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Science Fair Participants 2013

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Teacher's Last Name 1Carnabucci 2Carnabucci 3Holland 4Haberkorn 5Haberkorn 6Haberkorn 7Ensign

Student Last Name Minchello Lavoie Costa Clark Zertolini Greenidge Adams Do Miller-Browne Martin Nguyen Smith Mucci-Riley Garland Diettrich, Jr. Allien Kitchen Tognarelli Howard Longia Chrisosthomme LaPrise Smith Candee Budina Shah Didomenico Standeven

Student First Name Matthew Deborah Adriana Reanna Naiara Ethan Ian Serena Victoria Philip Michelle Rose John Rachel Curt Rayne Taylor Tyla Marcus Raveena Odson Sean Kaleigh Abigail Erica Shahrayz Courteney Victoria


Title of Project

10 The effects of different medium on the biodegradation of paper 10 The effect of different waterproof mascaras 9 Heated vs. Regular 9 How does using different objects affect the distance travelled? 9 M & M Candy Chromatography 9 Observing the Biodegradability of Certain Materials 9 The Effect of Double Dipping on Bacterial Growth in Salsa 9 An Investigation into the Calorie Count of Oils 9 The Effect of Different Grown Coffee on the Speed of Plant Growth 9 The Effects of Surface Structures on the Hydrophobicity of Silicon Surfaces 9 The Effect of Ascorbic Acid on the pH Level of Organic Foods 9 The Effects of Cell Phone Radiation on the Growth of Plants 9 The Effect of a Plant on the Temperature of a Sealed Container of C02 9 Evaporation Rates of Various Liquids 9 Wind Power Turbine Blade Design 9 The Effects of Caffeine on Bone Strength 9 What is Light? 10 10 10 9 12 12 11 11 11 10 9 Code Red Is biodiesel better than regular diesel? The Effect of Desalinization on Salinity Levels Bone Apptit Good Samaritan Natural Observation How does the starting temperature affect crystal growth and heat generation in hand warmers? The Effect of chemicalon Yeast Fermentation effect of Cations crosslinking on the structural and mechanical properties of ECM-Biblin Hydrogels The effect of increasing temperature of the resistance of copper wire The Effect of Soap on Oil Static Electricity

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12Ensign 13Ensign 15 14Richter

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15Richter 16Richter 17Wadness 18Driscoll 19Driscoll 20Contrada 21Lucuk 22Richter 23Carmosino 24Contrada 25Wadness 26Wadness 27Ensign 28Lucuk