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QA Phone Screen Questions

QA Candidate: ____________________________
Date of interview: __________________________
The following list of questions is to be use for a QA Phone Interview.

How do you approach creating your test plans?
After review of functional and design documentation, my test plan will include some or all of the following.
1. Test plan identifier.
2. Introduction.
3. Test items.
4. Features to be tested.
5. Features not to be tested.
6. Approach.
7. Item pass/fail criteria.
8. Suspension criteria and resumption requirements.
9. Test deliverables.
10. Testing tasks.
11. Environmental needs.
12. Responsibilities.
13. Staffing and training needs.
14. Schedule.
15. Risks and contingencies.
16. Approvals.
These can be matched against the five characteristics of a basic plan, with a couple left over that form part of the plan
document itself.
Scope clauses define what features will be tested. An aid to doing this is to prioritise them using a technique such as.
Test Items: The items of software, hardware, and combinations of these that will be tested.
Features to Be Tested: The parts of the software specification to be tested.
Features Not to Be Tested: The parts of the software specification to be excluded from testing.
Resource clauses give the overall view of the resources to deliver the tasks.
Environmental Needs: What is needed in the way of testing software, hardware, offices etc.
Responsibilities: Who has responsibility for delivering the various parts of the plan.
Staffing And Training Needs: The people and skills needed to deliver the plan.
Time clauses specify what tasks are to be undertaken to meet the quality objectives, and when they will occur.
Testing Tasks: The tasks themselves, their dependencies, the elapsed time they will take, and the resource required.
Schedule: When the tasks will take place.
Often these two clauses refer to an appendix or another document that contains the detail.
Quality clauses define the standard required from the testing activities.
Introduction: A high level view of the testing standard required, including what type of testing it is. Approach: The details of
how the testing process will be followed.
Item Pass/Fail Criteria: Defines the pass and failure criteria for an item being tested.
Test Deliverables: Which test documents and other deliverables will be produced.
Risk clauses define in advance what could go wrong with a plan and the measures that will be taken to deal with these
Suspension Criteria And Resumption Requirements: This is a particular risk clause to define under what circumstances
testing would stop and restart.
Risks And Contingencies: This defines all other risk events, their likelihood, impact and counter measures to over come
Plan Clauses
These clauses are parts of the plan structure.
Test Plan Identifier: This is a unique name or code by which the plan can be identified in the project's documentation
including its version.
Approvals: The signatures of the various stakeholders in the plan, to show they agree in advance with what it says.


Other planning documents can be referred to. Automated. Post development [Installation. Software Quality Management]. Development [Requirements. The set of meaningful situations is determined from knowledge of the software’s internal structure. Comments:_______________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ 2 . Project Monitoring and Control. steps to enter test case. White Box – Design a suite of test cases to exhaustively test software by testing it in all meaningful situations. Grey Box. Operation and Support. Basic Test Case – what would it include? Test Case #. It is not restrictive in that it can be adapted in the following ways: Descriptions of each clause can be tailored to an organisation's needs. What kinds of testing have you done? White Box. Training]. More clauses can be added. Manual vs. Testing occurs based upon the external specifications. Comments:_______________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ 4. If a properly balanced test plan is created then a project stands a chance of delivering a system that will meet the user's needs Comments:_______________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ 2. Documentation Development. A complete set of tests will exercise all the execution paths through the software. Pre-development [Concept Exploration. It is usually done by the developer during the coding phase to test whether a particular functionality works as per requirement against the code coded by him using a combination of black box and white box testing techniques. Also know as behavioral testing.e. Design. Grey Box – testing is a combination of black box and white box testing. (i. Retirement]. What is your understanding of Software Life Cycle? The software life cycle is a general model of the software development process. Sub-sections can be defined in a clause. System Allocation].Summary A test plan provides a good basic structure. Project Management [Project Initiation. since only the external behaviors of the program are evaluated and analyzed. More content added to any clause. Maintenance. Software Configuration Management. Black Box – a testing method where the application under test is viewed as a black box and the internal behavior of the program is completely ignored. Comments:_______________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ 3. integral Processes [Verification and Validation. Pass/Fail. including all the activities and work products required to develop a software system. Implementation]. Black Box.

database.NET Comments:_______________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ 9. type of problem. contact information. assignee(s). Comments:_______________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ 6. etc. Comments:_______________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ 3 . date. title of bug. priorty. Query Analyzer. possible attachments. ADO. status. environment. Comments:_______________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ 7. ADO. XML. or your most recent bug you’ve encountered. How do you go about testing a web application? What would you do 1st? Review documentation. submitter. What have you used. Sybase. team. and what information do you include in your bug? Bugzillia. Lotus Notes. Bug contains bug #.5. Bug tracking system. ask them to give you a basic SQL statement. version. SELECT "column_name" FROM "table_name" Or. What databases have you used? MS Access Database. time. Describe your favorite bug. T-SQL. department. Oracle. SELECT store_name FROM Store_Information WHERE Sales > 1000 OR (Sales < 500 AND Sales > 275) Comments:_______________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ 8. MS SQL Server. release #. detailed step by step description of bug. etc. Server. If candidate has SQL knowledge.

DBA or business analyst. Do you have automation skills? If so.) Comments: ______________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ 4 . For the developer. application developer. Life. Commercial. Home. BOP. Toad is a powerful. what tools have you used. low-overhead tool that makes database and application development faster and easier and simplifies day-to-day administration tasks. Comments:_______________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ 11. automated load and performance testing solution for optimizing the performance. etc. Do you have any insurance background or knowledge? (Auto. XMLSpy allows computer programmers to create XML-based and Web services applications. Term. scalability and reliability of enterprise applications. Bonds. and for what type of testing? LoadRunner WinRunner XML Spy - Toad - Segue SilkPerformer - Performance Testing Functional Testing is an integrated development environment (IDE) for XML from Altova. Annuity.10.