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Liquorice necklace
When it comes to liquorice, tastes differ: Some people simply can’t stand it, others love it and could eat it by the ton! With this necklace, you show the world that you’re a fan of these sweet nibbles. The colourful titbits look good enough to eat! And who knows, even liquorice-haters might get tempted by this jewellery...

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Liquorice necklace
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You will need these STAEDTLER articles: product FIMO soft colour white sun flower raspberry black blade set acrylic roller or clay machine -----art. no. 8020-0 8020-16 8020-22 8020-9 8700 04 8700 05 8713 8712 20 8703 01BK 1 1 quantity 1 1 1 1 1 1


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bead piercing needles gloss varnish

You will also require: smooth work surface (glass or ceramic), terry cloth hand towel, transparent cord for beads, necklace clasp, different matching glass beads and rocailles (seed beads) 1

g. Vary the position of the holes: e. roll out two strips each of FIMO soft in the colours white. 2 . 2 cm long sides. Tip: Unfinished items and left-over bits of material can be stored in a sealed plastic bag or airtight container. cut off equal-sized squares with approx. Place the three sheets on top of each other with the black one in the middle. 3-4 mm thick sheets. using the rigid blade. Now use a needle to make holes through the squares for stringing onto the cord later. Dab the top and bottom sides of the squares using a terry cloth towel to create a rough surface structure. a plastic box or jar.level of difficulty easy medium hard more creative tips at www. straight through. raspberry and black to approx. lengthwise or Instructions for liquorice necklace 1 2 3 Using the pasta machine.g. Now.staedtler. e.

Shape the small bits you’ve cut off into little balls. For more variety. Make a hole through the finished raspberry using the needle. Roll out the sun flower colour to a 4 mm thick sheet and place an approx. In addition. place them on the larger ball you made before and press on gently.level of difficulty easy medium hard more creative tips at www. 6mm thick sausage of black on it. Wrap the yellow sheet around the sausage and cut it at the join. make a raspberry-coloured string approx. Make a hole crosswise through the snail for stringing onto the necklace later. Carefully wind it up to make a snail. 4 mm in diameter and cut small pieces off it. ensuring as you do so that the ends do not overlap.staedtler. use the four colours to make more liquorice imitations in other colour combinations and then make holes through them Instructions for liquorice necklace 4 5 6 Make a ball out of half a strip of raspberry. roll out approx. half a strip of black FIMO soft to a 4 mm thick string. To make the liquorice snails. 3 .

When everything is dry. Once cool. you can add a thin coat of gloss varnish to the raspberries and perhaps snails. The best way to harden the pieces is to suspend them on a needle and place in the oven for 30 minutes at 110 °C. 4 . ensure you make them wide enough for the diameter of the string or cord.level of difficulty easy medium hard more creative tips at www. string the liquorish Instructions for liquorice necklace 7 Tip: When making holes in the beads. glass beads and rocailles onto the transparent cord in whatever order you like and add the necklace clasp.