Slice of Life Evaluation

For this 200 point project, 50% of your grade is earned through the actual completion of the project, both posting and commenting, a Quantity grade. The other part of this grade is related to the Quality of your work. Through self-reflection and evaluation, you will figure out if you grew as a writer during this process. Please go back to your blog page and reread all of your posts and reread other students’ comments to answer the following questions.


What were your 10 favorite posts (yours or written by someone else) and why? Title (note author if not you) Why is it so good?

Rank 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1


Read the Chart below. Determine where you fall for the number of posts and timeliness of your commenting by circling the appropriate descriptor in the chart. How Many Posts written or commented on?
25-31 B 18-24


Posting Your Writing

Responding with Comments


No late posts for A; no more than 2 late posts for an A-; All of posts met the 2 paragraph length policy Most posts are on time or posted by the next morning; or 10 of 10 with up to 2 late posts; Most of the posts are at least 2 paragraphs in length Some posts are on time; several may be posted a day or two late; student may have made up posts late to complete the project; Some posts are 2 paragraphs in length Few posts are published; They are often published late or after the fact. Few posts are2 paragraphs in length. Few posts are posted; They are often posted late or student did not complete . Posts rarely meet the 2 paragraph requirement.

Kept up with the commenting on a daily basis; regularly commented on 2- 3 blogs every post; built writing relationships via comments. Usually commented; occasionally commented the 1-2 days after the post; commented on at least one person’s posts regularly. Sometimes kept up with comments, but sometimes commented 2 or more days after the fact; did not become anyone’s “regular commentor”—jumped around from blog to blog and may not have developed writing relationships Rarely kept up with commenting, but I did comment some I couldn’t do both the commenting and the writing; few comments posted.



D F 9 8 or less

Quality Grade (50% Teacher and 50% Student) 3. Read each question below and answer in complete sentences. A. What did you like best about your Slice of Life writing? What did you do well?

B. What do you wish you’d done differently for this challenge? What were some obstacles for you?

C. How did you do in terms of the blog posting (check your goal and the checklist)?

D. What did you learn about yourself as a writer based on the comments from others?

E. Tell me about the comments you left for others. How do you believe your feedback helped others?

A Teacher
Excellent! Your posts had voice— they moved me to laugh or sympathize with you. I enjoyed reading them each day.

Good job! Your posts were focused, specific and interesting to read.

Okay. Your posts were sometimes or usually general. Almost anyone could have written what you wrote; I didn’t hear “you” as much as I wanted to.

A start. Your posts did not reflect you. Message is lost. I needed more (more specifics, more detail, more organization, etc) in order to make them interesting to read.

TEACHER COMMENTS: Student I think I did an excellent job and should earn an A because… I think I did a good job and should earn a B because… I did okay and earned a C because… I tried and rate myself “a start” and earned a D because…

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