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John Reynolds is that rare artist who is both a chameleon and utterly identifiable. He has been called brilliant and the enemy of clich. He is above all, unique. In long songs that have the feel of mini epic poems his heroes and anti-heroes are never judged, only described: Mean as murder and colder than vengeance, sad as a convict listenin to his sentence; wide as a field of cut you bad cotton, pretty as heaven and burnin hell rotten His love songs can be straightforward with a devotional feel, but are often complicated, bordering on the surreal, as in this passage from Lucifers Delilah: Hair like golden rings of fire, arms like Edens snake unfurled. Eyes like diamonds in the dark, her heart a brooding underworld. Johns performances have been described as complex, stirring, visceral, dangerous and an event. His work has been hailed by the Associated Press, USA Today, UPI, the Nashville Scene, Music Row Magazine, and The Tennessean among others.

He took his head out of the oven and took a look around -Resurrection Town
On John Reynolds newest release Resurrection Town death and life are intertwined with a wink and a nod. Love is reveled in. Angels have tattoos. A death row inmate ponders Passover. The river speaks, two cemeteries take center stage, and a suicide becomes the birthplace for a resurrection. These gritty, meaty and provocative songs start from the middle of the storm and tenuously claw their way not out, but deeper towards the center, until they reach the eyes false calm and the hearts electrical pulse. F0r booking and reviews, download:

Wildly prolific, his catalog ranges from major motion pictures (We Were Soldiers) and television (The WBs Wild Fire) to writing a musical with Even Stevens, a BMI Songwriter of the Century. Along the way hes earned a Musician Magazine Best Unsigned Band nod, and has been a staff songwriter for Bluewater Music and CDB Publishing. His songs have been on Grammy award-winning albums in both Norway and Canada and he has had songs recorded by artists as diverse as Delbert McClinton, Tammy Cochran, Jonell Mosser and Mark McGuinn. His haunting White Moon recently caused an online frenzy when it was used as a promo for The CWs hit television show Gossip Girl. Fans of the show hit the internet searching for the artist who performed it. This prompted John to include it on Resurrection Town, one of three albums being released by HooRey! Records, as part of an ambitious 2012 Schedule that will include some fifty of his songs. John has played throughout the United States, in Canada and Japan, and has been a featured act at Tin Pan South, The NEA Extravaganza and on Lightning 100 Radio. In his adopted hometown of Nashville, he has performed at the iconic Ryman Auditorium, The Bluebird, and the Grand Ole Opry as well as The Exit/In, Douglas Corner, 12th & Porter, The Cannery Ballroom, The Listening Room, 3rd & Lindsley, The Basement and The End.
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john reynolds

john reynolds
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Never Coming Down CCMA Independent Song Of The Year nominee, recorded by Gil Grand Right Around The Corner Norwegian Grammy winner for Best Country Music Album, title cut. Recorded by Tore Andersen Valentines Day Unisong International Songwriting competition nalist Mile Musician Magazine Best Unsigned Band contest winner White Moon Gossip Girl (CW, TV series) Alma Mater Wildre (ABC Family, TV series) I Believe We Were Soldiers (soundtrack) performed by Tammy Cochran More Beautiful Today #43 Billboard Country Singles Chart, recorded by Mark Mcguinn Why, Lower Than My Arms, Walk With Me, Trampoline recorded by Mark Mcguinn "Halfway to Memphis recorded by Johnny Lee Things Arent What They Seem To Be - Jonell Mosser/Delbert McClinton

Sequestered in his magic attic, John Reynolds has created a unique masterpiece, unshackled by labels. From the sweaty imagery of Mississippi to Decoration Day, a celebration of his own demise, John R. weaves a rich tapestry. Discover this. - Even Stevens, a BMI Songwriter of the Century A dynamic performer whose music will take you on a journey reminiscent of a roller coaster ride. Mervin Louque, owner, Douglas Corner Cafe, Nashville TN A stirring, haunting CD. The language of the lyrics impresses one in variety, unpredictability, in the power of the images, in the effectiveness of the rhymes. Strong stuff, but rened, complex and sophisticated. Blows me away! Michael Glaser, Poet Laureate of Maryland (2004-2009) More Beautiful Today is one of the best September 11th inuenced songs. The Associated Press and USA Today A dangerous combination of musical talent and literary intelligence...visceral, and with an undeniable signature Rusty Russell, Music Row Magazine Johns music sneaks up on you, but once its in your head, it stays. He can be classic and loves a melody but is never derivative or clich. His performances are ferocious: he has no low gear its full-on, for ten or ten thousand. - Mark Mcguinn, writer, recording artist, writer (Lone Star and Uncle Cracker) With Resurrection Town John Reynolds has added another shining piece to his eclectic body of work. Whether creating under the moniker Without Ruth, his music collective alter-ego NuevoVeda, or under his own name, the work is always dangerous, provocative. - Larry Knight, guitarist for James Taylor, Jimmy Buffet, Linda Ronstadt Driven home by John's deep, in-your-face vocals, these guys (Without Ruth) are another reason why Nashville has the best music scene in the country. Barye Cassell, Nashville Music Guide The record (Circus Girl) draws power from brain-bending psychedelia and soulstirring gospelThis is old-school Nashville rock, ready to make the leap from clubs to halls as soon as the paperwork is prepared. Noel Murray, Nashville Scene Nothing like it, the best and most original thing I've heard in years. Bob Welch, Fleetwood Mac These maniacal pop madmen deconstruct pop conventions, but never at the sacrice of melody. A thinking persons shake-your-booty rock band. Paul Killingsworth, Blink Magazine John Reynolds is one of the more theatrical vocalists in Nashville; his deep, supple voice and the eclectic, reaching music lend this cagey trio overtones of Brad Roberts and the Crash Test Dummies. Craig Havighurst, The Tennessean, No Depression, NPR Unique, original. Dont miss a chance to see him. George McCorkle, Marshall Tucker Band Theres a madman at the mic. John Reynolds sings as if possessed and has written one of the best rock songs Stuck Inside to come out this year. John Hood, Music Row Magazine Without Ruth absolutely nails down the DISCovery Award. This act is my current passion. I dont know when Ive heard a pop/rock band in this city with more star potential. I mean, these boys have it all, a terric lead guitarist, a charismatic lead vocalist, a killer rhythm section and John Reynolds songs have more hooks than a tuna boat. - Robert K. Oermann Multi-award winning music critic This song (Southern Sky) really caught the attention of Gossip Girl fans; my post about your song has been getting tons of hits. Alexis Simpson, Noize News

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john reynolds
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Resurrection Town
John Reynolds


Circus de la Muerte
John Reynolds | NuevoVeda

John Reynolds

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Circus Girl
John Reynolds | Without Ruth

America More Beautiful

John Reynolds

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White Moon /Southern Sky featured on Gossip Girl John Reynolds: Chocolate live at The Basement, Nashville, TN Stuck Inside More Beautiful Today written with and performed by Mark Mcguinn Soccer Song/The Beautiful Game written with and performed by Mark Mcguinn and John Reynolds

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