First Summative Test in Science V - 4th Grading

I. Write T if the statement is True and F if the statement is False.
_____1. The solar system consists of the sun, planets, satellites, comets, asteroids and meteoroids.
_____2. There are twelve known planets revolving around the sun.
_____3. The gravitational force of the sun keeps the planets in their own orbits.
_____4. Mercury is the hottest planet.
_____5. Venus is called morning star and evening star which depends in its position in the heavens.
_____6. Planets have their own light.
_____7. Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars are called inner planets or terrestrial planets.
II. Choose the letter of the correct answer.
_____8. The largest planet in the solar system is___________.
a. Jupiter
b. Saturn
c. Uranus
d. Neptune
_____9. The smallest planet in the solar system is ____________.
a. Mercury
b. Venus
c. Earth
d. Mars
_____10. The hottest planet in the solar system is ___________.
a. Mercury
b. Venus
c. Earth
d. Mars
_____11. The coldest planet in the solar system is ___________
a. Uranus
b. Neptune
c. Mercury
d. Venus
_____12. The fastest planet to revolve around the sun is _____________.
a. Mercury
b. Venus
c. Earth
d. Mars
_____13. Earth’s period of rotation is ___________.
a. 24 hours
b. 16 hours
c. 12 hours
d. 8 hours
_____14. It takes Earth___________ or one year to make one complete revolution around the sun.
a. 225 days b. 365 days c. 687 days d. 743 days
III. Match column A with column B.
_____15. the Red Planet
_____16. the only planet that can support life
_____17. the farthest planet in the solar system
_____18. the planet with the Great Red Spot
_____19. the twin planet of Earth
_____20. the planet that has prominent rings
_____21. the seventh planet with a blue-green color

a. Uranus
b. Saturn
c. Venus
d. Jupiter
e. Neptune
f. Earth
g. Mars

IV. Write the complete meaning of the following.
22. PAR -_________________________________________________________________________________
23. ICTZ -_________________________________________________________________________________
24. PSWS-_________________________________________________________________________________
25. PAGASA-______________________________________________________________________________

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