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Science Chapter 8 Chapter Checkup A. DEFINE EACH 1.


2. barbule

3. preen

4. down

5. swim bladder

6. gill

7. molt

8. jacobson’s organ

9. gila monster

10. venomous

11. scute 14. carapace 13. fang 12. CLASSIFY EACH USING THE LIST ON PAGE 277 (1-20) AMPHIBIAN _______________________ BIRD ______________________ FISH ___________________ __________________ __________________ __________________ __________________ _________________ _________________ _________________ _________________ _______________ _______________ _______________ _______________ REPTILE __________________ ___________________ ___________________ _________________ __________________ __________________ . tadpole B. metamorphosis 15.

You notice that the black stripes are between the red and yellow stripes. He somehow confused the alligators and the crocodiles. What do you think the birds are doing? 2. When you return to the tree. In early spring you notice several strange birds visiting a tree in your yard. On a hike in the desert. He was told to put one kind of turtle into an aquarium. black. you almost step on a colorful snake with red. How can you help? . ANSWER EACH PUZZLE 1. The poor zookeeper will lose his job unless you can help him tell the difference between frog eggs and toad eggs. You run in to tell your family about your discovery.C. How can you help him put the right turtles into the aquarium where they belong? 5. you find it empty. Are you in danger? How do you know? 3. How will you tell the difference between them? 4. and yellow stripes. and he is asking you to help correct it. The same zookeeper accidently put all the turtles together. but he does not remember which kind. To the north you see a cloud of birds flying into the horizon. The zookeeper made a mistake.

_________________________One of the world’s largest salamanders that never leaves the water 4._______________________the most feared reptile 15.6._______________________the bird with an air diving speed of 220 mph . and Japanese giant salamanders have in common. _____________________a bird often considered the most unusual-looking bird in the world 12. ________________________ a deadly Australian snake 2. _______________________a sea loving lizard 11._______________________a ground bird with short. ______________________________a spitting fish 5. and yellow markings 3.__________________________ a poisonous lizard known by its black. komodo dragons. rounded wings 14._______________________a fish with two eyes on one side of its head 10.____________________________ a lizard that changes color to match its surrounding 6. anaconda and pythons. _______________________the largest bird in all the world 13. pink. IDENTIFY EACH ANIMAL 1. You will be hired as the next zookeeper if you can tell what ostriches. How will you answer? D.________________________ a bird that walls herself into her nest 8. __________________________a poisonous snake that attacks at night 7.________________________a cartilaginous fish that looks like a stone 9.

________________________the largest poisonous snake 19._________________________the largest lizard 20. In what way do mother crocodiles act more like mother birds than like mother turtles? 3.________________________the legless lizard ANSWER EACH QUESTION 1. Why did God give amphibian’s slimy skin? 4.16. What is the difference between cold blooded and warm blooded animals? 2. What is so unique about most bird bones? 5._______________________the bird from New Guinea with brilliant plumage 17. ________________________the bird that can fly backwards 18. What are some characteristics of a snake’s skin? 6. How are crocodiles able to go under water without swallowing water? . Why does a snake flick its tongue? 7.