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Episode 1: Live Free or Die

In a flash-forward, Walt sits in a diner and arranges his bacon into the number 52: it's his birthday. The waitress tells him that meals are free on birthdays, so Walt flashes her a New Hampshire driver's license with his photo on it. A man walks in — it's Lawson, the gun dealer from whom Walt purchased his .38 revolver. Walt follows him into the bathroom, where he hands Lawson a thick envelope in exchange for a set of keys. Lawson asks for Walt's assurance that the acquisition won't wind up in Mexico, and then leaves. Walt coughs and pops some pills. As he leaves the restaurant, the waitress calls out, "Happy birthday, Mr. Lambert." In the parking lot, Walt opens the trunk of a white Volvo and takes out a duffel bag. Using the clicker he got from Lawson, he finds a nearby car and opens the trunk: inside, there's an M60 machine gun. He scans the lot, tosses in the duffel and slams the trunk. Backing up from where we left off last season, Walt calls Skyler shortly after Gus's death. "I won," he tells her. At home, Walt gathers the bomb-making materials in a trash bag and stuffs it in his car trunk. Afterwards he pours himself a drink, but stops short when he remembers the Lily of the Valley plant — which he then gets rid of as well. Walter, Jr. and Skyler arrive. Jr. chatters excitedly about Gus's death, boasting that Uncle Hank is gonna be a hero, even more so than before. Walt joins Skyler in the bedroom, where she's quietly unpacking. He asks if she's relieved to see him alive. She says she is, but also scared. "Scared of what?" Walt asks. "You," she answers. Alone, Walt coos at baby Holly, calm... until he suddenly rushes from the bedroom. Whatever he just remembered, it's urgent. Hank and Gomez sift through the remains of the superlab: Hank's moment of triumph. Hank spots an object mounted on the wall and speculates it's a melted security camera. Mike is convalescing in Mexico when the doctor who'd treated Gus after the Cartel bloodbath informs him that Gus is dead. Later, he speeds down a dusty road. Another car barrels toward him. They pass each other then screech to a halt. Walt and Jesse jump out of the other car. Mike points his gun at Walt but Jesse stands between them. Walt tells Mike that the footage from Gus's security cameras will give them away. Mike says the video files would be on a laptop Gus kept in his office. At Los Pollos, Hank watches the police bag Gus's laptop and label it for evidence. At Jesse's house, Mike calls the police pretending to be a USPS employee investigating Gus for meter fraud. He learns that the police have the laptop and scoffs at Walt's thought that they could retrieve it, explaining the evidence room is guarded around the clock. Jesse repeatedly suggests using a magnet, which eventually gives Walt an idea... Later, Walt, Jesse and Mike talk to Old Joe — the junkyard owner that destroyed the RV — who declares their plan "doable, but expensive." Walt asks Jesse to spot his share of the cost. Although Mike expresses skepticism about the plan, Jesse insists they need him. Saul visits Skyler at the car wash and cryptically and solemnly warns her the police may call her about Ted. "Ted's dead?" she asks, tearing up. "No, he just woke up," Saul says.

"Yeah. declaring Gus's laptop damaged. "Because I say so. The police inventory the evidence room. As they flee the scene. but Walt insists it's untraceable. then flies out of his hands and slams into the van. the laptop dies." she replies. "We're done when I say we're done. Saul tells Walt that their business relationship is done. She tries to apologize. Walt bridles at that. Skyler tries to assure Walt that Ted won't talk. Mike chastises Walt and Jesse for leaving the van behind. swearing. That night. Thrusting the Rican cigarette at him." says Walt. "I forgive you. but Walt just wraps his arms around her." he says. Walt scolds Saul for giving Skyler $622. bitch! Magnets!" Jesse cheers. He notices that it had broken during the chaos and now reveals a list of secret bank accounts hidden beneath the broken frame. Mike hotwires the police station security gate. Walt instructs Joe to increase the amperage. Inside the evidence room." "Good. terrified.Back at the junkyard. "I heard what happened to Ted. but he cuts her off. Skyler visits Ted in the hospital and finds he's been confined to a halo brace. He tells her he reported his fall as an accident. "I will never breathe one word of this. Jesse stands at a distance from the rigged truck holding a laptop while Walt turns the dial on a control box. Joe has loaded an old cube van with a lifting crane magnet wired to twenty-one car batteries. Walt turns the magnet dial." he says. Police officers rush outside but find the van empty." he says. backing Saul into a corner of the office. and Skyler is left to endure his menacing embrace. Saul reminds Walt that he put himself on the line by participating in Brock's poisoning. An officer then studies a framed photo of Gus. At Saul's office. As Jesse walks closer. allowing Walt and Jesse to park the cube van outside the evidence room. . Walt cranks the dial to its max and the van topples over.000 to pay off Ted's tax debt. Walt returns home to find Skyler changing Holly's diaper in the bedroom. metal objects fly off shelves and stick to the wall. "How do we know?" Mike asks.

Hank doesn't buy his story. On his way to face his fate. Walt suggests she take a shower to feel better. He pledges Madrigal's cooperation with the DEA investigation." Hank. Mike meets Lydia. but admits he doesn’t have enough evidence to arrest Mike. preferably nearby and not in an RV. and she wordlessly obliges: after his eerie absolution. she seems like a shadow of herself. Mike pauses. but who gave Salamanca the bomb?" Merkert asks. "Does that seem like an acceptable stopping point to you?" . When Saul advises they pull out of the meth business. After promising to help Jesse look for it. who has been quietly pushed out for his personal relationship with Gus and for failing to sniff out Gus's drug empire. Panicked. but Mike refuses to partner up. Mike walks into the DEA offices as Chow. "So Hector Salamanca killed Fring. Hank says he managed to peek at the laptop before the evidence room debacle. Schuler places one of the AED contacts in his mouth and electrocutes himself. but then says he has no idea what they’re talking about: even though the Feds have seized his money. Walt fills a similar vial with salt and creates a duplicate cigarette. Walt and Jesse visit Saul to discuss finding a new venue for the lab. He then stashes the real Rican — which he retrieved from Saul previously — behind a wall outlet cover in his bedroom at the White house. Hank and Gomez share a drink with Merkert. the proprietor of Gus's chemical warehouse. Walt encourages Jesse to keep looking for methylamine. The head of Madrigal is shocked at Schuler's death. and remorseful. If Mike is unnerved by that news.Episode 2: Madrigal At a test kitchen in Germany. "You are a time bomb. he still won't crack. Saul says an in-town venue will be difficult. At home. Mike shoots down the idea. "I have no intention of being around for the boom." Jesse reports that he was able to find all the precursor chemicals except for methylamine. Jesse heeds Walt's suggestion to check the Roomba — where he finds the fake Rican cigarette. insisting someone else can open the car wash for her. Walt snaps back that he's broke. but Walt snaps." Chow says nervously. His secretary interrupts to inform him the police have arrived. Walt and Jesse toss his house. Madrigal Electromotive executive Peter Schuler glumly tastes a variety of dipping sauces. In an interrogation room. fearing an innocent bystander might find it. Walt and Jesse visit Mike and announce plans to start cooking again. Gomez mentions APD's discovery of Gus's secret offshore bank accounts as a possible lead. Schuler grabs an automatic defibrillator and locks himself in the bathroom. broken. at a diner. but Jesse doubts he'll be able to scare any up. Skyler refuses to get out of bed." he tells Walt. Hank mentions that they traced Gus's offshore accounts to eleven men — including a $2 million account in Mike's granddaughter Kaylee's name. then so can we. On the verge of giving up. searching desperately for the cigarette. "You know they talked to me. one of the Madrigal executives. but it was encrypted he doubts they’d have gotten much off it anyway. As the authorities pound on the door. walks out. vouching for his men. Devastated. Jesse apologizes for accusing Walt of poisoning Brock. "If Gus can manage it. Jesse tells Walt over the phone that the Rican cigarette is still missing. he doesn't show a hint of it. Gomez and Merkert meet with Madrigal executives. She hands him a list of eleven men who were on Gus's payroll and suggests Mike kill them before they can implicate either of them. Mike tells Hank that he worked for Los Pollos as head of corporate security. As Mike leaves.

Suddenly." she says. Chris admits that Lydia was going to pay him $30. sneaks into Lydia's house and pulls her into a bedroom at gunpoint." Skyler. "Good. shell-shocked and unable to bring herself to stop him." Chow says. "Maybe. then we've got nothing to worry about. starting with Chow — who's already dead on the couch. "Can you come to my house?" Chow hangs up and looks at Chris — one of Mike's former henchmen — who's holding him at gunpoint: someone is setting a trap for Mike. Later.000 for each man on the list." Walt says and hangs up. Chris watches Mike walk toward the front door and puts his gun muzzle to the peephole. He hears a strange sound and looks through the peephole. caressing her arm and kissing her. something stops him. stares silently ahead as Walt fondles her unresponsive body." he continues. everything. "Why?" Clearly in a corner. not on the phone. "And there's no better reason than family. It'll pass. where he sees a suspended toy pig Mike borrowed from Kaylee's old toys at his apartment. Mike is behind Chris and orders him to drop the gun. From inside Chow's house. "What you're feeling right now. who refuses to face him. "When we do what we do for good reasons. Mike travels to Houston." he says.Mike is playing a board game with his granddaughter when Chow calls to say the DEA threatened to take his money. Mike calls Walt and agrees to a partnership. . On the verge of shooting her. "We gotta talk. about Ted. Mike shoots him dead with a sigh.000 to kill Mike and $10. He hesitates and asks if she can still get her hands on methylamine. He washes the dishes and then climbs into bed with Skyler. Lydia begs him to leave her body in the house so that her daughter won't think she was abandoned. and not happy about the decision he's about to make.

"Seriously?" Jesse asks. During a break. tunes out and listens to music: he doesn't want to hear what Mike has to say to Dennis about their ongoing collusion. They let Mike in and he lays down ground rules: He runs the business." he says.Episode 3: Hazard Pay Posing as a paralegal. but Walt's unfazed: "He handles the business." They ask Jesse to get in on his new business. Dennis's lawyer. Walt and Jesse assuage Saul's doubts about working with Mike. and everyone else's. who once threatened to break Saul's legs." A seed of consternation and discontent nearly effortlessly planted by Walt. Dennis swears he's loyal to Mike but since the feds took his hazard pay. they watch TV and drink beer on the living room couch. runs a burglary operation on the side and knows how to keep secrets. It's going to be a long." Walt says. After the homeowners leave. he doesn't pay her any mind. "Why?" asks Walt: he's already convinced. Mike and Dan go through the list of Mike's guys and where they're being held. Todd. "If she loves you. During the meeting. . tells Walt that he disabled a nanny-cam in the living room." Saul takes the team on a tour of potential new lab venues. "Vamonos Pest. Walt and Jesse assemble the lab from the roadie cases and cook in a sealed tent inside the house. "Sooner or later someone's gonna flip. and I handle him. in jail. He also orders them never to engage with Walt and Jesse without an invitation. and Mike nix them all. Walt explains his plan: If they cook inside houses undergoing fumigation. Walt and Jesse pull up to an infested house in a Vamonos truck. They're interrupted by Andrea. In the hallway. and they shake on it. it's impossible to say if the boy recognizes Walt as the man who poisoned him. declaring. she'll understand. no one will bother them or question strange smells. Inside. the four watch the pest-control team as it tents an infested home. the manager of Gus' industrial laundry. but Walt. Mike debriefs the pest control crew and forbids stealing from the houses. Jesse and Mike are ready to dismiss the final venue. but Jesse doesn't bite. run by a man named Ira. Walt sits uncomfortably with Brock on the couch. but Walt demurs. Skyler finds Walt in high spirits as he unpacks boxes in the bedroom. who stops by with Brock and invites Walt to stay for dinner. spotting logistical problems with each." Mike guarantees everyone will get paid. then there's no way they can keep going. Dan." At Jesse's house. Walt and Jesse finalize plans for the mobile lab. "You jump. and so is Jesse. Saul privately asks Walt if he's okay with the arrangement. Saul says the pest crew. if they tell you to jump. "It's perfect." The next day. but the two of them are going to see all of them. but Walt is certainly uncomfortable in Brock's presence. Mike waits outside Saul's office while Huell guards the door. Mike suggests a vote. They can hide in plain sight. Mike visits Dennis. An employee. Jesse. Walt inquires about Andrea and says Jesse can decide for himself whether to tell her about their work — if he can't confide in her. you don't ask what for. When she questions whether this is a good idea. Skinny Pete and Badger purchase four giant roadie cases from the local guitar store and wheel them into the pest control headquarters — the cases have been stenciled. tiring day. It's official: he's decided to move back in. Mike reassures Dennis that the deal he had with Gus is still in place and he should stay quiet. a pest control business. "I know you'll make the right call. "On the other hand. Walt and Jesse cover production.

Marie is shocked. Mike divides the profit into three piles — $367. and brings up Victor.000 each. Marie tells Skyler that Hank is back at work and insists Skyler plan a party for Walt's birthday. Maybe. Like Jesse was with Andrea. In the new "lab. but he's clearly unsettled. breaking down in tears. "It's less than with Fring. Marie chastises her. she's unsettled by this tableau. he was asking about the money. As they leave the house. Marie is concerned and baffled by the outburst. Andrea and Brock play video games while Jesse zones out. got his throat cut.At the car wash. After Mike leaves. Andrea asks if he's okay. Jesse offers to cover Walt's share but Walt finally relents. . begs her to keep it a secret from Hank. When Skyler takes out a cigarette. "I'm good. Jesse sets off the fumigation system to finish the pest control work. Walt tells her the half-truth that Skyler had an affair with Ted Beneke. taking liberties that weren’t his to take?" Walt says." Mike replies. Walt asks Jesse how he's feeling. concerned for her sister's well being. but Walt. thinking about exactly what that means for their fledgling new enterprise." Jesse watches Walt walk away. But Walt balks when Mike takes additional money from each pile to pay his nine jailed men. manipulating Marie. he surmises. Jesse glumly reports that he broke up with Andrea." he notes. Walt disagrees. Back at the Vamonos office. bitterly laughing at his net reduced profit. At Jesse's house. watching Scarface in the living room. The seed Walt planted is starting to grow… After rousing herself from bed. Skyler is resting in the bedroom as Marie recounts Skyler's breakdown and presses Walt for a reason. Walt finds Marie waiting for him at home. She stares silently as the two revel in Al Pacino's shooting rampage." Jesse and Walt weigh the meth and Walt admires the yield. "Shut up!" Skyler screams. who is now in the hospital. Skyler finds Walt and Walter. "Just because you shot Jesse James don't make you Jesse James. Walt cuts him short. "Shut up! Shut up! Shut up!" she repeats. Gus didn't just kill Victor to send a message. Jesse reasons they're ultimately getting a bigger piece of the pie." he says. He takes money from each pile to pay for distribution drivers and Ira's crew. "Maybe he flew too close to the sun &38212. Jr. "Victor trying to cook that batch on his own. so they shouldn't complain.

Brazen. the foreman. They both rev their engines. Jr. fully-clothed. but she says she cannot continue to supply methylamine without someone in the warehouse. Ramey offers Hank the position of ASAC that Merkert has vacated. Walt retrieves his Heisenberg porkpie hat from the front seat. Marie lets slip to Hank that she's learned something troubling about Skyler. The next morning. Skyler.Episode 4: Fifty-One Walt and Walter. Hank and Gomez enter with officers in tow." she bursts out. Walt and Walter. Still. "I'll send a new guy. In Houston. he suggests maybe the best way to get back to normalcy is for her to throw him a birthday party. Skyler presents Walt with a bacon-and-eggs breakfast. pick up the Aztec from an auto repair shop. who warns that the police are about to arrive. On the way to the White house. in a new Dodge Challenger — the same model Skyler insisted go back to the dealership months ago.. impassively arranging the bacon into the number 51 only after Walter. Hank is surprised. he promises "clear sailing" from here on out. not purchases. Walt pulls into the driveway followed by Jr. Skyler pulls up to the driveway and finds that she's forced to park on the street thanks to Walt and Walter. He reassures her that Ron won't talk. Lydia escorts them to the Madrigal warehouse and points out Ron. Skyler suggests sending the kids to boarding school to offer them a change of environment.'s new cars. She takes him to the warehouse. Walter. gives the car mild approval. Jr. Skyler slowly descends into the pool. Lydia receives a call from Mike. Walt boasts of doing donuts while a silent Skyler looks on. Complimenting Hank on his police-work. When Walt asks what's wrong with their current environment. Panicked. getting in a dig about her relationship with Ted. Walt points out that it's been a year since his cancer diagnosis. "Have to make up that $600. Jr. A few hours later. Hank and Gomez are examining a flowchart of Gus's empire when SAC Ramey arrives. and — not thrilled at the prospect of driving this car until the day he dies — sells the car to the mechanic for $50. Jr. "Please tell . then clarifying that it's not Walt who was unfaithful. Hank and Marie finish a low-key birthday dinner in the Whites' back yard. and sinks to the bottom. Walt. He then lays a small stack of bills on the bathroom counter. That evening. As he reminisces about the early days of his treatment. she clams up. Walt gets the message: it's hard to love your dad's new ride when youíre cruising in a mommobile. Ron stares daggers at her as the officers arrest him: she's thrown one of her own to the wolves. but promised Walt she wouldn't say any more. Lydia yells for him to stop. insists. At Madrigal in Houston. Hank accepts. A few seconds later." Mike says simply. Jr. Lydia opens a loading bay door to find Jesse outside. Walter. Walt pulls into the driveway in a brand-new Chrysler. playfully debate whose car is faster. excuses himself. watching from his PT Cruiser. but Skyler. As they prepare for bed. Walt assures Skyler that the cars can still fit their gambling story since they're only leases. Jr. Rubbing her shoulders and trying to set her at ease." he says.000 we lost. After Walter. At dinner. Jr. giddy with exhilaration. Marie and Hank rush around the edge of the pool until Walt plunges in to pull her out. "You're back at it?" she asks. not happy with this ostentatious new development. As Jesse lowers the barrel. the mechanic says the sturdy car has a lot of miles left in it. Afterward. In bed. hysterical about Ron's arrest. "It involves infidelity and that's all I'm going to say. getting an impromptu history of all the repairs the beleaguered vehicle's been through this year.. Back in her office Lydia calls Mike. where he uses a forklift to grab a barrel of methylamine. though he warns it'll mean giving up his pursuit of Heisenberg to a field agent.

me that's not what I think it is. "All I can do is wait. pointing her flashlight at a GPS tracker affixed to the bottom of the barrel. "I will not have my children living in a house where dealing drugs and hurting people and killing people is shrugged off as 's—— happens. too. Walt looks at his watch on the bedside table. Jesse compliments Walt on his plan for dealing with Lydia. Outside. "For the cancer to come back." she says. Skyler. Returning home. Jr.'" Skyler threatens to claim spousal abuse if Walt brings the kids home. In the bedroom. The watch ticks in the darkness. "Wait for what?" Walt asks. At Walt's prodding." Walt finally says. then hands him a birthday present: an expensive wristwatch. Suspicious of the GPS's sloppy installation. nor would she want to hurt Walter. Mike vows to kill her. confirming Marie's story. Walt tells Hank about his marital issues. It's clear that this is the end of the discussion." he tells her. Skyler puts her foot down and says that even though she herself has been compromised. Walt tells Skyler that Marie took the kids but asserts it is only a temporary situation. Jesse and Mike discuss the GPS device while Walt listens silently. As Skyler rests in the bedroom. even if it means slowing down business for a while." In bed. Marie suggests she and Hank look after the kids until their issues are resolved. but Walt argues she wouldn't want the police involved. She finally breaks down. Marie admits the plan is Skyler's idea. Jesse turns to Walt for a vote to spare Lydia's life. Walt doesn't care about Lydia." she replies. Walt tries to make small talk with Skyler and informs her that there's more money coming. . then turns off the light. "The person who gave me this present wanted me dead. When she makes no reply. growing louder and louder as the seconds go by. Walt shows off Jesse's gift." she says. "He changed his mind about me. Walt recoils as if he's been slapped in the face. and so will you. The next day at Vamonos Pest. with that assertion and taunts her to come up with a better plan. Mike learns that Lydia was the one who spotted it and concludes she planted it to extricate herself from the business. but the supply problem does bother him: "Nothing stops this train.

At the Schrader residence. where they handcuff her to a table." he declares. Junior briefly emerges to grab a soda from the kitchen.'s sullen behavior. As soon as Hank exits the room. Jr. who demands a guarantee that she won’t be killed once she reveals the methylamine source. Later.Episode 5: Dead Freight A boy on a dirt bike zips through the desert. Jesse taps into the bug Walt planted in Hank's office. . following his promotion to ASAC. her barrels of methylamine are now all useless to them." Walt tells Hank. Walt springs into action. a complaint Walt definitely shares. Walt hurries to reassemble the frame. and they all listen as Hank and Gomez puzzle over who planted the GPS device — supporting Mike's belief that it was Lydia who did. and Jesse kidnap Lydia and bring her to an abandoned warehouse. which deeply troubles Jesse. "The woman put a hit out on me. Mike. He puts the tarantula in a glass jar. As it crawls across his hand. Todd from Vamonos Pest arrives with a water truck. Once Walt brings Mike and Jesse back into the warehouse. Walt. then stops at a low trestle bridge. As Walt smoothes dirt over the freshly-buried containers. Hank calls the Houston DEA office and learns that his colleagues in Texas did indeed tag the methylamine barrels — not just the one that Lydia spotted. Mike advocates foregoing methylamine altogether and scrounging cold pills again. As Lydia protests her innocence. a bulldozer digs a shallow pit under the trestle into which two large and empty containers are lowered. Lydia blurts out that she can direct them to "an ocean" of methylamine. then breaks down and tearfully confides that Skyler doesn't love him any more. Jesse and Mike measure a span of railroad track with a surveyor's wheel. Hank is settling into his new office. Hank closes the office blinds and offers to fetch them both some coffee. Walt. Walt thanks Hank for taking the kids. He pulls open a framed photo of Hank and Marie. pausing to marvel at a tarantula. then reveals how Walt can obtain 24. "She's a loose cannon. She asks him to swear on his children's lives that she won't be harmed. "We do it here. he hears a train whistle in the distance. When Walt asks why she went after Mike. As the two bicker. "You two are so great together. Jesse reads out distances as they walk. and plants a tiny electronic listening device inside. Still. Mike maintains they should kill Lydia. Hank and Marie play with Baby Holly and discuss Walter. Lydia lays down a map revealing the route for a train carrying a tanker car full of methylamine." Besides. they'll have to kill the innocent train crew. she says she couldn't abide his decision to pay off — rather than kill — his nine men in prison. darkly reminding him that they have to keep cooking to cover the hazard pay for Mike's men. the guys head back to Albuquerque. Jesse speaks up: "What if we can rip off that train and no one ever knows it got robbed?" Starting from the crossroads of train tracks. At Mike's orders. Uncomfortable with this upwelling of emotion. On a laptop. She zeroes in on a three-mile stretch of "dark territory" — a dead zone for all lines of communication — and suggests they rob the train there. jumps back on his bike and zooms off. Desperate. but retreats back to his guest room with a snide comment: he's clearly not thrilled to be living in exile. she calls Hank to report that she spotted what looked like a GPS device on one of Madrigal's methylamine barrels. Walt talks one-on-one with Lydia. but all of them. Mike points out that in order to get away with the robbery. Walt argues that they would have to take a loss on their new equipment and a pseudo cook would drastically reduce their output.000 gallons of methylamine. Stymied." he says. when Walt stops by. still holding the photo and feigning a nearly tearful state. and to ask how she should handle that development. As Hank walks back in. At Jesse's house.

" she says. Todd waves back. Walt lays down the law. Skyler asks. idling nearby. which Madrigal will blame on the supplier in China. Jesse and Walt explain their plan to siphon the train's methylamine tank and refill it with water so that the cargo will weigh the same at both the train's origin and terminus. As the boy lies motionless in the sand.000 gallons of methylamine. demands to know why he's being forced to stay at his aunt and uncle's house. allowing the guys to become aware of the purr of a small engine. The boy waves at them. With a hidden Mike standing guard nearby. Saul's henchman Kuby parks a dump truck directly on the train tracks at the crossroads. The heist a success. . Todd jumps down from the side of the tanker car. and Skyler unsuccessfully tries to coax him out of his room. Jesse and Todd wait by the trestle bridge." Walt coolly replies. then immediately pulls out a gun. Walt. but Walt refuses and insists that Jesse and Todd keep going until they've obtained the targeted 1. Jr. Walter. but Jesse is forced to lay flat as the train rolls right over him. Jesse cries out to stop him. Back at the crossroads. Walt expects Skyler to thank him for holding the line with Junior and kicking him out. Walter. and an embittered Junior dutifully obeys his father and heads out. As Todd climbs to the top of the tanker with the water hose. Jr. the three begin cheering.As Todd fills one of the containers. Wryly noting Walt's dirty pants. The train is forced to stop. a "Good Samaritan" arrives and offers to push Kuby's truck off the tracks. The next day. has returned home against his mother's wishes. Mike alerts Walt to abort. his glass jar rolling out beside him. the train starts moving again. Walt says. It's the boy on his motorized dirt bike. With Kuby distracting the train crew. The batch will be only slightly diluted. pretending the truck has broken down. Jesse siphons methylamine out the bottom. "Out burying bodies?" "Robbing a train. but it's too late: Todd fires. When Walt arrives. our guys jump into action beneath the trestle bridge. and I will be whatever kind of partner you want me to be. the kids must never return. but instead she coldly reiterates that as long as Walt is in the drug business. "You agree to that. The noise dies down as Walt turns off the water pump. Just as they finish. the trapped tarantula claws at the walls of its cage. The boy topples off the bike and falls to the ground.

Marie blurts out that she knows about Skyler's affair with Ted. Walt drops off the latest batch of meth at Vamonos Pest. Barely concealing his pleasure at this news. Later. shocked at his partner's apparently upbeat attitude in the wake of their role in this boy's death. Jesse pauses. Enraged by Todd's attempt to make conversation. Walt and Jesse catch a TV news report about the dead boy. unable to look Walt in the eye. Declan. Mike and Jesse give their potential buyer. thinking it's a dead drop. or keep him working for them under close watch. placing all the parts into a barrel." Back in his car. but Jesse disagrees. a methylamine sample. Gomez. "The next time you bring a gun to a job without telling me. Declan agrees to the $10 million price if it means getting the blue meth off the market. Walt. uncovering the boy's arm. Walt and Mike vote for option three. While visiting Holly at Hank and Marie's house. but knows she needs to stay away to keep them safe. Later in the Vamonos office. who's at the park with his granddaughter. As Walt readies another barrel. who's been reported missing. promising that there isn't anything Skyler couldn't talk to her about. The guys wince. "Are we in the meth business or the money business?" he argues. Mike informs Todd that he's still on the crew. Todd digs through the dirt. Like surgeons. Out in the desert. excitedly retrieves the note after Mike leaves. Jesse. Todd pleads to be allowed to stay in the operation. Todd tries to justify his actions: "It was him or us. Hank predicts that Mike is bound to make a mistake eventually. Jesse punches Todd in the face. His face falls when he sees the message: "F—— you. Marie urges Skyler to unburden herself. "From Walt and me. they dismantle the motorbike ridden by the boy that Todd shot. However. too. Mike tells Walt that the DEA is tailing him." Todd insists. Walt accuses Jesse of selling out. Skyler coolly plays along. While taking a break from cooking. They watch Mike stow a note under a garbage can. Walt reviews their options: fire Todd. Mike and Todd silently unload the train heist equipment from a dirt-filled dump truck. "I will stick it up your ass sideways. a proposal that Jesse gratefully accepts.Episode 6: Buyout At Vamonos Pest. Gomez and another DEA agent surveil Mike. boasting that his uncle's prison connections could help them out. She misses the kids. Realizing that Walt has already gotten to Marie. Noting Jesse's distress. "Safe from what?" Marie asks." he warns. Todd breathes a sigh of relief. and declares that he's quitting the business. but quickly deduces that they have a third . says that he's out." Mike listens in via the bug planted in Hank's office as Gomez reports on the incident to Hank. Todd joins a tormented Jesse outside for a cigarette. dispose of him. where he finds Mike and Jesse conferring in the office. "and I chose us. as Jesse leaves. Alone with Mike and Jesse. Right as Skyler seems about to let the floodgates open. Walt offers to finish the cook alone." she explains. then takes the dead boy's tarantula out of his bag and marvels at it. huh?" Todd offers. he overhears Walt whistling happily. Walt turns off the TV and sensitively assures him there will be "plenty of time for soul-searching" once they’ve exhausted the methylamine and made their money. for now. "Shit happens. Walt tells Mike that he'll have to teach Jesse how to manage the distribution end of the business. Mike outlines a plan to sell his and Jesse's share of two-thirds of the methylamine to a Phoenix connection for $5 million apiece. despite Jesse's protests." Before he leaves. Skyler tears up. dreading the task ahead. then pouring hydrofluoric acid over them in order to dissolve the evidence.

000. Walt refuses and recounts how he sold his share of Gray Matter — now worth $2. she pointedly asks Jesse if Walt told him about her affair. and the only thing left within his reach is the coffee maker's power cord. Walt confides in Jesse that Skyler forced him to send the kids away. where Walt and Jesse wait. Bracing himself. Back at Vamonos. predicting that Walt would try this. Walt strips the power cord down to the wire. then excuses herself from the table. He insists that Jesse stay for dinner. and that she is counting the days until his cancer returns. Mike. "And you want to take it away from me. He calls the deal off unless they agree to sell all 1000 gallons of methylamine to him. Mike goes looking for the tanker of methylamine. Not trusting Walt to be left alone. seeking to steal the tank of methylamine before Jesse and Mike can sell it. demanding to know where the methylamine is. but finds the garage cleaned out. He angrily storms into the office. Mike tells Walt that he needs to leave Vamonos for a short while to take care of an errand. In the morning. During dinner.16 billion — for a mere $5. ." Mike says. At the White residence. and Hank will be back on his tail with a vengeance within twenty-four hours. creating an electric arc between the wires that burns through the plastic cuff on his wrist. the pot doesn't break. When Jesse mentions he's heard great things about Skyler from Walt. Saul tells Hank and Gomez that their ongoing surveillance of Mike is tantamount to stalking. Skyler grudgingly obliges. "Everybody wins. "Is that true.partner who still intends to cook. Finally free. Unfortunately. Meanwhile. "I sold my kids' birthright for a few months' rent. Seeing no way to wrest himself loose from the zipcuff. He holds Walt at gunpoint for the rest of the night so that Walt doesn't have a chance to ruin Mike's plan." Later in the evening. Jesse makes small talk while Skyler drinks copious amounts of wine. Jesse begs Walt to sell his share. tending to his errand. catches him in the act." he says. Skyler arrives home and Walt brazenly re-introduces her to Jesse. he turns the surge protector on. a desperate Walt rushes to the Vamonos garage. Walt tries to knock a nearby coffee pot off a filing cabinet — hoping to use the broken glass to cut himself free. which is plugged into a surge protector. Saul tells Mike that the TRO won't hold up long. declaring that he's in neither the meth nor the money business. Jesse cries out that Walt has a plan that will make everyone happy." he mourns. "This business is all I have left now. Mike shoves a gun in Walt's face. he zip-cuffs Walt to a radiator and exits. and that he's filed for a Temporary Restraining Order with a sympathetic judge." he promises. but rather in the empire business. Using his teeth. Mike visits the DEA offices with Saul. "It's enough. insisting $5 million is more than enough. Walt stares back at Mike. he runs to a nearby water cooler and pours cold water over his badly injured wrist. Afterward. Walter?" Mike asks.

" Walt demands. Jesse angrily asks how many more people have to die at their hands. but that the last outstanding threat is the bug in Hank's office. Walt evades the question and asks for more time to get set up with the new crew. Todd takes copious notes as Walt explains the cooking process. At Vamonos. along with an envelope that reads. It's on you. Todd says they can talk money once he gets the job right. Fearing it will attract danger. but concedes: "You're the boss." Dan joins Mike in his car. but find nothing. SAC Ramey chastises Hank for obsessing over the Fring case and shirking his new duties as ASAC. "You're goddamn right. Out in the desert. Jesse again tells Walt he's ready to collect his money and quit. Walt impotently flings a few more words at Jesse. Walt and Jesse retrieve the methylamine from the car wash. Walt eyes them from the office. Jesse and Walt meet Declan in the desert.Episode 7: Say My Name Mike. Confounded by Walt's galling demands. "You applied yourself. he kills the budget for the surveillance of Mike Ehrmantraut. To prevent further waste. Mike clearly doesn't buy it. He puts the remaining cash in a larger box. Dan Wachsberger — the lawyer for Mike's imprisoned guys — visits a bank and stacks money in various safety deposit boxes. Jesse stares sadly after her. "To Kaylee on her 18th birthday. abandoning Walt. "You're Heisenberg. too. nobody. Mike reiterates that he'll pay the legacy costs out of his own pocket." says Declan. "Say my name. Hank glares at Mike. Walt tries to change Jesse's mind. As they shake hands. repeating that he's leaving the business. hides the car keys nearby and hails a cab home. Walt storms off when Mike refuses to thank him for brokering the deal with Declan. finally putting the pieces together. assuring Mike that his men's families will continue to get their hazard pay. you don't wanna pay me? I don't care. Walt squelches the methylamine deal but offers Declan a 35% stake in the business if he agrees to distribute Walt's meth and pay Mike his $5 million as a finder's fee." he says. Undeterred. At an airport parking lot. stymied. When that fails. Gomez is reluctant to tail a lawyer. where Todd awaits as his new assistant. Mike stores a duffel bag in his trunk. Todd admits he's overwhelmed. Walt deflects Skyler's questions and suggests she return to the office. Jesse says. When they finish the batch. Walt asks why Jesse would squander his cooking skills. Walt's alone. "Who the hell are you?" Walt declares that he's the cook — the man who killed Gus Fring. Mike uncovers a hidden and abandoned well and tosses the laptop inside. "Whatever man. Hank and a crew of DEA agents arrive to search Mike's apartment. At Vamonos. Jesse reminds Walt that he wants out." Walt growls. "I guess this is it for a while." Walt taunts. . Mike listens to Hank's bugged office via his laptop and learns that a search warrant for his home has just been expedited. Shortly after." Walt suits up and enters the cooking tent. Via teleconference. Walt counters that if Jesse is concerned about that. Hank instructs Gomez to trail Dan Wachsberger. offering him his own lab. "What have you got in your life? Nothing. along with a large cache of guns: he's clearing the decks and closing up shop. but he's gone. and asks when he'll get his $5 million. He curtly tells Walt to retrieve it. After Declan leaves. he has no business wanting any blood money. Skyler demands to know what it is and why Walt was hiding it. that's as much as I can ask. Jesse says good-bye to Mike." Walt encourages. then brings up money. Declan asks.

With the police watching Saul's movements. Walt. Gomez can't help but grin." he says. A patrol car drives up. in shock. "It was perfect. If you’d done your job. Handing over the duffel. Saul worries that Mike will flip if captured. a passport. He follows Mike's blood trail into the reeds by the Rio Grande. we'd all be fine right now. finding cash. Walt meets Mike in a remote area near the Rio Grande. Walt grabs the duffel bag from Mike's car and opens it. but doesn't notice anything amiss in the park. dazed. who requests a meet. Meanwhile. Walt visits Hank at work and again sobs about his marital problems. Immediately Walt appears outside his window and fires." Walt says. and Jesse out of the business. but Walt worries that one of his nine men will. Walt volunteers to retrieve it. celebrating with Hank. Walt then calls and frantically warns that the DEA is coming for him. then overhears Gomez briefing Hank on the Wachsberger interrogation: "He's willing to give us Ehrmantraut. "I just realized that Lydia has the names. this whole thing could've been avoided if—" Mike cuts him off: "Shut the f—— up and let me die in peace. bleeding to death. searching for him.Back at the bank. Mike slams the car into gear and drives off. At the airport. but quickly crashes into a nearby rock. . dead. asking Hank for coffee. Mike receives a call from Dan." Walt storms off. cautiously approaches the car and finds it empty. While watching Kaylee play in the park. Mike refuses. known your place. but quickly doubles back toward Mike. "You and your pride and your ego. ranting at Walt for ruining a "good thing" by destroying Gus's empire." Gomez says. and a holstered revolver inside. where Mike is sitting quietly on a rock. "I'm sorry. Mike then calls. Walt and Mike stare silently at the river until Mike slumps over. Dan's caught. Mike steals one last look at Kaylee before fleeing the cops who are closing in. you just had to be the man." Mike sneers. Mike senses something wrong. but no you just had to blow it up." Jesse insists. and cops flank Mike's car. Walt insists Mike reveal the names of his nine men. Mike opens the duffel bag in his car and finds the revolver missing from its holster. asking Saul to fetch his go-bag. "He won't flip. Gomez and his men walk in on Dan as he makes another round of legacy payments. red-handed. Walt gently takes another gun from Mike's hand and looks off. Mike. In his office. infuriated. Walt removes the bug before Hank returns.

At the DEA. Walt hears her out. Skyler considers. The public defender states that his client is willing to give up details of Fring's operation. In a motel room. Walt stares at a fly that has landed on the desk in front of him. he doesn't seem to notice when Todd enters the office. Jack tells Walt he can take out all ten guys — but not in two minutes as Walt requested. and agrees to a trial run of her plan. the garage door unexpectedly rolls open. Walt sits quietly while Todd's uncle Jack and his crew debate the logistics of killing Mike's men in prison. Pleased. Walt uncovers the Rican vial that he'd intended to poison her with: she'd been right about his intentions after all. . sir." Marie suggests. a TV news anchor reports that authorities are investigating a coordinated sequence of prison attacks. "Take a drive with me. Concerned that Walt will kill her once she gives up the list. she shakes his hand and gives him the names. Walt stares out a window and consults his watch. Hank reminisces about a summer job tagging trees. Everything is going according to plan though the relentlessness of the process seems to be taking a toll on Walt. Mike's body lies motionless inside. "Figure it out. confirming that Old Joe crushed Mike's car at the junkyard. Dennis and a public defender meet with Hank and an Assistant U. Hank refuses. Transfixed." says an agreeable Todd. Lydia argues for her continued usefulness by proposing he use Madrigal's resources to expand the business into the Czech Republic. they open the trunk of Walt's car." At home. As Walt plays with Holly at the Schrader home. I'm the only vote left. Hank comes home despondent." Todd says softly. boasting that he has eight other guys like Dennis locked up. Attorney." With that. at the Schrader house. "Okay." she implores. "The car has been dealt with. At home." Walt chides. not to mention Mike's lawyer. "Should we deal with this other thing now?" Grimacing. After she exits. That would be a better line of work than "chasing monsters. Walt asks Lydia for the names of Mike's men. After pouring himself and Walt a stiff drink. Walt returns home to hide the Rican once again." Walt insists as they prep a barrel and hydrofluoric acid. While Todd drops meth off with Declan's driver. "And I'll handle it. but only if the DEA drops all charges and offers him immunity. "That's what I'm paying you for. "He's gone. Meanwhile. Walt's cell phone rings. Uneasy. Skyler finds Walt staring solemnly at the swimming pool. Walt closes the garage door in Jesse's face. Over the course of the next two minutes. Marie carefully approaches Skyler about moving the kids back home. He calls Todd. and Skyler balances the car wash ledger. Todd slams the trunk shut as Jesse walks in.S. demanding to know if Mike got away. requesting to set up a meeting with Todd's prison-connected uncle. Right before they get started. At a coffee shop. Finally.Episode 8: Gliding Over All Lost in his thoughts at the empty Vamonos Pest office. all ten men scattered across three jails are murdered by other inmates. "There is no 'we. "Maybe at this point the best way to help repair the family would be to repair the family. Weeks pass as Walt and Todd cook batch after batch.' Jesse. "It had to be done. Worried that Mike's men are liable to talk to the DEA now that their hazard pay is gone. "It's done. Two months later. Gomez informs Hank of the killings. Jesse wonders what their plan of action should be. Walt and Todd count money as it rolls in." Jack tells him." he sighs." Walt evades. Lydia labels contraband-filled barrels bound for Europe." Walt orders.

It’s an honor working with you. who's washing dishes in the White kitchen. Inside the front cover. he still has no intention of returning to the business. Walt is speechless as she explains that there's too much money to count. Searching for reading material. he picks up a copy of Walt Whitman's Leaves of Grass from a magazine basket. Walt and Skyler share a small smile at this apparent return to normalcy. Back in the present. looking worse for wear. putting his hands up. and far too much to launder. incredulous.B. My Perfect Silence" — and jokes that the initials correspond with Walt's. She stares at him. plays with Holly. Hank notices an inscription: "To my other favorite W. Walt stops by. As he's hiding his bong. The two reminisce about the old days in the RV. Walt. and heads to the bathroom. "I'm out. dozes off holding a lit cigarette in his filthy house. G. "I want my kids back. Hank flashes back to the time he consulted Walt about Gale Boetticher’s lab notebook. In the bathroom of Dr. Jesse admits that Saul told him that Walt took care of Mike's men. while Walt and Hank discuss Hank's homebrew. Skyler. Jesse. When Walt leaves. My Star. "You got me. He takes out a gun he'd been hiding in his waistband and slides it away across the floor — looks like he shared Lydia's fears about Walt's homicidal streak. Upon his return home.W. and Jesse greets him warily. and leaves Skyler standing in the kitchen. a glimmer of hope flickering in her eyes. "Inertia. they chose to keep it. Jr. . I want my life back. even after they had money. Later.Skyler brings Walt to a storage unit and reveals a massive cube of stacked cash. Hank reads a note — "To W.W. Schraderbrau.” A flicker of recognition crosses Hank's face. a look of horror crosses Hank's face as the realization sinks in: Walt is Heisenberg. Fondly. "How big does this pile have to be?" Walt gets a CAT Scan." he announces. Even with that knowledge." she pleads. Marie and Skyler talk about hair preferences past and present." jokes Walt. Jesse wonders why. Hank excuses himself from the table." he confirms. Delcavoli's office. Jesse breathes deeply and collapses to the floor. He nervously unzips a bag and finds it's filled with cash." Walt muses. Jesse finds he's left behind two black duffel bags. "I'm out. Marie and Hank enjoy a family meal poolside while Walter. Walt approaches Skyler. Walt smiles bitter sweetly. he washes his hands and stares at the dented metal towel dispenser that he pummeled months earlier upon learning that he was in remission.

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