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Making EVERY DAY COUNTS in the Caribbean

Making EVERY DAY COUNTS in the Caribbean FHWA Proposes to Change Standard De ni on and Co p ian e Dates in the MUTCD 2009 p e enta on o the SAFETY ED E in the Caribbean P.1

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Center News: Ex hange Students Par ipate in Su er Resear h Design uide ines or Modern Roundabouts


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Future Se inars and Con eren es Know your Trainer

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the Editor

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U f T , u , k . T vk 2009. v , u f . f Ru T f N MUT 2009 MUT u u j , MUT v v v : T MUT 2009 E 58 f u u v , Co p ian e Dates in MUTCD 2009 T 2011 N R f u 31, ) f MUT . T -2, qu 2009. f v qu j . 8 38 fu u MUT v . f qu : u u . u f 2 .19 50z . f f u , . u u (N

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Adop on o MUTCD 2009 T J u v f 15, 2010, MUT 2009 E v 2009 N MUT f MUT u N N u v

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Engineering Judg ent and Standard De ni on in the MUTCD 2009 T u R 2, 2011 N (N ) 1 .13 1 .09 T N R ju u f u-

2009, 4 T

T MUT 2009 f T N R Standard state ents sha not be odi ed or o pro ised based on engineering judg ent or engineering study. T f f OT 100% . T N v , f N u MUT u ju f u f u u v , .
LETTER, VOL. 25, NO. 3, 2011

, f (Jan. 17, 2013) 2B.40U f ONEY -

. (De . 31, 2019) 2 .06

v MUT 1 .13.

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2E.31, 2E.33, U f qu

6 .03, 6E.02, f - f-


Co p ian e Dates or Tra Signa s 4 .26 u v , 2014, u De e ber 31, ju . qu v v . 4E.06 u v v f v u v , . u v u v v . , , u f u f qu u f . T u 3 v f u f f f MUT 2009 qu

What about the Mini u Retrore e vity eve s T MUT 2009 qu


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v -3 January 22, 2012 .

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Co p ian e Dates to be Re oved v MUT 2009 k v v 2B.09 2 .30R EN v . f u f qu . Y EL f VEMENT . f : . u f

2 .50, 7B.11, 9B.18-E k f

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MUTCD 2009 HWA MUTCD I d g d

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T f v , u R 53% f . u u u E , f v f E u u u f v

M , u . u f U v , u k v j f u u , . T v f u v -

Unkown roadway departures 2% Crossovers 17%

fv . v f v : T v . 3. qu 30 f j . T v E . v , f . T v v . . f v

Run-o road e t 10%

Non-roadway departures 47%

Run-o road right 24%

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f . Ru f u f 65% f 20% f -

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f T u v f 1-6 f j v . v-

Sa ety Bene ts -fu T v u vv E u u v f . v , u f ), u u u f u . f u v G u v u . T B , u u v u f v u v 5.7% (. . u . T f f f N u E Y k. T u f4f u v qu . f E u v u : , u-

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LETTER, VOL. 25, NO. 3, 2011

The Caribbean Experien e with Sa ety Edge N j qu v f T u T E T R M k LT u f f f V f E f L E u f u u E V E u u f uf f f . . v . E v v . : E . u R f v f j f f . B f . u f f E f . v f . f E . f f E v j . v f qu k u R k f T f . u qu . . f v T -E : M u u u v uf E T u R L ( R-LT ) f , 44 f E qu 2011. u u u v v T v


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Hardware Comparison TransTech Shoulder Wedge Maker (SWM) Advant-Edge Ramp Champ (RC)

R ( R T ), ( ),

It has a xed angle of 30. It doesnt have adjustable sides; it requires a match pair for each side of the paver. It has a xed Safety Edge prole.

The wedge can be adjusted from 5 to 30. It has a removable shoe that allows it to be used on either the le or the right side of the screed unit of the paver. Creates a tapered Safety Edge or a longitudinal center lane joint. The installa on process requires no technical training. esigned to automa cally follow the shoulder eleva on. Weight = 115 lbs. Ini al Cost 00

The installa on process requires no technical training. equires con nuous adjus ng for changing surface proles. Weight = 50 lbs. Ini al Cost 00



On June 011 the P -LT P along with e erroads sphalt Corp. conducted two experiments in which the Safety Edge was implemented on a 1- m road sec on. The experiments too place in on-going paving projects using the dvant-Edge amp Champ and the TransTech Shoulder Wedge Ma er in Highway P -18 in Pa llas and Highway P -18 in Yabucoa respec vely. The rst tas on the P -18 project consisted on paving the westbound lane using the dvant -Edge Model amp Champ Safety Edge shoe with S paving mixture. Three dump truc s carried the ini al mix. The experiment started around 9:30 a.m. Once the paving of the westbound lane was completed and compacted the dvant-Edge Safety Edge shoe was replaced with the TransTech Shoulder Wedge Ma er and the paving resumed in the eastbound direc on with three addi onal dump truc s with approximately .5 tons of asphalt mixture.



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P E c cc P -LTAP D M.E . UP M .

Pc H M w c E P -184 P

Variable m a m a Sl e () n n

Mean 93.49 82.90 25.8

Std. Dev. 0.98 2.56 5.69

Minimum 92.3 78.2 13.8

Median 93.3 83.1 27.2

Maximum 95.1 86.8 36.4

Variable m a m a Sl e ()

Mean n n 94.31 83.60 26.3

Std. Dev. 1.29 3.38 5.21

Minimum 92.6 79.1 16.8

Median 94.1 85.2 29.0

Maximum 96.0 87.4 29.8

VOL. 5 NO. 3 011

The Safety Edge experiment conducted by Robles Asphalt was done inside their facility in Ponce. A cold wash sand with a 10% of humidity was used instead of an asphalt mix to perform a test trial with both Safety Edge shoes. A surface layer of approximately 4-1/2 and 50 feet long was produced for each Safety Edge Shoe, which were installed in the screed unit plate of the paver. Temperature and Slope measurements were taken on site every 5 feet for sta s cal purposes.

On October 2011, a 2.2-mi long sec on of the Queen Mary Highway (Route 70) on Saint Croix, was paved using the Safety Edge. The TransTech Shoulder Wedge Maker was used on the paver to construct both sides of the road. The Virgin Island Pavement Company and Eng. Thomas John from the Department of Public Works were in charge of the paving project.

Pictures from the Test Site of the Safety Edge on the Robles Asphalt Plan.

Pictures from the Test Site of the Safety Edge on Route 70 in Saint Croix, US Virgin Islands.

Variable Slope () Temperature (F)

Mean 29.04 88.96

Std. Dev. 1.04 0.86

Minimum 27.40 87.00

Median 29.10 89.00

Maximum 31.20 90.00

Variable Slope () Temperature (F)

Mean 30.80 88.91

Std. Dev. 1.63 0.83

Minimum 26.40 87.00

Median 31.10 89.00

Maximum 32.40 90.00


Center News:
The University of Puerto Rico at Mayaguez UPRM he its Su er Trans orta on Re search Exchange Progra uring 2011 with the ar ci a on fro the University of Rho e Is an URI an Pur ue University. This year ar e the rst e that Pur ue ar ci ate in the Exchange Progra , whi e URI ar ci ate for the 7th e. The o ec ve of the exchange rogra is to ro ote the co a ora on of the universi es in re search ro ects re ate to trans orta on to ics. In a i on, the rogra oo s to o vate stu ents for a career in trans orta on. The Coor inators of the Exchange Pro gra are Dr. A erto Figueroa UPRM , Dr. De orah Rosen URI an Eng. John Ha er ann Pur ue . The Progra has the su ort of the Dwight D. Eisenhower Trans orta on Fe ow shi Progra fro the Fe era Highway A in istra on. During this su er, four stu ents fro UPRM, two stu ents fro URI, an two stu ents fro Pur ue ar ci ate in the Exchange Progra . The stu ents interns an research ro ects were: their res ec ve

Lei any Bene a , Pur ue BSCE Stu ent, . Davis Chacon, UPRM MSCE stu ent,

C Jean E ias, UPRM BSCE stu ent, W k U T C

C au io Figueroa, UPRM BSCE stu ent,

Josu Or z, UPRM BSCE stu ent, B W kZ . Ma hew Per ins, URI BSCE stu ent, W C U. . V .

Susan Refai, Pur ue BSCE stu ent, G B . Laura Schif an, URI PhD CE stu ent, B . Than s to their co a Dr. Ben a Pa i a fro ann fro an Dr. Jyh the Aca e ic A visors for ora on: Dr. Migue Cana s, in Co ucci, an Dra. Ingri UPRM; Eng. John Ha er Pur ue; Dra. Vin a Craver Hone Wang fro URI.


How does the Safety Edge compare with conven onal asphalt paving process The Safety E ge shoe can e insta e in new or exis ng as ha t resurfacing e ui ent. The a ach ent acts as a co acte ave ent e ge in the esire 30 sha e. The a i ona cost to i e ent the Safety E ge techni ue is ini a ; it is es ate to cost ess than 1 of a e as ha t ateria . The unit cost of i e en ng the Safety E ge in the Unite States is a roxi ate y $536 to $2,145 er i e for the a ica on on oth si es of the roa way, ase on the vo u e of as ha t re uire to for the safety e ge. Advantages: I rove the short an the roa way. ong ter safety of

The PR HTA, USVI DPW, an FHWA wi con nue the i e enta on of the Safety E ge techni ue in future ro ects y integra ng the co a ora on fro other as ha t co a nies.

m n v v : n

P : m


I -

I roves ave ent ensity, which the e ge ore ura e.

a es

Disadvantages: Ini a invest ent to urchase the safety e ge shoe evice nee s ess than 1 of a i ona HMA ateria . S ecia training is nee e construc on crew. for the aving z

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d g L :T dg

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uid i

rM d r R u d b u s
here are a number of loca ons where roundabouts are commonly found to be advantageous.
Common site Advantages

i r s r ir s v b g ri d sig U i d s, ir u r r s ir us g d r s d r 1950s s r r i rs s b g x ri i g r b s wi g s d s . M d r r u d b us r i rs wi g r ir u r s , wi kwis ir u , ri riir u g v i s, i d r ri ur s r . N Pr gr r

ir u r i rs s r us d x siv i r ds i ur . r i rs s v b r s s w v r,


Reduc on in vehicle speeds in and across the roundabout, imReduce fatal and injury crashes, even on high speed approaches Creates community focal points, landscaping and other gateway Aesthe cally pleasing design alterna ve to tra c signals with Reduces delay at stop-controlled or signalized intersec ons Low-speed and low-noise with li le rou ne maintenance More e cient use of bridge structure between ramp terminals, extends design life and substan ally reduces construc on Produce e ciency through a gap acceptance process, no need for platoon progression, reduces the number of travel lanes and ROW

Rural intersec ons Gateway treatments Commercial developments ntersec ons w/ high delay Residen al subdivisions nterchanges

ri s, w-s

d g d vi-

r v ig w R s r ub is d i s Report 672 , that supersedes the FHWA Guide published in 2000. As of October 1997, a total of 38 modern roundabouts were built in the United States. As a comparison, more than 2,000 new roundabouts have been built across the United States since the publica on of the 2000 Guide. Roundabouts are generally classied in three basic categories according to their size and number of lanes.
Design Element Mini roundabout Desirable maximum entry design speed (mph) Maximum number of entering lanes per approach Range of inscribed circle diameter (feet) Central island treatment 15 to 20


Single-lane roundabout 20 to 25

Mul ple-lane roundabout 25 to 30

45 to 90

90 to 180

150 to 300

Fully traversable

Raised (may have traversable apron) Up to 25,000

Raised (may have traversable apron) Up to 45,000

ypical max. daily volume on 4leg roundabout before requiring detailed capacity analysis (vpd)

Up to 15,000




R, VOL. 25, NO. 3, 2011

he selec on of a modern roundabout requires the balancing of compe ng objec ves such as safety, opera onal performance, and accessibility for all users, costs, land use compa bility, aesthe cs, and environmental aspects.
Site constrains Arterial intersec ons Physical complica ons Conicts w/ high trac volumes Proximity of generators w/ high trac Proximity of other condi ons Proximity of bo lenec s imita ons Level of service on the arterial might be be er with a signalized intersec on ROW limita ons, u lity con icts, drainage problems, grades or unfavorable topography Heavy pedestrian or bicycle movements might require supplemental tra c control High volumes of truc s or oversized vehicles

Drawbridges or at-grade rail crossings that require preemp on Rou nely bac up tra c, such as over-capacity signals. f tra c comes to a halt, the roundabout Unacceptable delay to major road could be created

Determining the inscribed circle diameter of a roundabout is the rst step towards preparing a design and is determined by a number of design objec ves, including design speed, path alignment, and design vehicles. he selec on of the diameter may be somewhat subjec ve, but its ul mate size is an output mee ng other objec ves (speed control, design vehicle, etc.).
Roundabout type Mini Single-lane Typical design vehicle SU-30 B-40 WB-50 WB-67 Two-lane WB-50 WB-67 Three-lane WB-50 WB-67 Inscribed circle diameter 45 to 90 90 to 150 105 to 150 130 to 180 150 to 220 165 to 220 200 to 250 220 to 300

Delay to major road

Fundamentally, roundabout design involves achieving the following ey objec ves Slow entry speeds and consistent speeds through the roundabout; he appropriate number of lanes and lane assignment to achieve adequate capacity, lane volume balance, and con nuity of lanes through the roundabout; Smooth channeliza on that is intui ve to drivers and results in vehicles naturally using intended lanes; Adequate accommoda on for the design vehicles; A design that meets the needs of pedestrians and bicyclists; and Appropriate sight distance and visibility.

NCHRP Report 672 can be downloaded at: nchrp_rpt_672.pdf

A well-design roundabout reduces vehicle speeds upon entry and achieves consistency in the rela ve speeds.


Future Seminars and Conferences

PR-LTAP Seminars and Workshops
Date: November 18, 2011 Place: CIAPR, Hato Rey Date: December 2, 2011 Place: CIAPR, Ponce - Date: December 14, 2011 &P w Date: December 19-20, 2011 Place: CIAPR, Hato Rey v 1@ v w

-6 / 2

Other Conferences and Summits

ns tute of rans orta on n ineers istrict nnua ee n rans orta on ni a es on the Road to isco ery. November 30December 2, 2011; Hilton St. Petersburg Bayfront Hotel, St. Petersburg,
Florida. ( . oridasec mee ng. tml)

rans orta on Research

s ington, DC. (



ee n January 22-2 , 2012, arrio

ardman Par ,

a- nnual ee ng2012 nnual ee )

Dr. Jose L. Perdomo is part of our family of nstructors. He has oered seminars and wor shops in topics such as Construc on Project Management, Basics of Planning and Construc on Project Programming, and Procurement and Construc on Claims related to ransporta on and Public Wor s for the training program of the PR L AP. He is Associate Professor of the University of Puerto Rico at Mayaguez (UPRM) since January 2005. Dr. Perdomo is part of the Construc on Management Area at the UPRM Department of Civil Engineering and Surveying. Dr. Perdomo has been nominated as Dis nguish Faculty for the UPRM Department of Civil Engineering and Surveying from 2006 to 2009. He has served as member of the Evalua ng Commi ee for College Accreditaon of the Higher Educa on Council of Puerto Rico, member of the Academic Aairs Commi ee of the Department of Civil Engineering and Surveying, reviewer of the ASCE Journal of Construc on Engineering and Management, between other synergis c ac vi es.

Know your Trainer: Dr. Jose L. Perdomo

Associate Degree in Civil Engineering Technology from the University of Puerto Rico at Ponce in 1993
Bachelor Degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Puerto Rico at Mayaguez in 1997. Master in cience Degree in Construc on Engineering and Management from Virginia Tech University in 2001. Doctoral Degree in Construc on Management and Building cience, Environmental, Design and Planning from Virginia Tech University in 2002.

y k q .



VOL. 25 NO. 3 2011

essage from t e Editor

e come to the hird di on for of . his ne s e er is a rst in a series that i document the e erience of trans orta on a encies in uerto Rico and the S ir in s ands ith the im ementa on of the R CO S C ini a e of the edera i h ay dministra on. uerto Rico is im emen n nine C strate ies and the S ir in s ands are im emen n three C ini a es ith the o ec e of im ro in safety enhance tra c o era ons and shorten the com e on of road ro ects to im ro e our ua ity of ife. his edi on a so inc udes im ortant informa on a out ro osed re isions to the C ith focus on the remo a or e tension of se era com iance dates esta ished in the C di on. he third ar c e ro ides our readers ith enera desi n uide ines a out modern rounda out e ements that must e considered in any intersec on u radin ro ects. Our trainer ro e for this issue is r. os erdomo from the R e artment of Ci i n ineerin and Sur eyin and one of our instructors in the area of Construc on ro ect ana ement.

Alberto M. Figueroa Medina

h. .

. .

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