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1. Because of time constraint and limited funds, delimitation of research study is acceptable.

Which one is not a consideration in determining a research study? a. Age and sex of the respondents b. Geographical location of level of students c. Novelty of the problem d. Religion and educational attainment 2. When a hypothesis is said to be justifiable, it means that the hypothesis is: a. Not supported by current review of literature b. Timely and can contribute to the improvement of the academe c. Consistent with existing body of research findings d. That it involves moral, ethical and value laden statement 3. The research question Does maternal stress during the first trimester of pregnancy affects the infants birth weight? is: a. Not researchable b. Not significant c. Acceptable as stated d. Not feasible 4. The following are characteristics of hypothesis except; a. Testable b. Modifiable c. Justifiable d. Statement of anticipated relationship 5. It is an informal statement of the expected relationship between two or more variables in a specified population; a. Hypothesis b. Research purpose c. Research design d. Theory 6. The hypothesis A persons emotional status is not affected by a relocation to nursing home is a. Alternative b. Non directional c. Null d. Directional 7. Collecting the research data and preparing the data for analysis belongs to what phase of the research process? a. Design and planning phase b. Analytic phase c. Empirical phase d. Conceptual phase 8. Which of the following research design is considered to be after the phase investigation? a. Comparative b. Correlation c. Ex post facto d. Prospective 9. Which type of sampling is used when the researcher divides the subjects into smaller group and then gets representative from each? a. Simple random b. Stratified c. Cluster d. Multi stage

10. Independent variable in a socio-demographic study would include personal data of the subjects. Which of the following is not an independent variable in such study? a. Informed consent b. Age c. Educational level d. Marital status 11. Mr. Cruz will be conducting a study regarding the current Staffing Pattern in the Non Critical ward-male. Which part of Mr. Cruz study will most likely include this statement? This study will include staff nurses of the Non Critical wardMale who have been trained on the current staffing pattern, employed from January of this Year.? a. Scope and limitation b. Introduction c. Recommendations d. Significance of the study 12. A group headed by Nurse Bea is conducting a study on effectiveness of sugar coated pacifiers on level of pain during vaccination among toddlers. What research design would be best for this study? a. Phenomological b. Experimental c. Correlation d. Descriptive 13. In the hypothesis there is a significant difference between elderly participants level of independence in their use of assistive device for ambulation the independent variable is: a. Level of independence b. Elderly participants c. Assistive devices d. Use of assistive devices 14. The research question What are the lived experience of post-cholecystectomy females? falls under what category: a. Qualitative b. Quantitative c. Triangulation d. Not a valid research 15. An example of null hypothesis is: a. There is a significant difference between Lamaze method and deep breathing during labor b. Elderly participants with social support are healthier that those without support c. There is a 95.7% probability that group A is different from group B d. There is no significant difference between the fathers and the mothers perception on their children illness 16. The primary reason why findings from nursing researches should be disseminated except; a. Researchers can be given credit for their efforts b. Findings serve as basis for future researches c. Findings can be applied to nursing practice d. To improve the knowledge base of the nursing profession

17. Opposite of null hypothesis a. Directional b. Alternative c. Absolute d. Quantifiable 18. Participants right to be considered in research except; a. Right to full disclosure b. Right to privacy c. Right to fair treatment d. Right to absolute non withdrawal 19. Criteria to be considered in Researchability of the problem except; a. Significance of the study b. Time constraint c. Availability of resources d. Availability of the researcher 20. For the study entitled A comparative study between the Old and New BSN Curriculum in 3 College of Nursing in Makati City. The following statement is/are example of hypothesis valid for the study. J. There is a significant difference between the Old BSN Curriculum and the New BSN Curriculum K. There is a significant difference between the Nursing curriculum and the Nurse Aides Curriculum L. There is no significant difference between the students and the clinical instructors perception of the New Nursing Curriculum M. There is no significant difference between the Old and New BSN Curriculum A. J,K, and L only B. J,K and M only C. J and M only D. J and K only 21. In the course of their research for the study entitled A comparative study between the Old and New BSN Curriculum in 3 Colleges of Nursing in Makati City. Maria and her group mate most likely sought the permission of all of the following except. a. The deans of the 3 colleges of Nursing b. Their own dean c. Chief Nurse d. Research adviser 22. The statement This study aims to broaden the knowledge base from which Nurse Educators derive what they impart to their students would most likely be found in which part of the study? a. Research design b. Limitation c. Significance of the study d. Statistical analysis 23. One of the ethical principle in Nursing research; a. Aimed at discovering new knowledge even if harmful to the subjects b. Protects the interest of the participating researchers c. Animals may be harmed or killed so long as t will benefit man











d. Prevents harm and promotes good to all participants The internationally recognized sets of ethical standards that came about after World war II a. Berlin declaration b. Helsinki protocol c. Nuremberg code d. London agreement Kyle explains to the participants the full nature of the study. What principle of research ethics is he upholding? a. Privacy b. Just compensation c. Exploitation d. Full disclosure Which of the following is also a name for Purposive sampling? a. Snowball technique b. Stratified method c. Fishbowl technique d. Judgmental sampling The most sophisticated way of knowing knowledge is: a. Disciplined reasoning b. Logical reasoning c. Going through college d. Intuition Nursing research is a scientific process that: a. Validates and refines existing knowledge b. Generates new knowledge c. Includes the breath and dept of the discipline d. All of the following The following are the purpose of research except; a. Describe b. Explore c. Manipulates d. Predict and control Nurses do research because; a. Nursing a profession b. Nursing should contribute to the generation of new knowledge c. RA 9173 mandates that nurses do research d. All of the following When Nurse Flor wants to find out why nurses go AWOL instead of resigning when they need to go abroad she should do; a. Descriptive research b. Exploratory research c. Experimental research d. Case study If Nurse Flor wants to find out the association between nurses level of professional decorum and going AWOL, she should do; a. Comparative study b. Correlational study c. Ex post facto d. Critical social theory Research which is done to test a new nursing intervention is called; a. Experimental research b. Non-experimental research c. Ex post facto

d. Critical social theory 34. Research which is designed to find a solution to an immediate practical problem is called; a. Applied research b. Basic research c. Quasi experimental research d. Experimental research 35. A study which begins with the observation of the presumed causes and then goes forward in time to observe presumed effects is known as; a. Experimental research b. Non-experimental c. Prospective d. Retrospective 36. A study that begins with the manifestation of the dependent variable in the present and then searches for the presumed cause which occurred in the past is; a. Experimental research b. Non-experimental c. Prospective d. Retrospective