How IBM SmartCloud Enterprise is Helping to Maintain Tradition in the South Region in Brazil

Daniel Bittencourt

© 2012 IBM Corporation

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what we do .

cc .wik ipa rk http://redencao.

wik ipa rk .

cc .wik icit y http://portoalegre.

wik icit y .

Rio Grande do Sul .

The social and geographic context Rio Grande do Sul • • • Southern Brazil Near to Argentina and Uruguay History of defense of the last brazilian border 1 .

Context • • • • The characteristics of the “Pampa” The “Gaúcho” The culture The language 1 .

and what about Tchêpédia? .


The context .

won the Ponte da Azenha clash and entered the province of Porto Alegre. giving rise to the República do Piratini (Piratini republic). th 1 . which resulted in the declaration of independence of the state of Rio Grande do Sul.The Context 20 September The most important date for the Rio Grande do Sul On September 20th. Thus began the “Guerra dos Farrapos” (Farrapos War). the “Farroupilhas”. led by Bento Gonçalves. which lasted about seven years. 1835. the longest armed conflict in Brazil's history.

400 CTGs around the world 1 .The Context • • 1 million visitors in the Acampamento Farroupilha (Farroupilha Camping) 1.

1 . A place with so many stories like Rio Grande do Sul has a large vocabulary with authentic and curious terms.The Context The “Gauchês” The words we use daily say a lot about who we are and where we live.


The challenge .

Build an experience based on IBM technology to preserve the “Gaúcho” culture .

Lung Experience Cultivating a community to collaboratively map the most important richness of its people .

The “Gaúcho” language and habits .

The Solution .

Tchêpédia Tchepédia The first collaborative encyclopedia about the “Gaúcho” culture and language .

The solution IBM • • Infrastructure Cloud Computing LUNG • • • Social Intelligence Social Media expertise Collaborative Communities 1 .

Tchêpédia. The first collaborative encyclopedia about the “Gaúcho” culture and language. .

Opportunity to comment on the expressions and record your pronunciation.Anyone can contribute registering a word. its meaning and in that region of the state is used. .

Connection with social networks 1 .

Social engagement .

069 fans about terms registered 1.7.000 1 .

Facebook posters and pronunciation recording 1 .

Live portraits 1 .


Possibilities .

Tchêpédia is a feature of the Wikicity Framework .

firstly we’ve to talk about Wikispots. .To understand what’s a Wikicity.

What’s a wikispot? .

Wikispots are real territories (cities. neighborhoods. companies. parks.) that receives collective interventions and contributions through a digital platform. etc. .

.So a Wikicity is a kind of Wikispot. .

.People can publish causes related to any of these categories.

500 registered users Audience: 5 continents.The numbers (23 months) Website (http://portoalegre.000 visits • • • • • 120. 144 countries.000 page views 1. 3960 cities 1800 citizen collaborations 1 .

The numbers (23 months) Facebook (http://facebook.000 people reached per day users talking about • • • 14.904 Likes from 19 countries 1 .

cc 1 .com/poa.http://facebook.

Ok. I’ve understood what’s a wikispot. And what about the citizens? .

Territories are nothing without people. And what’s it? Wikicitizens are citizens that uses the internet as a way to discuss issues related to the city and to mobilize real actions in the streets. any wikispot needs wikicitizens. Therefore. .

Any example? .

1 . about 1500 people gathered at night to demonstrate to the authorities that they would like to use that space even during the night. Everything started with a Facebook event.To ask for more lighting in a public park.

The Purpose .

Wikicity can incorporate many IBM solutions SmartCloud Enterprise Social Business Tivoli Cognos Smart (Analytics) Light Room 1 .The solution Wikicity is a technology that is ready to migrate to the SmartCloud Enterprise.

Create engaged communities Criar comunidades engajadas Alavancar negócios baseados em territórios Solução à Smarter City para o cidadão de cidades de qualquer tamanho Boost business based in territories Smarter City for the citizens of cities of any size .

com.Thank you! Daniel Bittencourt © 2012 IBM Corporation .

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