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The audience for tonight's #TMLondon is swelling nicely. It's going to be good one. Getting ready for #tmlondon at a huuuuuuge venue! #walthamstowacademy @Adisapoet what's this? Is it too late to reach? #TMLondon @mrlockyer take a photo and share Stephen #TMLondon Just made it for the start of #tmlondon All excited, waiting for #TMLondon to start. Impressed already with the chocolate cake! @mrlockyer food shots too! What are we missing? #TMLondon @TeacherToolkit @fifimorris @AmyRoseyTaylor looking forward to the first #tmlondon Getting excited about my presentation 5 things I wish I knew 15 years ago #tmlondon what time is #tmlondon kicking off at @ICTEvangelist @mrlockyer yummy food - 5 stars! #tmlondon Had to down my Pino G as #TMLondon is starting. Looking forward to @danlyndon presentation Any #reteachers at #TMLondon? I'm not btw. Just interested as have something exciting in the pipeline! @jennyfer37 @mrlockyer a picture paints a thousand words #TMLondon @ConsultantHead Cake!? Any deep fried Mars bars? #TMLondon Impressive venue at Walthamstow Academy for #tmlondon @TeacherToolkit kicking off Made it to #tmlondon with 6 Bridge colleagues - sadly missed the food. Very excited! Woohoo! At my first ever TeachMeet #TMLondon Amazing work @TeacherToolkit Dreadful journey (got pick-pocketed) but dead excited about this #tmlondon Hello everyone! #tmlondon @Mike_Bostock what an incredible site #TMLondon @kafilat_agboola Great Venue #TMlondon Being instructed by @mrlockyer to put lots of #tmlondon hashtags on my timeline. Arrived with seconds to spare at #tmlondon. Tech setup quite different from what I was exoecting, so no chance to show off my best tricks :( #TMlondon first teachmeet ever! tweeting excitedly! Live at #TMLondon ...

TeachMeet London Feb 2013 Tweet Archive

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Good food.... Good start. #usethemicrophone At #TMlondon great food, funny guy @ICTmagic you are already missed #TMLondon #TMLondon not what I expected at all - hilarious free cpd @WalthamstowAcad - great fun! @ICTEvangelist @mrlockyer Stevo has got a snap. I was too busy eating #tmlondon BEST BIT OF #TMLONDON: PRIZES! #TMLondon first teachmeet ever! tweeting excitedly! Such a geek! #tmlondon @mrlockyer and @TeacherToolkit on top form as usual. Off we go! and we're live!!! @WalthamstowAcad #TMLondon #lots of freebies tonight thanks to all the great sponsors #TMlondon First #tmlondon speaker is... Ivana Curak @AmyRoseyTaylor #tmlondon looking forward to prizes How thrilling #TMlondon Lots of fab prizes at #TMlondon ... is it bad that I'm most interested in the Hotel Chocolat?! What a treat! Twitter users: A guide to the law #ukedchat #TMLondon #TMLondon Some great prizes on offer .... Would love a bag full to go home with. #gimmegimmegimme Just made it to #TMLondon after an hour & half journey with @SlatRS_Classics Geeky teacher times ahead!:) #tmlondon the Teacher Geek energy in the room is overwhelming! @annatreth Hotel Chocolat! #TMLondon @AnnaPalmer74 Enjoy it Anna! #TMLondon #TMlondon love pi great idea #Tmlondon Hi it's great to be here!! Gratuitous buffet shot #tmlondon #tmlondon Love Pi - Wow, incredible, planned curriculum for Maths by Ivana Curak! #TMLondon - just kicked off. Prizes announced shortly.... @StuartLock @mrlockyer do you always do what he says? #TMLondon #TMLondon #TMLondon #TMLondon #TMLondon #TMLondon #TMLondon Hi it's great to be here!

TeachMeet London Feb 2013 Tweet Archive 18:22:43 Msfleedavies #tmlondon chocolate has arrived. All is well. 18:22:50 SlatRS_Classics 18:23:06 StuartLock 18:23:10 ICTEvangelist

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@MissBoldero Yay chuffed! First ever TeachMeet, exciting times #TMLondon About to watch @ICTEvangelist via youtube #tmlondon @stephwelsford: #tmlondon the Teacher Geek energy in the room is overwhelming! Its about learning (geekily). Enjoy your inner geek! #TMLondon We're at the Teachmeet at Walthamstow Academy and it's already started with good uses of technology for schools. it's the future #TMLondon go Ivana, love pi! Excited! #TMLondon Hope all at #tmlondon have a great evening. Phew! Arrived #TMLondon 'Do a bit of acting and look excited' lol #TMlondon @kennygfrederick oooh! Must try to meet up at end! #TMlondon #TMlondon I'd like a camera please @mrlockyer BRIDGE ACADEMY HACKNEY COLLEAGUES VERY EXCITED TO BE AT #TMLONDON Took a picture of Funda to try and win a camera - but don't know what to do with it #tmlondon @mrlockyer is thinking with his stomach again! #TMLondon #TMlondon Our awesome 2nd in maths got things started with her love pi website. She was too humble though... #TMLondon @StuartLock tweet it!? #TMLondon #tmlondon @ICTEvangelist #smashing it again by sharing brilliant resources :-) @Msfleedavies Bridge Academy next venue for #TMLondon - 1st May #Tmlondon I need an #ipevo as my previous visualiser was rubbish!! & I got lots of ideas of how to actually use one! :( (2 in 1 responses) ! Yup @ICTEvangelist, #digitalleaders are an amazing resource! #tmlondon #TMLondon possibility of visualiser making this English Teacher Geek fingers tingle! #tmlondon @ipevo camera - want one! Heard great things about them but first time I've seen one in the flesh! My year 5/6 kids would love it! @bekblayton Ooh hiya! #TMLondon ** @ipevo This is @TalkingDonkeyRE getting VERY

TeachMeet London Feb 2013 Tweet Archive

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EXCITED at #TMLondon ;) Video from @ICTEvangelist! sharing ideas, edmodo for badges, quick plug for #digitalleaders. Great stuff #TMLondon @ICTEvangelist good quick wins at #tmlondon Some great tips from @ICTevangelist #TMlondon #TMlondon #Socative for #AFL and it's free #TMLondon @iveo pleaseeeeee @ipevo I know you won't believe this but @TeacherToolkit said if I asked nicely ( #grovel, #beg) I could get a visualiser-honest #TMLondon Such an inspirational way of providing training and learning for teachers! So much to learn...#tmlondon @mrlockyer Keep the snapshots coming for those of us enjoying #TMLondon by proxy. Ate there any @PEgeeks at #tmlondon ? Gutted to be missing it! Hospital operation untimely @TeacherToolkit will presentations be available? @inner_spark Thanks Tanya #TMLondon Ain't no mountain high enough to keep me from #TMLondon and that there camera thingy LIVE at #TMLondon....Let's do this! @ICTEvangelist went down very well!! *applause* #tmlondon @ICTEvangelist thanks for your presentation! Just clapped for ya! #Tmlondon #TMLondon Cameras to do some cross curricular work with MFL & DRAMA @theurswickschool! We are so up for it! #tmlondon I would use a camera to #mysteryskype with my students and our USA contacts! @aminah_naz @kafilat_agboola @walthamstowacad #Tmlondon @bekblayton: @ICTEvangelist went down very well!! *applause* #tmlondon Woohoo! Thanks all :) All shown tie in well with literacy too. #TMLondon @ConsultantHead now speaking....about his favourite websites... #TMLondon will use visualiser to inspire maths dept to use the ones they have gathering dust in their cupboards as mega enthused AST. @Parvis13 Thank you! **** #TMLondon #tmlondon I'm launching #digitalleaders after half term

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& we'd love a camera to play with to create resources to support other students :) #tmlondon #consultanthead xteanormal is great. #Tmlondon IS THE BEST THING IN THE WORLD!!! Can I have a camera now? 1man department in drama. #xtranormal would be great for Poetry! Thanks #tmlondon for the idea! #TMlondon Great ICT website for writing stories #TMLondon @consultanthead Rocks with this presentation! Xtranormal Teddy bear thrown at @consultanthead interesting talk #TMlondon #TMlondon first cuddly toy thrown for the night. How many more to come? #TMLondon I would love a visualiser as my poor classroom has no windows... It would make my students' day and brighten our lives for a bit!! Just won a visualiser/USB camera! @ #TMLondon Aaagh! The #TMLondon teddy got me!! @ICTEvangelist #tmlondon we are loving it very excited please can we win the camera!!! I'd love a camera, it would be great to record online lessons to help students #TMlondon Looks like #TMLondon going well! Good luck to all presenting! ICP:Spoon Feed No More book going into the raffle. #TMLondon going to use xtranormal at our in house teachmeet next week because we are xtranormal Too far south! They've even got quiche! @ICTEvangelist: @ConsultantHead Cake!? Any deep fried Mars bars? #TMLondon #TMlondon so easy to spot the #SEN teachers in the questions just asked @ipevo I teach in 14 different classrooms during a two week cycle, I'd love a visualiser I could take with me!! #TMLondon #Tmlondon is cool. Best place to be right now. Love 'extra normal' idea! #TMLondon what a venue @WalthamstowAcad and an inspiring group of people - good work @TeacherToolkit Primary School discussion at #tmlondon Q from presenter 'Any of you seen a year 6 student trash a

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classroom?' Worrying number of hands go up! #TMlondon @ConsultantHead thanks for fab website- #TMLondon #tmlondon q: who has experienced a child smear poo all over themselves? Spot the SEN teachers who put their hands up! My daughter deleted all my photos at xmas I would use the camera to take more #tmlondon #TMLondon ooohhhh here's the teddy! #tmlondon I'm launching #digitalleaders after half term & we'd love a @ipevo camera to play with to create resources to support students :) I love the waving of the teddy bear! #TMlondon #TMlondon love this talk on #behavior. #SEN Teddy has gone twice #tmlondon #TMLondon I 'm not a digital native. Camera would help to get me started! Is that a good reason? #tmlondon really interesting approach to managing #behaviour #becreative #thinkdifferent #awesome Lol @TeacherToolkit just "assaulted" another teacher with a #bear at #TMLondon #TMLondon do adults throw bears for no reason? #TMLondon @ConsultantHead Already got ideas for using xtranormal in my GCSE & BTEC PE groups. Excellent. #TMLondon ran out of time nooooooo #TMlondon @mrlockyer 6 feet 4.?????!!!!!!!! #TMLondon I am up next ! ****** Pegtastic! #TMlondon Ivana built that website... From scratch ..... For her own time.... and now is building one for English....#TMLondon @ipevo Forlorn, frustrated, fiery cheeked Eng teacher crouched over old rickety overhead projector. Could a visualiser save her? #TMLondon #TMLondon I want a camera love the geek chic! Discovered the new Peter Kaye @mrlockyer #TMLondon Uses for pegs - yr11 lips #TMLondon I WON A CAMERA AT #TMLONDON I AM TOO EXCITED!!!! #TMLondon @mrlockyer, speaking now...

TeachMeet London Feb 2013 Tweet Archive 18:39:08 eyebeams 18:39:20 jennyfer37 18:39:30 annatreth 18:39:38 SENConsultancy 18:39:51 Parvis13 18:40:10 kafilat_agboola 18:40:18 SENConsultancy 18:40:27 JazminCloud 18:40:34 EdintheClouds 18:40:39 ASTsupportAAli 18:40:41 AM52429087 18:40:50 inner_spark 18:41:05 jennyfer37 18:41:10 ojenikoh 18:41:18 ICTEvangelist 18:41:24 Parvis13 18:41:29 scientificrahim 18:41:42 inner_spark 18:41:47 ConsultantHead 18:41:53 Penny_Ten 18:41:54 SENConsultancy 18:41:55 annatreth

4% of teachers on Twitter Listen LIVE! to #TeachMeet London #TMLondon turn up your speakers Teachers have lots of ideas but are rubbish at sharing them. Totally agree @mrlockyer. #battt #tmlondon .@mrlockyer up now 'teachers have great ideas but we're rubbish at sharing them... only 4% teachers use Twitter' #TMlondon #TMlondon talked about not enough teachers on tweeter on way here tonight @mrlockyer @TeacherToolkit #tmlondon @AmyRoseyTaylor loving the pegs as a way if sharing ideas in the staffroom@ICTEvangelist Ivana is a truly dedicated and passionate maths teacher!!!! well done!!! #TMLondon @WalthamstowAcad #tmlondon all 6ft4 of him mastering the technology. @mrlockyer ... Calm under PPT pressure! Nuff respect #TMLondon #tmlondon technology nearly defeats @mrlockyer but he struggles through manfully, all 6'4" of him! @mrlockyer get that clicker working! :) #TMLondon #TMLondon @TeacherToolkit great resource on #TES #TMlondon #tmlondon @mrlockyer is right - he got me to upload my first resources to tes website and its great to see your views and downloads go up! #TMLONDON made me think I should join twitter (using hubby's account) @debrakidd: Ofsted inspector approved of the 5 minute lesson plan today. 'I really like this - simple and effective! ' he said. #TMLondon @TeacherToolkit #tmlondon 5 minute lesson plan rocks @mrlockyer watch out for the bear! #TMLondon Twitter is great for learning new thing, inspiration #battt #TMlondon Lovin' @mrlockyer 's big PowerPoint slides. #TMLondon We have no telly at home. My kids are suing me for neglect. A visualiser would help #tmlondon #TMlondon how many of us would not have known about tonight if it wasn't for #twitter? 'Convince your colleagues how great Twitter is... instant answers and resources' @mrlockyer #tmlondon

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#tmlondon BATTTUK - great idea from @mrlockyer. Let's all bring a teacher to Twitter! Amazingly, after our staff meeting at @BridgeHackney about sharing great ideas, @mrlockyer is talking about sharing ideas at #TMLondon Pass on the love, share ideas #payitforward #TMlondon #battuk great idea #TMLONDON Bet there's loads of entries for the chocolates! #TMLondon @ActionJackson very excitedly talking about amazingness! #TMlondon #TMlondon the key is great .... Ask any question the answer will be there... Great resource #tmlondon transforms middle leaders by encouraging them to be responsible for and proud of their achievements and providing ideas & CPD! #TMLondon it's Action Jackson time! I am AMAZING! #TMLondon Loving @Actionjackson at teachmeet london. I am sooooo amazing! @use_the_key pls follow #tmlondon People will be answering how can The Key unlock your chocolate box to win da chocs! @jennyfer37: @Actionjackson at #tmlondon. I love this man. Still chanting "we are amazing" from #tmbett13. Quietly. In my head. But still. So good to finally see @Actionjackson in the flesh!! #TMLondon I am amazing. We are amazing. We are amazing. Yeah. #tmlondon @Actionjackson #pma Sad not to be able to make tonight's #TMLondon hosted by @kafilat_agboola. Please keep us absentee tweachers posted on the buzz. Teachmeets can transform middle leadership by reminding ML's we're a profession at best when collaborating #tmlondon #TMlondon I am amazing, you are amazing: Yes @Actionjackson #TMLondon LOVE @ACTIONJACKSON! I am amazing! You are amazing! We are amazing! YES! #TMLondon Middle managers are everything - role models to staff and students LIVE IT! How am I going to follow @Actionjackson ?!?! #TMLondon I won a camera! Thanks TMLondon!! #TMLondon #TMLondon @mrlockyer

TeachMeet London Feb 2013 Tweet Archive

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Pegs on toes..... Flexibility in PE. Middle leaders will be better when working together - this power has a reach that will ripple on #TMLondon enables this - things can change! It's all about living it, anything is possible @actionjackson talking at #TMlondon @annatreth hello! Must say hello in person at the end of #tmlondon #tmlondon Teach Meets transform middle leadership by reminding us we are not alone and there are other people out there trying new things I am amazing! #TMLondon Great following all of the #TMLondon tweets keep them coming sounds like its all going very well #tmlondon No-one has tweeted wanting the @PEScholar voucher yet - c'mon!!! #tmlondon you are all amazing. #TMLondon How to be happier? Tell yourself you are amazing. Change your thoughts. @Actionjackson coaching the room! @TeacherToolkit #tmlondon transforms me as a middle leader by giving me the tools to be confident and empower the t and l in the classroom .@actionjackson is the most energetic presenter I've come across for a long time! Must be exhausting to be in his class ;-) #TMlondon Last time I worked with @ActionJackson was years ago at uni .... he says we're all amazing...I agree. #TMLondon @WalthamstowAcad @StuartLock Agree with you 10000% #TMLondon #TMlondon @Actionjackson positivity I am amazing, you are amazing, we are amazing YES! #TMlondon YES @Actionjackson #tmlondon @Penny_Ten @use_the_key - we love the key with or without chocolates Penny! #TMlondon #TMLONDON yes we can! @Actionjackson #tmlondon if I had the key, I'd have the the secret. I'd have the key to another way #urban cookie collective #TMLondon if @TeacherToolkit throws the teddy at @actionjackson I think he'll just hug him @Benita_Business #TMLondon teach meet reminds middle leaders that's it OK to be AMAZING! #TMLondon passionate about supporting young musicians

TeachMeet London Feb 2013 Tweet Archive 18:50:29 JazminCloud 18:50:36 UKEMIE 18:50:43 SlatRS_Classics 18:50:43 AnnaPalmer74 18:50:53 kennygfrederick 18:51:35 Penny_Ten

18:51:40 i2iPartnership In fairness, @Actionjackson IS pretty amazing #TMLondon #TMlondon teddy thrower @TeacherToolkit #TMLondon - network & collaboration opps, share POSITIVITY to cancel out negative thoughts :-) & SHARE AMAZING PRACTICE to make us better ML @TeacherToolkit #TMLondon BATTT movement required. Viva La Twitter Revolution! ActionJackson at #TMlondon making us all feeling amazing! @jennyfer37: #tmlondon if I had the key, I'd have the the secret. I'd have the key to another way #urban cookie collective @use_the_key #TMlondon We introduced 20 teachers to the world of Twitter earlier today during a Leading Edge conference: 4 new joined already! #batttuk #tmlondon @Actionjackson just up and now @TalkingDonkeyRE speaking about RE @lisacov19: #TMLondon smile - giggles & positive amazing stuff! From @Actionjackson** #TMLONDON I'd spend the PE voucher to buy skipping ropes to use in my SCience class to tire the little loves out Woohoo - just won @PhilBeadle 's book 'why are you shouting at us?' #tmlondon #Tmlondon @PEScholar the TMlondons stairs are like a warm up!. &@Actionjackson making us chant!! All PE right?! #tmlondon @TalkingDonkeyRE reminding me of my plan to start a specific A level twitter account Truly @actionjackson is amazing. I shall play a clip of him everyday! #TMLondon #TMLondon buzzword AMAZING! Go @actionjackson - big up! @talkingdonkeyre saying how great twitter is for school depts to use to share info with students- hooray for @qmsocsci ! #TMLondon #TMLondon Teachmeet shares amazing practice which helps middle leaders be even more AMAZING than they already are! #tmlondon and great idea - use an expert to answer student questions! Nice idea @talkingdonkeyre

18:51:40 TeacherToolkit

18:52:04 Actionjackson 18:52:06 ojenikoh 18:52:09 StuartLock 18:52:33 ASTsupportAAli 18:52:33 Msfleedavies 18:53:01 ConsultantHead 18:53:11 scientificrahim 18:53:25 MissBoldero

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TeachMeet London Feb 2013 Tweet Archive 18:53:41 AlexAtherton100 #TMLondon giving apologies......

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#TMLondon @PEScholar am I the only PE rep? Pegs on toes... If we all ran marathons, would we all be amazing?? Yes! Let's all sign up!! Good to see @actionjackson live showed his videos to my students 5 years ago! #tmlondon Ask enthusiastic experts to answer your students' questions - great idea from @talkingdonkeyre Thinking computing... #TMLondon @inner_spark: It's all about living it, anything is possible @actionjackson talking at #TMlondon** #TMLondon a twitter virgin getting inspired here tonight Wishing all you #TMLondon folk well for this evening. Too busy gearing up for #PedagooLondon in just three day. #ohmygod!!! Impressive e.g. of academic dept videoing answers for philosophy classes. Contact made through Twitter ;-) @talkingdonkeyre #TMlondon #tmlondon for presentation from @EdintheClouds #tmlondon - everyone should have an @actionjackson start to the day! Love the guy! @lisacov19: #TMLondon @TeacherToolkit waving a teddy at @Actionjackson The teddy did not attack me. Yeah! @talkingdonkeyre - loved the ask an expert idea #tmlondon @danlyndon up next #TMLondon @ConsultantHead: Truly @actionjackson is amazing. I shall play a clip of him everyday! #TMLondon Wow ! @edintheclouds very funny 'interpretative dance' #TMlondon At #tmlondon, ambushed into an interview by a former colleague. Thanks Ivan! @Actionjackson is amazing! Great idea for getting a pet university lecturer to answer high level questions on YouTube from @talkingdonkeyre #TMLondon Thanks to @davidwebster for answering student questions via - #reteacher check it out! #TMLondon Finally made it to #TMLondon. Hoorah! @EdintheClouds talking tech with warmth & humour. @Actionjackson is a force of nature and it sounds like he's working his magic at #TMLondon

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'Everywhere is a learning experience' #TMlondon awesome #tmlondon @edintheclouds now talking about technology in primary school. ICT no longer taught as separate subject but in every lesson. #TMLondon Feeling inspired ! @talkingdonkeyre #TMLondon Sending questions to teachers in different countries... an excuse to find teachers and travel abroad? #niceidea #TMLondon Big agree with not wasting money on VLEs, so much amazing free stuff if you know where to look. Share the great ones! Look. I'm just desperate. I'll sell my pet Labrador if I have to. Or give up Gin. I just reaaalllllly want an @ipevo camera #TMLondon @EdintheClouds @AmyRoseyTaylor loving the idea of learning is everywhere #tmlondon let student guide learning Great to see @EdintheClouds talking more good sense about the role of technology as enabler of effective pedagogy #TMlondon @uk_teacher you'd like @EdintheClouds presentation learning experience everywhere - is there a need for ICT suites? #TMLondon Already lost count of the number of times I've turned to the person next to me to say "what a great idea..." #tmlondon #TMLondon all the guest of the teachmeet get this as a gift... #tmlondon don't get caught up on the logo on the shiny bits of kit. #tmlondon Having one ict technician 'expert' in a school is outmoded! I here ya! Media teacher with no admin access to download anything grr @TeacherToolkit anymore #ipevo visualisers left? I'll use it - honest. Trust me, I'm a science teacher #TMLondon @EdintheClouds wow. You really have some fab ideas! #TMLondon #TMlondon @EdintheClouds fantastic approach to primary #TMLondon @edintheclouds works at an amazing school, we need less fear about using 'fun technology' for all aspects of school lives @MrSahotaICT You should check out @edintheclouds

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19:04:11 JazminCloud 19:04:12 ebd35 19:04:23 Parvis13 19:04:29 Geoff_Snailham 19:04:32 ICTEvangelist

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presentation on #TMLondon #tmlondon so lazy, we quit @TeacherToolkit Surely it's pretty lazy to get other teachers to answer your questions, as I've just presented on?!? #TMLondon #TMLondon although not there, I can encourage you all to be thinking about #battt go fellow battters. @batttuk Come on @PhilBeadle I'm got my best whistle and flute on for #TMLondon - im brassic lint and I've got my mince pies on your book! @ConsultantHead where's #tmlondon taking place?! @TeacherToolkit #tmlondon @PhilBeadle gis a butchers at ya book! Where are all the @RedbridgeColleg staff at #TMLondon ?? @TP_Review: #TMLondon Big agree with not wasting money on VLEs! With you on that one. #TMLondon Lazy teaching. I don't even mark their tests! They do that themselves with the Edexcel mark scheme! Strangely enough, it works! @MrWaldram @lisacov19 Come on Grandad, catch up! #tmlondon #battt I am so lazy in my lessons I use #quadblogging so students around the world mark my own students' writing so I don't have to... #tmlondon @TalkingDonkeyRE thank you - great presentation :) You ARE amazing. Hee hee. #TMLondon #TMLONDON yayyyy I won the voucher! @TeacherToolkit pls send to @MrsTripleO The room at #TMLondon #TMLondon loving the conveyer belt marking idea #TMLondon lazy teacher - pupil derived starters, group work, peer assessment, create their own questions and mark scheme - me walk around @ICTEvangelist @tp_review I love my VLE. It is #Moodle though. Slightly better. #TMLondon #TMLondon totally agree with idea of redrafting made a huge impact on progress @Mike_Bostock #TMlondon thank you #tmlondon - so lazy that during inspection, year 11 said 'all the teachers are running around, ur just chilling while we do all the work'

TeachMeet London Feb 2013 Tweet Archive 19:06:12 Msfleedavies 19:06:16 StuartLock 19:06:21 mrlockyer 19:06:28 Rico_Caraco 19:06:47 PE_SOC 19:06:55 ICTEvangelist 19:07:02 Actionjackson 19:07:04 Msfleedavies 19:07:43 avani_higgins 19:07:48 ConsultantHead 19:08:19 Parvis13 19:08:23 Msfleedavies 19:08:27 SENConsultancy 19:08:43 EdintheClouds 19:08:47 annatreth 19:08:47 AnnaPalmer74 19:09:10 EdintheClouds 19:09:32 StuartLock 19:09:33 11_lmw11 19:10:59 batttuk 19:11:08 jennyfer37

#tmlondon conveyor belt peer marking - students mark each others' work but one focus at a time then swap around - genius! Does it count to #battt if the teacher is sitting next to me wishing she could try to win prizes? #tmlondon Conveyor Belt Marking - a #genius idea from @danlyndon #TMLondon @PhilBeadle doing bird for this tweet it would be sweet to have a butchers at your how to teach @TMLondon book ! #TMLondon @PEScholar Are you presenting at #tmlondon tonight? Couldn't make it unfortunately @jennyfer37 @TP_Review which is great for you but how well used by rest of your colleagues? #TMLondon @natkin: #tmlondon - everyone should have an @actionjackson start to the day! Love the guy!** #tmlondon Pose Pause Pounce Bounce - still need to get my head round this. #TMLondon I'm so lazy that I'm just going to use all the strategies I picked up tonight. Job done! @ebd35 Walthamstow Academy. I hoped you were here. Brilliant night. #TMLondon [We need an #SEN one] @Parvis13: @AmyRoseyTaylor @TeacherToolkit @DanLyndon converyor belt marking can be used in any subject especially science Lang #tmlondon #tmlondon training students to intervene in each others' ideas. Genius! #tmlondon. Great @UKEMIE #TMlondon Thanks - loved yours too! I love working with 'difficult' kids! Like the 'pose, pause, pounce, bounce' @dylanwiliam idea for debates. Great for developing s&l techniques #TMlondon #TMLondon @philbeadle I'd love your rookydookdook to become a better tweacher. Apple & pears.......eerrrr @ASTsupportAAli #TMLondon thanks for the kind words! @kevbartle got that from @mrlockyer at #tmlondon #TMLondon felt guilty so have joined twitter another teacher on 5% now #TMLondon would love to be there but not. Keep pushing the battt love. X #tmlondon yay my pathetic plea worked! I'm a WINNER! Sort of. Goodbye dog. Goodbye g&t.

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#tmlondon. The break out room....back in 10mins. TeachMeet - Great CPD organised by teachers themselves whilst Government is wasting our money on silly political changes. #TMLondon #TMLondon I am amazing, you are amazing, we are amazing! Funda begging for a camera! #tmlondon Another attempt at winning a camera #tmlondon Is everyone at #TMLondon but me? Feel left out. Even my other half has left me. @mrlockyer @MrWaldram no I am correcting Mock exam papers in a cold bedroom with just the voices from #tmlondon keeping me company @MrWaldram I'm not at #TMLondon either. Had a staff meeting. :( @mrlockyer @kennygfrederick: @Penny_Ten @use_the_key - we love the key with or without chocolates Penny! #TMlondonditto x Bracelet buddies. I am amazing, you are amazing, we are amazing, YES! @mrlockyer @Actionjackson #tmlondon @sageypops try #TMLondon going on now! It would appear from the tweets I have missed out on a good evening at #TMLondon with @TeacherToolkit @Actionjackson #gutted #TMLondon is brilliant today. Needs an after show party!! #TMLondon back online at thanks to @eyebeams Good cake and fruit at #TMLondon @MrWaldram They obviously didn't read the small print! Next #TMLondon is on a Wed Staff meeting night too! : ( @mrlockyer @Actionjackson You even put your name to the tea... It's amazing! #TMLondon I just picked up a new follower during #TMLondon - surely that's worthy of a prize?! @mrlockyer @actionjackson did you mean bracelet?? #TMLondon Pic of my first tweet #TMLondon ...excited doesn't cover it :-P

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@rhickes - welcome to twitter - its a great learning tool. This #TMlondon is brilliant don't you think? @ConsultantHead #TMLondon that sounds like a plan :-) Need to lay off the wine at #TMLondon Got BTEC in the morning (great food by the way @TeacherToolkit ) Looking forward to having a read through the #TMLondon tweets Can't wait to get stuck into phil's book getting stuck into some #tmlondon inspiration right now, blossom hill not bad either lol #tmlondon Going to give these to some amazing teacher folk. Worth the trip to Walthamstow alone @Actionjackson #TMLondon love film club looking forward to the presentation :) @filmclub #TMlondon DIY education guide @bellaale @ICTmagic @MrWaldram @mrlockyer Me neither. Am on a train and watching via Twitter! #TMlondon @lisacov19 always fab to hear when digital leaders get a shout out! #Dlchat Hope all is going well at #TMLondon #TMLondon can"t wait to hear Jolene Gaff!! @ictmagic up now #tmlondon #tmlondon Ah the suave tones of @ICTmagic #tmlondon has just made a colleague promise to join twitter tonight - result! @kevbartle #TMLondon Looking forward to #PedagooLondon too. Big geeky week for me! @batttuk I just taught two people to use it at #TMLondon #tmlondon weird having a virtual @ICTmagic should be here doing it live @TeacherToolkit #tmlondon @AmyRoseyTaylor we really want to win a prize it's our first time here and we will be back!!! @ICTmagic watching your YouTube video right now! #TMLondon The second half of #TeachMeet London is now broadcasting #tmlondon @lisacov19: #TMLondon great break with networking & free button badge from @actionjackson @MrWaldram @Actionjackson dm me your addy and I'll pop one in the post ;) #TMLondon @SENConsultancy I agree. I had a staff meeting. :

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( #TMLondon Funny to see a room full of teachers looking at their laps during #TMLondon #tweeting #TMLondon still not sure I like twitter... #TMLondon can vouch for history pin, great site Having a bit too much fun playing with my new twitter account, thanks #TMLondon Halfway through teachmeet @WalthamstowAcad. So many ideas to try in the classroom tomorrow. #TMLondon the best CPD @ICTmagic @mrwaldram @mrlockyer Martin, got a link to your presentation? #TMLondon #TMLondon These camera lights are giving me a headache... @eyebeams: If you have never been to a #TeachMeet listen to #TmLondon going on now - LIVE AUDIO @sageypops @ICTmagic @mrwaldram But you are presenting well now Martin! #tmlondon About to speak on #TMLondon #tmlondon a few chuckles at "classic fm listeners like me..." from @ictmagic @mrlockyer @mrwaldram I'm listening to the audio feed... of me! #TMLondon @TeacherToolkit #TMLondon #TMLondon ICT Magic - loads of ideas! So many great websites it's hard to get them all down! Try and to start #TMlondon Some great suggestions and helpful websites by @ICTmagic #TMlondon #TMLondon bloomin' eck I've learnt more from @ICTmagic in 6 minutes than I have from some whole day INSETs!! #TMlondon thanks @ictmagic as always. ps @mrlockyer just made fun of you #tmlondon "he's a 60 year old man trapped in a 30 year olds body" @mrlockyer on @ICTmagic Best Wishes to all the educators currently taking part in #tmlondon :) #futuristex @jennyfer37 @mrwaldram Actually we're #bracketbuddies #tmlondon @mrlockyer I heard that... just... through my ear trumpet. #TMLondon @ICTmagic @mrlockyer @MrWaldram Thanks for the

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@zondle shout out, really appreciate it. Enjoy rest of #TMLondon If you have never been to a #TeachMeet listen to #TmLondon going on now - LIVE AUDIO listen now Excellent discussion indeed! #tmlondon #futuristex #TMlondon fab to see a young gentleman here who's only 17 Awesome, inspiring guy talking now. What's his name? #TMlondon @iambjay now presenting at #TMLondon - he is an A Level student... #TMLondon 17 year old teaching the teachers. I'm curious are you?! @katekelly20 #TMLondon An inspiring guy! "teachers are failing to help their students to be like me..." ooh er... interesting change in tone for the evening. #tmlondon RT "@eyebeams: If you have never been to a #TeachMeet listen to #TmLondon going on now - LIVE AUDIO listen now" Give a brother a break #TMLondon #TMLondon let's follow all the enthusiastic teachers here at this #TMLondon today! RT- follow the person who tweets! #weareamazing MT @annatreth @eyebeams: If you have never been to a #TeachMeet listen to #TmLondon - LIVE AUDIO listen now #edchatie Remember live audio provided by @eyebeams so you can listen live online ANYWHERE! #TMLondon @ConsultantHead -do you mean there is no after party? That's not what Ross told me! Never mind - next time at #TMlondon COME ON #TMLONDON RT @scientificrahim: Give a brother a break #TMLondon #tmlondon @iambjay - young people must be taught how to be more curious. Wow. #tmlondon

19:40:53 kennygfrederick

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TeachMeet London Feb 2013 Tweet Archive 19:41:47 eyebeams 19:41:49 Actionjackson 19:41:59 jennyfer37 19:42:21 inner_spark

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19:45:12 WhiteRoseExile

Just a quick plug for my site where you will find interviews, sound and video from tonight #TeachMeet #TMLondon Favourite this for later "For Teachers 2013" #TMLondon Young people should be taught to be curious. A great lesson from a 17 yr old student @iambjay #TMLondon @lisacov19 @TeacherToolkit @iambjay #TMLondon agree, great speaker. Want to talk with him about #payitforward #tmlondon @iambj Amazing motivated young man - there's a beautiful partnership here with @Actionjackson methinks. Amazing curiosity @EdintheClouds That's my 'slow and measured' voice. I don't get to use it often. #TMLondon When is #TMLondon @ClaudeBinns: @batttuk I just taught two people to use it at #TMLondon Excellent. Teaching on the hoof. 30 #coolpoints Its good to reflect #TMlondon Laziness could be a gift #TMlondon Just so you know, I am the handsome, youthful half of #battt @mrlockyer is the other one. #TMLondon #tmlondon we are all not lazy - at least a 12 hour day today ;) I like that I can be lazy encouraging colleagues to get on twitter by looking at Funda tomorrow #tmlondon #TMLondon I'm lazier than everyone- as I won't even read the book if I win!! #GA-repost: #TMLondon #googleapps from all #gtauk tweachers via @ICTmagic: #TMLondon #googleapps from all #g... #TMLondon if I were a dragon... I would be lazy! (2 prize attempts in 1 tweet mwah ha ha) "@lisacov19: @TeacherToolkit: @inner_spark @iambjay Great! #TMLondon" thank you @ICTmagic #TMLondon Your talk went down really well in the room, Martin. #TMlondon if I was a dragon I'd never have a problem with parking. #TMLondon Absolutely made up about the new book prize. Definitely the one I was hoping for. A good night just got better!

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19:45:15 stephwelsford 19:45:27 AnnaPalmer74 19:45:33 TP_Review

19:45:34 Parvis13 19:45:36 EdintheClouds 19:45:43 CorrieRuth 19:45:45 rhickes 19:45:57 ICTmagic 19:45:58 Actionjackson 19:46:02 EmmaJayMarsh 19:46:14 AlexTrenoweth 19:46:23 LEVELLELONDON 19:46:30 MrWaldram

19:46:36 Actionjackson 19:46:39 natlorks

Are you at @WalthamstowAcad? Please tweet your pictures... #TMLondon I love reading because it opens doors to new worlds and makes this one a challenge and an adventure (for me and my students). #TMLondon I love reading because I am the chief learner at all times!! #TMLondon Hoping teachers as well as management will reflect on some of the brilliant ICT advice and ideas here tonight. @TeacherToolkit #tmlondon I have reflected on how wonderful this evening is and sharing ideas with my school @AmyRoseyTaylor @TP_Review #TMLondon Thanks for the kind words! #TMLondon If I were a dragon I would set fire to Gove then attempt to eat him but spit him out because he is indigestible. #TMLondon If i were a dragon I would reflect (!) on all this fab thinking and idea sharing @jennyfer37 My presentation is at Enjoy #TMLondon I love reading because it sets my brain on fire************#TMLondon @TeacherToolkit: @iambjay now presenting at #TMLondon - he is an A Level student... gwarn Bejay!! #TMLondon go jojo!!! @Actionjackson: I love reading because it sets my brain on fire************#TMLondon @EdintheClouds: @ICTmagic #TMLondon Your talk went down really well in the room, Martin. Doesn't even need to be there. #masterful @jennyfer37: @MrWaldram @Actionjackson dm me your addy and I'll pop one in the post ;) #TMLondon he has to work for it! Love the belief in achievement for SEN students at Walthamstow academy #tmlondon #tmlondon @PEScholar voucher still up for grabs. Funny PE references please... #tmlondon Presentation on SEN & learning support 20

19:46:42 TeacherToolkit 19:46:49 ragazza_inglese

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much needed. @JackDurant2 is transfixed. I love reading because I adore the opportunity to delve into other times, places, stories and adventures! It's pure escapism #TMLondon #TMLondon ReflectReflectReflectReflectReflectReflectReflectReflectRe flectReflectReflectReflectReflectReflectReflectReflectRefle ctReflect #tmlondon Your hosts are @mrlockyer @kafilat_agboola & @TeacherToolkit Audio by @eyebeams @TeacherToolkit #tmlondon lazy by getting student to give feedback to each other after assessment in green pen! @thelazyteacher I love reading because... I can escape to another dimension. #Tmlondon #TMLondon if I were a dragon I would breathe fire into the bellies of all my students to be entrepreneurs, risk takers and AMAZING! #TMLondon If I were a dragon..... I'd stop living by the sea and I would start using mouth wash! #tediouslink @jennyfer37 @edintheclouds Ooh. Wish I was there. :-( #TMLondon RT @Actionjackson: Favourite this for later "For Teachers 2013" #TMLondon Thx for this AJ. Lifted a cloud! #TMLondon I love reading because when I am reading I cannot be marking GCSE stuff @ICTmagic: @jennyfer37 My presentation is at Enjoy #TMLondon thanks - I am! @TeacherToolkit following tweets from #tmlondon great #cpd @Actionjackson @jennyfer37 always working, Action. Show me the money... #TMLondon Free stickers and temp tattoos to #TMLondon followers. Email with your postal address :) I love reading because it has a services halfway to my home town of WSM #tmlondon

19:47:08 TeacherToolkit

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19:47:18 WhiteRoseExile 19:47:19 uk_teacher 19:47:22 MrMalcontent 19:47:26 CorrieRuth 19:47:29 jennyfer37 19:47:45 Stephen_Logan 19:47:46 MrWaldram

19:47:51 zondle 19:48:09 StuartLock

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19:49:15 StuartLock 19:49:21 iambjay 19:49:22 SENConsultancy 19:49:24 Sorrell_KM 19:49:29 AM52429087 19:49:59 AlexTrenoweth 19:50:11 TP_Review 19:50:21 JazminCloud 19:50:29 mrlockyer

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@batttuk: Just so you know, I am the handsome, youthful half of #battt @mrlockyer is the other one. #TMLondon ****** Reflect on your successes EVERY DAY! #TMLondon #TMlondon insightful SEN presentation I love reading. (Full stop) #TMLondon #TMLondon Reflecting on how I can use the lazy teacher book to improve my taming dragon skills! Fantastic Jolene!!! #TMLondon totally inclusive learning @MrWaldram: @Actionjackson @jennyfer37 always working, Action. Show me the money...#TMLondon 50 push-ups filmed and posted ** #TMLondon If I were a dragon..... I'd avoid blokes called George riding horses as we all know what happened last time! I love reading because I learn from opposing arguments when reading, rather than responding defensively #tmlondon @natkin @ActionJackson lets connect #TMLondon #tmlondon raise the status of LSA's. in secondary tie them to a department and make them specialist. #bestpractice If I were a dragon I would fly around to all teach meets across the country #TMLondon #TMLondon @AM52429087: #TMLondon if I were a dragon I would bring a fiery passion to my classroom!! Reflecting on an awesome teach meet! #TMLondon so proud of Jolene Gaff!! #TMLondon maybe Jolene should win the notebook, she got 'reflect' into her excellent presentation! #TMLondon I love reading because books are the cathedrals of the mind @MrWaldram @teachertoolkit @pescholar I scored a penalty on the opening day of the new Saracens stadium! #TMLondon @eyebeams #tmlondon g'day everyone from #teachmeet London! Have a great evening. Woken up to beautiful sunrise this am. "@TeacherToolkit: @iambjay now presenting at #TMLondon - he is an A Level student..." it was a pleasure. #TMlondon Importance of CPD for #LSAs @Parvis13 @ictevangelist what has been something new you learnt today? #tmlondon

TeachMeet London Feb 2013 Tweet Archive 19:52:35 Msfleedavies #tmlondon YAY POETRY YAY 19:52:38 JazminCloud 19:52:54 SENConsultancy 19:52:59 ICTEvangelist

19:53:35 kateboshier

19:54:02 MrWaldram 19:54:42 19:55:12 19:55:35 19:55:42 SENConsultancy MrsTripleO TeacherToolkit natlorks

19:56:05 stephwelsford 19:56:08 StuartLock 19:56:13 inner_spark 19:56:19 ClaudeBinns 19:56:21 AnnaPalmer74 19:56:25 dan_bowen 19:56:50 kateboshier 19:57:19 JazminCloud 19:57:28 ICTmagic 19:57:57 dan_bowen 19:58:07 SENConsultancy 19:58:24 Benita_Business 19:58:24 7Mrsjames 19:58:40 kateboshier 19:58:50 Msfleedavies 19:59:06 JazminCloud

#TMLondon Yaaaaay! Just won at @thelazyteacher book!! I love Teachmeets ******** #TMlondon time for a poetry lesson @7Mrsjames: @Parvis13 @ictevangelist what has been something new you learnt today? #tmlondon new way of doing mid-lesson learning checks COME ON #TMLONDON RT @scientificrahim: Give a brother a break #TMLondon lov'n it! @Msfleedavies to win! @lisacov19: @mrlockyer @mrwaldram @teachertoolkit @pescholar think you should win the PE thing #TMLondon I was thinking the same thing #tmlondon not many tweets during poetry. #TMLondon am I allowed to smash the money box? @Adisapoet up now speaking at #TMLondon I love reading coz you get poets like this! #TMLondon #TMLondon I heart @adisapoet! He is always brilliant with our Year 8s and was brilliant with us tonight too! Poetry! Very good!! #tmlondon @Adisapoet great poetry from adisapoet #TMlondon #TMLondon really enjoyed the SEN presentation inspirational! #TMLondon It's Hot Hot Hot here! This virgin teachmeeter is in awe!! #PedagooLondon and #TMEssex here I come! #wicked #tmlondon sounds fun tonight Just joined #TMLondon via Mixlr- great sound! Well done sound person. #TMLondon oh hello @TeachingLeaders - fancy seeing you here!! #heroteachers @AnnaPalmer74 Yay! I'm hosting #TMEssex. Will see you there. :) #TMLondon Im not at #tmlondon but try for some great ideas for tech :-) #TMlondon talk about middle leaders #TMLondon Adissa the verbaliser inspiring! A must have in schools. Bringing poetry and language to life!! #tmlondon just listening to live sound feed -was that @actionjackson that just presented? He is a funny guy! #TMLONDON sound just dropped out... :( #tmlondon @TeachingLeaders speaking currently. Something I have thought about... Interesting. #TMLondon the @TeachingLeaders programme has

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seriously changed my life - jump on board! @MrWaldram @lisacov19 @teachertoolkit @pescholar #sarcastic #tmlondon hands up who ran a half marathon recently. Eh?! @TeachingLeaders application nearly done good to see you at #tmlondon @TeacherToolkit @eyebeams My audio feed has dropped. :( #TMLondon @adisapoet mentioned Miroslav Holub's poem 'The Door' here's an interesting link #teachmeet #tmlondon #TMLondon can't believe I can play on my phone whilst someone is speaking and not getting told off!!! #tmlondon wish I'd picked up more cake. Thanks to @Mike_Bostock the food and drink at #TMLondon were awesome Funda is planning for tomorrow. LOL #Tmlondon #TMLondon Middle leaders have a huge role to play. Lets invest in them and help them flourish. SLT can't do everything... Teaching Leaders is fantastic @teachingleaders. Excellent overview Lucy! #TMLondon An excellent route, if you can! Amazing!!!! #tmlondon Great to hear @Adisapoet again. Happy memories of Yr 9 poetry project with him & National Trust at Khadambi Asalache's house. #TMLondon loving my "I am amazing" bracelet!! Thanks @actionjackson!! @lisacov19 @ICTmagic Ah thanks for the shout out. Enjoy #TMLondon Just struck gold and won @thelazyteacher book at the #TMLondon. #TMLondon any #foodtech #homeec #ict #re or #drama teachers there? At the very least: Got a free wristband (Amazing) Feel super inspired! #TMLondon Thanks @TeacherToolkit #TMLondon @TeachingLeaders An amazing middle leaders programme! I cannot recommend it enough! @AlexTrenoweth ironically if one of my students was tapping away on a phone it'd get confiscated.... #doublestandards #TMLondon @MonstersCanRead You're Welcome. It's a great

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20:03:33 Mike_Bostock

resource. #TMLondon @ConsultantHead My Pleasure Andrew. Practical evidence that it is the most important resource of the evening! #TMLondon #tmlondon

20:04:01 TeacherToolkit

@filmclubuk now up speaking.... @WhiteRoseExile: Just struck gold and won 20:04:15 ICTEvangelist @thelazyteacher book at the #TMLondon. Enjoy! Which one? Theyre both full of gems. #tmlondon trying to avoid the joke "The first rule of Film 20:04:28 Msfleedavies Club is..." 20:04:30 dan_bowen Tools to teach coding #tmlondon @Sorrell_KM thank you-make sure Lucy does some 20:05 TeachingLeaders tweeting (from her colleague who's stranded away from #TMLondon and is sorry to be missing!) @ded2je: #TMLondon I may invest in a bear for our next slt 20:05:16 ieshasmall meeting. >>> I'll start renting out @kevbartle @filmclubuk #TMlondon Adwoa is the education support 20:05:25 UKEMIE for my school :) and great 20:05:39 ASTsupportAAli @KerryPulleyn you following the hash tag? #TMLondon Dont forget google earth layers...animal tracking, real time 20:05:50 dan_bowen weather..amazing scope for all subjects #tmlondon Middle leaders are the powerhouse that enable the vision 20:07:10 ICTEvangelist to take place. Grow, support and give time to develop #TMLondon 20:07:45 jennyfer37 FilmClub looks awesome. I want to join! #TMLondon @Benita_Business: #TMLondon 17 year old teaching the 20:07:57 sidchip64 teachers. I'm curious are you?! @oldandrewuk @TeachingLeaders #TMLondon one tries- I am sorry I 20:07:58 kateboshier didn't make it! It sounded great- well done! 20:08:06 UKEMIE #TMlondon fantastic talks tonight :) "@TeacherToolkit: #tmlondon @iambjay - young people 20:08:07 amazingict must be taught how to be more curious."They are naturally curious..we need to encourage 20:08:07 Msfleedavies #tmlondon pe scholar #TMLondon seriously @filmclubuk - I could have played 20:08:07 JazminCloud that shout the film game for another 10 minutes! Lots of great ideas at #tmlondon. Try one out and evaluate 20:08:15 EducEndowFoundn it using the EEF's DIY Evaluation Guide! 20:08:28 AlexTrenoweth #TMLondon pe scholar!! #tmlondon pe scholar I can pass it onto my one geek 20:08:42 stephwelsford spouse!

TeachMeet London Feb 2013 Tweet Archive 20:08:43 UKEMIE @PEScholar #TMlondon I want the voucher :) pleaseeeee 20:08:45 iambjay #TMLondon I want the voucher please . P e 20:09:13 WhiteRoseExile 20:09:14 AlexTrenoweth 20:09:14 Msfleedavies 20:09:27 rhickes 20:09:32 stephwelsford 20:09:35 _JPMason 20:09:41 eyebeams 20:09:44 kateboshier 20:09:52 UKEMIE

20:09:54 zondle 20:10:06 Rico_Caraco 20:10:06 ICTEvangelist 20:10:07 wyvernwilkins 20:10:14 AnnaPalmer74

20:10:27 ethinking 20:10:32 SENConsultancy 20:10:33 TeacherToolkit 20:10:56 CapitaTeachers 20:11:19 mrlockyer 20:11:27 kennygfrederick 20:11:29 StuartLock 20:11:37 Benita_Business

#TMLondon Ibby dibby dibby 1,2,3. @PEScholar please pick me! #TMLondon please give me a prize for pe scholar @kateboshier come to the next #tmlondon - it's at my school @BridgeHackney ! I want the voucher PE scholar #TMLondon #tmlondon or pe geek spouse even! @itPressUK just won a big bag of books. Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!! @TeacherToolkit @mrlockyer #TMLondon image Filmclub up now at #TeachMeet London #TMLondon #TMLondon @pescholar!, pick me! @ieshasmall: @ded2je: #TMLondon I may invest in a bear for our next slt meeting.I'll start renting out @kevbartle good idea Wow, #TMLondon hash tag is crazy busy this evening. Free stickers and temp tattoos from @zondle. em with postal addr @tmlondon superstar Adwoa for filmclub @filmclubuk bringing stories to the screen #tmlondon #inspirational @OhLottie: @eyebeams talking about as a tool for teaching chn coding #tmlondon hackasaurus rocks #edtech #TMLondon is crazy It's like a zoo but full of teachers! #TMLondon #pescholar Please can I have It? Thanks so much! Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx #TMLondon @Penny_Ten @iambj @actionjackson u were highlight of #tmbett13 --- mind u I left just after - thought I was at billy graham rally #tmlondon #filmclub the first rule of film club is talk about film club. Fantastic charity resource for schools. #TMlondon - are we trending? Sounds like people have had a fab time at #tmlondon what was the best bit? #jealous @ICTmagic: @mrlockyer Any chance of a plug for TMEssex at #tmlondon Will do. #TMLondon - PE scholar higher, faster longer more time on the curriculum! @TeacherToolkit apparently so #tmlondon @ieshasmall #TMLondon 17 year old reminding us that we

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20:11:46 mrlockyer 20:11:56 ICTmagic 20:11:57 wyvernwilkins 20:12:47 Showmyhomework 20:12:47 Msfleedavies 20:12:55 Sorrell_KM 20:13:05 JazminCloud 20:13:19 ICTmagic 20:13:33 Penny_Ten 20:13:38 dan_bowen 20:13:47 Benita_Business 20:13:55 SENConsultancy 20:14:08 iambjay 20:14:12 AM52429087 20:14:25 AlexTrenoweth 20:14:59 EdintheClouds 20:15:01 jennyfer37 20:15:12 SENConsultancy 20:15:16 eyebeams 20:15:43 Msfleedavies 20:16:01 ICTmagic

need not only to teach content but also curiosity. Confident and eloquent #goodjob! @MrWaldram @lisacov19 @teachertoolkit @pescholar Leave me alone! #TMLondon @TeacherToolkit Yeap. #TMLondon is trending at number one right now. #TMLondon #TMLondon you'd think this would be easy. $100 bill by simply opening the box... #magic #tmlondon is trending! Well done team! Please please I want a voucher #TMLondon @ICTmagic @teachertoolkit Woohoo!! #TMLondon @PEScholar Was a joke actually... I'm not at #TMLondon, so I can't win it anyway. #tmlondon I did it! But the money is fake. Boooo "@TeacherToolkit: #TMlondon - are we trending?" Yes ...... #TMLondon won my first ever prize at TMLondon #happy! Aiming for a digital camera next time! ;-) @ICTmagic: @mrlockyer Any chance of a plug for TMEssex at #tmlondon Will do." Just done @amazingict @TeacherToolkit yes encourage , harness and reward 'curiousity'. #TMLondon #TMLondon @PEScholar frustrated drawing doodling after tweeting lots but not getting a prize! I am still amazing!! #TMLondon c'mon you know you want to give me a prize!!! Please!! #tmlondon I agree with everything that @enliven_ed said. Excellent stuff! @ICTEvangelist @ohlottie @eyebeams Love xray googles. MFL teacher told IT students were "hacking the internet" in lesson. Oops! #TMLondon @ICTmagic @PEScholar #TMlondon need to make sure your here next time Put on now and listen while you mark #TMLondon #tmlondon WITHOUT RULES THERE WOULD BE CHAOS! @SENConsultancy Would love to, but I have staff meetings on Wednesday. :( #TMLondon

TeachMeet London Feb 2013 Tweet Archive 20:16:03 jennyfer37 20:16:06 TeacherToolkit 20:16:11 Showmyhomework 20:16:20 scientificrahim 20:16:25 MrsTripleO 20:16:40 aminah_naz

20:16:44 ethinking 20:16:49 amazingict 20:17:04 dan_bowen 20:17:08 jennyfer37 20:17:17 ASTsupportAAli 20:17:25 natlorks 20:17:25 JazminCloud 20:17:33 Msfleedavies

@MrWaldram @actionjackson oooh lucky us! Can't wait ;o) #TMLondon @JMCowey now up speaking at #TMLondon about restorative approach to sanctions... @dan_bowen :-) #TMLondon I'm trying and I'm feeling amaZing @Actionjackson @danlyndon being curious at #TMLondon #TMLondon #jmcowey think this is going to be interesting, better stop tweeting and put on my listening ears A series of "amazing" ideas. Thanks to all that came up and shared their practices. I have leant so much from everyone. #Tmlondon #tmbett13 @dan_bowen @actionjackson I AM A GRINCH - shouting "I am amazing" - will only irritate me - it won't make me believe #TMLondon @eyebeams It is sounding good...from rural CPD for the day...Great #tmlondon Couple more for ya #tmlondon. Appshed..amazing for creating apps. Try literacyshed for all things liter innit @Penny_Ten: #tmlondon I did it! But the money is fake. Boooo dead impressed. I gave up. @JOHNSAYERS I was expecting you here at #TMLondon but then realised you're in Newcastle! :( Keep it authentic #TMLondon #TMLondon @JMCowey already has me hooked... #tmlondon talk on restorative model - happy @JMCowey booked the longer slot this time! #TMLondon 2 more presentations to go....@natkin & @Showmyhomework @jennyfer37: @Penny_Ten: #tmlondon I did it! But the money is fake. Boooo dead impressed. I gave up. Me too My mic is working now, so if you're physically present at #Teachmeet come to the back if you want to be interviewed after the show #tmlondon #TMLondon Almost at an end :-( #tmlondon restorative model - relies on relationships. @JMCowey @deacon_70 @ICTEvangelist: @OhLottie: @eyebeams talking about as a tool for teaching chn coding #tmlondon

20:18:05 TeacherToolkit

20:18:06 SENConsultancy

20:18:20 eyebeams 20:18:38 mrlockyer 20:18:44 Msfleedavies 20:18:58 smanfarr

TeachMeet London Feb 2013 Tweet Archive 20:19:01 kafilat_agboola 20:19:56 dan_bowen 20:20:08 Penny_Ten

#TMLondon @WalthamstowAcad now trending on twitter across UK!!! We are amazing like @ActionJackson said Innovations in Learning: 8 approaches to learning that are proven to be effective. View the list here #tmlondon #tmlondon who won the @use_the_key chocs? Missed it somehow! #TMLondon @Showmyhomework now speaking about information overload... Great feeling winning the @PEScholar voucher love #TMLondon ******#tmlondon trending! #TMlondon setting up a support network for BME teachers/educators interested in helping? Message me @UKEMIE :) @iffypifs thank you! I won a camera! #tmlondon "@Showmyhomework: @dan_bowen :-) #TMLondon I'm trying and I'm feeling amaZing @Actionjackson" me tooo. Woop woop @kafilat_agboola: #TMLondon @WalthamstowAcad now trending on twitter across UK!!! We are amazing like @ActionJackson said**** @Showmyhomework want to know more sounds great #TMlondon #TMLondon haha @natkin you're funny... Teabags... #tmlondon @natkin gives away free TEA BAGS on the graveyard shift. Love it! #TMLondon @natkin now up speaking at #TMLondon - the last presentation.... #tmlondon 'Physics through surfing.' I'm sold. #TMLondon @natkin throwing tea bags around the room... #tmlondon @natkin making tea bags fly! @Penny_Ten @use_the_key I'll happily take one for the team if required.....#TMLondon @Actionjackson #TMlondon interested in finding out more about your work with kids :) If you can answer the question with google - ask a better

20:20:12 TeacherToolkit

20:20:18 iambjay 20:20:32 kateboshier 20:20:36 UKEMIE 20:20:51 frandelafrou 20:21:14 dan_bowen

20:21:27 Actionjackson 20:22:48 UKEMIE 20:22:50 JazminCloud 20:22:55 Msfleedavies

20:22:56 TeacherToolkit 20:22:59 ragazza_inglese 20:23:57 TeacherToolkit 20:23:59 ASTsupportAAli 20:24 jennyfer37

20:24:03 UKEMIE 20:25:09 Msfleedavies

TeachMeet London Feb 2013 Tweet Archive 20:25:26 TeacherToolkit 20:25:34 rachelala 20:25:34 scientificrahim 20:25:49 SENConsultancy 20:26:02 kateboshier

20:26:21 JPAMDG 20:26:21 MrsTripleO 20:26:24 annatreth 20:26:42 dan_bowen 20:26:50 Sorrell_KM 20:26:58 Showmyhomework 20:27:20 ICTmagic 20:29:41 kateboshier 20:30:39 kateboshier 20:30:51 ASTsupportAAli 20:31:05 ICTmagic 20:32:57 JazminCloud 20:33:26 TalkingDonkeyRE 20:34:07 dan_bowen 20:34:31 JazminCloud 20:35:02 amazingict

question. @natkin #tmlondon Fire at #tmlondon by @natkin Greetings to #tmlondon wish I could have made it today. Some great tweets popping up How to make a tea bag fly? Gold chain, fur coat and a nice car! #TMLondon #tmlondon @Msfleedavies: If you can answer the question with google - ask a better question. @natkin #tmlondon nice one! seriously Physics through surfing? Yeah I'm up for it @ragazza_inglese #TMLondon you guys seem to be having a great night! #TMLondon brilliant event, so glad I came Great range of speakers at #TMlondon. Thanks @TeacherToolkit et al! Some good inspiration on Mr Rylands blog #tmlondon -some great timelines on it recently (pre made and ones u create) Brilliant & amazing #TMLondon @UKEMIE Would love to share our story. My slides for tonight are on @TeacherToolkit #TMLondon page #TMEssex 18th Mar - just down to road from #TMLondon. Get ticket There's food & I'm hosting. #ukedchat Pls RT @filmclubuk free and students get to write reviews! Check it out! #TMLondon @eyebeams thanks for #TMLondon radio version! Great work! Big shout out to @TeacherToolkit and @mrlockyer for organising and all others! Loved it! #TMLondon My #TMLondon presentation (and many others) can be found at #ukedchat #SLTchat #TMLondon Apologies to all my #SHoM followers. I've been speaking at a meeting of teachers from other schools this evening, hence tweets! #TMLondon I know you have seen it but just incase great video abt Computer coding?! #tmlondon #TMLondon I have never felt so energised at the end of a 13 hour work day! Thankyou @TeacherToolkit and the London tweachers! RT @kateboshier: @filmclubuk free and students get to write reviews! Check it out! #TMLondon

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20:43:38 SlatRS_Classics 20:45:08 SlatRS_Classics 20:45:48 benniekara

20:47:26 ethinking 20:48:11 PEScholar 20:51:42 unseenflirt 20:54:36 ICTmagic 20:54:52 angieyork 20:57:51 kevbartle 21:00:29 StuartLock 21:01:20 thelazyteacher

21:02:10 thelazyteacher

21:03:17 ICTmagic 21:28:31 Parvis13 21:45:35 KateKelly20 21:46:20 TLBulmershe 21:50:25 iambjay

RT @dan_bowen: I know you have seen it but just incase great video abt Computer coding?! #tmlondon MT totally agree! Haha stuck in the carpark, barriers finally opened then started closing down on us. Ta to the guy who tried to help! #TMLondon @MissBoldero Awesome TeachMeet, loved it! @MissBoldero @TeacherToolkit @WalthamstowAcad #TMLondon :-) #tmlondon Argh! Couldn't make it tonight and I know I've missed an amazing event! Following tweets to see what I've missed... #TMLondon #ukedchat #SLTchat interesting discussion: lining up in silence/quietly? What's it actually about? @iambjay Congratulations Bejay! #TMLondon Just saw an invitation to TeachMeet London on my school CPD blog, come on twitter and #TMLondon is trending. Wow I'm slow. Any #TMLondon-ers want to be on the Twitter map? @astirrup34 @MrsKRyder have you seen #tmlondon is trending! @UKEMIE: @ieshasmall: @ded2je: #TMLondon I may invest in a bear for our next slt meeting.I'll start renting out @kevbartle good idea :-/ Good job @TeacherToolkit and @mrlockyer - enjoyed #tmlondon @WhiteRoseExile: Just struck gold and won @thelazyteacher book at the #TMLondon.Hope you had a good night - no doubt loads of learning! @JazminCloud: #TMLondon Yaaaaay! Just won at @thelazyteacher book!! I love Teachmeets ******** Did you pick it before or after the chocolates! @TeacherToolkit @mrlockyer Even from afar #TMLondon was great fun to listen to. But you really need to stop organising them on Wednesdays! @TeacherToolkit #tmlondon @AmyRoseyTaylor brilliant teachmeet will be back for more Loving drinking from my winning mug. Inspirational night. #TMlondon Just spent evening at Amazing #TMLondon will be putting some of the ideas learnt together and sharing! @ieshasmall @Benita_Business evening, thanks for the words of encouragement. What do you guy's work as?

TeachMeet London Feb 2013 Tweet Archive 21:51:15 jennyfer37 21:52:58 scientificrahim 21:56:36 SENConsultancy 21:57:05 CaptainGove 21:57:16 Actionjackson

21:58:50 MrWaldram

21:58:53 eyebeams

22:18:33 ICTEvangelist

22:25:17 ICTEvangelist 22:26:34 ASTsupportAAli 22:35:37 natkin

#TMLondon @uk_teacher it was really good fun and I learned some stuff #bonus :) #tmlondon @batttuk @mrlockyer on my way home from #TMLondon Gonna get the Teach First teachers onto Twitter tomorrow. Welcome to our new followers from #TMlondon. Thank you @mrlockyer @TeacherToolkit & Walthamstow Academy for tonight. #lovecpd Like my dashboard idea? Check me with the digital lingo. #TMLondon #TMlondon Oh yeah I forgot to mention that I have an app. Type in "Action Jackson" available on #Iphone & #Android @CaptainGove: Like my dashboard idea? Check me with the digital lingo. #TMLondon Tool. #TMLondon #TeachMeet broadcast at #WalthamstowAcademy archived here and here vid to follow Collection of my recent posters using #phoster & #quipio @WhiteRoseExile #TMLondon #ukedchat Miss my presentation from #TMLondon tonight? Watch again here. 5 wins in 3 mins - #ukedchat Final leg home from a fab #TMLondon : #TMLondon great evening thanks @TeacherToolkit . Make those tea bags fly people and tell interesting stories where the ending isn't known Some great ideas from @ICTEvangelist: Miss my presentation from #TMLondon tonight? 5 wins in 3 mins - #ukedchat @kafilat_agboola "You are amazing" @WalthamstowAcad #WalthamstowAcadamy #TeachMeet #TMLondon ;) @TeacherToolkit @TalkingDonkeyRE: @Actionjackson You even put your name to the tea... It's amazing! #TMLondon glad to be a sponsor** Lots of tools to use from #TMlondon The Munch was excellent as well. ** @TeacherToolkit @kafilat_agboola @walthamstowacad

22:36:12 nicnacraph

22:47:21 eyebeams

22:50:18 Actionjackson

22:51:55 Actionjackson

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23:20:53 EmilWallner 23:31:24 eyebeams 23:46:33 eyebeams 00:34:27 eyebeams 00:34:56 eyebeams

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@natkin great talk at #TMLondon tonight. It's all about telling interesting stories! #tmLondon trending worldwide at the moment! Ace time at #TMLondon tonight - great to see so many familiar @TeachFirst faces there. Thanks @TeacherToolkit @kafilat_agboola @mrlockyer AudioBoo of @kafilat_agboola talking about #TMLondon at #WalthamstowAcademy tonight @TeacherToolkit @Lornachampcork @TeacherToolkit yes it was a great induction into the world of #TMLondon. Thanks for donating a prize Lorna Thanks for a brilliant #tmlondon @TeacherToolkit. I'd love to catch up and tell you more about our education accelerator! AudioBoo with Funda Hassan at #TMLondon #WalthamstowAcademy AudioBoo Interview with John Jackson of the Bridge Academy #TMLondon #WalthamstowAcademy #TeachMeet Video interview with @enliven_ed at #TMLondon hosted by #WalthamstowAcademy Audioboo Interview with Lizzie Overton of @enliven_ed at #TMLondon hosted by #WalthamstowAcademy @ClaudeBinns Apologies tonight for the mic not working - it was, but the sound was turned down :( another time I hope #TMLondon Video Interview with Lucy Payton of @DigitalLeaders at #TMLondon #WalthamstowAcademy > AudioBoo Interview with Lucy Payton at #TMLondon hosted by #WalthamstowAcademy #TeachMeet @kafilat_agboola Oh I forgot - one last thing > < stunning #TeachMeet #TMLondon #WalthamstowAcademy I caught Adwoa Oforiwa for a live radio interview at #TMLondon hosted by #WalthamstowAcademy audioboo here> #filmclub 6 audio interviews from #TMLondon hosted at #WalthamstowAcademy #tmlondon @TeacherToolkit @mrlockyer Thanks for tonight, guys - gutted I missed out on the food: long way to

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come for a cuppa, but worth it! Short 5 minute film with interviews before, during, after the #TeachMeet #TMLondon at #WalthamstowAcademy yesterday > @EdintheClouds shows how to share your phone with a projector at #TMLondon hosted at #WalthamstowAcademy > @kafilat_agboola All the videos from yesterday's #TMLondon in one playlist on Youtube > - enjoy