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©2009 Plays withNeedles

1. Trace a circle onto a stiff interfacing material such as Timtex. I used a glass as a
template and my circle was 3".

2. Cut out circle. Choose a fabric to cover the circle and cut out about another circle
about 1.5" bigger all around. I just eyeballed doesn't need to be exact.
3. Using a needle and thread, sew a running stitch all along the edge of the fabric outside
the interfacing circle. This doesn't need to be exact either but be careful not to make your
stitches too large or the circle won't gather nicely. Make sure you end your running stitch
overlapping where you started.

4. Using the ends of your thread, gather the circle around the stiff interfacing.
5. Iron the circle flat.

6. Now you have the center circle made and it's time to make the ribbon rosette. Gather
together snips of varying widths of ribbon -- my snips are only 3.5" long. Press each little
3.5" snip in half...
7. Using your center circle to guide you, arrange the ribbon folds in a circle in a way that
is pleasing to you.

8. Pin the snips to the fabric circle.

9. Baste the ribbon in place with large stitches making sure that you are catching each
ribbon snip multiple times in your basting stitches. Remove pins.

10. Using a close zigzag stitch on your sewing machine, sew around the edge of the circle
attaching all the ribbon snips to the circle. I didn't worry about making my circle sewing
perfect... Remove the basting stitches.
11. Voila! You have a blank award...ready for embellishment.