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Scotland High School of Math, Science and Technology

JanuaryJanuary-February 2010 Issue 1

This is the first issue of the Scotland High School of Math, Science and Technology Newsletter. The purpose of the newsletter is to let parents know what the students at our school are doing in the classroom. project-basedthe MST uses project-based-learning, or PBL, as the main mode of instruction. Each month we will let you know about some of the projects your children are completing.

English 12 Mrs. Karen Cafaro’s English 12 CP class has been studying the Anglo-Saxon period and literature. For their first project of the spring 2010 semester, they read “Beowulf” and researched the “hero.” For their projects, they had to create a hero who had the character traits of a hero as exemplified by Beowulf. The students utilized web tools to create their hero and presented them to their fellow classmates. As part of their project, they wrote an essay in which they described their hero, gave his life story, and explained why they gave their hero certain traits and characteristics. Her AP Literature and Composition classes have also studied “Beowulf.” For their project, they researched the Anglo-Saxon way of life. Topics researched by the students included the foods and culture of the Anglo-Saxons, the warrior lifestyle, the religion and beliefs, and the “Beowulf” poem. The information researched and presented by the students was utilized in their final essay for the project in which they explained how Beowulf reflects the Anglo Saxon culture, beliefs, and society.

Advanced Functions and Modeling In Ms. Susan McKinney’s AFM class last semester (and coming up this semester), her students created school appropriate "casino" style games. She started the project by introducing the idea of probability in class. Then the students calculated probabilities of winning games that already exist (dice games and card type games). Then they branched out and created games of their own. The assignment required the students to calculate the probabilities involved with the games, calculate the anticipated earning of the game for the casino, and make predictions of how the average game player would fare. In an effort to incorporate a variety of disciplines, she also asked the students to make mock ups of advertisement brochures and marketing strategies for their games. They created PowerPoint presentations to “advertise” their game and included their calculations for expected outcomes in the ads.

Tech Math Last semester, Mr. Travis Locklear’s Tech Math class completed the "Can you hear me now?" project. They had to decipher different graphs, charts, and equations to decide what cell phone plan was best for each individual. They had to give reasons and then make their own charts to prove their case.

The whole object of education develop the mind. The mind should be a thing that works.

- Sherwood Anderson (1876–1941) American novelist and short story writer.

Juanita Quick NC Wise: Ms.TMD Afilia Tyson .” This project encompasses three biology goals from the North Carolina Standard Course of Study.TMD Debbie McLaurin . and an editorial if they survived explaining what happened to their family from the terrible humans. the students write police reports dealing with the relationship between the organisms. . Ms. One student created an advertisement for tungsten which is used in making light bulbs (her slogan was “Make the world brighter. Science and Technology 1000 W.Digital Media Celeste Morton . For example.TMD Melissa Harris . In the end. Carolyn Grooms Teachers: Mallory Cook .Math / Engineering Design Karen Cafaro . In another activity for the project.English Casey O'Donnell . Examples of these types are: two parents and one fledgling. The students also create a cartoon dealing with symbiotic relationships using an online cartoon creation website. when the students are studying co-evolution.Spanish Travis Locklear . or a commercial marketed to companies that would buy their element.Scotland High School of Math.Drafting David Hunt . they had to create an ad for their element with a slogan to advertise their element. flyer.Social Studies Teresa Riddell .” In this project. the students had to pick an element and research it. Using the information they came up with and the research they did for their elements. This ad could be a brochure. especially technology. and one family where the parent’s talon is broken and the parent has difficulty catching prey.”). Church Street Laurinburg.English David Knauss .Science Mary Faurot . one parent with three fledglings.Social Studies Rebecca Wilson . the students create a newspaper from the organisms’ point of view. Mallory Cook’s chemistry classes recently did a project called “Element Advertising.English Kristi Edwards . the students study populations factors and pesticide poisoning. some owls die from starvation and some from pesticide poisoning.EC/OC Jennifer O'Neill . “What makes advertising good and bad?” The students had to examine what made them want to buy a product that they had read about or seen on television.TMD Biology Mrs.Science Susan McKinney .Math Charmaine Jackson . NC 28352 Phone: 910-266-4100 Principal: Dr. students are gaining experience in 21st century skills. Ms. The students also had to write a paper outlining their research and telling where they would advertise their element in order to create the most profit.Math Molly McKenney . Science and Technology JanuaryJanuary-February 2010 Issue 1 Chemistry Scotland High School of Math. Mark Duckworth Counselor: Mrs. In addition to biological content. the students are put into owl families of different types. The students then use the knowledge they obtained from the activity and must write an obituary if they died. Cook introduced the project by taking a look at advertising and asking the question. Mary Faurot’s favorite project is the “Organism Newspaper. Linda Covington Secretary: Ms. In this project. In this activity.