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Berkeley United Methodist Church

2407 Berkeley Ave., Austin, TX 78745 Phone: (512) 447-6633 Fax: (512) 851-8438
March 3, 2013 8:30 a.m. & 10:50 a.m. Third Sunday in Lent Communion Sunday

PRAYER OF CONFESSION Merciful God, full of grace, hear our prayer of confession and need. As we hunger for forgiveness, feed us with your grace. As we thirst for righteousness, fill us with your mercy, that we may be merciful and just as your disciples upon this earth. As we are overcome by mistakes that haunt us and sins that destroy us, lift us from despair into newness of life. Hold our hands, lift us up, and keep us close, that we might cling to you with laughter and joy in the abundance of your love. Feed us with your strength and wisdom, that we might bear fruit, abundant with love and justice, for a world in need. Amen. WORDS OF ASSURANCE Leader: Come to the waters, you who are thirsty for grace and forgiveness. For grace is Christ’s gift to us, offered without money or price. Drink from the wellspring of salvation, that you may know God’s mercy and revel in the living waters of Christ’s love. Come to the waters, for in these waters of grace, you are forgiven!

THE GREAT THANKSGIVING Hymns to be sung while receiving communion: Come to the Table Time Now to Gather Here Is Bread, Here Is Wine Come, Share the Lord UMH#13

TFWS #2264 TFWS #2265 TFWS #2266 TFWS #2269

Please take a moment to silence your cell phones now. GATHERING SONG Welcome W&S #3152

You are invited to come forward at the ushers’ direction. You will receive a piece of bread (or gluten-free alternative if you prefer) and can dip it into the cup of grape juice. Please indicate to an usher if you prefer to be served in your seat.

Welcome to this place. You’re invited to come and know God’s grace. All are welcome the love of God to share ‘Cause all of us are welcome here; All are welcome in this place.

*SENDING SONG A Charge to Keep I Have UMH #413

SPECIAL MUSIC O Sacrum Convivium By James Biery Chancel Choir

As we greet one another and have some brief announcements, please fill in the yellow card to let us know of your presence and your prayers!
When this sign (*) appears, you are invited to stand if it is comfortable to do so.


Isaiah 55:6-9 Luke 13:1-9

If you would like to know more about baptism or becoming a member of Berkeley United Methodist Church by profession of faith or transfer of your current church membership, please call the church office and make an appointment to speak with Rev. Devine. THE BENEDICTION You are invited to join hands as we share in the song: I Want Jesus to Walk with Me UMH #521

PRELUDE AND LIGHTING THE CANDLES *CALL TO WORSHIP based on Psalm 63 Leader: Come to the waters of grace. People: Here, our thirst is satisfied. Leader: Come to the rivers of love. People: Here, our parched mouths sing with praise. Leader: Come to the tree bearing the fruit of life. People: Here, our hungry souls are fed. Leader: Come to the One who loves us. People: Here, our hearts find joy, our spirits reside in deepest love. Leader: Come to the waters of grace. People: Here, our thirst is satisfied. *OPENING HYMN Come, Sinners, to the Gospel Feast UMH #339

Leader: This is the Word of God for us, the people of God. All: Thanks be to God! SERMON Sweet and Sour Rev. Jeanne Devine

TIME OF REFLECTION OFFERING OUR GIFTS AND PRAYERS If you are worshiping with us today for the first time, your gift is your presence with us. A SONG OF PRAISE TO GOD UMH #95

I want Jesus to walk with me. (walk with me) I want Jesus to walk with me. (walk with me) All along my pilgrim journey, Lord, I want Jesus to walk with me. (walk with me) Thank you for worshiping with us today! In between our services, you are invited for coffee and fellowship on the deck—we’d love to get to know you better! THOSE LEADING IN WORSHIP TODAY Rev. Jeanne Devine will bring the sermon. We thank all our greeters, ushers, and acolytes. CHURCH NURSERY Child care is available for children up to age 5 in the church nursery on Sunday mornings. Children are always welcome in the sanctuary.

Ushers will collect yellow cards; please pass yours down to the end of the row.

Praise God, from whom all blessings flow; Praise him, all creatures here below; Praise him above, ye heavenly host; Praise Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. Amen.

Berkeley has been blessed by the skilled and dedicated service of our administrative assistant. March 7 11:00 am—1:00 pm Farewell Reception for Tara (CLC) 5:30 pm Saint Louise House (CLC) 6:30 pm Disciples/Change the World Study (7) Childcare Director: Allison McGillicuddy (bumc. Bibles and artwork like today’s cover. Ilyas Basim Khuri Bazzi Rahib (ca. MFCC needs a NEW ROOF over the Colorado Hall! The $4000 cost is not covered in the annual budget. TX 78732.33 OR 3 sq ft for $10.Upcoming Events This Week Sunday.m. from 11 a. Her last day at Berkeley will be Thursday. Austin. wedding receptions and other community events. Tyler Mabry (tgmabry@gmail. Help Raise the Roof—Montopolis Friendship Community Center is a United Methodist Women-supported facility in the Montopolis neighborhood. to 1 Pianist: Dr. We all wish God’s continued blessings on Tara and her family. March 4 10:00 am Women’s Group (CLC) 7:00 pm Covenant Group (9) Tuesday. please mark your envelope or check "Montopolis" so the church can direct it to this special effort. Spring Forward Next Sunday—Daylight Saving Time resumes next weekend. Egypt had become a predominantly Muslim Administrative Assistant: Tara Nash (bumc78745@sbcglobal. Cards and gifts may be sent directly to her home. Check should be made to Berkeley UMC. You can help by buying one square foot of shingles for $3. above and beyond your regular giving to the church. please stop by to express your appreciation to Tara.rr. with a company in Austin. anniversaries. oil and gas leasing. but Christianity continued and today Christians number 9 million in a country of 57 million. a large meeting room where the neighborhood community comes to celebrate birthdays. 2013 Third Sunday in Lent Ministers: Members of the Congregation Pastor: Jesus Curses the Fig Tree. March 7. By the end of the 12th Century. March 3. March 6 6:00 pm Handbell Choir 7:00 pm Chancel Choir Thursday. but we wanted to offer the opportunity to other church members who might like to contribute.m.00! A little help from many will add up quickly. so they are asking for help from Austin area church members. 761-4977 Director of Music: Victoria Schwarz (vlschwarz@aol. Mother's Day Out Program. March 5 11:00 am Disciples/Change the World Study (7) 6:15 pm Childcare Board (7) Wednesday. 3335 Mulberry Creek Drive. Artwork This Week—Drawn by a Coptic Christian monk in Egypt around 1684. it was created with ink and pigments on laid paper. and Colorado ph. If your schedule permits. She has an opportunity to return to full-time employment in her field of experience. If you choose to donate. skilled scribes created manuscripts. Set your clocks forward one hour on Saturday night. Jeanne Devine (revjeanned@sbcglobal. March 3 Third Sunday in Lent Communion Sunday 6:30 am Work Corner Preparation 3:30 pm Confirmation Class (9) 4:00 pm Tai Chi (FH) 5:00 pm Covenant Group (9) Monday.childcare@sbcglobal. comprising a thrift store. March 10 Fourth Sunday in Lent Daylight Saving Time begins 6:30 am Work Corner Preparation 4:00 pm Tai Chi (FH) 5:00 pm Covenant Group (9) Announcements Farewell to Tara Nash—For the last 4 ½ years. As monastic orders arose in the early centuries. Christianity came to Egypt within a generation after Jesus’ Media Manager: Elizabeth Walters (mariewalters1996@austin. 1684) Serving God + + Sharing Christ + + Receiving Mercy . Tara Nash. The Staff-Parish Relations Committee will host a come-and-go reception for Tara in the Fellowship Hall on that day. Berkeley United Methodist Women has made a generous donation of $500 to this effort.