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OXFORD AIM AYUOLVWVNW1dxX9F HLIM SS eee Sa aa ae ee CPE PRACTICE =el ES TST Four new tests for the revised Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency in English © MARK HARRISON © WITH DETAILED EXPLANATORY CSN rN lee ty a eee TA SUED Cy OXFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS OXFORD (Groat Clarendon Stet, Oxford OX2 6DP Oxtord University Press isa department ofthe University of Oxtoc, Itfurthers the Unversi's objective of excellence in research, scholarship, and education by publishing workdwide in Oxford New York [Athens Auckland Bangkok Bogoti Buenos Aires Cape Town CChennat Dares Salaam Delhi Florence Hong Kong Ista Karachi ‘okata Kuala Lumpur Madd Melbourne Mexico City Mumbai Nard Pars Sa0 Paulo Shanghai Singapore Taipe Tokyo Toronto Warsaw vith associated companies in Bertin Ibadan Oxtord and Oxtord English are registered trade marks of (Oxford Unversity Press nthe Ukeand in certain other countries © Ortord Unwersty Press 2001, ‘The moral ights ofthe author have been asserted Database right Oxford University Press (maker) Fist published 2001 ‘llrightsreserved. No pat ofthis pubsication may be reproduced, ‘stored in aretreval system, or transmitted, any form or By any ‘means, without the prior permission in writing of Oxtord University Press, or as expressly permitted bylaw, oF under terms agreed ‘wth the appropriate reprographics rights organization. Enguties ‘Concerning reproduction outside the Scape ofthe above should be sont to the ELT Fights Department, Oxford University Press, atthe address above You must not circulate this Book in any other binding or cover and you must impose ths same condtion on any acauver Photocopying The Publisher grants permission forthe photocopying of those pages marked photccopiabie’ according tothe fllowing coneitions Individual purchasers may make copies for ter own use o for use by cass that they teach. School purchasers may make copies for Use by stat ana students, but this permission does not extend to addtional schools or branches. Under no cccumstances may any part of this hook be photocopied forresale SAN 0 19 4329089 Printed and bound in Spain by ‘Bookprit, SL. Barcelona