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2 April 22, 2013

HOW TO NEUTRALIZE ISLAMIC TERRORISM IN RAKHINE STATE, MYANM AR By Han Maung First Published: February 28, 2013 R E CE NT A LA R M I N G T R E N D S Since the publication of the article “Rakhine a nd Myanmar Security Challenges” ( -and-Myanmar-SecurityChallenges ) [1] additional alarming trends and continuing “de facto ethnic cleansing” by Rohingya Bengali Islamic Terrorists have co me to light as summarized below: 1. I T






R O HI N G Y A A R E T OR T U R E D , R A P E D A ND LI V I NG I N D I R E SI T U A T I O NS . Bangladesh publications “Weekly Blitz” of 6th Sept 2012 [2] [3] and “dainik purbokone” 8th Sept 2012 [4] revealed that the so called Rohingya conspiracy to create independent Islamic “ Newrosia / Nuresia ” country with Sharia law is getting fullest support from some of the Muslim nations in the world. The activities are lead by Rohingya Solidarity Organization (RSO) leader Dr. Yunus. The entire activities of these Jihadists groups are rep ortedly controlled from Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Libya, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and United Kingdom. The “dainik purbokone” also revealed the names of the conspirators and the law enforcement personnel providing the information. This has no doubt resulted in a relentless propaganda campaign by the political wing of the so -called Rohingya funded by vast Petro-Dollars from the Middle-Eas t to supposed “dire situations”; so called Rohingya boat people, where as in reality they were from Bangladesh; using media and international organizations such as Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) and Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF); manipulating so called world Buddhist leaders and noble laureates. 2. T HE I S LA M I C R O HI N G Y A T E R R O R I ST S G R OU P S HA V E C ON S OL I D A T E D A ND C O OP E R A T I NG WI T H OT HE R I S LA M I C T E R R O R I ST G R O U P S I N B A N G LA D E SH . “Dainik purbokone” reported that half a dozen (Rohingya) militant groups agreed to form Arakan Rohingya Union (ARU). The Bangladeshi vernacular daily “Amader Orthonity” of October 07 reported t hat about 26,000 cadres and


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Golam Hossain. have been discussing pla ns to target Myanmar for possible recruitment and militant activism……Pakistan military intelligence agency was involved in gun -running in the Rohingya refugee belt…. in providing weapons.  The Islamic Rohingya Terrorists abducted three Myanmar soldiers in broad daylight from Myanmar side to Bangladesh on Nov 2012.” This is a very serious and dangerous development as the terrorists have acquired sufficient capability and are emboldened to target the Myanmar security forces.Rev. including the terrorist organisation’s leader Hafeez Saeed. Myanmar government has been unable to bring justice the Islamic Rohingya Terrorists involved in the 2 Rev 2 Notes: (1) Changed fonts and (2) inserted new text as shown in deep green color. Jahangirnagar University. Professor Dr.. training and motivating the Muslim youths to launch an Islamic revolution ” [6]. there are thousands of “ SLEEPER CELLS ” in Rakhine state with arms and ammunitions smuggled out of Bangladesh.. reported that “recruitment and training in the inaccessible hilly terrains of Cox’s Bazaar and Banderban . and along the no-m an’s land in the Bangladesh – Myanmar border … Investigative reports disclosed the involvement of several Madrassas …. . T HE I S LA M I C R O HI N G Y A T E R R O R I ST S R E CE I V E D I M P R O V I SE D E XP L O SI V E D E V I CE (IED) T E CH N O L OG Y . 3. In addition. 2013 hundreds of suicide squads of the banned militant organization Hizbut Tawhid were preparing to uproot the democratic system in the country (Bangladesh) and establish Sharia law.Pakistan -based explosive experts teaching more militant refugees how to manufacture improv ised explosive devices (IED) to fight Myanmar security forces. 2013 [7] reported that “Rohingya Muslim extremist activity was being funded mainly from groups in Saudi Arabia…. [8] One of the bodies of the soldier was found terribly mutilated. I S LA M I C T E R R O R I ST S C O N T I N U E T O T E R R OR I Z E T H E R A K HI NE CO U NT R Y SI D E A ND T HE I ND I G E N OU S R A K HI N E V I LLA G E R S HA V E B E E N F OR CE D T O F LE E T HE I R A N CE ST R A L HOM E LA N D I N A “ D E F A C T O E T H NI C CLE A NS I NG ” . while there is no trace of the others. 4. There are thousands of cases in the remote areas that went unreported. The banned Jamatul Mujahidin Bangladesh (JMB) has formed a new organization called Jamatul -Arakan in cooperation with Rohingya Islamic Terrorists. The Hindustan Times of January 30.…senior Lashkar leaders. Department of Government and Politics. A select list from recent media headlines is provided below. 2 April 22. Dhaka. [5] These terrorist organizations are backed by over one million militants being trained in the Madrassas funded in part by Islamic NGOs.

Besides. how can it protect its citizens or the indigenous Rakhine? An Arakanese man was seriously wounded after a group of Muslim villagers attacked him with machetes in Minbya in Arakan S tate. 2 April 22. a M yanmar expert. Additional unbiased information has been published in Wikipedia.Rev. had frequently set fire to 3 Rev 2 Notes: (1) Changed fonts and (2) inserted new text as shown in deep green “Rohingya insurgency in Western Burma (Myanmar)” *15+ .  The Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) has received information that two young women have been raped and one girl narrowly has avoided an attempted rape due to her ne ighbours' assistance in three separate jurisdictions of the Chittagong Hill Tracts in Bangladesh. [10] Corporal Soe Win of Myanmar security force was attacked and his gun taken away by a group of so called Rohingya (Narinjara news). I S LA M I C T E R R O R I ST S C O N T I N U E E T HN O C LE A N SI N G O F M I NI S CU LE I N D I G E N OU S A ND B U D D HI ST P OP U LA T I ON I N B A NG LA D E SH . causing indigenous Rakhine villagers of nearby Waithali village in Rakhine State’s Maungdaw township to flee (Eleven Myanmar. this raises the major question: If Myanmar gover nment cannot protect its own soldiers from the Islamic Rohingya Terrorists. provides an extensive documentation of terrorist activities partly based on interviews with the affected people [14] Rick Heizman also provides an accurate rebuttal to Al Jazeera and the so called International Buddhist leaders (Please note that there are no international Buddhist leaders). the Bangladesh government failed to prevent confiscation of Indigenous Peoples’ land by Bengali settlers in the Chitt agong Hill Tracts. [9] Three indigenous Rakhine villagers were seriously wounded as they were attacked by a group of so called Rohingyas on the morning of December 23 in Mrauk-U Township in Arakan State (Narinjara news). Bengali settlers. 5. [12] So called Rohingya attacked and killed one and injured three indigenous Rakhine villagers in Maungdaw (Eleven Myanmar Feb 11.[11] Groups of so-called Rohingya men set a rest house in May Yu golf course aflame . . Jan 29 2013). [16]  According to Amnesty International. 2013        criminal act or to even raise the issue in an international forum. 2013) [13] Rick Heizman. emboldened by the army’s tolerance of their actions. the suspiciously under reporting of this event by major news organization.

e.Rev. that is. 2 April 22. cheating and dishonesty are considered necessary evils and hence. any area which has been subjugated to Islam. 4 Rev 2 Notes: (1) Changed fonts and (2) inserted new text as shown in deep green color. Dr. R E G I ON A L T HR E A T S T O I SLA M I Z A T I O N The threats to in filtration and Islamization are not confined to Rakhine state. India is now planning to setup a long overdue counter terrorism center [22]. usually in clear sight of soldiers or other law enforcement personnel. According to different Muslim theologians. a former Union minister. Dar el-salaam is that part of the world in which Islam rules. 29 last year. In addition to about one million to Rakhine state. this could include Egypt. and a professor of economics provided an excellent article on how to wipe out Islamic Terrorism in India [21]. For Islamic Terrorists . [17] More than a dozen Budd hist temples and 45 houses were set ablaze after hundreds of Muslim jihadists ran riot in Cox’s Bazar on Sept. Rakhine state and Myanmar would be d ar el-harb. President of the Janata Party. Dar el -harb is anywhere in the world which ha s not been subjugated to Islam where murder and rape of the non-Muslims ranks as good. any reconciliation on the part of Rakhine and Myanm ar is only a temporary phase as the Islamic Terrorist s have no intent to end their hostility in their campaign to impose Sharia law. i. and other countries. lying. to subjugate the world to Islam. Iran. approximately 12 million to 17 million Bangladeshi immigrants have come to India illegally since the 1950s [20]. without being stopped. India already has a very large Muslim population. but there is a growing fear of the indigenous communities in north-east India being swamped by illegal Bangladeshi migrants. Subramaniam Swamy. form part of the Muslim morality. [19] Islam divides the world into “ dar el-salaam ” (the abode of peace) and “ dar el-harb ” (the abode of war). the purpose of jihad is to increase Allah’s sovereignty in the world. 2013  Indigenous homes. . Theologically. Following the violenc e some Buddhist groups have bega n leavin g Bangladesh for western Myanmar’s Arakan State [18] ISLAMIC TERRORISM DOCTRINE The threat from sharia is real and multifaceted (See Attachment A). Saudi A rabia. Thus.

Maldives.5 billion). With its vast unexplor ed natural resources. Indonesia and probably Thailand and Burma in time future times (unless Islamization can be stopped) [24]. G E OG R A P HI CA L C HA LLE N G E Myanmar. 5 Rev 2 Notes: (1) Changed fonts and (2) inserted new text as shown in deep green color. India (1. 2013 Both Sri Lanka and Thailand are also under threat. . a country about the size of Texas with a population 56 million .Rev. 2 April 22. Bangladesh.3 billion) and Bangladesh (150 million). Malaysia. There are genuine fears in Sri Lanka that the country might become “once a Buddhist nation” similar to Afghanistan. Daya Hewapathirane (Adviser to the President of Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka) published an article on the Islamic J ihadist in Southern Thailand [23 ]. is surrounded by more populous neighbors . Dr.China (1.

respectively. It is important that Myanmar protects all the 135 distinct ethnic / indigenous groups from non-ethnic population . marine and land assets to detect. As in the case of Nalanda.02% an d 2. Myanmar is an ethnically diverse nation with 135 distinct ethnic / indigenous groups officially recognized by the Myanmar government. Instead of taking arms or conversion to Islam. .5%. illegal drugs. Maldives. a Buddhist university in India which was attacked and destroyed by Turkish Muslim invaders under Bakhtiyar Khalji.  Establish special integrated units designated to handle terrorist threats . as described below . Myanmar must immediately undertake counter terrorism measures with a mission to protect ethnic citizens and nation’s critical infrastructure through the coordinated use of air. 2 April 22. Take Specific Counter Terrorism Measures In order to counter Islamic Rohingya terrorism. Indonesia have completely disappeared due to relentless attacks by Islamic forces and the pacifist nature of Buddhism. interdict and prevent acts of terrorism and the unlawful movement of people. Myanmar must use sp ecial force and as well as laws and practices to combat terrorism. Otherwise. WHAT MUST BE DONE IMMEDIATELY TO “SAVE RAKHINE TO SAVE MYANMAR” Buddhism that was once a predominant religion in countries as far as Afghanistan. 2013 Myanmar is bound to attract foreign investments and illegal migration. 6 Rev 2 Notes: (1) Changed fonts and (2) inserted new text as shown in deep green color. India.Rev. Myanmar must  Take a proactive approach to war on Islamic terrorism  Erect fences through the porous border  Be ready to engage in an asymmetrical and indirect warfare.  Identify and neutralize the infiltrated terrorist  Eliminate and deny any terrorist safe havens. and other contraband crossing the borders. Let history not repeat itself again. the Buddhist opted to be slain by the invaders. Myanmar in time might become a country such as United States and Australia where indigenous population has been reduced to less than 0. On the other hand.

teaching. weapons smuggling. travel. Cambodia. and Mongolia) to form an international organization such as International Association of Buddhist Countries (IABC) or ORGANIZATION OF 7 Rev 2 Notes: (1) Changed fonts and (2) inserted new text as shown in deep green color. 2013  Enhance the capabilities of counter terrorism force through the whole spectrum of doctrine. sea and air capabilities and take a proactive approach to terrorism and must be able to foil any attempted terrorism before it happens. and restricting public appearance or activity that are offensive to any ethnic group. leadership and education. materiel. In cooperation with other l aw enforcement agencies. preaching and distribution of anti ethnic literature. Form an International Association of Buddhist Countries While the agenda of the Muslims is to subjugate the world using their vast Petro dollars. At the local level. The ERA will be an advocacy and an enforcement body at the na tional and local levels. Laos. violations of building and zoning codes. destruction of eth n ic peoples’ properties. restrictions on building of religious or private schools).  Partner with nations on counter terrorism. The ERA will recommend changes to the current laws to protect and advance ethnic /indigenous rights. marriage. personnel. the leaders of Buddhist nations appear not to be aware of the threat or at a loss about how to deal with it. Thailand. the RAAF will also ensure that all Myanmar laws are enforced and provide deterrence to illegal immigration. Myanmar needs to deploy a special elite rapid action anti-terrorism force (RAAF) with a separate cent ral command and control center and its own intelligence department. Enforce Ethnic Rights Myanmar needs to cr eate an Ethnics Rights Agency (ERA ) to protect the 135 ethnic groups against encroachment by non-ethnic people.g. . 2 April 22. The RAAF must have land. Myanmar. It is time for predominantly Buddhist nations (starting w ith Sri Lanka. organization.g. and facilities (DOTMLPF). family planning and birth control. non-ethnic paying surcharges). including laws of taxation ( e. It is evident that in addition to the regular Tatmadaw and NASAKA forces. and other anti -state activities.Rev. training. education ( e. Bhutan. the ERA will advocate on behalf of ethnic people in case of conflict and actively ensure that the laws are enforced .

Rev. 2013 BUDDHIST NATIONS (OBN) not only to counter the threat from Musli m fundamentalism and other forms of terrorism but also to have a united voice in world affairs. 2 April 22. 8 Rev 2 Notes: (1) Changed fonts and (2) inserted new text as shown in deep green color. .

com/10102012 -keeping-bangladesh-stableanalysis/ [6] http://www.eurasiareview.n arinjara.scribd.php/arakanese -man-seriouslywounded-by-group-attack/ [10] -and-Muslim-Militancy [7] http://www.aspx [8] http://www.scribd.scribd. . 2 April -and-Myanmar-SecurityChallenges [2] ) [4] -golf-course-rest-houseset-aflame-in-rakhine-state 9 Rev 2 Notes: (1) Changed fonts and (2) inserted new text as shown in deep green color.irrawaddy. 2013 REFERENCES [1] -arakanese-seriouslywounded-in-a-group-attack-by-muslim-villagers/ [11] [9] -want-sharia-state-insidebangladesh (or p/soldier-hacked-in-an-attackreported-dead/ [12] -OF-TERRORISTS-TOCREATE-AN-INDEPENDENT-STATE-OUT-OF-ARAKAN-RAKHINE-STATE-INMYANMAR-AND-SOME-DISTRICTS-OF-BANGLADESH [5] -Want-Sharia-State-InsideBangladesh [3] -news/NewDelhi/LeT-seeks-footholdin-Myanmar/Article1 -1004198. ws/national/five-years-after-2611-indiafaces-intelligence-famine/ /bangladesh/report -2012 [18] -bengali-attack-kills-oneand-injured-three-in-maungdaw [14] [24] -climate-changemigration-and-conflict-in-south-asia.UPhjBPJ8CSo [20] -threats-to-the-peacefulexistence-of-buddhists-in-sri-lanka-oped/ 10 Rev 2 Notes: (1) Changed fonts and (2) inserted new text as shown in deep green [19] http://www.thehindu.humanrights.wikipedia.irrawaddy.Rev.html [21] http://islamicterrorism.aspx/ [16] http://www.ece [23] http://www. [15] http://en. 2 April -appeals/AHRC-UAC-187-2012 [17] 2013 [13] -to-wipe-outislamic-terrorism-in-india-dr-subramaniam-swamy/ [22] http://www.

“ The laws of the United States are temporary. . the Sharia. 2013 ATTACHMENT – A SHARIA LAW ISLAMIC SCHOLARS CLAIM: Islamic law is -law-for-non-muslims-may-20-2010/ ] SHARIA: Sharia is based on the principles found in the Koran and other Islamic religious/political texts. ” [Ref: http://www. It is the duty of every Muslim to obey the laws of Allah. There are no co mmon principles between international or any non Muslim country law and Sharia. 11 Rev 2 Notes: (1) Changed fonts and (2) inserted new text as shown in deep green color. universal and eternal. limited and will pass. 2 April 22.politicalislam.Rev.

[Ref: http://www. A true Muslim anywhere has to accept such laws because t hey are Quranicaly based. Justice is dualistic. third -class citizens There is no Golden Rule ("Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. a Kafir.htm ] Recent headlines from Saudi Arabia where Sharia Law is practiced are provided below:  A Sri Lankan woman who was employed as a domestic worker in Saudi Arabia was beheaded by the Saudi authorities She was only 17 [ Ref: 12 Rev 2 Notes: (1) Changed fonts and (2) inserted new text as shown in deep green color.Rev. 2 April 22. . nor can it be changed Sharia law interferes with basic human liberties. jahiliyah. since that means that a non -Muslim is equal to a Muslim Non-Muslims are dhimmis. is never equal to a Muslim There are no equal rights for women Women can be beaten A non-Muslim cannot bear arms There is no equal protection under Sharia for different classes of people. 2013 Under Sharia law:           There is no freedom of religion There is no freedom of speech There is no freedom of thought There is no freedom of artistic expression There is no freedom of the press There is no equality of peoples -a non-Muslim. with one set of laws for Muslim males and different laws for women and non -Sharia-Laws. that must submit to Sharia There is no democracy.islam-watch. The constitution of a non-Muslim nation is a man-made document of ignorance. It is also evident that some of the Sharia laws based on the Quran are barbaric and unjust.") There is no critical thought All governments must be ruled by Sharia law       Unlike common law. Sharia is not interpretive.

who have left Islam out of their own conviction . . They were sentenced to death for the alleged murder of an Egyptian man [ Ref: http://www. The core of Islam — namely the Qur'an. the religion of our birth. 2 April 22. 2013   http://thelede. who dare to deviate from its doctrines. evaluate and contemplate on Islam.blogs. as touted by smooth-talking.Rev. unbelievably intolerant toward them. and extremely cruel and merciless to those Muslims.globalpost. we concluded that it is not a religion of peace at all.” *Ref: http://www.islam-watch. Most of us took a prolonged period of time to study. self-serving Muslims and their apologists from non -Muslim backgrounds.ny times.html ] 13 Rev 2 Notes: (1) Changed fonts and (2) inserted new text as shown in deep green -east/saudiarabia/130115/egyptian -rights-lawyer-sentenced-jail-lashes-saudi-arabia ] A group (some were former Jihadists) of Muslim -arabia-executes-srilankan-maid/ ] Eight Bangladeshi migrants have been beheaded in the Saudi Arabian capital ] An Egyptian human rights lawyer has been sentenced to five years in jail and 300 lashes by a court in Saudi Arabia. Hadis and Sharia — is filled with unbounded hatred of the [Ref: http://www. Having meticulously scrutinized Islam. stated “ we discovered that Islam is not a religion at all.