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Senator Jim Whelan has had the honor of representing in the state Legislature New Jerseys Second District

since 2006. As an educator, the Chairman of the Senate State Government, Wagering, Tourism and Historic Preservation Committee and a member of both the Senate Environment and Energy Committee and the Senate Health, Human Services and Senior Citizens Committee, Senator Whelan has fought tirelessly for the people of the Second District. From encouraging tourism and revitalization of Atlantic City to helping our returning military heroes transition back into civilian life, from helping the regions most vulnerable residents to creating job opportunities for the states unemployed, Senator Whelan has a rich list of legislative accomplishments.

Senator Whelans efforts to Revitalize

Atlantic City have included:

Creating the Atlantic City Tourism District (2011, S11); Permitting the construction of new boutique casinos in Atlantic City that make it less expensive to build
new casinos in Atlantic City (2011, S1866);

Allowing the use of handheld mobile gaming devices in casinos and racetracks (2012, S1323); Permitting internet gaming in New Jersey, which will save hundreds of Atlantic City jobs while making the
state and Atlantic City a hub for internet gaming in the country (2013, S1565 pending concurrence with the Governors conditional veto).

Reforming the states gaming regulations to allow Atlantic Citys casinos to more effectively compete with
neighboring states, which in turn allowed Revel to secure financing to finish its half-completed project (2011, S12);

Allowing casino employees to serve on the Atlantic City governing body (2009, S1987); Providing relief for small businesses by establishing more efficient and less costly regulations for vendors
who serve casinos (2009, S2519);

Protecting casinos with the passage of the Casino Shutdown Prevention Act that allows casinos and
racetracks to remain open for seven days in the event of the Legislatures failure to pass a budget (2008, S1463); and

Protecting Atlantic Citys assets through the Bader Field Bill that requires local government oversight and
approval of high-value municipal property sales (2008, S1339).

Senator Whelan has strived to Honor promotions (2012, S323);

and Serve Our Veterans by:

Permitting county clerks to create identification cards for veterans making them eligible for discounts and Creating the VETeach pilot program at Stockton College, which will facilitate veterans returning home
obtain their teaching certification (2012, S1026);

Creating the Helmets to Hardhats pilot program in the New Jersey Turnpike Authority to help veterans
find jobs in the construction industry (2012, S1415 pending concurrence with the Governors conditional veto);

Making it easier for our military personnel serving overseas to vote through revisions to the Overseas
Residents Absentee Voting Law (2012, S2219); and

Helping veterans transition into civilian life by determining how more veterans can graduate with a college
degree through the Veterans Higher Education Commission (2011, S1961); and

Easing duplicative licensing and credentialing requirements for New Jersey veterans by allowing military
training to count licensure requirements (2013, S2034, awaiting on Senate approval)

Senator Whelan has been working to Make

New Jersey More Business-Friendly by:

Simplifying the tax code for small business owners by changing the Corporate Business Tax to a single
sales factor allocation formula (2011, S2753);

Eliminating restrictions on the amount of the corporation business tax credit that companies can take for
research and development expenses, encouraging innovation in the state (2011, S2980); and

Allowing small business tax credits on certain wages paid to interns, proving small businesses relief while
training the next generation of employees. (2013, S1263 pending action by the Governor).

Senator Whelan is prioritizing legislation that Citizens such as:

Cares for our Seniors and Protects the Health of our

Helping seniors stay out of nursing homes longer by providing equal allocation of Medicare funding to
both nursing home and adult day-care settings (2006, A2823);

Protecting seniors from unscrupulous securities sales professionals who use misleading titles or nonexistent professional certifications to fool senior citizens into investing their money (2010, S1745);

Fighting for medical marijuana in the state, to ensure that chronically and terminally ill patients have
access to some relief from the constant pain, nausea and other side effects associated with their disease (2009, S119); and

Voting to restore of funding for womens basic health care services such as mammograms or cervical
cancer screenings that was slashed by almost $50 million by Trenton Republicans (2011).

Senator Whelan has taken action that Reforms

Government including:

Encouraging greater citizen participation on local boards and commissions (2008, S1426); Eliminating obsolete and unnecessary state boards and commissions (2010, S1997); and Allowing state and local government entities to enter into purchasing agreements to bulk buy items such
as gas and supplies to in order to save taxpayer dollars (2012, S2049).

Senator Whelan has been a champion for New Jerseys Working

Men and Women by:

Supporting the Paid Family Leave Act so working men and women can take time off to care for a new
child or severely-sick loved one without the fear of losing their jobs (2008, S786);

Fighting to expand project labor agreements (PLA) to include building-based work projects such as
bridges, highways, and sewage plants (2013, S2425);

Prohibiting employers from invading employees and potential employees privacy by requiring them to
turnover email, Facebook, or other electronic account passwords (2012, S1915); and

Restoring the Earned Income Tax Credit to previous levels, providing New Jerseys working poor with
extra income to help make ends meet ( 2013, 2535, pending action by the Governor).

Senator Whelan is working to ensure all New Jersey have access to a quality Education by:

Ensuring that at-risk school districts get their fair share of state aid (2013, SCR134); Addressing the shortage of math and science teachers in New Jersey to ensure our students can
compete in the 21st century job market (2012, S1718); and

Providing New Jerseys at-rick kids with after-school programs by dedicating lottery funds (2012, 2275,
referenced to the Senate Budget and Appropriations Committee.)

Senator Whelan has been striving to ensure the Safety of New Jersey residents by:

Protecting motorists from drunk drivers by requiring those with drunken driving convictions to install an
ignition interlock device in any vehicle they own, lease, or operate (2009, 1926);

Cracking down on prostitution in cities like Atlantic City; and Ensuring that laid off law enforcement are the first hired in the new Atlantic City Tourism District (2011,

Senator Whelan efforts to protect New Jerseys Environment and encourage new Energy sources include:

Allowing the creation of wind energy facilities on current and future piers in Atlantic City and statewide
(2011, S212);

Permitting the development of solar and wind energy facilities on landfills (2011, S2126); and Promoting the development of wind energy and aiding our regional boat builders convert to manufacturing
wind energy equipment (2012; S1209, awaiting Assembly approval, S1267 and S1561, referenced to Senate Budget and Appropriations Committee).

Senator Whelan is working to help New Jersey and the Shore rebuild after Hurricane

Sandy by:

Providing a tax credit up to $100,000 for small businesses in Shore towns who make capital
improvements to rebuild after Hurricane Sandy (2012, S2388, referenced to Senate Budget and Appropriations Committee); and

Extending current disclosure requirements on State government affairs agents to local government affairs
agents - in response to AshBritts lobbying of local officials after receiving a no-bid contract from the State (2012, S2585, awaiting vote by the full Senate).