A very good morning we bid to The Honourable judges, ladies and gentleman We, students of SK Salor For the first

time, will entertain you with Our tales of environmental issues Hmm, sounds familiar, huh? Like an old issue But it’s an issue not to be taken for granted See, touch, smell, taste and feel it around you We all know what is going on Sad, sad, sad, very sad, What about the future generations? Hmm... Don’t you think it’s getting hot in here? I do! I do! I do! We all do! But why? It’s definitely the weather Global warming for sure How warm is the globe? The temperature never ceased to rise for the past centuries Yes, it has gotten everyone on earth talking about it I worry about the climate change, the ice is melting worldwide As the ice melts, the sea level rises too It has become faster over the last century Floods and droughts will become more common Hurricanes and storms are likely to become stronger It has something to do with the greenhouse effect We should stop producing greenhouse gasses How? Stop open burning Use less air-conditioning Car pooling Walking and biking instead of driving Less driving means fewer emissions Checkout for mass transit system too But we don’t have that here! Oh yeah, you’re right! Too bad ...

.” Hahaha.. Illegal logging obviously has deep impact on every creature Imagine this world without trees! Surely we will suffer and won’t survive the heat! Tropical deforestation is responsible for about 20 percent of world greenhouse gas emissions Burning of forest plants releases large amounts of carbon dioxide More carbon dioxide means more hot air trapped in the atmosphere And it increases the temperature Poor animals.. where will they live? Many species are becoming extinct As their habitats are destroyed It will be a great loss to the human race That is why we need to have reserved forest To protect the natural environment I love the refreshing feel of the National Park Once in awhile. waste no paper Love our forest Dump no rubbish into the water .. You not scared get caught meh? Kopi O also ma.Climate change sure sounds serious Can’t imagine the world is over-heated or wholly covered by water! Oh no! It looks like we are coming to the end of the world! Repent.. pagar tidak boleh diharap. we need to escape From the hustle and bustle of the city We should start thinking green So that we have clean water flowing from the river and more picnics to enjoy with our family Yes. (raising one hand) “Harapkan pagar.. don’t worry la my friend Karam Singh Walia won’t find us here one.. repent! (Sound effect: chainsaw and followed by a shout “Timber!”) That is the sound of deforestation When will it stop and rob us of our source of life? How much per tree? Kopi O la..

Love our river Take care of the wildlife Love the animals Yes. World Heritage sites Terengganu. reuse. a haven for divers Mulu Caves and Kinabalu. recycle We are proud to be Malaysian Because our eco-tourism spots are among the best in the world Sipadan. home to the hornbills We the young generation will ensure that our flora and fauna And our rich biodiversity must remain intact We must protect it for our future generations We will not sell our lands to human greed Let us all work together To protect our mother nature Who else would do that for us if not ourselves Join Earth Hour Switch off your lights Let us walk together Hand in hand We can make our earth a better place One mission One hope One Malaysia One world! . love our nature Love ourselves Reduce. home to the leather back turtles Sepilok. a place like no others. home to the orang utans Sarawak.

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