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Markers, Brush Pens, Technical liners

SN75846 SN30001 No. Pen SN1742663 SN1742664 SN1742665 SN1742662 BQ 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 SRP $1.37 ea 1.37 ea 1.37 ea 1.37 ea 2.10 ea 5.57 st 16.08 st 31.21 st 1.48 ea 1.48 ea 6.00 st Description Black Blue Red BQ 1 1 1 1 SRP $2.37 ea 2.37 ea 2.37 ea 9.44 st SN35001 SN37001 SN1742663

Sharpie Permanent Markers

Quick-drying, water-resistant, high intensity inks proven permanent on most surfaces. AP certified, non-toxic ink formula. No. Fine point SN30001 SN30002 SN30003 SN30004 SN39013 SN30074 SN30072 SN75846 Extra fine point SN35001 SN35003 SN35074 Description Black Red Blue Green Metallic silver 4-color set: black/blue/red/green 12-color set 24-color set Black Blue

4-color set: black/blue/red/green

Super bold point SN33001 Black SN33002 Red SN33003 Blue Chisel tip SN38201 Black

SN33001 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 2.22 ea 2.22 ea 2.22 ea 1.37 ea 3.22 ea 2.91 ea 2.46 ea 2.46 ea 2.46 ea 2.74 ea 3.00 ea SN34801


Professional chisel tip Black SN34801 Fine point, retractable Black SN32721 Twin tip fine point/ultra fine point Black SN32001 SN32002 Red SN32003 Blue Super twin tip fine point/chisel point Black SN36201 SN36401 Black, blister-carded


4-color set: black/blue/red/green

Ultra fine point SN37001 Black SN37002 Red SN75847 24-color set


1 1 1

1.37 ea 1.37 ea 31.21 st


MarVY Twinklette Pigmented Glitter Markers

S360-36 S360-24


These fine point (2.0mm) glitter markers are great for cards, invitations, notes, journals, scrapbooks, and memory card projects. Acid-free and non-toxic. No. MR812SGLD MR812SSLV MR812S-1 MR812S-2 MR812S-3 MR812S-4 MR812S-5 MR812S-7 MR812S-8 MR812S-9 MR812S-52 MR812S-72 SRP $1.69 ea Description Gold Silver Black Red Blue Green Yellow Orange Violet Pink Yellow green Pine green


peNTeL Color Pen Marker Display Assortment

S360-12 S360-6 Size: 20"w x 15"h x 9"d Contents: 6 each of four sets No. S360D SRP $534.60 BQ 1


BQ 1

peNTeL Color Pen Marker Sets

Vivid, water-based ink colors for a variety of applications. Perfect for everyday drawing, coloring, and writing. The durable fiber tip produces fine lines while the snap-fit cap prevents tip from drying out. Ideal for artists, designers, students, and children. The generous ink supply is excellent for decorating posters. Sets are packaged in a handy, reclosable carrying case for easy travel. No. Description BQ SRP Single color, 12-pack S360-101 Black Sets S360-6 S360-12 S360-18 S360-24 S360-36 6-color set 12-color set 18-color set 24-color set 36-color set

aTYouSpica Glitter Pens


Add sparkle and texture to any project with reflective micro glass glitter flakes. Transparent pigment-based ink can be used over other inks. No-clog tip writes for over 360 yards. Non-toxic, acid-free, and archival.

STaeDTLer Triplus Fineliner Pen Sets

Slim and lightweight with a 0.3mm superfine, metal-clad tip. Ergonomic, triangular-shaped barrel for fatigue-free writing. Dry-safe feature allows for several days of cap-off time without ink drying out. Acid-free. Packaged in reuseable easel stand. No. 334SB10 334SB20 Description 10-color set 20-color set BQ SRP 1 $14.69 st 1 29.39 st

1 $11.88 dz 1 1 1 1 1 5.94 st 11.88 st 17.82 st 23.76 st 35.64 st

MarVY Twinklette Glitter Marker Display Assortment

Size: 10"w x 18"h x 7"d Contents: 12 each of 12 colors No. MR812-12D SRP $243.36 BQ 1

No. Description GLBLK Black GLCLR Clear GLGOL Gold GLSIL Silver SRP $2.99 ea GL12ASET 12-color set A SRP $35.88 pk GL12BSET 12-color set B SRP $35.88 pk

BQ 1

BQ 1

BQ 1

Markers, Brush Pens, Technical liners

peNTeL Tradio Fountain Pen STaeDTLer Marsgraphic Jr. Watercolor Brush Markers
Brush with water to create brilliant watercolor effects. Flexible yet sturdy foam tip offers the control of an artist brush with the quick clean up of a marker. Dye-based inks are blendable, water-soluble, and odorless. Ergonomic large barrel. Acid-free. 12-pack. No. 3000JCS12 SRP $23.09 st BQ 1 MR4300-S02 MarVY LePen Fineline Markers A flexible plastic nib creates a variety of line widths, from thick to thin, depending on the angle and pressure applied. Innovative, seethru free-flowing system delivers a consistent ink flow for smooth, effortless writing from the first stroke to the last. The ergonomic barrel design provides added comfort and writing control. Black ink. Uses Pentel MLJ20 refill. No. TRJ50BPA SRP $15.30 ea BQ 1


LuMocoLor Permanent Markers

LiNeco pH Testing Pen

Ideal for prints, photos, postcards, or any paper item. Acid-free with a neutral pH. No. L5330023 SRP $8.06 ea BQ 1

Universal pen for OHP and almost all surfaces, CDs, DVDs, etc. Dry safe feature allows for several days of cap-off time without drying up. Permanent, neutral-smelling ink is waterproof and smudge-proof. Brilliant, lightfast colors dry in seconds, making these markers ideal for 318-BK2 left-handed users. No. Description Individual (black) 313-9 Superfine 317-9 Medium 318-9 Fine SRP $2.09 ea 2-pack, blister-carded (black) 318-BK2 Fine SRP $4.82 pk

BQ 1

Mr. SkeTch Washable Marker Sets


Bright, vibrant colors that are non-toxic and odorless. Specially formulated to wash easily from skin and most clothing. No. SN19078 SN19072 SN01818 Description BQ SRP 8-color set 1 $8.39 st 12-color set 1 12.52 st 216-pack 1 117.22 st includes 18 each of 12 colors

peNTeL Pigment Aquash Brush

Light black, permanent, pigment ink. Unique barrel shape to prevent rolling off surfaces with durable, nylon brush that holds its point. Ideal for sketching or drawing. Acid-free, fadeproof, and water resistant. No. FRHMNBPA SRP $9.50 ea BQ 1

Sleek and stylish slim barrel has a smooth writing 7mm microfine plastic point. Lengthy write-out in vibrant colors. Acidfree and non-toxic. Water-based dye ink. No. MR4300-S01 MR4300-S02 MR4300-S03 MR4300-S04 MR4300-S06 MR4300-S08 MR4300-S09 MR4300-S10 MR4300-S28 MR4300-S73 SRP $1.69 ea Description Black Red Blue Green Brown Lavender Pink Light blue Burgundy Teal

BQ 1

4-pack sets (black, blue, red, green) 313WP4 Superfine 317WP4 Medium 318WP4 Fine SRP $8.39 st BQ 1

BQ 1

LuMocoLor Permanent Laundry/Freezer Marker

Fast-drying, smudge-proof, and waterproof. Perfect for labeling laundry, plastic containers, and freezer bags. Fine point. Black. No. 318-9BK SRP $2.50 ea BQ 1

Mr. SkeTch Scented Marker Sets




Watercolor markers featuring bright, vibrant, non-toxic colors. Each color has its own fun fragrance. No SN20078 SN20072 Description 8-color set 12-color set BQ SRP 1 $8.39 st 1 12.52 st

peNTeL Sign Pens

The original fibertipped pen writes bold, expressive, lines with vivid water-based dye ink. Perfect for general writing, drawing, and adding character to any signature. Non-refillable. No. Description BQ SRP $1.70 ea 3.99 ea 1.70 ea 8.50 st 20.40 st Individual S520-A Black 1 SES15-NA Black, brush tip 1 S520-B Red 1 Sets S520-5 S520-12 5-color set 12-color set 1 1

MarVY LePen Fineline Marker Display Assortment

Size: 6"w x 14"h x 8"d Contents: 12 each of 9 colors and 36 black No. MR4300-S12D SRP $243.36 BQ 1

Zig Laundry Clear Markers

Non-permanent markers for fabrics are ideal for temporary marking on laundy, sewing, quilting, crafts, etc. Water-based dye markers are odorless and xylene-free. No. Description HC-100-000 White, erasable by ironing VN-100-025 Pink, 3-4 day gradual fade VN-100-080 Purple, 10-14 day gradual fade SRP $2.78 ea BQ 1

MarVY LePen Permanent Markers




Alcohol-based dye ink is great for permanent markings on most surfaces. No. Extra fine MR4210-1 MR4210-2 MR4210-3 MR4210-4 Fine MR4220-1 MR4220-2 MR4220-3 MR4220-4 Bold MR4230-1 MR4230-2 MR4230-3 MR4230-4 SRP $1.49 ea Description Black Red Blue Green Black Red Blue Green Black Red Blue Green


roYaL & LaNgNickeL Essentials Artist Packs

Each spiral bound pad is 9" x 12" and includes bonus markers relative to the pad of choice. No. RD511 Description Watercolor marker (15 sheets, 15 watercolor markers) RD512 Color marker (15 sheets, 3 double-sided markers) RD514 Manga character (15 sheets, 3 micro pens, 2 templates) SRP $7.99 pk BQ 1

peNTeL Pigment Sign Pen

Like the original Sign Pen series, this pen has a unique durable fiber tip that creates vivid, fine lines and is ideal for artists and anyone who enjoys drawing and sketching. Inside is permanent pigmented black ink that is fade-proof, water resistant, and acid-free. Black ink. No. ST150-A SRP $3.99 ea BQ 1

piLoT Extra Fine Point Permanent Markers


Marks permanently on most surfaces including glass, metal, wood, cardboard, and plastic. Ideal for use in home, office, school, crafts, and hobby activities. No. Description P44102 Black P44103 Blue P44104 Red P44105 Green SRP $1.61 ea

BQ 1

BQ 1


Markers, Brush Pens, Technical liners

44100 SN85018 Sharpie Mean Streak Permanent Marking Sticks Marks a permanent, opaque line and adheres to almost any surface including those that are wet or oily. Perfect for industrial use. Twist-up container makes marking easy. No. Description SN85005 Yellow SN85018 White SRP $6.15 ea SMW26-B

piLoT Razor Point Fine Line Marker

Extra-fine plastic point supported by a metal collar for long-lasting performance. Black ink. No. SW10-BLK SRP $1.65 ea BQ 1

peNTeL Wet Erase Chalk Markers

These markers write on any dry, nonporous material such as glass, metal, whiteboard, plastic, porcelain, glazed pottery, and fiberglass. Wipes clean with a clean, damp cloth. Decorate car windows and glass doors, too. No. Description Medium chisel tip SMW26-A Black SMW26-B Red SMW26-C Blue SMW26-D Green SMW26-F Orange SMW26-G Yellow SMW26-V Violet SMW26-W White SRP $4.25 ea Jumbo tip SMW56-A SMW56-B SMW56-C SMW56-D SMW56-F SMW56-G SMW56-V SMW56-W SRP $7.50 ea Black Red Blue Green Orange Yellow Violet White


SC6600-BK 44101

piLoT Permanent Markers

iDeNTi-peNS Markers
Marks on almost any surface. Built for heavy use with two permanent sharp point markers in one. Fine point on one end, extra fine on the other. Use on non-porous surfaces such as sports equipment, metal, glass, 44161 fabric, plastic, wood, as well as paper products. AP non-toxic approved. No. Description 44101 Black 44102* Blue 44103* Red 44104* Green 44105* Brown 44106 Purple 44107 Orange 44108 Yellow 44181 Black, blister-carded SRP $1.98 ea BQ 1 44161 SRP $8.00 st 4-color set: black, red, blue, green

Industrial markers of choice for permanent marking on most surfaces with quick drying ink. Refillable. No. Description 44100 Black, broad chisel 44600 Black, fine bullet SRP $1.37 ea BQ 1 Jumbo, 10mm chisel point SC6600-BK Black SC6600-B Blue SC6600-R Red SC6600-G Green SRP $3.86 ea Refill ink 43500 SRP $2.45 ea

BQ 1

aMericaN craFTS Slick Writers


Quick-dry ink and durable acrylic tip that excels on glossy surfaces. Writes on photos, stickers, ribbon, vellum, metal, and glass. Black. No. Description AC62001 Fine point AC62011 Medium point SRP $2.29 ea

BQ 1

BQ 1

BQ 1

Black, 1 oz. with dropper BQ 1

Zig Writer for Vellum Marker

Designed especially for writing on vellum. Dual tip marker with fine tip (0.5mm) and bullet tip (1.2mm). Water-based pigment ink is photo-safe, lightfast, odorless, xylene and acid-free. No. MS-6300-010 SRP $3.38 ea BQ 1

BQ 1

BQ 1

* When ordering, please double-check stock number. This stock number is very similar to another number in our product line.

piLoT Jumbo Permanent Marker Display Assortment

Size: 10"w x 9a"h x 8a"d Contents: 24 markers, assorted colors No. P2400D SRP $92.64 BQ 1

MR480-S9 MarVY Bistro Chalkboard and Lightboard Markers Use on chalkboards, lightboards, windows, and windshields. 6mm point. Opaque water-based pigmented ink is erasable with a damp cloth. No. 6mm MR480-S0 MR480-S1 MR480-S7 MR480-S8 MR480-S9 SRP $3.49 ea 6mm 4-color sets MR480-4A Description White Black Fluorescent orange Fluorescent violet Fluorescent pink BQ 1

peNTeL Wet Erase Chalk Marker Display Assortment

Size: 16"w x 11"h x 9"d Contents: 60 assorted markers No. SMW-60D SRP $352.50 ea BQ 1

iDeNTi-peN Marker Display Assortment

Size: 4"w x 4"h x 4a"d Contents: 72 assorted markers No. S54205D SRP $142.56 BQ 1 SN44101 SN15001

Sharpie Liquid Tip Permanent Marker


Sharpie Permanent Markers

Rugged and dependable, designed for the toughest marking jobs. Features durable aluminum barrel with high-quality chisel tip for heavy use. Special water/oil resistant ink formula dries quickly and permanently. Marks on most surfaces. Alcohol based ink; xylene-free. Black ink. No SN15001 SN44101 Description BQ King size 1 Magnum 1 SRP $2.33 ea 4.80 ea

MR480-4B MR480-4C MR480-4D SRP $14.06 st 16mm jumbo MR481-SJ0 MR480-SJ1 SRP $6.29 ea

Fl. red, fl. blue, fl. green, fl. yellow White, fl. violet, fl. orange, fl. pink Black, red, blue, white Brown, green, yellow, violet

SaNForD Bright Sticks Marker Set

Wet erase markers with extra bright inks to appear fluorescent. For best results, use on black marker boards, fluorescent light boards, or glass. Bright colors take on a neon look under ultraviolet light. Easily wipes off with a damp cloth. Ideal for restaurants, schools, offices, and home. 5-color set. No. SN14075 SRP $26.65 st BQ 1

Ideal for industrial use. Marks on wet and oily surfaces. Special water-resistant ink dries quickly. Excellent for marking corrugate, metal, foil, stone, plastic, leather, and more. Durable aluminum barrel and a chisel tip. Xylene-free. Black only. No. SN392 SRP $2.22 ea BQ 1

BQ 1

White Black

BQ 1

Markers, Brush Pens, Technical liners

PMA-550-102 SN830 eXpo Dry-Erase Broad-Tip Markers Available in vivid colors that wipe off easily with a tissue, an eraser, or even a finger. Use on EXPO surfaces, porcelain or Melamine boards, glass, unpainted metal, or glazed ceramics. Ideal for large numbers and letters. No. Description BQ SRP SN830-BK Black 1 $2.05 ea SN830-R Red 1 2.05 ea SN830-B Blue 1 2.05 ea SN830-G Green 1 2.05 ea SN834-SET 1 8.17 st 4-color set SN838-SET 1 16.15 st 8-color set SN1815005 Series


Zig Posterman Wet Erase Broad Markers

Wet erase markers suitable for various surfaces such as chalkboards, windows, mirrors, ceramics, etc. Broad 6mm chisel tip is great for writing steady, wide lines. Water-based pigment ink is high opacity, lightfast, odorless, and xylene-free. No. PMA-550-000 PMA-550-101 PMA-550-102 PMA-550-121 PMA-550-122 PMA-550-123 PMA-550-124 PMA-550-125 SRP $3.28 ea Description White Metallic gold Metallic silver Metallic green Metallic pink Metallic brown Metallic violet Metallic blue


STaiNeD BY Sharpie Fabric Markers


Fabric ink markers with a brush tip. Super bright, bold colors designed for optimal performance on most fabric surfaces. Wash without worries; ink resists fading on most fabrics during normal wash cycles. No. Description SN1815005 Black SN1815006 Blue SN1815007 Green SN1815008 Red SN1815009 Pink SN1815010 Orange SN1815011 Purple SN1815012 Yellow SRP $2.44 ea No. Description BQ 1 1 Sets SN1779004 SN1779005

Sharpie Oil-Based Paint Markers

Permanent, oil-based opaque paint markers mark on light and dark surfaces. Use on virtually any surface; metal, pottery, wood, rubber, glass, plastic, stone, and more. Quick-drying, and resistant to water, fading, and abrasion. Xylene-free. AP certified. No. Description Individual markers, extra fine SN35526 Black SN35527 Red SN35528 Blue SN35529 Green SN35530 Yellow SN35531 White SN35532 Gold SN35533 Silver SRP $3.59 ea Individual markers, fine SN35534 Black SN35535 Red SN35536 Blue SN35537 Green SN35538 Brown SN35539 Yellow SN35540 Pink SN35541 Purple SN35542 Orange SN35543 White SN35544 Gold SN35545 Silver SN35546 Lime SN35547 Magenta SN35548 Aqua SRP $3.59 ea Individual markers, medium SN35549 Black SN35550 Red SN35551 Blue SN35552 Green SN35553 Brown SN35554 Yellow SN35555 Pink SN35556 Purple SN35557 Orange SN35558 White SN35559 Gold SN35560 Silver SN35561 Lime SN35562 Magenta SN35563 Aqua SRP $3.79 ea Individual markers, bold SN35564 Black SN35565 Red SN35566 Blue SN35567 Yellow SN35568 White SRP $5.14 ea 2-pack sets, gold and silver SN30588 Extra fine SN37368 Fine SRP $7.49 pk


BQ 1


BQ 1 SRP $9.78 st 19.56 st


Zig Illumigraph Wet Erase Broad Markers

Wet erase markers suitable for various surfaces especially under UV light such as chalkboards, windows, light boards, etc. Broad 6mm chisel tip is great for writing steady, wide lines. Water-based pigment ink is highly fluorescent and opaque, lightfast, odorless, and xylene-free. No. PMA-510-000 PMA-510-020 PMA-510-031 PMA-510-110 PMA-510-111 PMA-510-112 PMA-510-113 PMA-510-116 SRP $3.28 ea Description White Fluorescent Red Fluorescent Blue Fluorescent Yellow Fluorescent Orange Fluorescent Pink Fluorescent Green Fluorescent Violet BQ 1

eXpo SN80174 Low Odor Dry Erase Marker 4-Piece Sets

Specially formulated low-odor ink is perfect for whiteboard use in schools, small offices, and homes. Can also be used on glass and most non-porous surfaces. Consistent color quality for bright, vivid messages. Certified AP non-toxic. Teacher preferred. Four color sets include black, blue, red, and green. No. SN80174 SN86674 Description BQ Chisel 1 Fine 1 SRP $7.54 st 6.25 st

4-Color 8-Color

BQ 12

krYLoN Leafing Pens


Premium metallic finish resembles actual plating. Use for decorative highlights on a variety of surfaces. Unique chiseled tip makes both thick and thin lines. Acid-free. No. Description K9901 18-Kt. gold K9902 Silver K9903 Copper K9904 Red shimmer K9905 Pale gold SRP $10.05 ea

BQ 12

eXpo Eraser
Specially designed eraser for white boards. No. SN81505 SRP $3.53 ea BQ 1

BQ 1


ZeBra Eco Zebrite Double-Ended Highlighter Set

Made from 74% post consumer recycled waste. Fine point on one end, chiseled point on the other. Pocket clip for easy storage. Cap color indicates ink color. Five pack includes yellow, pink, blue, green, and orange. No. Z75005 SRP $7.95 pk BQ 1

krYLoN Brights Paint Pens

Brilliant fluorescent paint thats great for wood, metal, paper, fabric, and more! Unique chiseled tip makes both thin and thick lines. Paint is fast drying, durable, and glows under ultraviolet (black) light. No. Description K9920 Blue K9921 Pink K9922 Orange K9923 Yellow K9924 Green SRP $7.99 ea

BQ 12

Sharpie Oil-Based Paint Marker Display Assortment

Size: 18"w x 28"h x 10"d Contents: 588 assorted markers BQ 1 No. SN37223D SRP $2,092.92 BQ 1

BQ 6

BQ 1

Markers, Brush Pens, Technical liners

piLoT Metallic Paint Markers


Contains brilliant metallic-looking paint that adheres to virtually any surface. Can be used for controlled fine line or broad shading. Permanent. Ideal for marking Tyvek envelopes, plastic, leather, metal, wood, glass, cardboard, or any dark surface. Toxic. No. Gold SC-GM SC-GEF Silver SC-SM SC-SEF Description Medium Extra Fine Medium Extra Fine BQ 1 1 1 1 SRP $3.51 ea 3.49 ea 3.51 ea 3.49 ea

piTT Metallic Markers

FC167398 PM152 No. Original PM19 PM21 PM23 PM25 PM26 PM27 PM28 PM31 PM32 PM36 PM37 PM38 PM39 PM40 PM42 PM43 PM44 PM45 PM46 PM47 PM48 PM50 PM53 PM55 PM60 PM61 PM62 PM65 PM69 PM70 PM71 PM72 PM73 PM78 PM79 PM80 PM82 PM86 PM88 PM89 PM90 PM93 PM95 PM96 PM97 PM98 PM99 PM100 PM101 PM102 PM103 PM104 PM105 PM106 PM107 PM108 PM109 PM110 PM111 PM112 PM113 PM114 PM115 PM116 PM122 PM123 PM124 PM125 PM126 PM127 PM128 PM130 PM131 PM132 SRP $4.45 ea BQ 1 No. Description Canary yellow Tulip yellow Cream Spring green Light olive green Chartreuse Dark olive green Dark green Parrot green Lime green Aquamarine Teal blue True blue Copenhagen blue Violet blue Indigo blue Ultramarine Navy blue Light aqua Light blue Light cerulean blue Violet Mulberry Rhodamine Violet mist Dark umber Sepia Sienna brown Goldenrod Sand Buff Eggshell Flagstone red Brick beige Brick white Putty Terra cotta Cherry Dark brown Light walnut Walnut Burnt ochre Light tan Blond wood Warm black Black Warm grey 10% Warm grey 20% Warm grey 30% Warm grey 40% Warm grey 50% Warm grey 60% Warm grey 70% Warm grey 80% Warm grey 90% Cool grey 10% Cool grey 20% Cool grey 30% Cool grey 40% Cool grey 50% Cool grey 60% Cool grey 70% Cool grey 80% Cool grey 90% Salmon pink Spanish orange Limepeel Peacock blue Cerulean blue Imperial violet Parma violet Deco orange Deco yellow Jasmine No. Original PM133 PM134 PM137 PM140 PM141 PM142 PM143 PM144 PM145 PM146 PM147 PM149 PM150 PM151 PM152 PM153 PM154 PM155 PM156 PM157 PM158 PM159 PM160 PM161 PM162 PM163 PM165 PM166 PM167 PM168 PM169 PM170 PM171 PM172 PM184 PM185 PM186 PM187 PM191 PM192 PM193 PM194 PM195 PM196 PM197 PM198 PM199 PM200 PM201 PM202 PM203 PM204 PM205 PM206 PM207 PM208 PM209 PM210 PM211 PM212 PM213 PM214 SRP $4.45 ea BQ 1 No.

PITT artist pen with a bold 1.5mm nib. This pen is great for crafting projects on darker papers. This is a metallic pen that will not clog. The water-based, acid-free, pigmented ink is waterproof when dry. No. Description Individual markers FC167350 Gold FC167351 Silver FC167352 Copper SRP $4.75 ea Blister-carded markers FC167397 Gold FC167398 Silver SRP $4.70 ea

Description Deco pink Deco blue Clay rose Celadon green Jade green Brittany blue Mediterranean blue Cloud blue Slate blue Periwinkle Greyed lavender Bronze Mahogany red Raspberry Henna Pumpkin orange Mineral orange French grey 10% French grey 20% French grey 30% French grey 40% French grey 50% French grey 60% French grey 70% French grey 80% French grey 90% Grass green True green Apple green Dark purple Tuscan red Peach Lilac Light umber Forest green Spruce Emerald Leaf green Pale jade Avocado Mint cream Cold stone Spearmint Wheat Green tea Muted turquoise Mocha light Mocha dark Cinnamon toast Sky blue light Driftwood Taupe Parchment Ash grey Pale peach Ballet pink Khaki Oatmeal Jet black Pewter Eggplant Cocoa bean

BQ 1

BQ 1

Zig Painty Double-Tip Markers

Permanent markers for decorating on glass, ceramic, plastic, metal and most other non-porous surfaces. Bake any ZIG Painty decorated glass or ceramic surface for color permanence. Gold on one end, silver on the other. No. FMP10T/GS SRP $5.49 ea BQ 1


SargeNT arT Liquid Metals Markers


peN-Touch Paint Pens


Six rich and long-lasting washable metallic markers. Ink dries fast on dark or light surfaces without offensive odors. Washes from most fabrics and skin with soap and water. Safe, non-toxic, and acid-free! 6-pack. No. Description 221506 Medium tip 221507 Fine tip SRP $4.75 pk

Opaque, permanent, and AP non-toxic. Great for adding that splash of color to all art and craft projects. Blister-carded. No. Extra fine 41181 41182 42180 SRP $3.49 ea Fine 41381 41382 42380 SRP $3.49 ea Medium 41581 41582 42580 SRP $3.49 ea Description Gold Silver White

BQ 1

BQ 1

priSMacoLor Premier Art Markers

Special formulations provide smooth, silky ink flow for achieving even blends and bleeds with the right amount of puddling and coverage. All markers are individually UPC coded on the label. Original four-in-one design creates four line widths from one double-ended marker. The marker creates a variety of line widths by increasing or decreasing pressure and twisting the barrel. Juicy laydown imitates paint brush strokes with the extra broad nib. Gentle and refined strokes can be achieved with the fine and thin nibs. No. Original PM1 PM4 PM5 PM6 PM7 PM8 PM10 PM11 PM12 PM13 PM14 PM15 PM16 PM17 PM18 SRP $4.45 ea BQ 1 No. Description Process red Crimson red Scarlet lake Carmine red Magenta Pink Blush pink Deco peach Light peach Poppy red Pale vermilion Yellowed orange Orange Sunburst yellow Yellow ochre Brush NEW PB001 PB004 PB005 PB006 PB007 PB008 PB010 PB011 PB012 PB013 PB014 PB015 PB016 PB017 PB018 SRP $5.28 ea BQ 1

Gold Silver White

BQ 1

Gold Silver White

BQ 1

piLoT Metallic Paint Marker Display Assortment

Size: 5"w x 14"h x 7"d Contents: 60 assorted markers No. SC5612D SRP $209.88 BQ 1

Brush NEW PB019 PB021 PB023 PB025 PB026 PB027 PB028 PB031 PB032 PB036 PB037 PB038 PB039 PB040 PB042 PB043 PB044 PB045 PB046 PB047 PB048 PB050 PB053 PB055 PB060 PB061 PB062 PB065 PB069 PB070 PB071 PB072 PB073 PB078 PB079 PB080 PB082 PB086 PB088 PB089 PB090 PB093 PB095 PB096 PB097 PB098 PB099 PB100 PB101 PB102 PB103 PB104 PB105 PB106 PB107 PB108 PB109 PB110 PB111 PB112 PB113 PB114 PB115 PB116 PB122 PB123 PB124 PB125 PB126 PB127 PB128 PB130 PB131 PB132 SRP $5.28 ea BQ 1

Brush NEW PB133 PB134 PB137 PB140 PB141 PB142 PB143 PB144 PB145 PB146 PB147 PB149 PB150 PB151 PB152 PB153 PB154 PB155 PB156 PB157 PB158 PB159 PB160 PB161 PB162 PB163 PB165 PB166 PB167 PB168 PB169 PB170 PB171 PB172 PB184 PB185 PB186 PB187 PB191 PB192 PB193 PB194 PB195 PB196 PB197 PB198 PB199 PB200 PB201 PB202 PB203 PB204 PB205 PB206 PB207 PB208 PB209 PB210 PB211 PB212 PB213 PB214 SRP $5.28 ea BQ 1

Original metallic PM117 PM118 PM119 PM120 SRP $5.06 ea Blender PM121 SRP $4.45 ea BQ 1

Metallic silver broad Metallic silver fine Metallic gold broad Metallic gold fine BQ 1 Colorless

PB121 SRP $5.28 ea BQ 1


Markers, Brush Pens, Technical liners

priSMacoLor Premier Art Marker Sets
Recognized by the industry for their high standard of quality, these art markers offer an exciting array of vibrant colors. Certified as non-toxic by the Arts & Crafts Materials Institute, they carry the AP non-toxic seal. Choose from an incredible spectrum of non-fading ink colors featuring doubleended markers with both a broad nib and a fine nib and a single ink reservoir for perfect color match, end to end. Metallic markers are single-ended. No. BP06 Description 6-color primary set: PM4, PM19, PM31, PM44, PM50, PM98 SRP $26.41 st BP12N BP12N BQ 1

priSMacoLor Partial and Complete Art Tower Display Assortments

Complete Size: 48"w x 84"h x 40"d Contents: Now includes brush markers No. SN8412D SRP $7,949.28 ea BQ 1

Partial Size: 48"w x 84"h x 40"d Contents: Same as above, but half filled No. SN1821811D SRP $3,024.24 ea BQ 1

12-color primary and secondary set: PM4, PM6, PM8, PM15, PM19, PM31, PM32, PM44, PM50, PM53, PM61, PM98 SRP $53.20 st BQ 1 BP12P 12-color cool grey set: PM98(3), PM108, PM109, PM110, PM111, PM112, PM113, PM114, PM115, PM116 SRP $53.20 st BQ 1 BP12Q 12-color warm grey set: PM98(3), PM99, PM100, PM101, PM102, PM103, PM104, PM105, PM106, PM107 SRP $53.20 st BQ 1 BP12R 12-color french grey set: PM98(3), PM155, PM156, PM157, PM158, PM159, PM160, PM161, PM162, PM163 SRP $53.20 st BQ 1 BP24C 24-color set with case SRP $110.01 st SN14174 SN14171 BP48C 48-color set with case SRP $220.34 st BP72S 72-color set SRP $321.50 st BP156S 156-color set SRP $693.84 st BQ 1 BQ 1 BQ 1 BQ 1







priSMacoLor Premier Fine Line Markers

Permanent, premium pigmented ink is non-toxic, archival quality, acid-free, and lightfast. It is also water-resistant, has no bleed through and is smear-resistant when dry. Results may vary based on paper characteristics. Ideal for crisp lines and detail work. Great for quick sketching, outlining, and creating texture. No. Description BQ 1 1 1 1 1 SRP $3.06 ea 3.06 ea 3.06 ea 3.06 ea 3.06 ea 15.28 st 12.20 st 24.41 st 24.41 st Individual black markers SN14178 .005 nib SN14186 .01 nib SN14190 .03 nib SN14194 .05 nib SN14203 .08 nib Sets SN14171 SN14172 SN14174 SN14175


priSMacoLor Double-Ended Brush Markers

No. Description BQ SRP Sets SN1773104 6-color set 1 $31.67 st SN1773297 12-color set, 1 63.33 st primary/secondary SN1773298 12-color set, 1 63.33 st warm grey SN1773299 12-color set, 1 63.33 st cool grey SN1773300 12-color set, 1 63.33 st French grey SN1773301 24-color set 1 126.67 st SN1773302 48-color set 1 253.33 st SN1773303 72-color set 1 380.00 st SN1773305 156-color set 1 823.33 st SN1776353 24-color set 1 131.75 st with case SN1776354 48-color set 1 263.47 st with case

SN1738862 SN1759444

priSMacoLor Premier Illustration Marker Set

Permanent, pigmented, archival quality ink is acid-free, lightfast, non-bleed, and non-toxic. Water- and smear-resistant when dry. Results may vary based on paper characteristics. Ideal for crisp lines and detail work. Designed for artistic and technical drawing applications. Set includes .005, .01, .03, .05, .08, brush, and chisel nibs. Black ink. No. SN1738862 SRP $21.37 st BQ 1

priSMacoLor Manga Marker Sets


5-piece set: 1 black, 1 each size 4-color set: 1 .05 nib, black, red, blue, green 8-color set: 1 .05 nib 8-color set: 1 .005 nib

No. Description SN1759444 12-color art marker set: PM156, PM95, PM72, PM70, PM208, PM39, PM144, PM14, PM17, PM171, PM1, PM167 SRP $53.20 st BQ 1 SN1759417 8-piece fine line illustration marker set: Black 005, 03, 05, 08, chisel, and brush, Sepia 005, brush SRP $24.41 st BQ 1

Markers, Brush Pens, Technical liners



Chartpak offers its permanent xylene-based color AD marker with three distinct line weights in one nib. Brilliant, sparkling color delivered in fine point, medium weight, or broad strokes with just a twist of the wrist. No. No. Description Maize Pale yellow Lemon yellow Cadmium yellow Dark yellow Cream Banana Goldenrod Chrome orange Cadmium orange Pale Flesh Flesh Blush Peach Salmon Deep Salmon Cadmium red Life red Scarlet Sunset pink Powder pink Pink Crimson Ruby Deep magenta Maroon Wine red Mauve Bright orchid Lilac Pale indigo Violet light Purple sage Purple iris Violet Blueberry Frost blue Sapphire blue Azure Ice blue Blue glow Crystal blue Sky blue Light blue Space blue Electric blue Cobalt blue True blue Navy blue Ultramarine Dutch blue Prussian blue Aquamarine Process blue Blue green Pale lime Turquoise green Aqua Slate green Evergreen Deep evergreen Willow green Mint Grass green Dark mint Light green Viridian Spruce green BQ 1 Original Fine point AP133 AP130 AP41 AP41FP AP42 AP43 AP43FP AP132 AP44 AP46 AP62 AP62FP AP64 AP64FP AP147 AP147FP AP149 AP149FP AP152 AP153 AP160 AP206 AP79 AP80 AP80FP AP81 AP81FP AP156 AP161 AP163 AP82 AP83 AP89 AP89FP AP85 AP90 AP177 AP209 AP92 AP92FP AP179 AP215 AP178 AP210 AP94 AP96 AP112 AP107 AP110 AP105 AP106 AP108 AP103 AP104 AP101 AP102 AP10 AP10FP AP5 AP7 AP4 AP4FP AP11 AP6 AP6FP AP114 AP15 AP16 AP118 AP115 AP117 AP18 AP20 AP219 AP120 AP121 AP122 AP122FP AP220 AP119 AP19 AP23 SRP $4.71 ea


charTpak AP41 AD Markers

No. No.


charTpak Picture Frame Touch-Up Sets

Great sets for touching-up fine wooden frames. Cover join lines on new frames and chips and scratches on old. These markers are specially formulated to blend with the most popular wood tones. The tri-nib system offers fine, medium, and broad strokes. Great for touching-up wooden craft and hobby projects too! No. FTM9 Description BQ 9-color set in 1 vinyl pouch FTM25 25-color set 1 in storage caddy AD12FP SETFP SRP $39.95 st 115.70 st

Description Holly green Forest green Leaf green Nile green Moss green Apple green Light olive Jade Emerald green Celery Yellow green Chartreuse Palm green Linden green Chrome green Light ivy Pale olive Olive Dark olive Buff Light sand Naples yellow Beige Pale sepia Sand Pale cherry Desert tan Kraft brown Suntan Sepia Delta brown Mocha Redwood Brick red Burnt sienna Burnt umber Warm gray #1 Warm gray #2 Warm gray #3 Warm gray #4 Warm gray #5 Warm gray #6 Warm gray #7 Warm gray #8 Basic gray #1 Basic gray #2 Basic gray #3 Basic gray #4 Basic gray #5 Cool gray #1 Cool gray #2 Cool gray #3 Cool gray #4 Cool gray #5 Cool gray #6 Cool gray #7 Cool gray #8 Cool gray #9 Cool gray #10 Black Extra black Super black BQ 1 Colorless

Original Fine point AP22 AP26 AP26FP AP29 AP30 AP27 AP28 AP33 AP25 AP21 AP126 AP38 AP36 AP32 AP37 AP35 AP136 AP34 AP31 AP31FP AP24 AP139 AP138 AP135 AP137 AP137FP AP50 AP142 AP148 AP146 AP55 AP140 AP56 AP56FP AP57 AP57FP AP70 AP69 AP74 AP75 AP71 AP191 AP191FP AP192 AP193 AP193FP AP194 AP195 AP196 AP197 AP198 AP226 AP227 AP228 AP229 AP180 AP181 AP181FP AP182 AP183 AP183FP AP184 AP185 AP186 AP187 AP188 AP189 AP190 AP98 AP98FP AP99 AP100 AP100FP SRP $4.71 ea Blender APO SRP $4.71 ea







charTpak AD Marker Sets


Non-toxic, solvent-based markers do not streak or feather and are ideal for artistic use on traditional and non-traditional surfaces such as paper, acrylics, ceramics, and more! No. Description BQ SRP 12-color sets AD12 Basic FLT12 Portrait 25-color sets SETA Basic SETE Warm/cool grays SETF Pastels SETJ Architectural SETK Art director SETL Landscape CDY25 Empty plastic cube holds 25 markers 100-color set AD100 Assorted

charTpak AD Fine Point Marker Sets

Precision nib markers designed for detail work, lettering, and outlining. No. Description BQ SRP AD12FP 12-color basic set 1 $55.95 st SETFP 25-color complete set 1 121.45 st

1 $55.95 st 1 55.95 st 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 121.45 st 121.45 st 121.45 st 121.45 st 121.45 st 121.45 st 10.20 ea

1 467.90 st

charTpak AD Marker Display Assortment

Size: 22"w x 69"h x 22"d Contents: 1,344 markers total, 131 different colors No. ADSRD SRP $6,328.00 BQ 1

charTpak Furniture Touch-Up Marker Set

Cover scratches, dings, and chips on wood or wood laminate permanently with these markers. Create fine, medium, or broad strokes with the unique tri-nib. Clear acetate sheet included for mixing marker colors for a true match. Contains eight wood tones (dark oak, harbor oak, landmark oak, black, natural cherry, brilliant cherry, royale walnut, and richleigh walnut), one blender to mix and remove colors while still damp, and a palette sheet. Comes in a reuseable vinyl pouch. No. OF9 SRP $41.95 st BQ 1

BQ Disc

Tri-Nib 3-in-1 Lines:

Fine Medium Broad

charTpak AD Marker Display Assortment

Size: 2,"w x 24"h x 6s"d Contents: 288 markers total, 6 each of 48 colors plus SETE and SETK No. MKR48D SRP $1,598.90 BQ 1


Markers, Brush Pens, Technical liners

RV21 Light Pink

R14 Light Rouge

YR02 Light Orange

Y06 Yellow

YG13 Chartreuse

G14 Apple Green


R17 Lipstick Orange

YR04 Chrome Orange

Y08 Acid Yellow

YG17 Grass Green

G16 Malachite

BV0000 Pale Thistle

RV23 Pure Pink

V12 Pale Lilac

RV25 Dog Rose Flower

R20 Blush

YR07 Cadmium Orange

Y11-S Y11 Pale Yellow Y13-S

Y13 Lemon Yellow

YG21 Anise

G17 Forest Green

BV000 Iridescent Mauve

V15 Mallow

RV29 Crimson

R21 Sardonyx

YR09 Chinese Orange

YG23 New Leaf

G19 Bright Parrot Green

BV00 Mauve Shadow

V17 Amethyst

RV32 Shadow Pink

R22 Light Prawn

YR12 Loquat

Y15 Cadmium Yellow

YG25 Celadon Green

G20 Wax White

BV01 Viola

V20-S V20 Wisteria V25-S

Pale Blackberry

RV34-S RV34 Dark Pink RV42-S

Salmon Pink

R24 Prawn

YR14-S YR14 Caramel YR15-S

Pumpkin Yellow

Y17-S Y17 Golden Yellow Y18-S

Lightning Yellow

YG41-S YG41 Pale Green YG45-S

Cobalt Green

G21 Lime Green


Cadmium Red

G24 Willow

BV04 Blue Berry

V91 Pale Grape

RV55 Hollyhock

R29 Lipstick Red

YR16 Apricot

Y19 Napoli Yellow

YG61-S YG61 Pale Moss YG63-S YG63 Pea Green YG67-S

YG67 Moss

G28 Ocean Green

BV08 Blue Violet

V93 Early Grape

RV63 Begonia

R30 Pale Yellowish Pink

YR18 Sanguine

Y21 Buttercup Yellow

G29 Pine Tree Green

BV11 Soft Violet

V95 Light Grape

RV66 Raspberry

R32 Peach

YR20 Yellowish Shade

Y23 Yellowish Beige

G40 Dim Green

BV13 Hydrangea Blue

V99 Aubergine

RV69 Peony

R35 Coral

YR21 Cream

Y26 Mustard

YG91 Putty

G82 Spring Dim Green

BV17 Deep Reddish Blue


R37 Carmine

YR23 Yellow Ochre

Y28 Lionet Gold

YG93 Grayish Yellow

G85 Verdigris

RV0000 Evening Primrose

RV91 Grayish Cherry

BV20 Dull Lavender

RV93 Smoky Purple

R39 Garnet

YR24 Pale Sepia

Y32 Cashmere

YG95 Pale Olive

G94 Grayish Olive

Grayish Lavender

RV000 Pale Purple

RV95 Baby Blossoms

R43 Bougainvillaea

YR30 Macadamia Nut

Y35 Maize

YG97 Spanish Olive

G99 Olive

BV25 Grayish Violet

RV00 Water Lily

RV99-S RV99 Argyle Purple

R46 Strong Red

YR31 Light Reddish Yellow

Y38 Honey

YG99 Marine Green

BG0000 Snow Green

BV29 Slate

RV02 Sugared Almond Pink


YR61 Yellowish Skin Pink

R0000 Pink Beryl

R59 Cardinal

YG0000 Lily White

G0000 Crystal Opal

BV31 Pale Lavender

RV04 Shock Pink

R81 Rose Pink

YR65 Atoll

BG000 Pale Aqua


R000 Cherry White

R83 Rose Mist

YR68 Orange

YG00 Mimosa Yellow

G000 Pale Green

BG01 Aqua Blue

V0000 Rose Quartz

RV06 Cerise

RV09 Fuchsia

R00-S R00 Pinkish White R01-S R01 Pinkish Vanilla R02-S

R02 Flesh

R85 Rose Red

YR82 Mellow Peach

YG01-S YG01 Green Bice YG03-S YG03 Yellow Green YG05-S

YG05 Salad

G00 Jade Green

BG02 New Blue

Pale Heath

Pale Pink

Dark Red

Spectrum Green

BG05 Holiday Blue

Y0000 Yellow Fluorite

V01 Heath

RV11 Pink

G03 Meadow Green

BG07 Petroleum Blue

YR0000 Pale Chiffon

V04 Lilac

RV13 Tender Pink

R05 Salmon Red

Y000 Pale Lemon

YG06 Yellowish Green

G05 Emerald Green

BG09 Blue Green

V05 Marigold

RV14 Begonia Pink

R08 Vermilion

YR000 Silk

Y00 Barium Yellow

YG07 Acid Green

G07 Nile Green

BG10 Cool Shadow

V06 Lavender

RV17 Deep Magenta

R11 Pale Cherry Pink

YR00 Powder Pink

Y02 Canary Yellow

YG09 Lettuce Green

G09 Veronese Green

BG11 Moon White

V09 Violet

RV19 Red Violet

R12 Light Tea Rose

YR01 Peach Puff

Y04 Acacia

YG11 Mignonette

G12 Sea Green

BG13 Mint Green

Markers, Brush Pens, Technical liners

BG15 Aqua


W00-S C00-S
C00 Cool Gray No. 00

B14 Light Blue

B99 Agate

E34 Orientale

E95 Flesh Pink

W00 Warm Gray No. 00

New Colors
BG57 Jasper

BG18 Teal Blue

B16 Cyanine Blue

E0000 Floral White

E35-S E35 Chamois E37-S

E37 Sepia

E97 Deep Orange

W0 Warm Gray No. 0

C0 Cool Gray No. 0

BG23 Coral Sea

B18 Lapis Lazuli

E99 Baked Clay

W1 Warm Gray No. 1

C1 Cool Gray No. 1

BG90 Gray Sky

BG32 Aqua Mint

B21 Baby Blue

E000 Pale Fruit Pink

E39-S E39 Leather E40-S

E40 Brick White


C2 Cool Gray No. 2

BV34 Bluebell

FRV1 Fluorescent Pink

W2 Warm Gray No. 2

BG34 Horizon Green

B23 Phthalo Blue

E00 Skin White

W3 Warm Gray No. 3

C3 Cool Gray No. 3

E84 Khaki

BG45-S BG45 Nile Blue BG49-S

Duck Blue

B24 Sky

E01 Pink Flamingo

E41-S E41 Pearl White E42-S

Sand White

FYR1 Fluorescent Orange

W4 Warm Gray No. 4

C4 Cool Gray No. 4

E89 Pecan

Cobalt Blue

Fruit Pink

Fluorescent Yellow Orange

Warm Gray No. 5

C5 Cool Gray No. 5

G43 Pistachio

BG53-S BG53 Ice Mint BG70-S BG70 Ocean Mist BG72-S

BG72 Ice Ocean

B28 Royal Blue

E04 Lipstick Natural

E43-S E43 Dull Ivory E44-S E44 Clay E47-S E47 Dark Brown E49-S E49 Dark Bark E50-S E50 Eggshell E51-S E51 Milky White E53-S E53 Raw Silk E55-S
Light Camel

FYG1 Fluorescent Yellow

W6 Warm Gray No. 6

C6 Cool Gray No. 6

G46 Mistletoe

B29 Ultramarine

E07-S E07 Light Mahogany E08-S

E08 Brown

FV2 Fluorescent Dull Violet

W7 Warm Gray No. 7

C7 Cool Gray No. 7

R56 Currant

B32 Pale Blue

Fluorescent Dull Yellow Green

W8 Warm Gray No. 8

C8 Cool Gray No. 8

RV52 Cotton Candy

BG75 Abyss Green

B34 Manganese Blue

E09 Burnt Sienna

Fluorescent Dull Blue Green

W9 Warm Gray No. 9

C9 Cool Gray No. 9

V22 Ash Lavender

BG78 Bronze

B37 Antwerp Blue

E11 Bareley Beige

FB2 Fluorescent Dull Blue

W10 Warm Gray No. 10

C10 Cool Gray No. 10

V28 Eggplant

BG93 Green Gray

B39 Prussian Blue

E13 Light Suntan


Toner Gray No. 0

Neutral Gray No. 0

YR27 Tuscan Orange

BG96-S BG96 Bush BG99-S

Flagstone Blue

Powder Blue

Dark Suntan

100 Black 110-S 110
Special Black

Smoky Blue

Reddish Brass

Toner Gray No. 1

Neutral Gray No. 1

Colorless Blender


E18 Copper

B0000 Pale Celestine

B52 Soft Greenish Blue

E57-S E57 Light Walnut E59-S E59 Walnut E70-S E70 Ash Rose E71-S E71 Champagne E74-S E74 Cocoa Brown E77-S E77 Maroon E79-S E79 Cashew E81-S E81 Ivory E87-S
E87 Fig

T2 Toner Gray No. 2

N2 Neutral Gray No. 2

B60 Pale Blue Gray

E19 Redwood

T3 Toner Gray No. 3

N3 Neutral Gray No. 3

B000 Pale Porcelain Blue

B63 Light Hydrangea

Each COPIC marker and COPIC Sketch is labeled with a letter, number, and color name to identify the exact hue, value, and brightness of each color. Use the guide below to find colors available in specific marker types.

E21 Baby Skin Pink

T4 Toner Gray No. 4

N4 Neutral Gray No. 4

B00 Frost Blue

B66 Clematis

E23 Hazelnut

T5 Toner Gray No. 5

N5 Neutral Gray No. 5

Sketch (-S) Marker (-C) Wide (-W) Ciao (-I) Various Inks (-V)
Please Note: When ordering individual markers, please add the marker series suffix (shown in parentheses) to the item number to designate type of marker. Example: BG09-S means color BG09 in the Sketch Marker Series

Mint Blue

B69 Stratospheric Blue

E25 Caribe Cocoa

T6 Toner Gray No. 6

N6 Neutral Gray No. 6

B02 Robin's Egg Blue

B79 Iris

E27 Africano

T7 Toner Gray No. 7

N7 Neutral Gray No. 7

B04 Tahitian Blue

B91 Pale Grayish Blue

E29 Burnt Umber

T8 Toner Gray No. 8

N8 Neutral Gray No. 8

Process Blue

Light Crockery Blue


Toner Gray No. 9

Neutral Gray No. 9

B06 Peacock Blue

B95 Light Grayish Cobalt

E31 Brick Beige

T10 Toner Gray No. 10

N10 Neutral Gray No. 10

B12 Ice Blue

B97 Night Blue

E33 Sand

E93-S E93 Tea Rose


Markers, Brush Pens, Technical liners

Understanding the Copic Color System
The numbers and letters on your marker represent the following:
Intermediate Classification Color number within color type Variation 0-9 Broad Classification Shows color type Specific Classification/ Brightness Number Specific variation of color within the intermediate classification Variation 0-9
(Based on 1-10 with neutral gray brightness)

The Legendary Marker System

Copic markers are fast drying, double-ended markers. They are refillable, permanent, non-toxic, and the alcohol-based ink dries fast and acid-free. Outstanding performance and versatility have made Copic markers the choice of professional designers worldwide. Three year guaranteed shelf life.

Marker features at a glance:

Airbrush Compatible Medium Broad Nib Replacement Nibs Super Brush Nib Colors Available

BG05 Holiday Blue

Color Name

21mm Wide Nib

Dries Acid Free

Empty Markers


Optional Nibs

The color/number system helps you choose colors that will blend nicely to create depth in your color range. How to Pick Blending Colors To instantly tell if a color will blend evenly with the next darker or lighter shade, follow the steps below. 1. Match the color letters, keeping the color family the same. 2. Match the middle number, this will keep the tone the same. The last number tells you how light or dark the shade is. For highlights, pick a last number with a value of 0, 1, 2, or 3. For midtones, choose numbers 4, 5, or 6. For shadows, choose colors with a last number of 7, 8, or 9. Also, try to keep a 2 or 3 digit difference between your colors. Blended with 3 markers: Use More Colors to Achieve Smoother Blends Notice how much more the pale and dark shades stand out when blended with more colors.

Broad Nib


Copic Sketch Wide Ciao

Fine Nib

214 358 36 180




See full color chart on previous page.

BG000 BG02

Blended with 5 markers:






Copic strictly enforces their MAP program. Sales will be prohibited to violators. Copic items can only be shipped to North America, the Caribbean, and Hawaii with the exception of Honolulu County in Hawaii (Oahu Island).

Markers, Brush Pens, Technical liners

B24 B28 BG10 BG13 BG72 BG78 E00 E11 E13 E15 E18 R20 B00 B04 R43 R46

Y13 Y19

CopiC Sketch Marker

SSEASKY SRP $41.94 st

Sea & sky

BQ 1

SSKIN1 SRP $41.94 st

Skin tones 1

BQ 1


Perfect primaries BQ 1

Barrel Profile The most popular marker in the Copic line. Perfect for scrapbooking, professional illustration, fashion design, manga, and craft projects. Photocopy safe and guaranteed color consistency. The super brush nib acts like a paintbrush both in feel and color application. For more control, use the medium broad nib on the opposite end, or customize the marker with an optional nib. Compatible with the Copic airbrush system. Markers are refillable and available in all colors listed. When ordering individual markers, please list desired color number -S for Sketch series (ex. B29-S). No. Description Color# -S Individual marker SKETCHEMPTY Empty marker BQ 1 1 SRP $6.99 ea 5.99 ea




E70 YR0000 YR00







BG11 BG15 BV0000 BV01 YR12 YR31


Secondary tones BQ 1

SBOLDPRI SRP $41.94 st

Bold primaries BQ 1

SPASTELS SRP $41.94 st

Pale pastels

BQ 1


RV13 RV69

V05 YG41 YG45



RV23 RV25 RV29 YR21





YG13 YG17

SFLORAL1 SRP $41.94 st

Floral favorites I BQ 1

SFLORAL2 SRP $41.94 st

Floral favorites II BQ 1

SEARTH SRP $41.94 st

Earth essentials BQ 1

G17 V09

B14 RV11



E09 Y13

100 YG03




Y000 G000 BG000




YR15 YR82 E17

Y18 E18

R08 YR04

V000 RV000 RV69 RV91 RV95 RV99

B69 BG72 BG75 BG78

No. SB12 12-color set, basic SRP $83.88 st BQ 1

E15 C7 G28 B14 E29 C9 E33 W1 E37 W3 E44 W5 E49 W7 C1 W9 B01 B37 Y13 G16 C3 100 B05 B39 Y15 G17 C5 110 B06 E09 Y21 G21 B24 C1 R00 E000 W2 R27 E01 0 E17 100 E21 BV02 Y00 E33 V17 Y35

No. S12EX-1 12-color set, EX-1 SRP $83.88 st BQ 1

No. S12EX-2 12-color set, EX-2 SRP $83.88 st BQ 1



E0000 R01

E30 R21



YG0000 G0000 BG0000 B0000



BG53 BG70 RV63 RV66

E23 V20

E81 V25



G99 BG09 BG10 BG15 BG18 B23 B26 B29 Y02 B32 Y06 B34 Y11

BV01 RV00

YR01 YR12

BV0000 V0000 RV0000 R0000 YR0000 Y0000

YG61 YR30

No. S12EX-3 12-color set, EX-3 SRP $83.88 st BQ 1

No. S12EX-4 12-color set, EX-4 SRP $83.88 st BQ 1

No. S12EX-5 12-color set, EX-5 SRP $83.88 st BQ 1

YR14 YR23 YR24

Y26 YG03 YG13 YG91 YG95 G07 BV08 R02 V04 R08 V06 R27 V09 R32



BG57 BG90 BV34 G46 R56 RV52

E84 V22

E89 V28

G43 YR27

RV04 RV09 RV11 RV19 RV29 R37 YR00 YR04 YR07 YR09

RV11 RV25 G07 B00

R39 YR04

No. S12EX-6 12 newest colors, EX-6 SRP $83.88 st NEW BQ 1

No. S72A 72-color set, A SRP $503.28 st

BQ 1

No. SB24 24-color set, basic SRP $167.76 st

BQ 1

E39 C6

E40 C8

E41 C10 B02 E04

E43 N1 B12 E07

E51 N3 B18 E11

E57 N5 B21 E13

C0 N7 B24 E21

C2 N9 B41 E31 G02

C4 0 B45 E35 G05

T0 T9

T1 T10

T2 W0 B16 E77

T3 W2 E00 N0

T4 W4 E19 N2

T5 W6 E25 N4

T6 W8 E27 N6

T7 W10 E34 N8

T8 100 E53 N10

C7 B29

C9 B32

W1 B39

W3 E09 G17 R02

W5 E29 G21

W7 E33 G28

W9 C1 B05

100 C3 B06 Y11

110 C5 B14 Y13

BG49 B00 E00 Y17 G12 E02

BG99 B04 E55 E59

Y15 YG03 G07 V09 RV11 RV29

R08 YR04 YR24

YG07 YG11 YG17 YG41 YG67 G00 G14 G29

YG01 YG05 YG09 YG21 YG23 YG25 YG45 YG63 YG97 YG99 G09 G19 G20 G24 G40 G82 BG05 BG34 R00 Y23 R05 Y38

No. SB36 36-color set, basic SRP $251.64 st

BQ 1

G85 BG02 BG11 BG13 BG32 BG45 V12 R39 V15 V17 RV06 RV21 Y00 Y08

BV00 BV04 BV23 BV31 RV34 R20 R24 R29

RV02 RV10 RV13 RV14 RV17 RV25 RV32 R11 R17 R35 YR16 YR18 YR21 Y19

E08 E99









R59 YR02

No. S72B 72-color set, B SRP $503.28 st

BQ 1

No. S72C 72-color set, C SRP $503.28 st

FV2 FRV1 FYR1 FY1 FYG1 FYG2 FBG2 FB2 B28 B99 B52 E000 B60 E01

BQ 1

BG01 BG07 BG23 BG93 BG96 B000 B63 B79 R30 Y04 B91 R43 Y28 B93 B95 B97






R83 G43

R85 G46 V20 E17

R89 YR0000 YR01 YR12 YR15 YR27 YR30 YR82 Y0000 Y000

Y18 B66

R22 YR68

R46 YR000 YR20 YR31 YR61 YR65 Y32 Y35 YG00 YG06 YG93 G94 V01 R14

YG0000 YG61 G0000 G000 G03


BG0000 BG000 BG53 BG57 BG70 BG72 BG75 BG78 BG90 B0000
V22 E18 V25 E23 V28 E30 V93 E42

BV0000 BV01 BV34 V0000 V000

RV0000 RV000 RV00 RV52 RV55 RV63 RV66

E70 E81 E84 E87 E89

BV000 BV02 BV11 BV13 BV17 BV20 BV25 BV29 V05 V91 V95 V99 RV23 RV42 R000 R12

RV69 RV91 RV93 RV95 RV99 E0000



No. S72E 72-color set, E NEW SRP $503.28 st

BQ 1

No. S72D 72-color set, D SRP $503.28 st

BQ 1


Markers, Brush Pens, Technical liners

copic Sketch Starter Sets
Marker sets with colors that have been specifically selected for crafters. S36ASTAMP
0 100 C3 B00 B02 E00 B05 E04 B45 BG05 BG09 E33 E37 V12 G02 V15 0 100 C3 B00 B02 E00 B05 E04 B45 BG05 BG09 E33 E37 V12 G02 V15 BG10 BV00 BV04 BV08 G07 V17 R20 Y02 R29 Y06 R59 Y21 BG10 BV00 BV04 BV08 G07 V17 R20 Y02 R29 Y06 R59 Y21

RV13 RV21 RV34

RV13 RV21 RV34

YG11 YG63 YG67 YR00 YR04

YG11 YG63 YG67 YR00 YR04

S36ASTAMP SRP $251.64 st

B45 R59 RV34 BV04 E29 V12 W3

36-color papercrafting set, A

BQ 1

No. C36ASTAMP SRP $251.64 st

36-color set, craft, A

BQ 1

0 E37


R29 YR04

Y06 V06

G07 V17

E35 Y21

B02 YR02

BV00 BV23 BG10 RV21 Y02 G02 E00 E33

0 BV08 BG49 RV04 B00 YG67 G21 R32 YR04 E37 RV04

B05 Y06

R29 G07



R59 V12


BV00 BV23 V15 G02 R32

No. SSTAMP12B 12-color set, bright SRP $83.88 st BQ 1

No. SSTAMP12E 12-color set, earthy SRP $83.88 st BQ 1

SSTAMP12P 12-color set, pastel SRP $83.88 st BQ 1

RV34 BV04 Y21 G21

BG10 RV21 YR02 E00 Y02 E33

BV08 BG49 V06 V17

B00 YG67 E29 W3

For cases to fit Copic, Sketch, and Wide markers refer to page 26.

No. CSTAMP12B 12-color set, bright BQ 1 SRP $83.88 st

No. CSTAMP12E 12-color set, earthy BQ 1 SRP $83.88 st

No. CSTAMP12P 12-color set, pastel BQ 1 SRP $83.88 st

S72A-DISPLAY PCS72A-DISPLAY copic Sketch Art and Papercrafting Sketch Displays Size: 16"w x 4"h x 9"d Contents: 216 markers, 3 each of 72 colors Art colors S72A-DISPLAY S72C-DISPLAY SRP $1,509.84 Papercrafting colors PCS72A-DISPLAY SRP $1,509.84 S72B-DISPLAY S72D-DISPLAY

copic Marker

BQ 1


BQ 1

Barrel Profile The original line of high quality illustrating tools used for decades by professionals around the world. Preferred for architectural design, product rendering, and other forms of industrial design, they are also popular for use with models, ceramics, and similar projects. Ideal for all calligraphy, airbrushing, and graphic arts needs. The broad nib offers smooth, consistent coverage for larger areas, while the fine nib allows for easy detail work. Photocopy safe and guaranteed color consistency. Compatible with the Copic airbrush system. Markers are refillable and have a variety of nib options. Color choice is expandable to include the entire selection by purchasing various ink refills and empty markers. When ordering individual markers, please list desired available color number -C for Copic series (ex. B29-C). No. Color# -C COPICEMPTY
C0 C6 C1 C7 C2 C8

C7 W5 110 E09 C3 G07 B05

C9 W7 B29 E29 C5 G17 B06

W1 W9 B32 E33 Y15 G21 B14 R02 Y11

W3 100 B39 C1 YG03 G28

G17 E09

B14 100

B29 V09

B39 RV11

R08 YR04

Y13 YG03

No. CB12 12-color set, basic SRP $83.88 st BQ 1

W0 V09 W4 RV11 RV29 YR04 YR24 R08 W8 Y13

W1 W5 W9

W2 W6 W10

W3 W7 0

Description Individual marker Empty marker

C3 C9 C4 C10 C5 100

BQ 1 1
N0 N6

SRP $6.99 ea 5.99 ea

N1 N7 N2 N8

No. CB36 36-color set, basic SRP $251.64 st BQ 1

N3 N9 N4 N10 N5 110 T0 T6

No. CWG12 12-color set, warm grays SRP $83.88 st

T1 T7 T2 T8 T3 T9

BQ 1
T4 T10 T5 0

copic Sketch Wallets


No. CCG12 12-color set, cool grays SRP $83.88 st BQ 1

E09 G17 E29 G21 E33 G28 E37 E44 C1

No. CNG12 12-color set, neutral grays SRP $83.88 st BQ 1

C3 C5 C7 B05 Y21 C9 B06 W1 B14 W3 B23 W5 B26

No. CTG12 12-color set, toner grays SRP $83.88 st BQ 1

W7 B29 W9 B32 0 B34 100 B37 110 B39

Each set contains a hand-selected color assortment of colors in a Velcro enclosure folding wallet. No. Description Design, 24-color sets SARWAL Architecture SFDWAL Fashion design SFIGWAL Figure drawing SLAWAL Landscape architecture SRP $167.76 st Manga, 24-color sets MNGAWALA Manga, A MNGAWALB Manga, B SRP $167.76 st

G99 BG09 BG10 BG15 BG18 Y06 Y11 Y13 Y15

YR14 YR18 YR23 YR24 BV08 V06 V09

Y26 YG03 YG13 YG23 YG91 YG95 YG97 YG99 G07 R02 R08 R27 R32 R37 YR00 YR04 YR07 YR09

RV04 RV09 RV11 RV17 RV19 RV29

BQ 1

No. C72A 72-color set, A SRP $503.28 st

W0 W2 T4 C2 N4 W4 T5 C4 N5 W6 T6 C6 N6 B01 E25 W8 T7 C8 N7 B02 E27 R17 W10 T8 C10 N8 B04 E31 R20 G16 T0 T9 N0 N9 E04 E34 R29 T1 T10 N1 N10 E07 E40 R35 T2 100 N2 110 E11 E49 Y00 B18 E39 G00 G82 B21 E41 G05 B24 E43 G09 B41 E51 G12 B45 E53 G14 E00 E55 G19 E02 E57 G20

BQ 1
E21 E59 G24 B12 E35 E77 G40 B16

BQ 1

T3 C0 N3

copic 5-Color Sketch Marker and 1 Multiliner SP Pen Sets

0 B0000 N1 RV10 Y0000 SP 0.3

G85 BG11 BG32 BG34 BG45 BG49 Y08 Y19 Y23

BG13 BG99 B00 E13 BV00 E15 V04 Y17 E19

R59 YR02 YR16 YR21

Y38 YG05

No. SBLENDING Blending basics SRP $44.90 st BQ 1

N0 N2 N4 N6 N8 SP 0.5

YG07 YG09 YG11 YG21 YG25 YG41 YG45 YG63 YG67 BV04 BV23 BV31 V12 V15 R00 V17 R05 RV02 RV10 RV13 R11 R24 R39

RV06 RV14


YG01 YG17 G02

G29 BG02 BG05

RV21 RV25 RV32 RV34

No.SNGRAY SRP $44.90 st

Sketching grays BQ 1


No. C72B 72-color set, B SRP $503.28 st

BQ 1

No. C72C 72-color set, C SRP $503.28 st

BQ 1

Markers, Brush Pens, Technical liners

BV08 V09 RV04 R29 YR07 E29 Y06 100 E00 BG23 YG06 E21 B00 G00 E29 B24 E37 B29 C3 YR07 100 Y00 R20 G05 Y08 R29

BG09 YG03 YR02

YG06 G17 BG09 B29

copic Ciao Marker

Barrel Profile Perfect for beginners, Ciao has the exact same features as the Sketch marker but in a smaller size and without the airbrush capability. Photocopy safe and guaranteed color consistency. Great for scrapbooking, crafts, fine writing, stamping, and comics. Markers are refillable and have a variety of nib options. When ordering individual markers, please list desired available color number -I for Ciao series (ex. B29-I). No. Description Color# -I Individual marker SRP $4.79 ea

No. IB12 12-color set, basic SRP $57.48 st BQ 1

BV00 BV02 RV02

No. IB24 SRP $114.96 st

B00 B24 B29 E00 E21 G05 E29 E37 C3 100 E08 E33 E35

24-color set, basic

BQ 1
C5 B39 C7 E02 G21 R27 0 E04 G99 R59


E51 B23

C1 B32

YG03 YG06 YG11 G00 R20 R29

G17 BG01 BG09 BG23 Y00 Y06 Y17

BG10 BG15 BG93 B05 YR00 YR04 BV04 V17 Y02

R32 YR02 YR07 YR20 V04 V09 V12

Y08 YG41 YG67 G02 R02

BV00 BV02 BV08

RV02 RV04 RV10

RV21 RV23 RV29 RV42

BQ 1

No. I36A 36-color set, A SRP $172.44 st

E49 G85 R37 E57 E77 E93 E95 W1 B93 W3 B95 W5 B97

BQ 1
W7 E43

No. I36B 36-color set, B SRP $172.44 st

E25 E40 E41 E59 B18 Y35 V05 E79 B28 C0 B99 C2 E000 G29 W0 E15 G82 R14

BQ 1
W2 E18 BG000 R81










Y21 YG00 YG23 YG63 G000 G07 R05 R11 R22

G14 BG05 BG34 Y11 Y15 R00

G94 BG49 BG96 B45 R46 R85 YR68 V15 V91 Y28 V95

BG13 BG72 B000 YR000 YR15 Y000 BV000 BV25 V01

YR16 YR23 YR31 YR61

Y38 YG91 YG95 G28 RV34 RV95 R17 R35

YG09 YG17

BV13 BV23 BV31 V000

V06 RV000 RV06 RV13

BV17 BV29

RV14 RV69 R000

No. I36C 36-color set, C SRP $172.44 st

BQ 1

No. I36D 36-color set, D SRP $172.44 st

BQ 1

No. I36E SRP $172.44 st

36-color set, E

BQ 1

Barrel Profile

copic Various Ink Refills

Extend the life of the marker. Each bottle contains 25ccs of ink and will completely refill markers as follows: Ciao 13 times, Sketch 8-10 times, Copic 7-9 times, or Wide 5-6 times. Refills have permanent, consistent color, and clean up with rubbing alcohol. Measures are marked on bottles which have an angled tip for easy application. Empty bottles and Copic, Sketch, and Wide markers are available for mixing and personalizing colors to create custom markers. Bottle is also recyclable. When ordering, please list desired color number -V for various ink (ex. B29-V). No. Color# -V VARIOUSEMPTY 0-V VBL200CC Description Ink refill Empty bottle Refill, 25cc, colorless blender Refill, 200cc, colorless blender BQ 1 1 1 1 SRP $7.99 ea 5.99 ea 6.99 ea 14.45 ea

copic Wide Marker

*All Wide sets include 12 matching Various Ink entire selection by purchasing various ink refills and empty markers. All wide sets include matching refill inks. When ordering individual markers, please list desired available color number -W for Wide series (ex. B29-W). No. Color# -W WIDEEMPTY
Y26 E31 G21 BG10 E33 E49

This totally unique marker design lays down a 3/4" swash of color; not achievable with any other marker. It offers the smoothest, most consistent coverage over large areas and is ideal for architectural drawings, backgrounds, calligraphy, sign making, and general art use. In addition, the tip of the nib offers a fine point for detail work. Markers are refillable, and have two replaceable nib options broad and calligraphy. Color choice is expandable to include the
V17 G07 R02 B24 R29 YR04 B29 B39 Y08 YG03 E29 100 R27 B32 Y15 B34 Y17 E04

Description Individual marker Empty marker

W1 C1 W3 C3 W5 C5

BQ 1 1
W7 C7

SRP $7.99 ea 6.99 ea

W9 C9 110 100

No. WIDESETA SRP $191.76 st

12-color set, A* BQ 1

No. WIDESETB SRP $191.76 st

12-color set, B* BQ 1

No. WIDESETC SRP $191.76 st

12-color set, C* BQ 1

Medium broad Medium round Super brush

Brush Calligraphy 3mm Calligraphy 5mm Round Semi broad Soft broad Super fine Standard broad Standard fine

copic Marker Replacement Nibs

Standard nibs can be replaced when needed. All optional nibs come with stickers for the markers to identify the nib shape. No. Description BQ 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 SRP $5.95 pk 4.95 pk 5.95 pk 5.95 pk 4.95 pk 5.95 pk 4.95 pk 5.95 pk 4.95 pk 5.95 pk 5.95 pk 5.95 pk 5.95 pk 5.95 pk Copic marker nibs BRUSHN 3-pack, brush CAL3MMN 10-pack, calligraphy, 3mm CAL5MMN 10-pack, calligraphy, 5mm RNDN 10-pack, round SEMIBRDN 10-pack, semi broad SFTBRD 10-pack, soft broad SPRFNN 10-pack, super fine STDBRDN 10-pack, standard broad STDFNN 10-pack, standard fine Sketch/Ciao marker nibs MEDBRDN 10-pack, medium broad MEDRNDN 5-pack, medium round SPRBRSHN 3-pack, super brush Wide marker nibs BRDCALN 2-pack, broad calligraphy XTRABRDN 2-pack, extra broad

copic Opaque White Pigment

Broad calligraphy

Water-based pigment used for highlight effects. Won't bleed into the base color, giving sharp line definition. Great on permanent ink surfaces, as well as watercolors, colored pencils, and paints. Apply with a brush, clean up with warm water. 30cc bottle. No. COPQW SRP $11.95 ea BQ 1

Extra broad

copic Refill Booster

Markers, Brush Pens, Technical liners


Insures mess-free refilling. Screw it to the top of the various ink bottle and insert the needle down the side of the broad nib. Refill ink amounts vary for each marker. Caution very sharp. 3-pack. No. BOOSTER SRP $6.95 pk BQ 1



copic Empty Display Racks

Item # IDISP CSVDISP Series Ciao Copic Sketch Various # of Capacity Overall Slots per Slot Dimensions 36 6 15.38" x 8.5" x 4.25" 72 72 72 36 30 360 10 3 4 2 3 12 1 14 16" x 9.75" x 4.25" BQ 1 1 SRP $58.00 ea 64.00 ea

copic Nib Tweezer

Quick and easy way to remove the nib, without damage, for refilling or changing. Just grab the nib and pull. Once nib is reinserted it may take a minute for the ink to flow. No. TWZR SRP $7.95 ea BQ 1

Wide Multiliner (Disposable) MLSPCLRDISP Multiliner Color SP (Refillable) MLSPDISP Multiliner SP (Refillable)


16" x 11.5" x 4" 14.25" x 9" x 4.25" 16" x 16" x 15" 26" x 11.5" x 12"

1 1 1 1

60.00 ea 60.00 ea 540.00 ea 540.00 ea

copic Tower Display Assortment

Size: 16"w x 60"h x 20"d Contents: 2,523 pieces No. COPICCENTER SRP $15,707.10 ea BQ 1

copic Shadows & Shading: A Beginners Guide to Lighting Placement

This instructive guide takes beginners through the fundamentals of shading and shadow placement when coloring. Includes transparent lighting templates. No. SHADBOOK SRP $14.95 ea BQ 1

copic Techniques & Projects with Sketch Markers DVD

Get the most from Sketch markers! Includes step-by-step tutorials as well as basic marker techniques. Projects include a wide variety from stamping and crafting to Japanese comics (manga). Run time: 21 min. SDVD1 SRP $9.95 ea BQ 1

copic Papercrafting with Copic Products DVD

Features Ellen Hutson as the host. Ellen shares her love for coloring, stamping, and airbrushing; beginning with techniques for using the airbrush system and Sketch markers. Details include choose paper types and surfaces, demonstrating marker spray patterns and masking, beautiful stamping, blending and highlighting techniques. Run time: 46 min. No. PPCRFTDVD SRP $19.99 ea BQ 1 PDRDVD


copic Product Design Rendering DVD

Oliver Neuland presents rendering techniques in clearly marked out sections. Observe him as he works his way through basic exercises and talks in-depth about tools needed for each action. Tools and details are referenced on screen throughout his process. Oliver Neuland is a design consultant who has worked and taught throughout Germany and is currently senior Industrial and Transport Design Lecturer at Massey Universitys Auckland School of Design in New Zealand. In German, English, and Japanese. No. PDRDVD PDRDVD2 SRP $39.95 ea Description Volume 1, run time: 126 min. Volume 2, run time: 205 min.

copic Airbrush System 2 Landscape Architecture DVD

Features Lauren Worland and Caleb Laughlin as the hosts. This DVD shows how to get started using Copics airbrush system. Learn how to incorporate airbrush techniques in a professional context through full demonstration of the steps. Targeted towards illustrators and professionals. Run time: 45 min. No. ABSDVD2 SRP $19.99 ea BQ 1

copic Airbrush System 3 Comic Illustrations DVD

Features Travis and Jordan Kotzebue as the hosts. This DVD shows how to get started using Copics airbrush system. Learn how to incorporate airbrush techniques for rendering comic style art. Includes lessons in inking a penciled drawing through masking and airbrushing finishing touches. Targeted towards illustrators and professionals. Run time: 54 min. No. ABSDVD3 SRP $19.99 ea BQ 1

copic Airbrush System 1 Papercrafting DVD

Features Ellen Hutson as the host. This DVD shows how to get started using Copics airbrush system. Learn to add life and depth to projects. Targeted towards papercrafters. Run time: 46 min. No. ABSDVD1 SRP $19.99 ea BQ 1

BQ 1

Markers, Brush Pens, Technical liners

COPIC Pro Wallets


PITT Artist Pen Manga Set

A unique pen set perfect for Japanese Manga-style illustrations or for any illustrator that needs a versatile, high-quality pen set. Five shades of gray with brush tips and three pens with black ink in three tip styles (brush, medium, and superfine). High-quality inks are smudge-proof, waterproof, lightfast, and archival quality. Includes a Manga how-to booklet for aspiring artists. No. FC167107 SRP $23.40 st BQ 1

COPIC Black Ink Pro Wallet

Ideal for comic artists, cartoonists, or anyone who likes to work in black line. 10-piece set includes one Copic, one Sketch, one Wide, one Various Ink refill, four Multiliner SP refillable sketching pens (.1mm, .3mm, .5mm, and brush), and two SP refill cartridges. Contained in a black, book-style case with an extra slot for a pencil or pen. No. BIPWAL SRP $74.76 st BQ 1

COPIC Airbrush System

Copic or Sketch markers can easily become an airbrush. Simply insert the broad end of the marker into the air grip and hook it up to a compressor or use a lightweight, portable air can. Changing colors is as easy as switching markers. Features variable spray pattern, no mess, and is ozone safe. Use for illustrations, scrapbooking, backgrounds, and accents. ABS1N An all-around set for use with aircans. Set includes air grip, air adaptor, air hose for aircans, and AirCan 180. ABS2 Popular and compact, contains only the air grip and AirCan D60. ABS3 Professional set for use with an air compressor. Includes air grip and air adaptor. Description BQ SRP Starting set 180 1 $109.99 st Starting set 2 1 36.99 st Starting set 3 1 43.99 st 1 19.99 ea AirCan180, 40-45 minutes of air 1 12.99 ea ACD60 AirCanD60, 7-8 minutes of air AirCan holder 1 7.50 ea ACH 1 37.99 ea AH4-8 Air hose, 1/4" to 1/8" AH8-8 Air hose, 1 31.99 ea 1/8" to 1/8" Air adaptor 1 19.99 ea CAA Air grip 1 26.50 ea CAG No. ABS1N ABS2 ABS3 AC180

FABER-CASTELL Creative Studio Getting Started Complete Comic Illustration Kit

Learn to draw comic illustrations with this complete kit. Includes three black PITT pens (superfine, brush, medium), Art Grip Aquarelle pencils in yellow, red, and blue, graphite HB pencil, eraser, sharpener, paintbrush, 6 sheets bristol paper, 12-page drawing pad (9" x 7"), 8-page blank comic book (9" x 7"), plastic mannequin, 4" x 8" stencil, and a 32-page, comprehensive step-by-step instruction book. Re-usable book-style package. No. FC8000086 SRP $29.95 kt BQ 1

PITT Artist Brush Pen Shjo Manga Set

Ideal for Manga cartooning, India ink is smudge-proof, waterproof, lightfast, and archival quality. Six pen set contains scarlet red, dark chrome yellow, light green, cobalt green, sky blue, and crimson. No. FC167130 SRP $17.60 st BQ 1

COPIC Gray Ink Pro Wallet

Ideal for anyone who likes to work in grays. Ten piece set contains three Sketch, one Wide, one Various Ink refill, three Multiliner SP refillable sketching pens, and two multiliner refill cartridges packaged in a neat and convenient zippered carrying case. Features Copic cool gray colors C3, C5, and C7. No. GIPWAL SRP $71.80 st BQ 1

COPIC Sepia Ink Pro Wallet

Ideal for anyone who likes to work in sepia. Ten piece set contains three Sketch, one Wide, one Various Ink refill, three Multiliner SP refillable sketching pens, and two multiliner refill cartridges packaged in a neat and convenient zippered carrying case. Features Copic colors E31 - brick beige, E33 - sand, and E37 - sepia. No. SIPWAL SRP $71.80 st BQ 1

FABER-CASTELL Creative Studio Getting Started Complete Manga Drawing Kit

Learn to draw Manga art using the comprehensive step-by-step instruction booklet. Kit contains 28-page fully illustrated instruction booklet, 20-page 7" x 9" sketch pad, Manga mannikin, stencil with Manga shapes, ruler, and speed lines, three PITT artist pens in black superfine, black brush, and warm grey III, Goldfaber graphite HB pencil, pencil sharpener, and eraser. No. FC800095 SRP $29.95 kt BQ 1

PITT Artist Brush Pen Manga Shnen Set

Ideal for Manga cartooning, India ink is smudge-proof, waterproof, lightfast, and archival quality. Six pen set contains pink carmine, orange, dark naples ochre, phthalo blue, permanent green olive, and purple violet. No. FC167131 SRP $17.60 st BQ 1

Project uses DRG701038

PITT Artist Brush Pen Manga Kaoiro Set

Ideal for Manga cartooning, India ink is smudge-proof, waterproof, lightfast, and archival quality. Six pen set contains light yellow glaze, leaf green, light flesh, cinnamon, raw umber, and warm grey III. No. FC167134 SRP $17.60 st BQ 1

303717 303716

ANNIES Copic Coloring Guide Level 2: Nature

Authored by Colleen Schaan and Marianne Walker. This is the next step coloring guide for those looking to kick it up a notch! Great for anyone looking to improve and broaden their base of Copic coloring skills. Includes introductory suggestions for creating a Copic journal, tips for working with digital images, advanced color combination and blending techniques, detailed tutorials for coloring specific objects, and sample projects using current and popular cardmaking products. A special CD with all of the hand-drawn images used in the tutorial section is also included. 64 pages. ISBN: 978-1-59635-409-8 No. DRG701038 SRP $14.95 ea BQ 1

Project uses DRG7010271

BAZZILL Simply Smooth Cardstock

80# cardstock with an extra hard-as-glass finish. Works great with all Copic brand markers. 25-packs. No. 8" x 11" 303716 303718 SRP $7.59 pk 12" x 12" 303715 303717 SRP $11.19 pk Description White Ivory

ANNIES Copic Coloring Guide

Authored by Colleen Schaan and Marianne Walker. This is the go-to resource for informative and educational information for crafters of all skill levels. Includes detailed step-by-step instructions for the most popular coloring techniques, beautiful sample projects created by Copic coloring specialists, a clear explanation of the Copic numbering system, and advice about picking great blending groups and how to recreate them easily. 64 pages. ISBN: 978-1-59635-376-3. No. DRG7010271 SRP $14.95 ea BQ 1

PITT Artist Brush Pen Manga Drawing Black Set

BQ 1

White Ivory

Ideal for Manga cartooning, India ink is smudge-proof, waterproof, lightfast, and archival quality. Four pen set contains one each of extra superfine, superfine, fine, and medium, in black only. No. FC167132 SRP $11.75 st BQ 1

BQ 1


Markers, Brush Pens, Technical liners

No. FC167443 Brush No. Big brush FC167634 FC167635 FC167636 FC167637 FC167638 FC167646 FC167647 FC167653 FC167654 FC167656 FC167660 FC167662 FC167667 FC167668 FC167669 FC167670 FC167671 FC167672 FC167673 FC167674 FC167675 SRP $4.95 ea BQ 1 Description Crimson Cold grey VI Purple violet Magenta Light flesh Sky blue Indianthrene blue Cobalt turquoise Light cobalt turquoise Cobalt green Manganese violet Lt. phthalo green Perm. green olive Green gold Caput mortuum May green Light green Warm grey III Warm grey IV Warm grey V Sepia No. No. Description Chrome green opaque Walnut brown Dark phthalo green Raw umber Dk. naples ochre Terracotta Sanguine Cinnamon Indian red Black Chrome oxide green Deep scarlet red Pale geranium lake Magenta bright Cold grey I Cobalt blue Dark indigo Warm gray I Earth green Nougat Brush FC167434 FC167435 FC167436 FC167437 FC167438 FC167446 FC167447 FC167453 FC167454 FC167456 FC167460 FC167462 FC167467 FC167468 FC167469 FC167470 FC167471 FC167472 FC167473 FC167474 SRP $3.25 ea BQ 1 Brush Big brush FC167476 FC167676 FC167477 FC167478 FC167480 FC167484 FC167486 FC167677 FC167678 FC167680 FC167684 FC167686 FC167688 FC167489 FC167689 FC167492 FC167692 FC167699 FC167378 FC167878 FC167419 FC167421 FC167428 FC167430 FC167443 FC167457 FC167570 FC167572 FC167578 SRP $3.25 ea BQ 1 FC167619 FC167621 FC167628 FC167730 FC167643 FC167657 FC167770 FC167772 FC167778 SRP $4.95 ea BQ 1

piTT Artist Pen Brush and Big Brush Colors

FC167619 Big Brush The pigmented India ink is odorless, permanent, lightfast, acid-free, and archival (pH neutral). Smudge-proof and waterproof when dry, artist brush pens create broad, medium, or narrow ink strokes with an even application of color. The big brush pens contain four times the ink of the traditional pen, offering the ability to create art in a larger format. Use the artist pen for line work. Ideal for sketching, journals, cartooning, fine-ink drawings, scrapbooking, and paper crafting. No. Brush FC167402 FC167403 FC167404 FC167407 FC167409 FC167410 FC167412 FC167413 SRP $3.25 ea BQ 1 No. Big brush FC167602 FC167603 FC167604 FC167607 FC167609 FC167610 FC167612 FC167613 SRP $4.95 ea BQ 1 Description Cream Ivory Light yellow glaze Cadmium yellow Dark chrome yellow Phthalo blue Leaf green Orange glaze No. Brush FC167418 FC167420 FC167425 FC167426 FC167427 FC167429 FC167431 FC167432 FC167433 SRP $3.25 ea BQ 1 No. Big brush FC167618 FC167620 FC167625 FC167626 FC167627 FC167629 FC167631 FC167632 FC167633 SRP $4.95 ea BQ 1 Description Scarlet red Ultramarine Middle purple pink Permanent carmine Pink carmine Pink madder lake Medium flesh Cold grey III Cold grey IV

FC167125 FC167120 piTT FC167118 Artist Big Brush Pen Sets Four times the amount of ink of the PITT Artist Pen for creating large art pieces. Strong big brush nib for wide full coverage strokes or narrow detailed strokes. Highquality pigmented India ink. No. 4-color sets FC167118 FC167119 FC167120 Description


FC167126 12-color set in gift box FC167125 Black, cadmium yellow, indanthrene blue, phthalo blue, pink carmine, cold grey III, caput mortuum, leaf green, orange glaze, middle purple pink, purple violet, dark phthalo green SRP $65.80 st BQ 1 24-color set in gift box FC167126 Twelve colors listed above plus, cold grey IV, magenta, warm grey III, raw umber, sky blue, ivory, light yellow glaze, scarlet red, light cobalt turquoise, cobalt green, light phthalo green, light flesh SRP $128.00 st BQ 1

piTT Brush Pen Display Assortment with Top Filler

Size: 18"w x 17"h x 6"d Contents: 600 pens in 58 colors including metallic No. FC167465D SRP $2,264.00 BQ 1

piTT Big Brush Pen Display Assortment with Top Filler

Size: 18"w x 17"h x 6"d Contents: 240 pens in 58 colors No. FC167127D SRP $1,188.00 BQ 1

Warm greys Cold greys Pastel pink madder lake, light cobalt turquoise, light phthalo green, cream FC167121 Basic pink carmine, dark chrome yellow, dark phthalo green, phthalo blue FC167122 Skin tones ivory, medium flesh, light flesh, raw umber FC167123 Classic sanguine, sepia, black, cold grey SRP $20.35 st BQ 1

No. 6-color sets FC167103 FC167104 FC167105 FC167106 SRP $17.60 st FC167103

Description Basic Shades of grey Landscape Terra

BQ 1

piTT FC167112 Artist Brush Pen Sets


Brush tip sets combine the advantages of a brush and a drawing pen. Each pen features pigmented, waterproof, lightfast India ink which is acid-free, and pH neutral.

8-color sets FC167112 FC167113 FC167114 SRP $23.50 st

Classic Bright Pastel

piTT Artist Pen Display Assortment

BQ 1 Size: 9"w x 8"h x 7"d Contents: 120 assorted pens No. FC167110PD SRP $384.00 BQ 1

piTT Metallic Artist Pen Display Assortment

Size: 4a"w x 7"h x 9a"d Contents: 120 assorted pens No. FC167300PD SRP $528.00 BQ 1

48-color set gift box FC167148 SRP $176.00 st

BQ 1

Markers, Brush Pens, Technical liners

PITT Artist Pens
Suitable for sketches, studies, and ink drawings, the PITT artist pen has a long life and is easy to use. The drawing ink is extremely fade-resistant and waterproof. No. Description Black, individual FC167099 Extra superfine FC167199 Superfine FC167299 Fine FC167399 Medium FC167499 Brush SRP $3.25 ea Sepia, individual FC167175 Superfine FC167275 Fine FC167375 Medium FC167475 Brush SRP $3.25 ea Sanguine, individual FC167188 Superfine FC167288 Fine FC167388 Medium FC167488 Brush SRP $3.25 ea PM0900 TSUKINEKO Memento Dual Tip Markers Dual tip brush and medium nib marker. Fade-resistant dye ink markers that coordinate with Memento Ink Pads. No. Description PM0100 Dandelion PM0103 Canteloupe PM0200 Tangelo PM0300 Lady bug PM0301 Rhubarb stalk PM0400 Rose bud PM0404 Angel pink PM0500 Grape jelly PM0501 Lilac posies PM0504 Lulu lavendar PM0506 Sweet plum PM0600 Danube blue PM0601 Bahama blue PM0604 Summer sky PM0608 Paris dusk PM0701 Cottage ivy PM0703 Pear tart PM0704 New sprout PM0707 Bamboo leaves PM0800 Rich cocoa PM0801 Potters clay PM0804 Desert sand PM0900 Black PM0901 London fog NEW PM0201 Morocco PM0302 Love letter PM0507 Elderberry PM0602 Teal zeal PM0607 Nautical blue PM0706 Pistachio PM0708 Olive grove PM0709 Northern pine PM0802 Peanut brittle PM0805 Toffee crunch PM0808 Espresso truffle PM0902 Gray flannel SRP $2.50 ea Sets PM1001 Red/orange/yellows PM1002 Greens PM1003 Purples PM1004 Blues PM1005 Browns/tans PM1006 Pinks/grey/black SRP $10.00 st Replacment tips 4-pack PMR004 SRP $3.50 pk


MS-5000/4V ZIG Scroll & Brush Marker Sets Versatile marker for use in calligraphy writing, brush lettering, intricate designs, rubberstamping, and more. Dual tip marker features a scroll tip and a brush tip. Waterbased pigment ink is photo-safe, lightfast, odorless, xylene and acid-free. No. Description BQ SRP MS-5000/4V 4-color set 1 $12.44 st MS-5000/8V 8-color set 1 24.88 st

SHARPIE Brush Markers
Permanent brush tip markers with a versatile tip create fine lines, bold strokes, and shading all with a single marker! No. Description Individual markers SN1810705 Black SN1810706 Magenta SN1810707 Purple SN1810708 Orange SN1810709 Turquoise SN1810710 Lime SRP $2.02 ea No. Sets SN1810701 SN1810703 SN1810704 Description BQ

BQ 1

BQ 1

ZIG Brushables Markers

BQ 1 SRP Two color tones in one marker! Great for layering effects with two tones of the same color housed in one barrel with brush tips on both ends. Each marker contains a ZIG memory system color on one end, with the other end being a 50% tint of the same color. Water-based pigment ink is photo-safe, lightfast, odorless, xylene and acid-free. No. MS-7700-010 MS-7700-020 MS-7700-025 MS-7700-026 MS-7700-030 MS-7700-035 MS-7700-040 MS-7700-045 MS-7700-047 MS-7700-050 MS-7700-052 MS-7700-064 MS-7700-065 MS-7700-070 MS-7700-080 MS-7700-081 MS-7700-091 MS-7700-203 MS-7700-301 MS-7700-302 MS-7700-402 MS-7700-502 MS-7700-803 MS-7700-807 SRP $2.86 ea Description Pure black Pure red Pure pink Baby pink Pure blue Navy Pure green Cool cucumber Spring green Pure yellow Apricot Fawn Root beer float Pure orange Pure violet Hyacinth Platinum Antique burgundy Splash Powder blue Kiwi Butter English lavender Lunar lavender BQ 1

BQ 1

4-piece wallet sets FC167115 Black, 1 ea. (XS, S, F, M) FC167100 Black, 1 ea. (S, F, M, B) FC167101 Sepia, 1 ea. (S, F, M, B) FC167102 Sanguine, 1 ea. (S, F, M, B) SRP $11.75 st BQ 1 8-piece wallet set FC167137 Black, 1 ea. (XS, S, F, M, B, extrasoft brush, round point needle, and wedge) SRP $23.40 st BQ 1

4-color set 8-color set 12-color set

1 1 1

$8.10 st 16.20 st 24.30 st

BQ 1

1078 ct open stock filler 58 brush nib colors plus gold and silver

BQ 1

SHARPIE Brush Markers Display Assortment

Size: 11"w x 13"h x 7"d Contents: 2 dozen each of 6 colors No. SN1818024D SRP $290.88 BQ 1

Testing station

BQ 1

For Memento Dye Ink Pads, see page 161.

Wallet sets

Convenient storage compartment built into display base Rotating tower

SAKURA Manga-Comic Pro Sketching and Inking 6-Piece Set

For professional Manga comic artists to create graphic novels and illustrations. Archival black pigment ink is fade- and chemical-resistant and waterproof. Set contains Pigma Micron .20mm, .35mm, and .50mm pens, Pigma Graphic 1.0mm pen, Pigma Brush, and a 0.7mm fixed sleeve mechanical pencil. BQ 1 No. 50201 SRP $19.49 st BQ 1

PITT Pens Rotating Tower Display Assortment

Size: 13"w x 73"h x 13"d Contents: 1174 assorted pens and wallet sets No. FC167666D SRP $5,563.60

SAKURA Manga-Comic Pro Sketching and Inking 8-Piece Set

For professional Manga artists. Archival black pigment ink is fade- and chemicalresistant and waterproof. Set includes one each Pigma Micron 005, 01, 02, 03, 05, and 08, a 1.00mm Pigma Graphic, and a 0.7mm fixed sleeve mechanical pencil. No. 50203 SRP $25.19 st BQ 1

ZIG Brushables Marker Display Assortment

Size: 14.37"w x 15.94"h x 9.06"d Contents: 6 each of 24 colors No. MS-7700/DP12D SRP $451.84 BQ 1


Markers, Brush Pens, Technical liners

No. 56633 56637 56644 56645 Description N55 Cool gray 7 N65 Cool gray 5 N95 Cool gray 1 N00 Colorless blend

56527 ToMBow Dual Brush ABT Pens Blendable colors, two tips in one pen flexible nylon fiber brush tip and fine point hard nylon tip. Both tips are fed from the same ink reservoir ensuring exact color match. Water-based, odorless inks are acid-free and AP non-toxic. No. Description Individual colors 56503 026 Yellow gold 56504 027 Dark ochre 56505 055 Process yellow 56507 062 Pale yellow 56509 076 Green ochre 56512 098 Avocado 56516 158 Dark olive 56518 173 Willow green 56520 192 Asparagus 56523 228 Gray green 56527 245 Sap green 56528 249 Hunter green 56534 296 Green 56544 373 Sea blue 56549 443 Turquoise 56550 451 Sky blue 56561 533 Peacock blue 56563 553 Mist purple 56564 555 Ultramarine 56567 603 Periwinkle 56568 606 Violet 56570 623 Purple sage 56571 636 Imperial purple 56574 665 Purple 56575 673 Orchid 56577 679 Dark plum 56579 703 Pink rose 56581 725 Rhodamine red 56587 772 Blush 56595 837 Wine red 56597 847 Crimson 56598 850 Flesh 56600 856 Chinese red 56602 879 Brown 56603 885 Warm red 56605 905 Red 56606 912 Pale cherry 56608 925 Scarlet 56613 969 Chocolate 56615 977 Saddle brown 56618 991 Light ochre 56619 992 Sand 56621 N15 Black 56630 N45 Cool gray 10 SRP $3.19 ea

56501 020 Peach 56502 025 Light orange 56510 090 Baby yellow 56513 126 Light olive 56514 133 Chartreuse 56519 177 Dark jade 56521 195 Light green 56526 243 Mint 56532 277 Dark green 56535 312 Holly green 56537 346 Sea green 56551 452 Process blue 56553 476 Cyan 56554 491 Glacier blue 56555 493 Reflex blue 56557 515 Light blue 56558 526 True blue 56559 528 Navy blue 56562 535 Cobalt blue 56566 565 Deep blue 56569 620 Lilac 56576 676 Royal purple 56578 685 Deep magenta 56580 723 Pink 56583 743 Hot pink 56584 755 Rubine red 56585 757 Port red 56586 761 Carnation 56589 800 Baby pink 56591 815 Cherry 56594 835 Persimmon 56596 845 Carmine 56601 873 Coral 56604 899 Redwood 56609 933 Orange 56610 942 Tan 56611 946 Gold ochre 56612 947 Burnt sienna 56616 985 Chrome yellow 56617 990 Light sand 56620 993 Chrome orange 56622 N25 Lamp black 56626 N35 Cool gray 12 56634 N57 Warm gray 5 56636 N60 Cool gray 6 56639 N75 Cool gray 3 56641 N79 Warm gray 2 56643 N89 Warm gray 1 SRP $3.19 ea


56173 56165

ToMBow Dual Brush Pen Sets

The contents of the sets are denoted by the symbol after the description. No. Description 6-color sets, professional 56162 Primary 56163 Secondary 56164 Landscape 56165 Portrait 56166 Grayscale SRP $18.99 st BQ 1 6-color sets, craft 56150 56151 56152 56153 56154 56155 SRP $18.99 st Jelly bean Retro Jewel Groovy Soda Shop Grunge

peNTeL Stylo Sketch Pen

Ideal for sketching and drawing. Create graphic designs, cartoons, calligraphic lettering, and fine details by adjusting angle and pressure to create variable line widths. Flexible nib for fine lines to broad strokes. Water-based dye ink. Black ink. No. JM20BPAE JM20-AE SRP $3.35 ea Description Blister-carded Open stock

BQ 1

BQ 1

10-color sets, professional Primary 56167 56168 Secondary 56169 Landscape 56170 Portrait 56171 Grayscale 56172 Manga Shonen 56173 Manga Shojo SRP $29.99 st BQ 1 10-color sets, craft 56156 56157 56158 56159 56160 56161 SRP $29.99 st Jelly bean Retro Jewel Groovy Soda shop Grunge

peNTeL Stylo Sketch Pen Display Assortment

Size: 6"w x 8"h x 5"d Contents: 48 pieces No. JM20AE-4D SRP $160.80 BQ 1

BQ 1

BQ 1

96-color set 1 of each color in desk stand 56149 SRP $279.99 st BQ 1

BQ 1

ToMBow Dual Brush Desk Stand

Empty desk stand to hold up to 96 dual brush pens. No. 56148 SRP $14.50 st BQ 1 GFKP3BPA

peNTeL GFLBP101 GFLFRHBP Color Brush Pens

Durable nylon brush tip pen filled with water-based dye ink. The ink flows easily, dries quickly, and produces a watercolor effect. A convenient, portable alternative to traditional brushes, ideal for sketching and painting on location. Refillable. No. Description BQ SRP GFLBP101 Single black 1 $7.99 ea GFLFRHBP Set (1 ea black, 1 30.16 st sepia, gray, medium Aquash water brush)

peNTeL Pocket Brush Pen

ToMBow Dual Brush 48-Color Display Assortment

Size: 14s"w x 16"h x 10"d Contents: 300 markers, 6 each of 46 colors, 12 each black and blender No. 56140D SRP $957.00 BQ 1

ToMBow Dual Brush 96-Color Display Assortment

Size: 17r"w x 32"h x 10"d Contents: 600 markers, 6 each of 94 colors, 18 each black and blender No. 56141D SRP $1,914.00 BQ 1

Durable premium bristles create fine to broad lines with a single brush stroke. Permanent pigment ink is both waterand fade-resistant. Features a measured ink flow and leakproof fittings. Includes two refills. Black ink. No. GFKP3BPA FP10BP2A FP10BP6A Description BQ SRP Pocket brush 1 $16.99 pk pen Ink refill, 1 4.09 pk 2-pack Ink refill, 1 11.29 pk 6-pack

peNTeL Color Brush Pigment Pen

Light black permanent, pigment ink with a durable nylon brush that holds its point. Ideal for painting and sketching on location. Acid-free, fade-proof and water resistant. No. FP5MBPA SRP $7.99 ea BQ 1

Markers, Brush Pens, Technical liners



pigMa Brush Pens

Expect archival performance from this flexible brushstyle nib. Capable of drawing very fine lines or broad strokes depending on the pressure applied. 38061 Waterproof, chemical-proof, and faderesistant, will not smear or feather when dry. Use for graphic art, calligraphy, rubber stamps, fabric projects, awards, and certificates. AP non-toxic. No. Individual colors XSDK-BR-05 XSDK-BR-12 XSDK-BR-19 XSDK-BR-21 XSDK-BR-24 XSDK-BR-29 XSDK-BR-36 XSDK-BR-49 38081 XSDK-BR-117 SRP $2.89 ea Sets 38061 SRP $17.39 st 38062 SRP $23.19 st Description Orange Brown Red Rose Purple Green Blue Black Black, blister-carded Sepia BQ 1

craYoLa Washable Poster Marker Set

Formulated to create bold, vibrant colors on light or dark poster board. Great for construction paper too! 8-color set.

peNTeL Inking Center Display Assortment
Features 19 must-have inking products including pigmented pens and brushes, and water-based pens and brushes. Size: 27"w x 34"h x 12"d Contents: 174 total pieces No. IC252BPOSD SRP $1,479.84 BQ Disc 58-7726

No. 58-8173 SRP $5.69 st

BQ 1

craYoLa Classic Marker Sets


Classic, long-lasting, durable markers that lay down lots of brilliant color yet dont bleed through most paper. Preferred by teachers. Barrels are made from recycled plastic. Non-toxic. No. Fine line 58-7726 58-7809 washable BAS200 Description BQ 10-color set, 1 original 8-color set, 1 Class pack, 200 pieces 20 each of 10 colors 10-color set, original 10-color set, brights and bolds 8-color set, washable Class pack, 256 pieces 16 each of 16 colors SRP $4.39 st 5.49 st

craYoLa Fabric Marker Set

Add a personal touch to clothes and accessories. Create permanent designs on fabric using ten bright colors. Non-toxic. 10-color set. No. 58-8623 SRP $5.95 st BQ 1

6-color set

BQ 1

1 101.00 ea

8-color set

BQ 1



koi Coloring Brush Pens

Broad line 58-7722 58-7725 58-7808 BAS210

1 1 1

4.39 st 4.39 st 5.49 st

XBR-BLEND A convenient, no-mess way to add vibrant color to any sketch, journal, cartoon, illustration, or rubber stamp project. These pens perform similar to an artist brush. Make fine, medium, or bold brush strokes just by changing the amount of pressure to the nib. The durable tip will quickly spring back to its original shape. The odorless, water-based solvent facilitates smooth blending and layering of colors. Use the colorless blender pen on these transparent ink colors to create seamless washes, color gradations, and a multitude of hues and effects. Description BQ SRP 6-color set, 1 $17.94 st grays XBR-12SA 12-color set 1 35.88 st XBR-24SA 24-color set 1 71.76 st XBR-48SA 48-color set 1 143.52 st XBR-BLEND 2-pack, 1 5.98 pk blenders No. XBR-6SA

1 113.00 ea

pigMa Sensei Manga Inking Pen Sets craYoLa Washable Multi-Cultural Marker Set
Broad line markers in an assortment of ethnic-sensitive colors. Features a unique conical tip for coloring and detailing. 8-color set. No. 58-7801 SRP $5.49 st BQ 1 Designed specifically for Manga and comic artists. No. 50200


Description 6-pack: .3mm, .4mm, .6mm, 1mm, .7mm pencil, eraser SRP $15.39 kt BQ 1 50204

8-pack: .3mm, .4mm, .6mm, 1mm, chisel (1mm, 2mm, 3mm), .7mm pencil SRP $22.49 st BQ 1

MarVY Memory Blender Marker


Great for blending. Ink medium stays wet longer for optimal blending. Blender works best when used with glossy type paper. A durable brush tip for thick and thin blending. Use with Marvy MR1950, MR1960, and MR1970 series. No. MR1950C SRP $2.29 ea BQ 1

craYoLa Super Tips Washable Marker Sets


Draw thick or draw thin! Sets include some markers that are Silly Scents (fun-smelling markers). Non-toxic, washable. No. 58-8610 58-8106 58-5050 Description BQ SRP 10-color set 1 $2.89 st 20-color set 1 5.19 st 50-color set 1 11.79 st

Sharpie Flip Chart Marker Set

Water-based ink formula will not bleed though paper. Non-squeak bullet tip. Low odor formula perfect for office or classroom settings. Bright, vivid colors on flip chart paper or presentation boards. 4-color set. No. SN22474 SRP $5.27 st BQ 1

pigMa Sepia Drawing Set

Sepia is the number two selling color after black. Permanent, archival, and waterproof. Set contains Micron 01 and 05, Brush, and Graphic 1. No. 50040 SRP $11.59 st BQ 1


Markers, Brush Pens, Technical liners

No. 38881 XSDK005-49 Description Individual pens, blister-carded, black 30081 .20mm 30181 .25mm 30281 .30mm 30381 .35mm 30581 .45mm 30881 .50mm SRP $2.89 ea BQ 1 3-piece set, all black 30061 .25, .35, .45mm SRP $8.69 st 6-piece sets 30062

Pigma Graphic Drawing Pens

Designed to meet the specific needs of the graphic artist and hobbyist. Excellent archival Pigma ink performance. Waterproof, chemical proof, and fade resistant, will not smear or feather when dry. For graphic art, tole painting, cartooning, sketching, illustrations. AP non-toxic. No. 1.00mm XSDK1-19 XSDK1-36 XSDK1-49 XSDK1-117 SRP $2.89 ea 2.00mm XSDK2-49 SRP $2.89 ea 3.00mm XSDK3-49 SRP $2.89 ea 3-pack 38881 SRP $8.69 st Description Red Blue Black Sepia

Pigma Micron Fine Line Design Pens

True color reproduction. Outstanding acid-free ink is archival quality, waterproof, water-based, has no odor, will not smear nor feather when dry and will not bleed through most papers. Use for graphic art, sketching, pen and ink illustrations, awards, freehand art, calligraphy, as well as general letter writing and legal documents. AP non-toxic. BQ 1 No. .20mm pens XSDK005-05 XSDK005-12 XSDK005-19 XSDK005-21 XSDK005-24 XSDK005-29 XSDK005-36 XSDK005-49 SRP $2.89 ea .25mm pens XSDK01-05 XSDK01-12 XSDK01-19 XSDK01-21 XSDK01-24 XSDK01-29 XSDK01-36 XSDK01-49 XSDK01-117 SRP $2.89 ea .30mm pens XSDK02-19 XSDK02-29 XSDK02-36 XSDK02-49 SRP $2.89 ea .35mm pens XSDK03-19 XSDK03-29 XSDK03-36 XSDK03-49 SRP $2.89 ea .45mm pens XSDK05-03 XSDK05-05 XSDK05-12 XSDK05-19 XSDK05-21 XSDK05-22 XSDK05-24 XSDK05-29 XSDK05-32 XSDK05-36 XSDK05-49 XSDK05-117 XSDK05-138 XSDK05-230 XSDK05-243 SRP $2.89 ea .50mm pens XSDK08-19 XSDK08-29 XSDK08-36 XSDK08-49 SRP $2.89 ea Description Orange Brown Red Rose Purple Green Blue Black

BQ 1


BQ 1

.20, .25, .30, .35, .45, .50mm, black 30063 .25mm, black, red, blue, green, brown, purple 30064 .20mm, black, red, blue, green, brown, purple 30065 .45mm, black, red, blue, green, brown, purple 30069 .45mm, sepia, royal blue, burgundy, hunter green, blue/black, fresh green SRP $17.39 st BQ 1 8-piece sets 30066 .45mm, black, red, blue, green, brown, purple, sepia, rose 30067 All black, 1 each: Micron 005, 01, 02, 03, 05, 08, Graphic 1, Brush 30068 .25mm, black, red, blue, green, brown, purple, sepia, rose SRP $23.19 st BQ 1 16-piece set, all black 50076 3 ea: Micron 05, 2 ea: Brush, Micron 01, 08, Graphic 1, 1 ea: Micron 005, 02, 03, Graphic 2, 3 SRP $46.29 st BQ 1

Pigma Micron Display Assortment

Size: 15"w x 23"h x 6"d Contents: 576 markers, assorted colors No. S30075D SRP $1,664.64 BQ 1




BQ 1

microPerm Permanent Fine Line Pens

Draws an ultra fine line on nearly any surface including templates, metal, glass, fabric, wood, and cellophane. Creates incredible detail where precision and permanence are required. Waterproof and fade-resistant black ink. Use for crafts, lab equipment, film, and labels. AP non-toxic. No. Description XEOK01-49 .25mm XEOK03-49 .35mm XEOK05-49 .45mm SRP $2.79 ea

Black, 1 ea. size

BQ 1

BQ 1

Orange Brown Red Rose Purple Green Blue Black Sepia

BQ 1

BQ 1

Pigma Micron, Brush, and Graphic Markers Display Assortment

Red Green Blue Black

34061 3-piece set, blister-carded SRP $8.39 st BQ 1

BQ 1

Size: 6"w x 17"h x 5"d Contents: 144 markers, assorted line widths, all black ink No. S50070D SRP $416.16 BQ 1

Red Green Blue Black

BQ 1

Pigma Micron Display Assortment

Size: 10"w x 9"h x 8"d Contents: 120 markers, assorted colors No. S30095D SRP $346.80 BQ 1

Pigma Micron, Brush, and Graphic Markers Display Assortment

Size: 7"w x 23"h x 6"d Contents: 288 markers, assorted No. S30078D SRP $832.32 BQ 1

Yellow Orange Brown Red Rose Burgundy Purple Green Fresh green Blue Black Sepia Royal blue Hunter green Blue black

microPerm Fine Line Pen Display

Size: 3"w x 6"h x 3"d Contents: 48 assorted pieces No. S54000D SRP $133.92 BQ 1

BQ 1

Red Green Blue Black

Pigma Micron Black Display Assortment

Size: 10"w x 9"h x 8"d Contents: 120 markers, black

microPerm and Identi-Pen Marker Display

Size: 6"w x 17"h x 5"d Contents: 144 markers, assorted colors BQ 1 No. S54206D SRP $314.28 BQ 1

BQ 1

No. S30096D SRP $346.80

Markers, Brush Pens, Technical liners

Zentangle is a relaxing process that revolves around the repetition of simple shapes. It is about filling spaces using pattern and texture. Every tangle begins with a simple line, and becomes more attractive and complex as areas are filled. The process is appealing to graphics artists as well as those just learning to draw. It is very personal and requires no artistic training. These versatile graphics can be used to decorate any surface. Liner pens such as Penstix, Zig, or Micron pens make drawing the tangles simple and permanent. The perfect exercise to keep your brain healthy and relaxed!


0.3mm 0.1mm 0.2mm 0.3mm 0.4mm 0.5mm 3015-EF





PIGMA Micron Zentangle Drawing Sets
Learn the Zentangle methods of creating beautiful images from repetitive patterns! People who use this fascinating new art form say it is fun, relaxing, and provides artistic satisfaction and an increased sense of well-being. Pigment ink. No. 50012 50010 Description BQ SRP 3-piece set: 1 $9.99 st 2 ea. Micron 01, 1 ea. Micron 05 ATC 9-piece set: 1 13.99 st (5) 2" x 3" tiles, 1 ea. Micron 01, 03, 05, pencil 11-piece set: 1 21.99 st (5) 3" x 3" tiles, 2 ea. Micron 01, 1 ea. Micron 03, 05, 08, pencil

ALVIN Penstix Technical Markers

A unique high performance marker that produces crisp, sharp lines for freehand drawing or for use with a straightedge. The dense 3033 India ink-quality black ink will not bleed through most papers and is perfect for technical drawing, sketching, fine art, lettering, and illustration. Favored by cartoonists worldwide. The durable plastic fiber nib will not clog. Features convenient pocket clip and ribbed cap that fits snugly on the barrel. Individually bar-coded. TLP5 No. Description Individual, black markers 3013-EEF 0.3mm ex. ex. fine 3015-EF 0.5mm ex. fine 3017-F 0.7mm fine SRP $1.95 ea 3-piece set, black 3033 1 each size SRP $6.25 st


Authored by Suzanne McNeill. This book introduces you to the basics of decorative doodling. Using only pen and paper, learn to make 24 basic Zentangles, as well as inspiration for incorporating these designs in your art. No. DO3450 SRP $8.99 ea BQ 1



ALVIN TechLiner Technical Drawing Markers

ZIG Memory System Millennium Pens


ZENTANGLE Yoga for Your Brain Book

Authored by Sandy Steen Bartholomew. This much anticipated sequel to Totally Tangled is just as tangled! Pages are jam-packed with Zentangle ideas, tips, projects and 60 tangles. No. DO5369 SRP $16.99 ea BQ 1

Featuring archival quality pigment ink with acid-free, lightfast, waterproof, fadeproof, and non-bleeding qualities. No. Description Individual pens, black MS005/10 .005 tip MS01/10 .01 tip MS02/10 .3mm MS03/10 .03 tip MS05/10 .05 tip MS08/10 .08 tip SRP $1.99 ea 5-piece sets MS05/5V MS/5VB SRP $9.99 pk

Contain extremely fine polyacetal plastic nibs set in 0.5mm stainless steel sleeve for smudge-free inking. Disposable technical pens are ideal for precision drafting, free-hand drawing, or any design work. Water-based pigment ink is non-bleeding, waterproof, and fadeproof. The acid-free, archival quality ink is also quick drying and lightfast. Sets are supplied in protective vinyl sheath. No. Point Size Write-Out 4000 ft. 4000 ft. 3300 ft. 3300 ft. 2300 ft. Individual TL01 0.1mm TL02 0.2mm TL03 0.3mm TL04 0.4mm TL05 0.5mm SRP $2.69 ea Sets TLP3

BQ 1

BQ 1

BQ 1

ZENTANGLE For Kidz! Book

This book is narrated by kid characters through comic book style bubbles to teach pattern play and encourage inspiring art. Friendly, inviting, and simple approach to engage beginner or timid artists. 20 pages. ISBN 978-1-57421-340-9. No. DO3463 SRP $8.99 ea BQ 1

BQ 1

ALVIN Penstix Technical Marker Display

Size: 6"w x 13"h x 8"d Contents: 72 assorted markers and 12 sets No. 3015D SRP $215.40 BQ 1

.05 tip, black, blue, red, green, yellow 1 each tip size, black BQ 1

3-piece set (0.1mm, 0.3mm, 0.5mm) SRP $7.90 st BQ 1 TLP5 5-piece set (1 of each size) SRP $12.95 st BQ 1

ZIG Memory System Writer Pens

This dual-tip marker has loads of great features: pigment ink, acid-free, archival quality, lightfast, waterproof, fadeproof, and non-bleeding perfect for scrapbooking, card making, and paper crafts. No. MS6600/10 SRP $2.99 ea Pure Black BQ 1


ZENTANGLE Zen Mandalas Book

Authored by Suzanne McNeill. Mandalas are used to connect the spirit, offering symbols found in nature, helping discover the inner self, acquiring a sense of wonder, and providing inspiration. The circle of a mandala represents wholeness and unity. 52 pages. ISBN: 978-1-57421-696-7. No. DO5367 SRP $16.99 ea BQ 1

ZENTANGLE Totally Tangled Book

Authored by Sandy Steen Bartholomew. Learn to focus, relax your mind, and boost your creative confidence. This inspiring book offers over 100 Zentangle designs. No. DO5360 SRP $16.99 ea BQ 1

ALVIN TechLiner Marker Display

Size: 6"w x 11"h x 7"d Contents: Assorted markers and sets No. TLP5D SRP $286.50 BQ 1

ZIG Black Photo Signature Pen

This non-toxic and permanent ink marker is great for writing on all-occasion photo greeting cards, instant photos, transparencies, and more. No. PS220BC SRP $2.50 ea BQ 1


Markers, Brush Pens, Technical liners


4015-EF aLViN Penstix Permanent Markers Perfected to meet the need for a black fiber tip pen with permanent, waterproof, fast-drying, and fadeproof ink. Alcohol based, contains soluble dye stuffs but no solid pigments. Produce clean, sharp lines with no clogging or paper penetration and will not smear when dry. Plastic fiber nibs are encased in metal sleeves for durability and ease of use with straightedge drawing. Excellent for drawing, sketching, illustration, fine art, lettering, technical drawing, scrapbooks, cartooning, or any form of graphics. Features pocket clip and ribbed cap which fits snuggly on barrel. Exceptionally long write-out of over 3,000 ft. with consistent density and without fading. Individually bar-coded. No. Description Individual, black markers 4013-EEF 0.3mm ex. ex. fine 4015-EF 0.5mm ex. fine 4017-F 0.7mm fine SRP $2.50 ea 3-piece set, black 4033 1 each size SRP $7.95 st


Multiliner SP Colors
Red Yellow Turquoise Orange Purple Pink

Wine Sepia Cobalt Gray

copic Disposable Multiliner Pens

These precision drawing pens contain permanent, waterproof, pigment-based ink that will not bleed into Copic markers. Disposable, plastic barrel, available in a variety of sizes, including unique brush tips, to offer distinctive line variation. Ideal for fine art, design, comics, sketching, and papercrafting. No. Description Black, sets MLA2 Set A2, 7-piece (black, no brush) SRP $24.43 st MLB2


Sky Blue Olive

copic Refillable Multiliner SP Color Pens

These durable aluminum pens are refillable and offer archival, acid-free, pigment based ink. Tips can be replaced with standard SP nibs. No. Description 4-color s ets, 0.3mm SPSETA Primary: red, yellow, sky blue, olive SPSETB Bright: turquoise, orange, purple, pink SPSETC Country: wine, cobalt, sepia, cool gray SRP $39.80 st BQ 1 4-color sets, brush SPSETD Primary: red, yellow, sky blue, olive SPSETE Bright: turquoise, orange, purple, pink SPSETF Country: wine, cobalt, sepia, cool gray SRP $39.80 st BQ 1 12-color sets, all colors listed above (no black) SP1203 0.03mm SP12BS Brush SRP $119.40 st MLSPN03 MLSPBN

copic Refillable Multiliner SP Black Pens

Waterproof, pigment based, refillable pens with replaceable nibs. Each pen is made from durable aluminum. Compatible with Copic markers. No. MLSP003 MLSP005 MLSP01 MLSP02 MLSP025 MLSP03 MLSP035 MLSP05 MLSP07 MLSPB MLSP10A Description BQ SRP 0.03mm 1 $9.95 ea 0.05mm 1 9.95 ea 0.1mm 1 9.95 ea 0.2mm 1 9.95 ea 0.25mm 1 9.95 ea 0.3mm 1 9.95 ea 0.35mm 1 9.95 ea 0.5mm 1 9.95 ea 0.7mm 1 9.95 ea Brush 1 9.95 ea 10-piece 1 99.50 pk (1 each)

BQ 1

BQ 1

BQ 1

Set B2, 9-piece (1 ea. black with brush) SRP $31.41 st BQ 1 Black, individual MLB003 0.03mm MLB005 0.05mm MLB01 0.1mm MLB03 0.3mm MLB05 0.5mm MLB08 0.8mm MLB1 1mm MLBS Brush small MLBM Brush medium SRP $3.49 ea Cobalt MLC005 MLC01 MLC03 MLC05 SRP $3.49 ea Gray MLG005 MLG01 MLG03 MLG05 SRP $3.49 ea 308CS5 Olive MLO005 MLO01 MLO03 MLO05 SRP $3.49 ea Sepia MLS005 MLS01 MLS03 MLS05 SRP $3.49 ea Wine MLW005 MLW01 MLW03 MLW05 SRP $3.49 ea 0.05mm 0.1mm 0.3mm 0.5mm

Refill cartridges REFLA Refill A for sizes 0.03, 0.05, 0.1 REFLB Refill B for all other SP sizes SRP $2.50 ea

BQ 1

aLViN Penstix Permanent Marker Display

Size: 6"w x 13"h x 8"d Contents: 72 assorted markers and 12 sets No. 4015D SRP $275.40 BQ 1

BQ 1


BQ 1

copic Multiliner SP Replacement Nibs

Never throw an SP away, just replace the nibs. Ink may take a minute to flow after changing a nib. No. MLSPN003 MLSPN005 MLSPN01 MLSPN02 MLSPN025 MLSPN03 MLSPN035 MLSPN05 MLSPN07 MLSPBN Description .03mm, 2-pack .05mm, 2-pack .1mm, 2-pack .2mm, 2-pack .25mm, 2-pack .3mm, 1-pack .35mm, 1-pack .5mm, 1-pack .7mm, 1-pack Brush, 1-pack BQ 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 SRP $3.95 pk 3.95 pk 3.95 pk 3.95 pk 3.95 pk 2.50 ea 2.50 ea 2.50 ea 2.50 ea 2.50 ea


0.05mm 0.1mm 0.3mm 0.5mm

copic Disposable Multiliner Pen 4-Piece Sets

No. MLAFINE MLBBROAD MLGRAY MLSEPIA SRP $13.96 st Description Fine Broad Gray Sepia

BQ 1

STaeDTLer Pigment Liners

Fineliner for art, craft, and sketching. The black ink is acid-free, permanent, lightfast, and waterproof. No. Description Individual, black 308005 .05mm 30801 .1mm 30803 .3mm 30805 .5mm 30807 .7mm SRP $3.98 ea 5-piece set 308CS5 1 of each SRP $20.95 st

0.05mm 0.1mm 0.3mm 0.5mm

BQ 1

BQ 1


0.05mm 0.1mm 0.3mm 0.5mm

BQ 1

copic Multiliner SP Nib Changer

Replace worn nibs and insert refill cartridges in SP pens quickly and easily. One end is for nibs, the other for refill cartridges.

copic Disposable Multiliner Drawing Pens

Disposable fountain pens with stainless steel tips. Bleedproof with Copic markers. No. F01DP F01SDP F02DP SRP $4.95 ea Description Black, 0.1mm Sepia, 0.1mm Black, 0.2mm

BQ 1

BQ 1

0.05mm 0.1mm 0.3mm 0.5mm

BQ 1

No. SPCHGR/EA SRP $4.95 ea

BQ 1

BQ 1

Markers, Brush Pens, Technical liners


Clear Cases



copic Multiliner SP Comic Illustration Inking Techniques DVD

Features Travis and Jordan Kotzebue as the hosts. This DVD explains in detail how to use Copic ink pens for comic illustrations. Jordan works step by step through inking techniques of a penciled illustration and Travis demonstrates the finishing stages of a project working through the coloring process using Copic markers and the airbrush system. Run time: 58 min. No. CMCSPDVD SRP $19.99 ea BQ 1



aLViN Mesh Tool Cases



Durable see-through vinyl cases with mesh webbing are perfect for storing and organizing pens, pencils, and other supplies. 14" case is ideal for 12" triangular scales and rulers. Each has a generous 2" wide gusset and includes a nylon zipper and trim in assorted colors, no choice. No. NBC8 BBC8 NBC14 Description BQ SRP 8" 1 $4.75 ea 8", blue mesh 1 4.75 ea 14" 1 5.50 ea

heriTage Marker Cases

These convenient carry cases are ideal for students and professionals on the go. Constructed of durable black nylon, they fold up to hold markers securely in place. Velcro closure. Accommodates most major brands of markers. Description BQ Holds 12, 1 Open: 6"w x 19"h Closed: 6"w x 8"h MC24 Holds 24, 1 Open: 12"w x 19"h Closed: 12"w x 8"h MC48 Holds 48, 1 Open: 12"w x 40"h Closed: 12"w x 8"h MC60 Holds 60, 1 Open: 15"w x 40"h Closed: 12"w x 8"h MCV60* Holds 60, 1 Open: 18"w x 9"h Closed: 18"w x 8"h * Stands vertically No. MC12 SRP $9.95 ea 13.95 ea 24.50 ea 29.95 ea 32.50 ea

copic Stands and Cases

Keep markers organized with these stands and cases. The Block Stand is stackable. No. Description BQ 1 1 1 1 1 SRP $3.95 ea 5.95 ea 9.95 ea 32.95 ea 69.95 ea Copic organizers CEC12 Clear empty case, holds 12 CEC36 Clear empty case, holds 36 CEC72 Clear empty case, holds 72 BLKSTD Empty block stand, holds 36 WIRSTD Empty wire stand, holds 72 BQ 1 EMTWLT72 Sketch cases SEC12 Clear empty case, holds 12 SEC36 Clear empty case, holds 36 SEC72 Clear empty case, holds 72 Wide/various case WEC24 Clear empty case, holds 24

copic Empty Carrying Case

Hold up to 380 Sketch markers in this convenient case with zipper closure. Features six inner carrying cups. No. COPICCASE SRP $99.99 ea

aLViN 3-Ring Binder Mesh Bags

Made from high-quality see-through vinyl with mesh webbing, these handy pencil pouches are designed to fit standard 3-ring binders. One side features heavy-duty grommets on a durable nylon band. The other side has a full-length zippered opening. Small pouch measures 5" x 10" and large is 8" x 11". For added functionality, the 8" x 11" pouch holds a 12" ruler diagonally. No. NBR510 NBR811 NBR811P Description Small, 5" x 10" Large, 8" x 11" Large, 8" x 11", pink trim BQ SRP 1 $5.50 ea 1 6.25 ea 1 6.25 ea

1 1 1

3.95 ea 5.95 ea 9.95 ea

aLViN Pencil Case

For storing pencils, rulers, markers, pens, and more. Safety stop pull-out tray with easy snap top. Durable polypropylene construction. Acid-free, archival-quality. Available individually in three assorted colors, no choice. Case size is 7"l x 2"w x 18"h. No. APC SRP $2.00 ea BQ 1

7.95 ea

EMTWLT36 copic Empty Sketch Wallets Works for Sketch, Copic, or Ciao markers. Velcro enclosure with a zippered pocket on the back. Wallet for 24 markers is a tent stand; other sizes have page like sections to hold markers. Wallet for 72 markers also includes a carrying handle and shoulder strap. No. EMTWLT EMTWLT36 EMTWLT72 Description BQ SRP Holds 24 1 $12.95 ea Holds 36 1 19.95 ea Holds 72 1 36.95 ea

heriTage Binder Pouch

Constructed of durable, black nylon this pouch is convenient for carrying pencils, pens, markers, small pads, and other supplies. Features zippered, see-through mesh pocket. Fits all standard 3-ring binders. Overall size: 7" wide x 10" long. No. BP12 SRP $6.00 ea BQ 1

aLViN Extra Large Pencil Cases aLViN Mesh Bag

High quality see-through vinyl with mesh webbing for a strong and functional kit bag. Ideal for pens, pencils, and other school supplies. No. NB59 SRP $4.25 ea BQ 1 Extra large case for storing pencils, 6" rulers, markers, pens, and more. This extra large size pencil case of 7" x 4" x 1" can hold 12 Chartpak AD markers, 15 Prismacolor markers, or 18 Copic Sketch markers. Available individually in three assorted colors, no choice. No. APXL SRP $2.90 ea BQ 1