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Part 1 of the Preliminary English Test Writing Paper contains 5 questions.

In each question you have to re-write a sentence so that both sentences have the same meaning. Use no more than three words

1. The bus station is near the new shopping centre.
The bus station isn't ........................................ the new shopping centre.

2. I've never been to this shop before.
This is ........................................ I've been in this shop. 3. The choice of food here is not as good as in the market. The choice of food in the market ........................................ here. 4. There is late-night shopping on Thursday. The shops ........................................ on Thursday. 5. Shall we go into town this afternoon? Would ........................................ go into town this afternoon.

6. I’ve never read such a good book. This is____________________book I’ve ever read.

7. The weather was better yesterday than it is today. The weather is_________________today than it was yesterday.

8. Your pizza was cheaper than mine. My pizza was________________________than yours. 9. “Don’t shout” said the teacher. The teacher told the class______________________shout. 10. “I’ve never been to the USA” said Ron. Ron said he_____________________to the USA.

11. You promised to help me! You said you_______________________help me!

13. I___________________fixed last week. 16. 24.12. Feeding the animals isn’t___________________________-. Someone gave me a free ticket. Entrance to the museum is free. 17. A mechanic fixed my car last week. Jane said "Why don't we ask Rita?" Jane suggested ________________________Rita. It doesn’t matter which type of cooking oil you use for this recipe. You____________________to study harder.Charlie ate more than Daisy. There weren’t many people at the concert. You should tell her you’re sorry. How much does a new moped cost? What’s__________________a new moped? . 20. 23. 18. There were only________________people at the concert. 19. I’d advise you to study harder. 14. There’s a chance he’s asleep at this time. You don’t have________________________to go into the museum. Daisy didn't eat as_________________________Charlie. 22. You can use__________________type of cooking oil for this recipe. It’s forbidden to feed the animals. 21. I found the film rather boring. He might_______________________asleep at this time. I felt____________________by the film. If_________________________I’d tell her you’re sorry. I____________________________--a free ticket. 15.

Although we had a map. It____________________3 hours to do my maths homework. I’ve been a member of the tennis club since 2009. 34. we________________find the zoo easily. I liked the restaurant and________________my wife. He went to the shop in ____________________buy some bread.25. I bought this camera six months ago. . 31. They____________________25 years ago. 30. We didn’t leave the party__________________-midnight. They’ve been married for 25 years. I liked the restaurant and my wife did too. Whose pen is this? Whose________________pen? 35. I_________________the tennis club in 2009.” 37. We didn't spend much money. I spent 3 hours doing my maths homework. 32. The car park was outside the main entrance. My friend told me that I could stay in his flat. We had a map but it was difficult to find the zoo. 29. The hotel has a big swimming pool. My friend said “ You_________________in my flat. 36. 38. 28. We only spent____________________money. 33. There was somewhere__________________outside the main entrance. I’ve ______________this camera for six months. He isn't______________-to see that film. It was midnight when we left the party. 26. ___________________ is a big swimming pool in the hotel. He's too young to see that film. He went to the shop because he wanted to buy some bread. 27.

46. A stone____________________-my car windscreen. 49. The elephants were my favourite animals. Large cars use more petrol than small cars. It would be good if I went on a photography course.39. I really ought___________________on a photograph course. Martina's band started playing in concerts two years ago. Martina's band has played in concerts_____________________-two years. Who does this van belong to? Whose__________________this? 47. 48. When I was young. Maria said “Why don't we____________________the monkeys?” 41. 42. Madonna had seven_______________________brothers and sisters. I drove a small car. 40. 44. 50. It was________________ that we wore sun hats. We wore sun hats because it was very hot. I used____________________a small car when I was young. remember__________________your tyres. Small cars don't use as_________________large cars. My car windscreen was broken by a stone. Check your tyres before a long journey. She________________________famous very quickly. 45. Before a long journey. Madonna was the eldest of eight children. Maria suggested going to see the monkeys. I liked the elephants better__________________any other animal. It didn't take her long to become famous. 43. .

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