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Mujahid Hussain Shah1 Summary: Mujahid Hussain Address: Syed House near Mohni Bai Shah is a development Hospital,

Al-Fatah town, Taluka practitioner working since last Qasimabad, District Hyderabad Sindh, 7 years in the fields of Pakistan Monitoring, Evaluation, Assessment, Quality Assurance and Programming. He posses good Knowledge about conceptualization of research and monitoring, M&E tools and their implementation quantitative and qualitative data analysis; He has a fine command over practical writings and has ability to write research and technical reports. Personal specifically, he possesses good team management skills, analytical and judgment capacity and high curiosity to travel in field frequently. Other than that he also has a strong functional grip on MS-Word, Excel & PowerPoint and MS Access, SPSS, NVVO. He has also been writing articles in various newspapers and magazines including Pakistan times and fortnightly affair, Taleem nama international of IRC. He has also written a research based booklet on learning and education (see references Hyperlinked bellow) Sindh Education Foundation continue Working as; 1. Assistant manager @ R-M&E @R-M&E unit. Date Aug 2005 to

July 2009 to

Main Responsibilities To develop concept notes, management plan and data collection tools for M&E activities Quantitative and qualitative data collection in the field and to supervise the data collection process. Data cleaning and data analysis of quantitative and qualitative data. To generate monitoring reports (Early Learning Program) Orient data collectors regarding the data collection tools. 2. R-M&E officer @M&E unit. 2008 to June 2009 Main Responsibilities July

Quantitative and qualitative data collection in the field and to supervise the data collection process. Data cleaning and data analysis of quantitative and qualitative data. Quantitative and qualitative data analysis Draft report writing Device tools for students assessment 3. Program Officer @ Quality Assurance Resource Centre: December 2007 to June 2008


Main Responsibilities Part of team to design school assessment criteria and NGOs assessment criteria Part of team to develop data collection tools under school assessment criteria and NGOs assessment criteria Supervise data collection process Data analysis Part of the team to develop APR

3. Social Researcher @ (EDRC2): to 1st November 2007.

December 2006

Main Responsibilities Part of EDRC team to conceptualize and design research studies Supervise Data collection process Quantitative and qualitative data analysis Part of EDRC team in writing research reports To carry out individual research projects Document case studies 4. Research Assistant @ (EDRC) 2006 to November 2006 January

Main Responsibilities Data collection, translations, transcription and preliminary analysis of the research studies under the supervision of senior social researchers Part of EDRC team in research design and tool development Takhleeq Foundation: Worked as; 5- Program officer Social Harmony peace and development Program3 November 2004 to December 2005 Main Responsibilities To form district level groups of religious clerics and representatives of local organizations. Carryout research, monitoring and evaluation Documentation of program activities Maintain strong communication with groups To organize awareness seminars To conduct quarterly follow up meetings deputy editor newsletter Preh Daily Sindh Hyderabad

Educational Research and Development Cell-- is a vital unit of the Sindh Education Foundation (SEF) given its directive of critically reviewing the developmental and educational practices undertaken within and outside the Foundation The main objective of Social Harmony Program was to aware and sensitize religious leaders and civil society groups with specific district group on social, economic and political development through rights based political education in Sindh

6. Sub-Editor@ Editorial Page: October 2004

March 2003 to

Main Responsibilities To edit articles and news stories according to editorial policy. To write articles and editorials Educational Qualification: M.Sc (H) Psychology, University of Sindh Jamshoro, 2005, CGPA 3.0 Major Subjects: Clinical Psychology, Research Methodology, Psychological Testing, Statistics, Diagnosis and assessment, Cross cultural Psychology, Psychopharmacology, Biological Psychology, Social Psychology, Organizational Psychology, Criminal Psychology, Cognitive Psychology

BSc (H) Psychology, University of Sindh Jamshoro, 2004, CGPA 2.95 Major Subjects: General Psychology, Experimental Psychology, Personality Psychology, Abnormal Psychology, Psychopathology and Crime, Social Psychology, Industrial and Organizational Psychology, Motivation and Emotions, Experimental Psychology, Statistics, Cognitive Psychology, Personality Theories, Physiological Psychology, Research Methods, Parapsychology, Neuro-Cognition, Community Psychology. Research work: Mujahid, (2008), an analysis of manifestoes of major political parties on education in Pakistan, Sindh Education Foundation (2006) Impact assessment of Institutional Package distributed in schools of community supported school program. (Part of the team) Sindh Education Foundation, 2007, Census of Fellowship School Program (Part of the team) Mujahid, 2008, learning in classroom: theory to practicedesk research, University of Sindh, 2004, Understanding Tribal clasher in Sindh Articles and Publications Have written more than 50 articles on social, educational and current issues in various regional and National Dailies and Magazines including Daily Kawish, Pakistan Times, Daily Ibrat, Daily Sindh, Taleem Nama International, and Fortnightly Affair Magazine.

Political Parties on Education in Pakistan: An Overview, Re-thinking teaching and schooling in Pakistan, Pakistan Times Commitment of top winners on education, Pakistan Times, Modern Methods of Teaching: a solution of education system in Pakistan, Pakistan Times Mujahid, 23 June 2003 Daily Kawish Hyderabad: Difference between Educated and degree holdersa critical review of educational system in Sindh. Mujahid, 1st quarter 2007, Taleem Nama international, how children learn Mujahid, 22 February 2004 Daily Kawish Hyderabad Roots of Tribal Clashes in sindh Mujahid, 1st march 2005 Fortnightly Affair Roots of tribal clashes in Sindh Mujahid, 13 September, 2004: Daily Kawish Hyderabad, students politics in Sindh Mujahid, 1st May 2005 Fortnightly Affair Issue, Condition of mental health care in Sindh Mujahid, 25 December 2004: Daily Kawish, Changing goals of education. Mujahid, 2008, Class room learning: theory to practice, booklet in Sindhi, Mujahid, 2008, Muqadema e Karbala (400 pages)book translated from Urdu to Sindhi Languages: English: Good at listening, writing and speaking Urdu: Good at Reading, writing and speaking Sindhi: Very good at reading, writing and speaking Siraeki satisfactory at speaking and listening Personal: NIC #: 41306-8704404-7 Domicile: Naushero Feroz, Sindh. Marital status: Married Mother Tong: Sindhi Contact: 0300-4913242 References:

Noman ul Haq Siddiqui, Senior Manager Research Monitoring and Evaluation Unit, SEF, Karachi, UAN#111424111 Mr. Aziz Kabani, Director POR, SEF, Karachi, UAN#111424111, Cell: 03212014405.