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1st September’2012

The Annual General Body Meeting was called at 10.00 am but was adjourned for want of quorum. The adjourned meeting started at 10.30 am. Mr. Muhammad Ishaq Siddiqui was proposed to chair the meeting by Mr. Mir Anwar and seconded by Mr. Adam Chougle. Following Resolutions were passed during the Annual General Body Meeting. RESOLUTION NO. 1 RESOLVED to approve the Audited Statement of Accounts and Balance -Sheet for the year 2011-2012 as there were no queries or objections. Proposed by Mr. Tajwar Mir Seconded by Mr. Anwar Mir Passed unanimously RESOLUTION NO. 2 RESOLVED to confirm and approve the minutes of last AGM held on 14 th November’2011. Proposed by Mr. Masood Mansuri Seconded by Mr. Yaseen Kherani Passed unanimously RESOLUTION NO. 3 RESOLVED to authorize the Managing Committee to appoint a suitable Auditor for the year 2012-2013. Proposed by Mr. Amin Mansurie Seconded by Mr. Ghaffar A. Karim Passed unanimously

during the demolition and re-construction. 5 RESOLVED to surrender the Electric Meters belonging to the Society. Final IOD plan is approved by the Society and its Project Management Consultant (PMC). 3. 2. Sikandar Shaikh Seconded by Mr. Ahmed Jan Passed unanimously RESOLUTION No. The aforesaid penalty will be deducted from the Corpus Fund of these stayed-back members.000/= per day from 1st July’2012 onwards. Atleast two designs of Elevation for Tenant Tower is submitted and approved by the Society.RESOLUTION NO. 4 RESOLVED to allow the Developer to fix Tin Sheets around the compound wall of our Society to check any kind of encroachment but the demolition of buildings will be allowed only after : 1. 6 RESOLVED to inform that members/occupants who have still not vacated the premises for redevelopment process that according to Development Agreement Society is liable to pay a penalty to the Developer @ Rs. as majority of the members have moved out and society has stopped raising maintenance bill to stayed-back members since July’2012 except the shop owners who don’t want the rent component but have agreed to be shifted in compound itself. Proposed by Mr. Proposed by Mrs. Asadullah Khan Seconded by Ms. Salma Qureshi Seconded by Mrs. 10. Yasmin Hasan Shaikh Passed unanimously 2 . 4. Bank guarantee is furnished. Zubeida Surti Passed unanimously RESOLUTION NO. Proposed by Mr. Elevation of Sale Tower alongwith total Plot lay-out is submitted and approved by the Society.

Zahid Ali Shaikh Passed unanimously AGM was concluded with thanks to all the members for their co-operation.RESOLUTION NO. Muhammad Ishaq Siddiqui (Chairman) Mr. Taki Hasan Seconded by Mr. Ramesh Khanolkar (PMC) for the rest of the period of Redevelopment. Secretary) 3 . Qayyum Qureshi Passed unanimously. Zahid Ali Shaikh (Hon. 7 RESOLVED to authorize the Managing Committee to re-negotiate and renew the contract of Mr. Muhammad Ishaq Siddiqui Seconded by Mr. support and confidence shown towards Managing Committee. RESOLUTION NO. humility and honesty. Keshav and Rupees Two Lakh to Mr. Proposed by Mr. Proposed by Mr. Shakoor as a token of gratitude to both the security personnel of our Society working for last 20-25 years with utmost sincerity. 8 RESOLVED to pay Rupees Three Lakh to Mr. Mr.

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