.

29 © Spider Systems Pvt. . The difference between standard entry and quick customer entry • Bill-to and Ship-to can not be linked to each other • Profile classes can not be defined. • Location names cannot be assigned to an address. Ltd.Oracle Apps : Account Receivables Entering Customers using Quick method : • Used to create customers with minimum business information for one-time or drop-shipments. • Business purposes can not be identified as primary or default. • Quick entry method allows to assign business purpose simply and quickly to a single address. Slide No.

Oracle Apps : Account Receivables Slide No. 30 © Spider Systems Pvt. Ltd. .

Customer Interface .

finance charge . 32 © Spider Systems Pvt. statement. Slide No. • After the data is loaded in the temporary interface table and after correction and validation run the concurrent program for customer interface to upload data in the oracle receivables tables. Ltd. . dunning and invoicing information can also be imported through interface. automatic receipt .Oracle Apps : Account Receivables Entering Customers using Customer Interface : • All customer data can be imported using the customer interface • Customer relationship can be added through customer interface • Customer Profile class information like payment terms.

.Oracle Apps : Account Receivables Main Functions/Menu’s in Oracle Receivables • Transactions • Receipts • Collections • Customers • Set-ups • Reports • Interfaces • Control Slide No. 33 © Spider Systems Pvt. Ltd.

Invoicing Create sign-insensitive transactions Recognize revenue over multiple periods using invoice rules Create recurring invoices Create consolidated billing invoices based on periods defined by payment terms View transaction balances View accounting entries on-line Print invoices at any time Slide No. Ltd. 34 © Spider Systems Pvt. .

Invoicing .

Ltd.Invoicing Specify transaction type. Create credit memos. . recurring invoices. including: • Full and partial credit • Automatic sales credit reversal • On-account credit Handle write-offs automatically or manually Set adjustment limits Slide No. adjustments and commitments. 36 © Spider Systems Pvt. chargebacks. including: • debit and credit memos.

Ltd. .Recurring Invoices Slide No. 37 © Spider Systems Pvt.

Oracle Apps : Account Receivables Transaction • Oracle Receivables Provides Transaction Work-Bench to : • Create New / Update existing Invoices . . and Commitments within Receivables • To Enter . Ltd. 38 © Spider Systems Pvt. Debit memos. Chargebacks . Credit-memos . On–account credits . Review or Complete transactions • Copy invoices • Create Adjustments • Create Credit transactions • Review Invoice Installments Slide No.

You can create Credit-Memos.Process any type of transaction in batches in large numbers. • Transactions . 39 © Spider Systems Pvt. Ltd. .Query one invoice at a time and perform further action • Credit Transaction . • Batches summary .Process a single invoice at one time • Transaction summary .You can create copy of a invoice when a similar invoice is to be generated on daily/weekly/monthly basis Slide No. • Copying Transaction .Oracle Apps : Account Receivables Transaction Workbench • Transaction workbench offers the following functions • Batches .Query all or any one batch in particular and perform desired actions.

• Chargeback : Adjust the remaining balance of the existing debit memo to zero and create a new debit item to bill customer for unpaid balance of the original invoice . Ltd. This is more practiced in USA where the Law of Limitation is applicable. • Deposit : bill customers for contractual agreements • Guarantee : a contractual agreement that is referenced by invoice . No payments only commitments. • Debit memo : bill customers for products /services not included in earlier invoices. 40 © Spider Systems Pvt. • Credit memo : credit customers not specific to invoices. • The above transaction classes are system defined . Slide No. You can define types of a particular transaction class called as Transaction Types.Oracle Apps : Account Receivables Classes of Transaction : (seed data) • Invoice : billing customers for product and services. . a new class cannot be defined by user.

Ltd. 41 © Spider Systems Pvt. .Credit & Debit Memo Slide No.

. 42 © Spider Systems Pvt. Slide No.or any sign) Natural Application / Allows Overapplication Default transaction class Payment Terms Printing Options • Also • You Can Set-up AutoAccounting to use transaction types when determining general ledger accounts. Ltd.Oracle Apps : Account Receivables Transaction Types • Declares Whether • Transaction updates open receivables • Post to General Ledger • Tax is to be Calculated • And Determines • • • • • Transaction creation sign (+/.

Oracle Apps : Account Receivables Slide No. . 43 © Spider Systems Pvt. Ltd.

.Oracle Apps : Account Receivables Slide No. Ltd. 44 © Spider Systems Pvt.

45 © Spider Systems Pvt. . Ltd.AutoInvoice Slide No.

46 © Spider Systems Pvt. Ltd. .Tax Slide No.

Sales Tax Interface The Sales Tax Rate Interface enables you to load sales tax locations and rates into your application from your sales tax feeder system. Ltd. . The records that you load into Oracle Receivables or Order Entry through the Sales Tax Rate Interface program update your existing sales tax rates with the most current tax rates for each location. Slide No. 47 © Spider Systems Pvt. This program allows you to load one or more tax rates for the same location which cover different date ranges and postal codes.

Ltd. 48 © Spider Systems Pvt.Oracle Apps : Account Receivables Main Functions/Menu’s in Oracle Receivables • Transactions • Receipts • Collections • Customers • Set-ups • Reports • Interfaces • Control Slide No. .


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Oracle Apps : Account Receivables
Receipts : • Oracle Receivables provides the Receipts Workbench to :
• Create receipt batches and enter, apply,reverse, reapply, and delete Individual receipts. • Enter receipts Manually , Import them using AutoLockbox, or create them Automatically. • Clear or Risk Eliminate factored receipts • Remit Automatic receipts • Create chargebacks and adjustments • Submit Post QuickCash to automatically update your customer’s account balance

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Cash Application
Use AutoCash rules: • Apply to oldest invoice first • Exact match on invoice • Clear past due invoices • Clear the account • Clear Past Due Invoices grouped by Payment Term Clear bank statement items automatically or manually Use flexible lockbox formats Create bank charges automatically Reapply cash Reverse multiple receipts in a single step Process Notes Receivable
Slide No. 51 © Spider Systems Pvt. Ltd.

Receipts .

AutoLockbox .

Quick cash .

Oracle Apps : Account Receivables Receipt Workbench • Receipt Workbench provides the following function • • • • • • • • Batches : Enter Receipt in batch Batches Summary : Query one or all Batches Receipt : Enter Receipt individually Receipt summary : Query one Receipt at a time Remittances : and Approve Receipts for remittance . Remittances summary clear/risk Eliminate Lockbox : Transfer receipt and application information from bank files into Oracle Receivables – Transmission history – Maintain Transmission data • Alternate name Batches Slide No. 55 © Spider Systems Pvt. . Ltd.

interest. 56 © Spider Systems Pvt. Slide No. • Miscellaneous receipts -To record receipts not related to the organization’s usual transaction activity Revenue earned from investments. and stock sales. Ltd. .To record Payment (such as cash or a check) that is received from customers for goods or services.Oracle Apps : Account Receivables Receipts : • There are two types of Receipts • Cash Receipt . refunds.

Receipts Manually Cash Enter and Apply Adjustment Charge back Remit Reconcile Reverse Reapply Slide No.Oracle Apps : Account Receivables Entering Std. 57 © Spider Systems Pvt. . Ltd.

Oracle Apps : Account Receivables Entering Misc. . 58 © Spider Systems Pvt. Ltd. Receipts Manually Miscellaneous Remit Reconcile Reverse Slide No.

.Oracle Apps : Account Receivables Slide No. Ltd. 59 © Spider Systems Pvt.

.Oracle Apps : Account Receivables Slide No. 60 © Spider Systems Pvt. Ltd.

. Ltd. 61 © Spider Systems Pvt.Oracle Apps : Account Receivables Main Functions/Menu’s in Oracle Receivables • Transactions • Receipts • Collections • Customers • Set-ups • Reports • Interfaces • Control Slide No.

Collections .

calculate finance charges. © Spider Systems Pvt. Slide No.Oracle Apps : Account Receivables Collections • Oracle Receivables provides Collection Work-bench for the following Purpose: • • • • • • • • • View Information about Customer Transactions View customer Account Balances & Outstanding Balances Place a customer account on credit hold Place items in Dispute View the dunning history for a transaction Correspond with customers by recording customer calls. You can use this workbench to review internal collections policies Discover developing business trends Create dunning letters. and print statements using Oracle Receivables. 63 . Ltd.

Ltd.Oracle Apps : Account Receivables Collection Workbench : • Collection Workbench of receivables allows following Functions • • • • • • • • • • Customer Calls Customer Accounts Accounts Overview Aging Correspondence Account Details Transaction Overview Unmatched Payments Scheduler AR Online Slide No. 64 © Spider Systems Pvt. .

65 © Spider Systems Pvt.Oracle Apps : Account Receivables Slide No. Ltd. .

receipts and account balances. • Outstanding customer balances at the beginning of any period can be reconciled with the ending balances for that period.Reconciliation's Reconciliation • Oracle Receivables provides a comprehensive set of reports to reconcile your outstanding customer balances. by generating various reports to show the activity against that customer during the period. transactions. 66 © Spider Systems Pvt. Ltd. . Slide No.

Print Transactions .

import invoices from feeder systems. . Ltd. such as order entry. For each accounting period. Slide No. You can easily set up Auto Accounting to create Accounting Flexfields in a way that meets your business requirements. You can integrate Oracle Receivables with existing applications. AutoAccounting • AutoAccounting automatically creates your general ledger accounting information –your Accounting Flexfields. Oracle Receivables provides efficient and effective control of your accounting information.Batch Processes AutoInvoice • AutoInvoice allows you to automatically import invoice information from your other financial systems. then review and print them. 68 © Spider Systems Pvt.

Integration to GL .

including: • Customizable aging buckets • Dispute bucket • Customer and invoice summary • By amount and salesperson Slide No. and adjustments Create flexible agings. 70 © Spider Systems Pvt. receipts.Reports ( 1 of 2 ) Create accounting reports of agings. cash application. . Ltd.

.Reports ( 1 of 2 ) Additional reports: • Transaction registers • Tax reports • Credit and collections reports • Key indicators • Supplier/Customer Netting report • Foreign Exchange Gain/Loss report Inquiries: • Customer Query • On-line Transaction Overview • On-line Receipt Inquiry • On-line Transaction History • On-line Customer Account Inquiry Slide No. 71 © Spider Systems Pvt. Ltd.