Weekly WALKING DEAD Commentary Episode #311 “I Ain’t No Judas” Aired on Feb 24, 2013

(Once again there be spoilers here, so watch the show first before you dive in)  Woodbury and the Prison have become two parallels in a way. Both are led by leaders who are having psychological issues. Each group is very dependent on the leader. Despite this dependency, each has a cluster of talented "soldiers". Each leader has a gentle-souled right hand man (Herschel and Milton), and each has a refugee from the other side (Andrea and Merle). It appears that Woodbury is winning the momentum game at the moment though, with the pending military training of all residents and the acquisition of Tyreese and his crew. Carl is the most appropriate person to tell Rick that he needs to step aside from his leadership role. His son has learned so well from him, that he knows when to tell his father that enough is enough. Woodbury arming up is an apt parallel to today's ramping up of the police state. The "act of terror" perpetrated by Rick and company is equivalent to the real-world 9-11. The Governor even calls them "the terrorists", demonizing them, when in fact the Governor was the initial aggressor (capturing Glenn and Maggie). Andrea is still a killing machine and has learned from both Michonne and the Governor, as seen by her attacks on the walkers with Milton. It's very interesting that Merle has read the Bible, and at the Woodbury library no less. I wonder if this will bond him with Herschel on some level. Also interesting that Merle wants to clear the air with Michonne. The Rick crew is very battle synchronized and Merle is working remarkably seamlessly with them during the confrontation of Andrea at the gate. Michonne quotes to Andrea: "the Messiah complex is contagious" and "you chose a warm bed over a friend" Michonne DID expose the Governor for what he is after attacking him. When Merle describes to Herschel the horrible things that the Governor may do to the prison dwellers (and how), he divulges a clue that he may have seen the Governor involved in such atrocities before. It is too bad that Rick's insanity has led to Tyreese now joining forces (we think) with the Governor. He would have been an asset to Rick's side. I wonder if and when Tyreese will pick up on the Governor's true nature. It’s freaky how Carol tells Andrea to screw the Governor and kill him while he's sleeping. Is Andrea's failure to kill the Governor due to her being in love with him or her desire to eventually see both sides "make peace" or a strategic move in delaying inevitable retribution? As soon as she tells Governor that Merle and Michonne are there at the prison, Andrea may have sealed their fate. Many of the characters in the prison-crew have alterior motives in remaining there now, mostly involved with some form of revenge on Woodbury.

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Keepin’ it short this week… Until next week, stay on the wall but be sure to take cover when you gotta… AJV

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