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Title: Week 22: Test


1. The cost of a jacket increased from $80.00 to $93.60. What is the percentage increase of the cost of the jacket? A. 17% B. 1.7% C. 13.6% D. 83%

2. Brad had a small gathering at a local steakhouse. The steakhouse offers three dinner platters which vary by size and price. They ordered 4 of the 6-ounce platters, 2 of the 8-ounce platters, and 3 of the 11-ounce platters. Steak Platter Prices 6-ounce $9.95 8-ounce $12.95 11-ounce $15.95 If a gratuity of 18% was added to the bill, which of the following is closest to the total of the steak platters and gratuity, ignoring sales tax? A. $20 B. $157 C. $130 D. $134

3. Kevin's mom gave him $20.00 on Monday morning to use on lunches. At his school, the school lunch costs $1.75, which he bought Monday through Thursday. On Friday, he decided to buy 4 slices of pizza instead of buying the school lunch. If the pizza costs $1.80 per slice, then how much of the money is left at the end of the school week? A. $7.60 B. $12.90 C. $7.55 D. $5.80

4. The price of a car has been reduced from $11,000 to $9,790. What is the percentage decrease of the price of the car? A. 11% B. 89% C. 1.1% D. 12.1%

5. Kathleen had a bag of candy-coated chocolates. Of the 55 candies in the bag, 20% were red, 30% were orange, 30% were green, and 20% were blue. Of the blue ones, 10% had a damaged candy coating. Approximately how many of the blue ones had a damaged candy coating? A. 6 B. 11 C. 17 D. 1

6. The value of Maggie's car decreased by 10% since last year, when she bought it. If the car is now worth $13,000.00, how much was the car worth when she bought it? A. $14,300.00 B. $15,294.12 C. $14,444.44 D. $13,684.21

7. An item is priced at $14.21. If the sales tax is 4%, what does the item cost including sales tax? A. $19.89 B. $14.78 C. $0.57 D. $28.99

8. Tonya took out a loan to help pay for her house. She borrowed $70,000 for 15 years at a yearly simple interest rate of 5%. How much interest will she end up paying the bank? A. $525,000

B. $52,500 C. $525 D. $10,500

9. Kendra has a painting canvas that is 23 inches wide by 32 inches high. She painted a red rose, which covered 60% of the canvas. What was the area of the canvas which was covered by the red rose? A. 22.08 in2 B. 736 in2 C. 441.6 in2 D. 264.96 in2

10. Colby is making a home video consisting of a 5-minute introduction followed by several short skits. Each skit is 7 minutes long. If Colby's video is 159 minutes long, how many skits are in his video? A. 23 B. 110 C. 27 D. 22

11. For a scavenger hunt, Jim's mom distributed a bag of 700 jelly beans evenly into 28 plastic containers and hid them around the yard. If, after the hunt, Jim has a total of 200 jelly beans, then how many of the plastic containers did he find? A. 7 B. 8 C. 224 D. 500

12. A bakery sold 116 cupcakes in one day. The head baker predicted he would sell 96 cupcakes that day. What was the percent error of the baker's prediction? A. 17.24% B. 20%

C. 20.83% D. 82.76%

13. Holly missed 8 of 184 school days this year. Approximately what percent of school days was Holly in attendance? A. 4% B. 23% C. 96% D. 77%

14. Martha estimated there were 89 marbles in a jar for a contest. The actual number of marbles in the jar was 111. What was the percent error of Martha's estimation? A. 19.82% B. 80.18% C. 22% D. 24.72%

15. In his free time, Gary spends 9 hours per week on the Internet and 10 hours per week playing video games. If Gary has five hours of free time per day, approximately what percent of his free time is spent on the Internet and playing video games? A. 4% B. 54% C. 18% D. 38%

16. Sam opened a money-market account that pays 4% simple interest. He started the account with $7,000 and made no further deposits. When he closed the account, he had earned $840 in interest. How long did he keep his account open? A. 4 years B. 3 years C. 5 years D. 6 years

17. Mike's grandmother opened a savings account in Mike's name and deposited some money into the account. The account pays an annual simple interest rate of 4%. After 9 years, the interest earned on the account was $1,080. How much money did Mike's grandmother deposit in the account? A. $3,000 B. $4,000 C. $3,500 D. $2,000

18. Richard can read of a book in of an hour. At this rate, how much can Richard read in one hour?

19. Daniel watches 1 hour of television for every 3 hours of homework he does each week. If he did 9 hours of homework last week, how many hours of television did he watch? A. 3 B. 9 C. 27 D. 6

20. A pair of shoes usually sells for $55. If the shoes are 20% off, and sales tax is 8%, what is the total price of the shoes, including tax? A. $44.55 B. $47.52 C. $50.49 D. $48.40

21. A TV that usually sells for $180.34 is on sale for 30% off. If sales tax on the TV is 6%, what is the price of the TV, including tax? A. $135.07 B. $132.55

C. $133.81 D. $242.02

22. Doug is inflating balloons according to the graph below.

Based on the graph, what does the point (5, 55) represent? A. 55 ft3 of volume corresponds to 5 pressurized balloons B. 5 pressurized balloons corresponds to 55 ft3 of volume C. 5 pounds of pressure corresponds to 55 ft3 of volume D. 5 ft3 of volume corresponds to 55 pounds of volume

23. On a trip to Italy, Chandra traded her U.S. dollars for Euros, based on the graph below.

Based on the graph, what is the unit rate of Euros per dollar? A. 1.40 Euros per U.S. dollar B. 1.10 Euros per U.S. dollar C. 1.30 Euros per U.S. dollar D. 1.20 Euros per U.S. dollar

24. Jessica purchased a sapphire bracelet during the Jewelry Emporium's Semi-Annual Clearance Sale. If Jessica paid $97.50 for the bracelet and the original price is $150.00, how much of a discount did she receive? A. 35% B. 65% C. 30% D. 45%

25. Sandy works at a clothing store. She makes $6 per hour plus earns 10% commission on her sales. She worked 76 hours over the last two weeks and had a total of $2,845 in sales before taxes. Which of the following is closest to how much she will earn in hourly wages and commission for those two weeks? A. $285 B. $456 C. $330 D. $741