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Shannon D.

Foster EdTech 503 Information-Processing Analysis Learning Objectives (based on the prompts given by Blurb Booksmart) Upon completion of Spanish Fairytale writing project students will: 1. Locate Blurb on the web 2. Download the Blurb Booksmart 3. Start a new book 3.1. Choose a book 3.1.1.Give your book a title 3.1.2.Fill in the author’s name 3.1.3.Choose the size of your book Use the Learn More button for more information Check pricing 3.2. Choose your starting point 3.2.1.Choose your layout 3.2.2.Choose “Wing it” to create their own layout pages or choose “Guide Me” for help along the way. 3.3. Get photos 3.3.1.Get photos, graphics, or illustrations from their computer 3.3.2.Choose “guide me” or if they are familiar with Booksmart choose “Start book now.” 3.4. Choose your theme 3.4.1.Explore the theme options and choose your favorite 4. Create your book 4.1. Change Sizes if desired 4.2. Edit Layout 4.2.1.Add/Delete image container 4.2.2.Add/Delete text container 4.2.3.Lock or unlock container 4.2.4.Duplicate container 4.2.5.Move containers Drag and drop Align Containers horizontal Align containers vertical 4.2.6.Delete header 4.2.7.Delete footer 4.3. Change theme 4.3.1.Choose a new theme 4.4. Change backgrounds 4.4.1.Choose a new solid color 4.4.2.Choose a new theme pattern 4.4.3.More options 4.5. Apply Ornaments

Order their created book 6.12.3. Choose page layout 4. Edit their book Foster EdTech 503 Information-Processing Analysis 4.2.8.Select the end sheets 6.14. In Your Shopping Cart Customize their book 6. Add to Cart 6.Select the paper 6.2. Remove Page 4. Get Photos 4.1. Select book quantity 6.7.Apply page ornaments 4.5.1.Shannon D. Order when upload Complete 6.1. Upload and Order 6.5.Check quantity 6. Find Help 4.3.1.Review the Order Summary Add page special pages 4. Follow Final Checklist 6.Add photo pages 4.1. Review and resolve Issues 4.Checkout 6. Sign-in 6.2. Use my My Photos to Get photos 4.1. Register or Sign in to their Blurb account 6. Zoom in/out 4.2.5. Add an instant PDF version if they would like 6.4.10. Apply autoflow Change page views 4.15.2. Preview book 5.Add text pages 4. Use email as username 6.6.Select the cover 6.5. Create a password Checkout Deliver to .Wait as the book is uploaded layout Sign in 6.

Add or edit Bill To address Order Summary Place Order 6. Choose checkout payment options Delivery Date (shipping) 6.Note order details and save confirmation number .Review Order Summary Payment Method 6.8.1. Review Delivery Address and Billing Address 6. Review Order Details 6.Add or edit Deliver To address 6. Foster EdTech 503 Information-Processing Analysis 6.1.Shannon D.8.5. Edit if necessary 6.2.4. Edit if necessary 6. Input Payment Method checkout delivery and billing 6.8.8.