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a large iron safe. Roylott. After she told him all her concerns they agreed to meet at her house but she should keep it secret from her stepfather. stayed awake and in the morning came to Sherlock Holmes for help. situated in a peculiar place. a saucer of milk and a small dog lash in Dr. after she had left. a faint light through the ventilator. Roylott followed her and threatened Holmes to back off. struck a match and lashed on the bell pull with his cane. an ill-tempered Dr. Roylott’s room. Then they heard a loud agonizing cry. a venomous snake. Roylott is rested in his room. And Holmes noticed some odd things the ventilator. They put the snake in the iron safe and took Helen to her aunt. Helen could slip back at her old room. Julia mentioned to her before she retired on her bed on the night she died. After two years Helen got engaged. on his head. But she did not know Dr. in her own room. The investigation found not the cause of death. Julia mysteriously died two weeks before her marriage. which she should left open. Holmes and Watson keep watch in the room in total silence and darkness. The speckled band mentioned by Julia is a snake used by Dr. They ran to the doctor’s room and found him in a chair dead and a swamp adder. Grimesby Roylott of Stoke Moran. . a fake bell-ropes and bed clamped on the floor in Julia’s room. as a signal to him and Watson to come back to Julia’s room when Dr. but Helen is vague to its meaning. Julia before losing her consciousness has uttered to Helen the word ‘speckled band’. They lived a life of fear and misery. Then they heard a low noise coming from the doctor’s room. Roylott to kill Julia and tried to kill Helen too. Holmes asked Helen to light a lamp put it in the window. A renovation of their house forced Helen to sleep in Julia’s room and she heard a whistle. despite of the money left by their mother to their stepfather. She lit a lamp found nothing. a low sound of whistling air getting louder and Holmes sprang from the bed. her stepfather approved of it.Summary of the story : When their mother died Helen and Julia Stoner was left in the custody of their stepfather. Worried of Helen’s safety Holmes and Watson came to Stoke Moran and examined the room of Julia and Dr.

A Adder Admire Agree Angry Around Arrogant At least Attack B Baboon Band Be over Believe Bite Bring C Carefully Case Cause Change Check Cheetah Come Clang Climb Clue Collect Control Create .

D Danger Dark Dead Deadliest Death Die E Elementary Engage Enough Exactly Examine Excuse Explain Even F Fall asleep Famous Far away Fasten Fear First Finally Follow Fresh Frightened G Garden Get in Glad .

Go on Gun H Happy Hook I Inn Instruction Interesting Investigate Involve K Kill Kind L Lamp Leave Life Local Locked Look out M Make noise Marry Mean Metal Middle Move Mysterious Mystery .

N Next to Noise O Open Outside P Patient Perfect Perhaps Plan Private Proof Punish Put out Q Quickly R Ready Remember Repair Return Rich Ring Rope S Sad Safe Save Saucer .

Servant Scream Signal Silently Slide down Solve Speckled Spend Stay out Stepdaughter Stepfather Stick Strange Suddenly Swamp T Take care Terrified Thank goodness Threat U Unless Until then Unusual V Ventilate Ventilator Violent Visitor W .

Wake up Wait Warn Watch Wedding Whistling Wonder .