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The Reapers Maze

The entryway into the Reapers Maze is anything but an easy entrance to find, for one does not just simply find the entrance one gets enclosed in the maze itself. There is no way out but it is filled entirely of false hope that only gets devastatingly crushed over time. This false hope is brought by the possibility of finding one of the keys to 10 doors with one supposedly leading out of the maze but it is all a lie there is no way out once you get trapped in you stay there for all of eternity. This maze is darker than the deepest void of existence; its sole purpose is to morph your soul into one of despair, sorrow, rage, and agony and shut out all light from within and engulf you in the darkness of your negative emotions. I would not wish this fate upon even the people whom which I hate the greatest for no one deserves a disastrous fate such as this. As I finally came out of mental shock I realized my eyes were as if they been shut off and I was completely discombobulated I heard a door way open and suddenly a dark force pulled me into the next chamber I rag dolled as I was forced forward further into the darkness. I am slowly losing it more and more with every passing second. My sight had yet to return, still no escape route has been located, I may well be trapped here forever. However I will not give up I have someone I need to meet and nothing will keep me from doing so. The discombobulating feeling from the first room still lingered but had begun to lessen. I stumbled blindly around the room in hopes of finding a door but it was to no avail. I decided to just wait for it to be all over. I waited for what felt like two days before I heard that familiar sound of door latches opening. I still blind I could sense a dark and ominous being enter the room and getting closer to me. It touched my head with its cold hand and said proceed to the next room, but first allow me to restore your sight so you may see you inevitable fate *ominous laugh* I will never forget that laugh. When I opened my eyes I could indeed see again but whoever or whatever had restored my sight was gone I proceeded through the door as instructed, and so my journey in The Reapers Maze continued. As I walked into the next room there was an ink black cloaked figure standing with its back to me in the middle of the room I could sense a dark evil dangerous aura. I approached the figure that turned to face me and what I saw paralyzed me with fear. It was me only skeletal I was looking at my skull. He spoke in a deep evil tone not similar to mine in the least he said are you ready in the next chamber your fate will be sealed he then gave me an evil smirk. Suddenly he vanished then from behind I heard him say welcome to The Reapers Maze where the word escape has no meaning this was followed by a bone chilling evil cackle. I blacked out or at least I thought I had later I realized I had been knocked out by what I from then on called my dark side this was but my first encounter with him and I knew it would not be the last but this was the first time I had heard this places name.

I entered the coliseum type room and knew instantly my fate would be decided through combat my shadow was waiting for me here. I approached him he smirked and handed me a scythe I accepted it. We clashed for what seemed like decades he never faltered once and I knew that one mistake and I would be done. As we continued our decisive battle he tried to persuade me to just give up and submit to the darkness I refused each offer he gave me. Then my worst fear happened I stumbled my shadows reflexes were too fast to avoid he instantly got hold of me his black tempered steel scythe at my throat he said my efforts proved valiant yet pitiful and that my existence had reached its end. My shadow pushed me to the ground pinning me down with his foot and pierced my heart with his scythe as he slowly pulled it out I could see the blade was crimson from my blood I felt everything fade away I was dead gone the darkness had won Then suddenly I heard a voice call out to me at first I didnt recognize it then I realized it belonged to my friend Jason he has always been there for me in my most dark moments When I came to I had escaped the reapers maze my friends voice telling me Dont give up not all is lost there is still hope. Those words saved me I had escaped my mental prison that will always be known as The Reapers Maze. But now Jason and my paths must separate so I wrote this little story on how he helped me escape the darkest void of depression and I am forever grateful for all he has done for me. Live a good life Jason dont forget about all your friends who have your back we will all miss you.

Written By Jeremy Bourque For The best friend a guy could have Jason Wadsworth. this is my interpretation of all you have done for me I wish I could have done something as amazing for you but sadly this little story is all I can offer I hope its enough. *I cried a good amount writing this but it was necessary* I will miss you most.