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Expert Seminar

8th Grade June 3-4, 5 The ProBlem

All is not right with the world. Turn on the TV, flip open a newspaper, listen to 5 minutes of the radio, or look at any news home page online to see that the world is riddled with problems. At Inland Leaders Charter School, you problem-solvers and to apply your critical thinking skills to be world changers. are being trained to be 21st century leaders now, not later "when you grow up." Like all great leaders, you are to be

Look closely at the attached list of world problems. Choose one that you feel connected to or passionate or curious about. After researching the problem in depth to find out as much as you can about it, craft a viable or feasible solution and present it in detail in a well-organized persuasive proposal. This years Expert Seminar Project involves a number of key pieces: in-depth research, your persuasive proposal paper, a visual presentation of your findings and proposal at the Expert Seminar, and a letter of introduction and explanation which will be mailed, along with your persuasive proposal, to a key stake holder also working to solve your same selected world issue.

The Timeline of Important Dates & Deadlines

Handouts available on teacher websites on Thursday, February 28, 2013 and discussed in depth during Extended Day Students submit top 3 choices of world problem for approval by Thursday, March 7 Research resources must be collected by Friday, April 12 Notecards complete by Friday, April 26 Draft One of paper due by Friday, May 17 (allows for 3 weeks of revision and creation of presentation) Business Letter to stakeholder due by Wednesday, May 29 Expert Seminar Presentations (Final Draft Paper, Presentation, Letter) Monday-Tuesday, June 4-5 Keynote Speaker Presentations Wednesday, June 6, 2013

The Research (50 Points Total)

Using the Research Methods outlined by Township High School (part of a U.S. Department of Education Blue Ribbon School District in Illinois), find as much pertinent information as you can about your topic (its historical development or cause, its impact in the world today at the local through global level, and possible solutions). 1.

Minimum of 6 resources
*2 must be EXPERTS (Dream big! Create an expert resource wish list, then see whom you might actually be able to contact. HINT: Contact as many as possible! Some may say no or not respond.) --Have 10 questions ready to go when you call or email the expert. --After introducing yourself and the project, ask when would be a convenient time for them to talk with you. If they say, How about now? you are ready to go with your questions. Offer to email them the questions ahead of time for them to consider.

--If you want to record the conversation, you must ask their permission first. If they say no, very graciously agree and be ready to take notes like crazy! --If you are able to set up a face-to-face interview, be sure to bring a parent or other family adult with you. *2 resources must be books or printed materials. *2 internet articles 2. 3. All 6 resources are due in a big stack (internet articles printed out and stapled, books in hand, notes and questions from completed interviews all compiled) on Friday, April 12. (20 points) 75+ Notecards *Read through resources and highlight important information. *On each notecard, write one fact in bullet format in your own words on the front. *On the back of each notecard, write the resource from where you got the fact. (You may come up with a color/other code for resources so you dont have to keep rewriting the source over and over.) *75+ notecards due in ELA on Friday, April 26. (30 points)

The Paper/Persuasive Proposal (50 Points Total)

More information will come in your ELA instruction about what goes into each of the sections, but the paper should be divided as follows: 1. 2. 3. Introduction- Explain the project. History/Development- Provide an in-depth understanding of the historical development or cause of the issue from the local level to global. Solution- Using all the research you found, craft a feasible or viable solution (choose local, regional, national, or global level) to the problem and write the persuasive proposal explaining why this solution could work. (NOTE: You may choose a solution that already exists and instead write persuasively why 4. Charts/Graphs/Tables- Display at least 1 table of information and 1 graph/chart of information. *Must be designed and generated by the student *Must be designed and generated on a computer (no hand-drawn charts/graphs/tables will be given credit) *Mr. Barre will assist in the instruction of how to create the required elements on a computer. Date of this instruction is to be determined by Mr. Barre. 5. 6. 7. Bibliography of all resources in MLA format (instruction will be given by Mrs. Pryor in ELA) A typed first draft is due on Friday, May 17 (allows for 3 weeks of revision and creation of presentation). Final Draft of the paper due at the time of the presentation, June 3 or 4

this is the solution we all need to get behind and support.)

The Presentation (50 Points Total)

1. On the day you present your proposal, you must dress professionally: *No jeans (ladies or gentlemen) *Ladies may wear pants, skirt, or dress. *Gentlemen must wear a button-down shirt (short- or long-sleeved), tucked in, and a tie. 2. Presentation must be 15-20 minutes long from start to finish.


You are FORBIDDEN to read your paper! (You are an expert now; you dont need it. J ) *Points written in bullet format only, no complete sentences

4. You may bring presentation notecards (NOT your research notecards) with you up front. 5. 6. Your presentation must include some kind of visual component (poster, presentation board, Power Point [or equivalent], demonstration, etc.). You must have a handout sheet to give to your audience. The handout must include: *Your title/topic and your name *Bullet format of your main points (may have blanks for people to fill in notes while you present; an interactive handout is more engaging!) *Full page (no longer than two pages) *You must provide 20 copies (let Mrs. Pryor or Mr. Bess know if this is an issue for you). 7. 8. 9. You must include an audience activity that engages everyone in your topic and learning. *5-10 minutes If you want to show a video as part of your presentation (either a clip you have found or one you have designed and edited), it should not be any more than 5 minutes long. Repeat after me: I am going to ROCK this Expert Seminar! I am going to bring the AWESOME! I AM a

10. The most exemplary presentations will be chosen to present to younger grades on campus and/or as June 6 at 8:15 a.m. THE LETTER OF INTRODUCTION/explanation to STAKEHOLDER (25 Points Total) More information will come from both Mr. Bess and Mrs. Pryor at a later date. To get you started: 1. 2. 3. Choose a stakeholder (from local to global level) who is also working to solve your selected world problem.

world changer!

keynote speakers to the entire middle school (plus 6th grade) and invited parents on Wednesday morning,

In business letter format, write a letter of introduction explaining who you are, what the project is, and explain your attached proposal. Due Wednesday, May 29. Include your letter and a copy of your final draft persuasive proposal in an addressed envelope (provided by the school) to be mailed after your presentation.

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