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An Technology ,e-Learning Solution Development, Education and Training Company

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About Us
BrainSmiths is a global diversified outsourced IT services company which brings offshore outsourcing to clients' doorstep. We assist our clients to achieve their business objectives by successfully outsourcing their non-core business processes and functions in the areas of technology and digital marketing. We have been part of the outsourcing industry since 2011 and have successfully implemented strategic offshore programs in the areas of custom software development, software product development, casino game development and outsourced digital marketing production services to India. BrainSmiths has been servicing clients thousands of miles away, maturing into a core dependable extension of a client's internal team. Our Process of Development is very defined we take it as a child and feed, nourish and care him till it become mature. Missions Statement: "At BrainSmiths , we will act as client's trusted advisor specializing in areas of technology and digital services to help achieve their business success."

Area of Expertise
• • • • • • • • • • • • LMS development and deployment E-Learning Content development Instructional Process Design Web Presence/SEO solutions Open Source Development Social Media solutions E-Commerce solutions CRM, ERP solutions Systems Integration End-to-End Projects Consulting & Training Solutions IT Support

Employability Education • Coaching & Exam Prep • Non-Profit • • • • .Sectors We Have Delivered In Corporate Schools (K12) Higher Education Vocational Training.

Flex development Rich.Technical Skills • • • • • • • • • • Moodle LMS development Open Source development Core PHP/framework development Systems Integration Java / .NET Development Android & iOS Apps development Flash. responsive GUX design Instructional Design Rapid E-Learning development .

Products • • • • • • Education ERP – “i-eduMentor ERP” LMS – “i-eduMentor LMS” “e-ERP” for Manufacturing “e-ERP” for Transport “e-ERP” for Every Corporates POS / Inventory Management Solutions for Small Shops “e-InstantPOS” .

Learning Development Online Promotion Product Development and Business Development • Cloud Services and Development • Consulting and Recruitments • Corporate Training • • • • .Services Software Development e.

Featured Clientele • Symposium Technologies .itsl.finolex. India www.India • Finolex.Canada • ITSL Limited .com • Net Software(NetControl2) .com .com • Tata Motors .symposiumtechnologies. Toronto .netcontrol2. India www.Belarus www.

thermaxindia. www.sambhavindia.India • ITSL Limited .com/ • WarshiWoodWorks Pvt Ltd.Featured Clientele • Sambhav Consulting • Thermax • CETPA .washiwoodworks.

Case Studies ● Client: Url: The Luxury Train ● ● Category: Device: Tour & Traveling ● Android 2. their package and Visiting place. This app will help to Indian and Foreign Tourist to visit India and helps to visitors to know about schedule of and above Version This is an Enterprise App ● Description: designed for The Luxury Train group. This app will effectively update to users for new offers. .

Turn your photos into beautiful sketches instantly. .2 and above Version With Sketch Me you can apply ● Description: awesome effects to your pictures.Introducing Pencil Sketch . Choose picture from your albums or capture them from the camera Entertainment ● Category: Device: ● Android Color Sketch . Features .Case Studies ● Client: Url: Futerox Interactive ● https://play.

2 and above Version With Sketch me you can apply ● Description: awesome effects to your pictures. twitter. .Case Studies ● Client: Url: Futerox Interactive ● https://play.Social Share lets you share the sketch on . Choose picture from your albums or capture them from the camera directly.Can apply different sketches on different papers & vice verse. Features . .com/store/apps/developer?id=Sketch Entertainment ● Category: Device: ● Android 2.Convert existing photos to sketch.

Case Studies ● Client: Url: Futerox Interactive ● https://play. Browse quotes by category Browse quotes by authors Search quotes by keyword Browse random quotes Add a quote to Favorites . organized by famous authors and Entertainment ● Category: Device: ● Android 2.2 and above Version A collection of 75000 Famous ● Description: Features - quotes.

Filtered calls can be deleted programmatically from call history. Electronics Ltd ● Not Deployed Yet Tools ● Category: Device: ● Android 2. It can block unknown numbers or callers from black list. Filtered calls log can be viewed inside the application.2 and above Version DND Call Blocker is a ● Description: ● simple Android application that automatically block unwanted incoming calls.Case Studies ● Client: Url: Shenzen Great Asia Co. ● ● ● ● ● .

restaurants & gas stations .2 and above Version Unbelievable coupon ● Description: savings and shopping deals at your favorite App .coupons always at your fingertips.Coupon WIDGET .Case Studies ● Client: Url: Shenzen Great Asia Co. Electronics Ltd ● Not Deployed Yet Shopping ● Category: Device: ● Android 2.GAS prices .Deals features: . everywhere you go! The Coohpon. Educational & e-Learning Domain C#. test series. SQL Server askIITians is an ● Category: ● Technology: Description: ● educational domain. . discussion forum. classroom recordings and many more.askiitians. Here proving various programs like live online classroom coaching.Case Studies ● Client: Url: askIITians ● http://www.

Case Studies ● Client: Url: http://www. ASP. User can ask any query and experts gives there answers. SQL Server Transtutors is ● ● Category: ● Technology: Description: ● educational work Educational & Web Domain C#. User can also watch online study videos.transtutors. . Here student can create an account and login into it.Net.

Net. Using SOA architecture and backed by SQL server and Radius for database and cache management.transwebtutors.NET Technologies. SQL Server Project is based ● ● Category: ● Technology: Description: ● on education domain and work majorly on . Educational & Web Domain C#. .Case Studies ● Client: Trans Web Tutors Url: http://www.

Application has four modules Admin Section. .Net. Sales Section and Account Section. SQL Server This application ● Category: ● Technology: Description: ● is dealing to track the Item of company.Case Studies ● Client: Url: Marwa Water Supply ● Water Resource management C#.marwawaters. User Section. ASP.

he can create both type of lots (Kaccha or Pakka).Case Studies ● Client: Url: Anant Agro ● http://www. one of them is admin section and sub-admin section.Net. .anantagro. ● make demand and create gate pass for that demand. Admin has full rights of the WareHouse Management C#. ASP. There are three modules. Admin can generate invoices against to each lots either ● manually or automatic. and last one is customer section. SQL Server ● Category: ● Technology: Description: ● This application is an inventory management.

. Contract and Legal Document Marketing Application Domain Core PHP. Help Desk. MySql ● ● Category: ● Technology: Description: ● FranConnect is the provider of Franchise Management Systems with the most comprehensive franchising solution on the Planet! FranConnect’s integrated suite of software applications allow franchise organizations to manage all aspects of their operations including Sales.Case Studies ● Client: Fran Connect Url: http://franconnect. Franchisee Support. Financial Data Collection and Analysis. Customer Relationship Management. Marketing. Royalty Invoicing and Automated Funds Transfer.

Corporate & Business Tax .pdandco. MySql ● ● Perbery Davies & Co Accountants offer small and medium size businesses an efficient. friendly and reliable service at a very competative ● Category: Accounting web domain App Technology: Description: Core PHP.Case Studies ● Client: Url: Perbery Davies & Co Accountants ● http://www.Payroll & Employment Issues . Perbery Davies & Co Accountants offers following services: Accountancy and book keeping .Personal Tax .Vat .

We understand everyone searches with different criteria in mind. We've taken the confusion out of searching online.Case Studies ● Client: Got a Deal Url: http://www. .com is powered by SmartName to bring you targeted search terms designed specifically to enhance the users overall online search experience. MySql ● ● Category: ● Technology: Description: ● GotaDeal. Web App Domain Core displays the top advertisers for and more. allowing you to find what you want in a timely manner.gotadeal.

bodystandard.Case Studies ● Client: BodyStandard Url: http://www. . MySql BodyStandard offers to clients and members a ● ● Category: ● Technology: Description: ● simple to use platform that thousands of Registered Dietitians agree with using serving and portion control as the winning plan for weight control and weight Health & Fitness Core PHP.

One of the big Online e-Book Library With self-publishing gaining more and more traction traditional publishers are finding it hard to prove their real worth in the entire publishing value Online e-Book Library Core PHP. History books. MySql ● ● Category: ● Technology: ● Description: Boikeno is an Online e-Book Library of Novels.Case Studies ● Client: Boikeno Url: http://boikeno. .

teak wood doors.php Online Shopping Cart PrestaShop ● ● Category: ● Technology: Description: ● We have nurtured ourselves to manufacture & export a full line of wooden doors. carved wooden door and many . windows and other wooden furniture items along with teak doors. carved teak wooden door. glass doors. teak entry doors.Case Studies ● Client: Warshi Wood Works Url: http://warshiwoodworks.

● ● . pie charts etc. This App will help Financial Advisors manage and display the financial assets of the clients of the Wealth Management companies using the best techniques such as bar graphs.Case Studies ● Client: Wealth Manager Url: Enterprise App Business Application ● ● Category: ● Device: i-Pad Description: This Application is an Enterprise App designed for Wealth & Asset Management companies.

Case Studies ● Client: AudiToGo Url: ● ● Category: Business Application ● Device: i-Pad Description: This Application is designed for Corporate internal auditors and Registrar external auditors. ● . This App would help Auditors in conducting Audits on the go in an Easy-to-use interface provided by the i-Pad and simultaneously the information would be stored on the i-Pad and later uploaded to the

● .Case Studies ● Client: mSeller Url: Enterprise Application Enterprise Application ● ● Category: ● Device: i-Pad Description: mSeller is an iPad Application which gives users an innovative and user friendly interface for showcasing their various products and helping generate business for new and existing customers.

.Case Studies ● Client: Diplomat Url: ● ● Category: Utilities Application ● Device: i-Phone Description: This App allows the Users to Select the Door Designs from various designs made available by Furniture Dealers.Also Provides For Saving ● ● Of Dealer Information in the It Also Allows users to Click Images of Doors Overlayed on a Camera View and as well as Applying Colors to Doors Using Color Matrix.

art ● Description: galleries and exhibitions within Australia. .com/ca/app/art-guide-australia/id433116687?mt=8 ● Category: Device: Lifestyle ● i-Phone Art Guide Application is a guide to all the Users can also view the location of art galleries and exhibitions on maps. It also shows the list of exhibitions that are currently ongoing. We can search for a particular artist from all the artist listing of Australia.Case Studies ● Client: Url: ArtGuide Australia ● http://itunes.

Case Studies ● Client: Url: LiveDress ● http://itunes. Lifestyle ● Category: Device: ● i-Phone LiveDress is an iPhone Application for fashion ● Description: lovers where a user will get the latest posts by all the members he is following on his news feed. There is also an option of sharing the post ● of Facebook & Twitter.He can also post a fashion style or anything related and it will instantly be displayed on the news feed of all those who are following him.

family medicine. Use your mobile phone to help you find a physician in record .com/in/app/mycore-core-physicians-provider/id428439662?mt=8 Category: Device: Health & Fitness ● ● i-Phone The FREE MYCORE Core Physicians Finder helps ● Description: residents of SE New Hampshire and Northeast Massachusetts find a primary care . specialty physician or other provider in their area.Case Studies ● Client: MyCore Physicians ● Url:http://itunes.

. list of places to shop as well as all the restaurants and best places to park downtown.Case Studies ● Client: Url: Downtown Vacaville ● performances. Here you can find all the ● Category: Device: Entertainment ● i-Phone This iPhone application is a guide of Downtown ● Description: Vacaville of California.

This is an iPad version of the already existing ebook. The major highlights of this App is that lot of custom animations have been used to give the story a more realistic feel and have made this app very interactive.Case Studies ● Client: Url: Affirmation Weaver ● Awaiting Review from AppStore Books ● Category: ● Device: i-Pad Description: This is an interactive book designed for iPad targeted for children's . ● .

. upload pictures and videos .Case Studies ● Client: Url: Backers Unite ● Awaiting Review from AppStore Social Network ● Category: Device: ● i-Phone This is a Social Network App for Sports fans where ● Description: they can Support their teams through the infrastructure of Clubs. chat with other members of a particular club and much more. get the latest tweets.A user can join a club. Become the President.

.Case Studies ● Client: Url: The Gentleman's Gentleman ● Awaiting Review from AppStore Life Style ● Category: Device: ● i-Phone This is Simple Application where user can view all ● Description: the details about Etiquettes. can learn techniques of tying a tie. and many more tips on how to be a good gentleman.

Australia (Director at Green4life Inc) .Australia (President in Samarpan) • Vishal Srivastava. India (Professor at JIMS) • Mukta Gupta .Core Team • Ram Kripal Soni • Rahul Soni • Sandeep Gupta .

Indirapuram -201014. CHATTARPUR. Macquarie street Parramatta 2150 Australia (+61) 468390782 . level 1 INDIA OFFICE A-117 Rajhans Commercial Complex. Ltd. JVTS rahul.110074  Email : info@brainsmiths.Contact Us BrainSmiths Consultants Pvt.soni@brainsmiths. NEW DELHI . FIRST FLOOR. REGISTERED OFFICE C46/1 . Delhi (NCR) India (+91) (0120) 4267068 (+91) 9582098841 AUSTRALIA OFFICE  Suite 5&6.