H/Benning Construction Update Meeting

February 26, 2013

I. II. Welcome and Ground Rules – Don Edwards Program Updates – Steve Carroll

III. Construction Overview – Ron Garraffa IV. Q & A – Don Edwards V. Breakout Rooms: Western, Midline, Eastern


Program Updates
Community Engagement
DATES (2013) 1/3 1/9 1/10 2/12 2/12 2/13 2/19 2/21 2/21 ORGANIZATION ANC 6C Transportation and Open Space Committee ANC 6C ANC 6A ANC 5D ANC 7D ANC 6C CNECA/SMD 7D05/SMD 7D06 Friends of Kingman Park Civic Association Langston Dwellings Resident Advisory Council

Send your meeting requests to info@dcstreetcar.com

Program Updates
Community Engagement • H/Benning Business Stakeholder meeting in December 2012 • To receive ongoing construction notifications, e-mail construction@dcstreetcar.com, sign up here, or sign up at dcstreetcar.com • Margaret Gentry is back on H/Benning to assist with construction outreach: (202) 320-8534, margaret@dcstreetcar.com


Program Updates
Community Engagement • Three additional DC Streetcar public meetings are expected in 2013:

Late Spring/ Early Summer 2013 Late Summer/ Early Fall 2013 October 2013

Construction Update, Streetcar Safety, Policy Enforcement Construction Update, Streetcar Safety, Policy Enforcement Streetcar Testing Period, Streetcar Safety

Program Updates
New Website: dcstreetcar.com
• Your one-stop-shop for DC streetcar information and events • Find maps, plans, events and construction information quickly and easily • Sign up to receive what you’re interested in


Program Updates
Car Barn Training Center (CBTC)
• Historic status granted to Spingarn High School • The Historic Preservation Review Board (HPRB) now has final approval over any designs for the proposed CBTC • DDOT has formally requested the Thursday, February 28 review be moved to Thursday, March 28 • A CBTC has been added to the Breakout sessions this evening


Program Updates
Planning Studies • Completed or near completion: o Benning Road Feasibility Study o Anacostia Extension EA o M Street SE/SW • Kicking off in 2013: o Benning Road Extension EA o Union Station to Georgetown AA o North/South AA


Program Updates
Testing & Commissioning Site • Construction underway at the South Capitol site • Vehicles will be transferred there for testing and certification, before moving to H/Benning for additional testing


Program Updates
Safety Outreach • A robust Safety Outreach campaign is kicking off soon, targeting: • Pedestrians • Bicyclists • Drivers • Streetcar riders • Toolkits geared toward schoolchildren are being developed with local educators and will be in classrooms at the start of the 2013-2014 school year

Construction Overview
Phase 1 • Completed in 2011 – 80% of work completed Phase 2 • Underway – The final 20% to make H/Benning streetcar-ready


Construction Overview


Construction Overview
Short-term Traffic Impacts • Ongoing since December • Advance notification via construction@dcstreetcar.com and dcstreetcar.com • Impacts include short-term lane, sidewalk and/or parking closures Four Construction Impact Areas • Work begins March 26 • Varied impacts


Construction Overview
Western Turnaround – Hopscotch Bridge & 3rd Street


Construction Overview
Western Turnaround – Hopscotch Bridge & 3rd Street • Three-phase process • March 26 – late October • Will close lanes, restrict access, and limit parking at phased intervals on H and 3rd Streets


Construction Overview
Midline Substation – 12th & H Streets • Begins spring/early summer and lasts one month • One day of lane closures surrounding site during substation delivery • Sidewalk closures and daytime parking restrictions surrounding substation during month-long installation


Construction Overview
Pocket Track – Benning Road between 21st and 25th • March 26 – late July • Lane closures and turning restrictions during construction


Construction Overview
Eastern Turnaround – Between Oklahoma Avenue & Benning Road Bridge • March 26 – late October • Lane closures during construction


Construction Overview
Policy and Enforcement • Some behavioral changes along H/Benning will be required before streetcars begin service . More discussion to come on: o Delivery times o Loading zones o Double-parking


Construction Overview
Vehicle Testing Process • An official safety procedure • Ensures that H/Benning is safe and ready for service – all components working together • Provides vehicle operators with familiarity of local traffic pattern • Helps drivers, pedestrians, cyclists and delivery trucks acclimate to sharing the road with streetcars



Please save your detailed construction questions for the breakout rooms – we will adjourn immediately after this brief Q & A.


Breakout Rooms
WESTERN Union Station – 9th Street MIDLINE 10th Street – 18th Street EASTERN 19th Street – Benning Road Bridge

ROOM 216

ROOM 225




Stay Connected!
Mail: District Department of Transportation (DDOT) 55 M Street SE, 5th Floor Washington, DC 20003 Attn: DC Streetcar Team Email: info@dcstreetcar.com Hotline: 1 (855) 413-2954 Website: dcstreetcar.com Facebook: dcstreetcar Twitter: @dcstreetcar

Construction Email: construction@dcstreetcar.com

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