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Acquisition Plan Test Script

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Shree Iyer Feb 10, 2013 February 12, 20133 Draft.CRP2.v2


1 Requisitioning Flow Script Sequence .System Test Sequence The following test sequence describes the steps for testing Acquisition Plan Procure to Pay (P2P) Acquisition Plan Summary Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12.


Business Process: Acquisition Plan Event: Request Business Flow: Procure to Pay Description: Summary Process: Acquisition Plan Summary .

Step# 1 Process Step Description Login to Applicatio ns Choose the responsibil ity Path and Action Login to Applications Input Data User : Password: Responsibility: Contracts Workbench Administrator 2 Select Responsibility 3 Contracts Click Contracts 4 Create Acquisition Plan Click Create Contracts from shortcuts list .

Step# 5 Process Step Description Input Header level records Path and Action Input the following fields Name Operating Unit Type Contract Administrator Overall Risk Authoring Party Currency (Optional) Amount (Optional) Description (Optional) Effective Date (Must) Expiration Date (Must) Input Data 6 Context Value Incentive fees Party Click Context Value LOV and select Acquisition Plan Summary Input Incentive / Award Fees All Other fields are optional in this region are optional Add Parties If you are adding multiple parties. click “Apply” Input a value 7 8 9 Contacts Add Internal Contacts (who should have access to this library) . Click “Apply and add another” Otherwise to the last one.

Step# 10 Process Step Description Contract Documents Path and Action Click Contract Documents tab Then Add new document from Actions And click GO Input Data 11 Add Files 12 Apply Click Apply 13 Risk Click Risk Tab Click Add Risk .

Step# 14 Process Step Description Risk Detail Path and Action Select name from LOV Select Probability from LOV Select Impact from LOV Type in a comment in comment field Click Apply Input Data 15 Related Contract (optional) Pick a value from related contract Pick a value from Related Value field LOV Click Apply (O 16 Notes (Optional) View History (Optional) Controls Add Notes Optionally 17 View History Optionally (System Generated) Click Checkmark for Send before Expiration Date Send to Contact Role – select “Purchasing Manager” from LOV Click “Enforce Access Control” Click “Add User” Select your own list of users to whom you want to give access too 18 19 Controls 20 Access Control List .

Step# 21 Process Step Description Approval Path and Action Click “Submit for Approval” from Actions LOV Input Data 22 END .