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complellng Act of 1974; This form Is a"eCffJd by the PtJViU;:Y
$$ Privacy

thIs fDrm.

Act Stafcmertt before

Missouri Name (Indlcat. Mr.. Ms.. or Mr..) Ms. Amanda Darlene BlakE: S~eeI AddreS$


on Human Rights and EEOC Homa TelephOn. No. (Includ.Area Code) DataofBirth January 15,1973 I 417.327.6184


City. State and Zip Code


1221 W. Jackson

T Bolivar.. Missouri 65613




Named below Is the Employer, Labor Organization, Employment Agency; State or Local Government Agency who discriminated against me (if more than one list below). ,No. ofEmployee,fMembOf. Telephone o.(Includema Code) N . 417-326-5298 Nem. Over50 Cityof Bolivar, issouri, oli~ Departm~nt M P City,Sial. and Zipcoda



345 S,. MainAve


Bolivar. Missouri, 65613 Telephon. No. (InGludaArea eoiko) No.of Ernploy.esfM,mb'rs



City, State tlr1d Zip Code . Cau5. of DhiiclimlnaUon based on (ChBok 9Pproprlafe box(es) Dat8 Discrimlnadon took Place (Month. Doy, voon

o N'~onel Origin

0 Color

181 Sex

January 14,2011



Are Iff lJdd~aI


The: Partlcul~

Retallalion jt; ne~&d. att~,c~ ~)(rrB.~hlle~($)): aoo . ,..)'L I." " . . ..

O'h.r (Spe<i/YJ

See a\tachad 'Statement

tJAY 13 lOll

I I ,

.' ,


I want thlt> charge filad with botn. thee EEOC and the Missouri , change my
on Humal)

Commission proces~111g

I will ad-.,!se the agencies



. ,..-'''Ig.

. thalli Is truQ to


addre:!i~ or talophone number .md I wm coopera.te full)' with ~hem in tile d my charge tn aCO<IrdantQ Wllh th.elr procedures. Is true anti corrQCt. I decl~re under p.en~t)'()f p~rjury that Ihe.forBg~~9 .
)C ,"

I swear or a1flrm that \ have read the above cttarge ~ and b.lief. the bi::st of mv knowledge. it'IformaUon

"'" ,~~,;",

:'ilJaI.':; .~,~~ j, ~,,*;,;,t' ~'J' . I t t'

~. ,ClIOttli;,g Party (Slgno""'.)




sworn tobsfore me this dats (Dav. month


. ~.\ .




~,..-.- ,--

1was terminated tTommy employment with the Bolivar, Missouri, Police Department on November 30,2010, on aCGountof my sex, female. 1 ~ppealed that tennination to the City Council of the City of Bolivar, Missouri, and on Jallu~ry 14,2011, that body sustained my


1charge that my tennination was the culmination of a long line of discrimination against me
because I ama woman, by the Chief of Police, C. Michael Seibert and members of his stltff and other officers within the Police Department. The following are some examples of the many discriminatory actions against me on account of

my sex:
In April, 2006, there was an incident while I was working with a male officer, Ofc.Skinner. During our shift 1had arrested a male subject tor operating a motor vehicle without a valid license. Also in the shift I was dispatched to a physical domestic in which 4 people were arrested. It was after this incident that I was given a three day suspension, without pay, and

, extended 3 month probationas a disciplinary action. .

I had been brought into Chief Seibert's office and questioned about the above mentioned incidents. I was asked why I made the arrests I made. 1explained the reasons why I had taken the action I had taken. Chief Seibert proceeded to yell at me telling me that he felt I did what I did

because I was "badgeheavy". Male officers, during my tenure as a police officer for Bolivar,
Missouri, never were accused of being "badge heavy" to my knowledge, nor were male officers disciplined for making. an arrest during a physical domestic call, or for making an arrest of lin individual for operating a motor vehicle without a valid driver's license.

on my days , This conversation occurred disciplinary off. A day or so later I was called into the office andthe given the above mentioned action. I received a letter from the chief explaining l~above mentioned discipline; however the letter given to me merely stated, "This deeision was /i made for the reasons and concerns that we discussed a few days ago," , ..

.~,.\180mApril of20061.waswtittenup.~ivetl~msl\td

written counseling) by Lt.Parks for.

joking with another officer [after I had bee~ "instructed to try to fit in more with ihe male. officers and to have a camaraderie with them and to socialize and joke with them] aJId conversations I was having with other officers. I was being accused of instructing officers to Write tickets to people like pizza delivery drivers (without the needed class of driver's license to be ablc to drive . . as a pizza delivery person) and people who were using dealer plates illegally. I wrote an !DC to the command staff explaining the conversations that were taking placc. I explained that I was not instructing anyone to do anything..l explained. that the conversations in which Lt.Parks was

referring to were questions that had been asked of me by other officers. I explained that every

officer has an area of their profession that they excel at, and that at times other officers seck aQvice or ask questions of these officers because it is felt that the officer has more knowledge in ; ~I~~! ~rea. I explained that I was merely trying to help officers with questions they had about




1 S 2011


.. __,


Prior to this I had been instructed by Lt.(Captain)Van Tassell and Chief Seibert that I needed to

sociali2,\: ndjoke morewith the "_guys" have a camaraderiewith them, When I would a and
socialize-and joke with my fellow male officers [I was the only female officer] my conversations and dpinions would be brought into the spot light and then I would receive a write up, verbal counseling or some kind of discipline. My attempts to "just be one of the guys" to fit in and to develop a camaraderie with male officers led to my termination as will beset forth hereafter. I was working a traffic grant in 2006 or 2007. I had stopped a male subject for failing to sigilal 3 times, I made my contact with the driver and gave him a warning. I had returned to the police department to use the restroom. Chief Seibert saw me, asked me to step Into the break room. . Upon doing so Chief Seibert stated, "What have I told you about mickey mouse stops?" I asked what he was speaking of. He stated, "Stopping people for not using explained~that the violation.l"10'j a turn signaL" I explained thatl-was on a traffic grant and needed 3 minimum stops itn hour. saw was my third stop for the hour. Chief Seibert stated I didn't need to be stopping people for such a simple violation and to use my head. No male officers during my tenure were counseled for doing their job on traffic grants and stopping people for moving violations. " In 2006 or 2007 I had observed a black in color Ford Mustang with no license plates. I stopped the vehicle for the violation. Upon stopping the vehicle I learned that the lady driving the vehicle had received the vehicle as a gift that Bill Grant Ford had given her. She stated that she had just 'picked the vehicle up. I explained that she needed to have some form oflicense on her vehicle . and explained her options. She received a warning. I had responded to the police department to

use the restroom.


Chief Seibert was coming down the hall and he saw me in the squad room. He stopped and questioned me abput the traffic stop. Someone had called him and complained. Chief Seibert began yelling at me asking me if! remembered what he had told me about making "bullshit

stops," I stated that there was a violation and that I checked it out. I stated that I had given the
driver a warning. The neXt day I brought in my video and handed it to Capt.Van Tassell. I

. .explained what had OCCUITed night before and asked him to reviewthe video. Later that day ' the doing on


'Capt: Van TasselHold me bitn -and Lt.Hali had'r~viewed the video and'J;\I1g ! my behalf.


In 2008,. I was given Ii"rookie" to train. Prior to commencing to train this new officer, Ofc.Sharp . had told me to be careful because there were people who would like to see me fail. I took what he said under advisement. A few weeks later I was. caJled into Cpl.Magill's office, who explainedthat there had been. several complaints about my training this officer. I asked what kind of complaints, Cpl.Magill stated that he was not go'ingto discuss it, but advised that it was under investigation: I feel this

was setting IDeup to fail, since I was left without any knowledge of what I might allegedly be
doing improperly, so as to correct the supposed problem. I add, that there isField Training Officer training available, and I was acting in accordance with that training.

MAY. 1


:..----... "


Later, I received a write up from Cpl. Magill, for letting the trainee do things out of the phase he was in. But it should be noted that I had talked to Ofc.Sharp and told him how well the trainee was doing in phase one and that I felt he could benefit to try and do some ofthe things from

phase 2 such as run 28's and 29's [licensechecks for people and vehicles].I was told not to let,
him and to keep him in the phase he was supposed to be in. I was then relieved of my duty to train this new officer. After losing my trainee I noted that a few days later the trainee was using the radio running 28's and 29's with his new FTO. This officer, Ofc ,Barron, a male had violated the FTO procedure applied to me and nothing was said or done to my knowledge for the violation, because he was a male, allegations. I had During tbe investigation that I had been informed was supposed to be about my training ofthis .". new officer. Instead J found that J had to defend myself on several different complaint ' received a written reprimand for the FTO issue, complaints from dispatch, complaints rem a that

citizen (that I was not aware of}, complaints from other ortie-ers, and Cpl,Magill's

I had slammed his office door when I left his office.

In this same reprimand was a discussion that I had with an officer, withargument to Ofc.Barron a whom there had been 'disagreement about an accident report. This officer had n',entionedthe "Who , . in turn took this to Sgt.Brothers, The officer I had the disagreement with was not even ,,'asked about what happened or his feelings on the situation. The command staff took it upon themselves to try and reprimand me for the incident without a formal complaint from the officer I had the disagreement witb, and without even giving me the cbancettl explain my animus the side of reprimand was further evidence of the discriminatory situation. This multi-faceted and its male officers. . against me by the Bolivar police Department departments,

I was verbally counseled for sitting in the squad room and discussing other officers,

dispatch etc.. After I challenged this counseling, by bringing up the fact that everyone did the
same and that none of the male officers involved in the discussions were counseled on this, ot

cautioned not to do It, and after I asked why I was the only one being questioned and written up
for this conduct, the issue was dropped.

, .

. In 2007, the command staff decided to give officers, of their choosing, senior officer status. This'

,,:" was so that when a corporal or above is not present there is someone there with supervisory. ';"authoritY. I have been passed over for this titie several times by officers that have much less .. approximately 10 years in law enforcement. I liave been an experience than I have. I have
01. ..

Academy. However, at no time have I been offered to be a .' 'lnstructo~wIth the Missouri Sheriff's ,. senior officer with this department. Th~ officers promoted have had less than 3 to 4 yearS'iif
experience. All were male officers. There is no criteria set for the position. The position is just given by choice of the patrol lieutenant and sergeant. It should also be noted that the Standard Operating Guides were changed after I was not named to the senior officer status, so that noone can be promoted to corporal without first being a s(:nior officer. I charge' this was done,to prevent me from attaining any further rank, due to my sex, female.






In October of2009, I had been asked in the fall of2009, if! wanted to go into investigations. Myself and Ofc.Raynard ""ere offered this opportunity. I tllmed it down stating that I liked being on the road and that investigations is not where I wanted my career path to go. In October of 2009, a male subject by the name of Charles Mashbum had come to the police department and made several complaints about officers mistreating him. I was on holiday when this occurred. When I came bitck to work fellow co-workers told me that Mashburn went to the police department They informed me that my name was brought lip and that he had complained to the 'i:hief about me. That following Monday I was called into Chief Seibert's office and told that I was being placed into investigations. Chief Seibert stated that the transfer would take place in 2 weeks. I asked why I was being made to go into investigations when I had tumed it down. Chief Seibert stated, "Because I said so and that's the way it's going to be," Chief Seibert also made several references that "this is not a punishment." Chief Seibert never asked me about the Mashburn incident or gave me an opportunity to give my side of what happened with the contact. I did however tell Capt.Van Tassell and Lt.parksthat I had hear about Mashburn complaining about me and that I dou't know why he would because it had been at least a year .to a year and a half since I had stopped him. Nothing else was ever said. or asked about it. ,hi the summer of 2010, I.had worked a DWI want. I arrested a male subject for driving while "'suspended. There was an issue with his license, but I had verified with MULES that the license

was indeed suspended. The male then went to the police departmentto retrieve his license back.

':Yhad seiied it due to the fact he was suspended the night before. A male officer gave the man

' ~'backhis license not knowing what was going on and without botheringto try to contact meto find out why the license had been taken.

A few days later I saw the male again and he was driving. I stopped the vehicle and arrested the
male a second time. The female passenger called the police department and began complaining aboutme atTesting the male. Upon my arrivalto the police department I went to the assistant to the prosecutor's office. We had discussed this case and I she had a verified record from DOR that he is indeed suspended. Chief Seibert was sitting in this employee's office. It was apparent

that he was upset or angry. I walked in on her explaining to the chiefthat the male was

suspended' and that I was okay to be arresting him. I asked the chief to come look at the ; T.paperwork in regards to this male. When he saw the paperwork he calmed down.
'1 .' "'.;
'" ,i

Afterwards I was told by other staff that chief had taken the phone call from the female
, passenger and had come out of his office yelling about me. I was told that he was yelling.that .


was going to fire me and that this was it he was tired of nle enforcing the traffic laws. This was
all said and done before the chief had talked to me or asked any questions as to what was going on.


8 201t

11<0 .

Comfl\l,!lionon \IUIIIanRl~
-- -JoUi'cion CItf 011I00



In September or octo\x'r of2010, Cpl Ross had bought and I were present. There may have a new phone, Chief Seibert, Cpl Ross, Ofdlendrickson, Lt.Parks CpI.RosS was looking Lt.Sharp, Capt.Van Tassell, been another officer present also. We were in a restaurant eating lunch.. up names of people onlhe phone with urban dictiopary. He was reading the definitions out loud in a very audible voice and they were quite profane and vulgar in nature. No one counseled with Cpl. Ross or tried to stop him from continuing his vulgar tirade, and no one ever in my presence. inappropriate to utter such verbage mentioned that I, a woman, was present and that it might be .' There were other patrons in the restaurant and were within hearing distance for the profanity and

wlgar language.
In October of 2010, 1had a meeting with Chief Seibert and explained to him that I was unhapPY He-stated,thathe needed a Woman in investigations and that I wanted to return to the road. Chief Seibert stated that everyone is in in'

their positions because it is what is best for the department.

investigations so that someone could relate to female victims. Chief Seibert stated that he was anywhere. A few weeks later Lt.parks asked me if Capt.Van Tassell' not going to move !'"1yone or Lt,Sharp had spoken with me. I stated no. Lt.Parks told me that Cpl.Ross, who was once in investigations,had gone to the captainand lieutenant and expressed that he, was told me that investigations. Lt.parks unhappy being on the road as a corporal and that he wished to return to Cpl.Ross had told them that he would resign his position informed meand even give up the. as corporal that "they" were talking of investigations, Lt.Parks then supervisor pay to return to

putting me on the road two days a week, one day of admin, and two daysin investigations. I was


'r!info~ed that this probably wouldn't take place till the first of the year. Lt.Parks also stated that . ',..~e ,felt that "they" should give me a chance. He did not elaborate on what he meant by that ,..;.<. statement. intentions to come back to investigations 1 was made aware of Cpl.ROSS's A week or so after I'm allegations even

called into the office and told by cpt Ross and Cpl. Barron and told that J had a formal

complaint written against me for harassment. I was not told the particular told that they were' complaintant was and was though I asked what they were. I asked who the investigation. not going to discuss it that it was under of11-17-10 by Lt.Sharp. He gave me paperwork with a summary of 1 was called into the office administrative leave, with pay, until further notice. the allegations. He informed me thatI was on Lt.Sharp did tei! me who made the complaint after 1 asked at least twice for it.
. In November, 2010 while at lupch Chief Seibert had come in after interviewsfor the animal '

., "

.., control officer position. He was asked by some of the officers, how the interviews were going \ and if anyone looked hireable. Chief Seibert made the comment that he was hesitant to hire a , female for the position because females have been such a problem in the past. Ofc.Palmer and I had retrieved some Busch beer to destroy. As 1 was walking out In November, ofthe squad room I made the comment that I hated to pour out beer, but that it was Busch and I didn't like Busch. Ofc.Coots looked up comnlent, computer and stated, to me, due towhat I heard" from his which was directed "That's not
and began laughing. This was a sexual

MAY1 3

"classic" feminine looks. I have been"ribbed" by the guys in the past about homosexuality.
They have made commentg iuslnv.ating that I am a lesbian or have lesbian desires, Despite the .fact that I am a heterosexual female, and that it is known that I am, I took the "ribbing" and just' joked back with them despite that it hurt my feelings and they are aware that it bothers me. The Chief and administrators knew of this conduct and did nothing to prevent these words.

In 200412005 Sgt.Magili was involvedin a domestic violence incident with his wife, Charges . . '
were dropped, but the . domestic was physical in nature and there are photos ofthe incident. In . 2009120 I0 Ofc.Hendrickson pulled his duty weapon from his holster and pointed it at another . .' officer. In 2008 Ofc.Coats had an active ex parte order of protection against him. Per SOG he is suppose to tum his duty weapon in every night and not be in possession of it unless on duty. While Ofc.Coats was under suspension for violation of another policy I saw him at a game in Buffalo Missouri wearing his duty weapon and.badge. Lt.Parks, was also at this gameand-saw Qfc.Coats. It is a violation of policy for command staff to fraternize with subordinates. Ofc.Coats was living with Capt.Van Tassell while employed at the police department. In December, 20 I 0., the Chief and his administrators heard of my having a stone which I had been given by an employee of the City Prosecntor'soffice. I had the stone and was going to have it appraised to'see if it was genuine or glass. I forgot about it. The Chief and his administrators attempted to have me charge with some crime and went so far as to contact the Missouri Highway Patrol, Division of Drug and Crime Control to investigate the incident. This . ' was just another example of me, a woman, being treated differently from male officers who are given preferential treatment and who are allowed to break policy and the laws. .
~ i'

I have been 'a victim of discrimination based on the incidents and conversations listed above, I have been so uncomfortable in my work that attimes I have not made traffic stop or written



. talking with fellow officers for fear that I would again be in the office for something that I said \ , 'o~perhaps didn't even say. When I have stopped communications and just came in and worked

. ~ ,.

tickets in (ear of being disciplined or possibly even losing myjob. I have at times stopped .

'not ~cializing I have been "dinged" for it on evaluations. I have never been so insecure in a

. place of employment

before. The common jokes at the Mpartmeni,are:"h~ just tell the brWis Blake told you to do it and your good". The other common joke is: "you want to go back to investigations? Just piss off the'll get back there." I have had officers tell me that the command staff does not care for me but none have elaborated on the issue.


1.0U ~/>.'( 1 S
11I0 CommlsslOll


011 Ruftl8J\ C\tY()ftIeII


. .' .

. j










Amanda D. Blake
214 E Parkview Bolivar, MO 65613 NOTICE OF RIGHT TO SUE

Amanda D. Blake vs. BOLIVAR CITY OF/POLICE DEPARTMENT E.05l11-39242 28E-2011-01091C

Based on the investigation, the Execu~ve Director was unable to conclude that the information obtained established violations 01 the Missouri Human Rights Act. Therefore, the Missouri Commission on Human Rights (MCHR) is terminating its proceedings in this case. Because you are entitled to disagree with this decision, the MCHR is nonetheless issuing you this notl"6 of your right to sue the respondent(s) named in your complaintso that you may continue the pursuit of yourclaim in court. '
,:'" '~~,':;.:-;I You are hereby notified that you have the right to bring a civil action within 90 days of the date 01 this leiter againilt the respo/ident(S)r:,r,; named in the complaint. Such an ac~on may be brought in any slate circuit court in any county in which the u~1 d~~atoiy;'!~H~ practice is alleged to have occurred, either belore a circuil or associate circuit judge. Not only must any action brou9bHtI~rt:,~i;..\; pursuant to this right to Sue authorization be filed within gO days from the date of this leiter, any such case must also be filed M . later lhan two years aft"r Ih. alleged cause occurred or your reasonable discovery olthe alleged cause.

You are also nolified that the Executive Director is administratively closing this case and terminating all MCHR proceedings rela~ng 10 your complaint. You may not reinstate this complaint with the MCHR or file a new complaint with the MCHR relating to the same .act or practice, but rather, ff you choose to continue to pursue your complaint, you must do so in court as desCtibed in this leiter. This notice of right to sue has no effect on the suit-filing period of any federal claims

In addition to the process described

decision by filing a petition under

above, if .ny p.rty

of the Revised



Ii 536.150


of Missouri

by this decision of the MCHR, that party may appeal the in state circuit court. Any such petition must be filed

in the Circuit Court of Cole County.


tH :j-\:"",..f _ (.;:::~q,llH(!B'ii(!:\'. :'i",!';iimliv:j,)\V

i:G:. ,

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January 17, 2012 Date

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