Alhamdolillah: Declarations from the Official FB battle station in the year 2013

The most decisive year in Pakistan's recent history. InshaAllah!!!



Children, calm down! Allah has NOT abandoned us. Let the enemies plot and plan and Allah is doing his own planning and indeed He is the best of the planners. This Pakistan is here to stay. While we have strong reservations against strategy, policies and objectives of Dr. Qadri, the march towards Islamabad, if it takes place, has the potential to create a major crisis for the government of Zardari and would create a major opportunity for the army to intervene decisively to reclaim the state from the brink of anarchy. From the disorder of the march, we have strong hopes that order for a stable, strong government would emerge with the strong arm of the army. We do not believe that any caretaker government announced on the streets would have any mandate or moral or legal authority. But such a street power can indeed create enough anarchy to create a major crisis for the regime. Zardari is sitting strong. He needs to be thrown out. He has to be thrown out. If he goes, this entire system would collapse as well. All caretakers would be formed by the approval of the army just as it happened in Egypt. In Egypt, millions came out on tehreer square for days but they could not remove Mubarak nor make any government. Army came out, watched the crisis for some time and then moved to remove Mubarak and held elections under their own control. It was all done by army NOT by the people. People only provided the muscle to make it easy for the army. There is no doubt that Islamabad would be chaotic in those days. Enemy shock forces would be present within the hundreds of thousands of people, who would make easy targets for terrorists and hostile enemy assets to turn a peaceful rally into a battle zone. The field is all open. Anything can happen.

So, wait and lets see how the destiny unfolds. We will NOT be the part of the march and would wait for the Hukm of Allah to unfold. Meanwhile, the 111 Brigade is gearing up too. They are ready to move at shortest of notice. It seems that they will be called for duty once again. By Allah, we want it now. Khair inshAllah! 109463862441767&type=1

The government does not want to follow the demands of MQM/Dr. TUQ. The final decision would ultimately rest with the army. If the million march take place and reach Islamabad, there can only be 4 possibilities for the army: 1. Army support the government and disperse the crowds by force. Very unlikely. army would not like to clash with people to protect Zardari. 2. Army support the March and disperse the government instead. Possible but army will never support any caretaker which has MQM in it. Dr. Qadri also does not have any support within army also and lately multiple videos and evidences against him have made him highly controversial within army also. Army will not accept him as part of any caretaker government also. By joining with CIA backed MQM, Dr. Qadri has made a strategic political blunder. 3. Army stay neutral and let the clash between the government and the Marchers take place and just stay away watching the country and Islamabad burn. For some time, army can do this but not for long. 111 bdge will be kept ready for such a contingency. 4. Army decides to avoid the clash, block the march, remove the government and bring its own patriotic caretakers. There will be no

martial law, demands of the marchers will also be met, government would also be removed and a civilian government would be in place and army would avoid a clash with the people. Now lets see how things unfold. Along with MQM and Dr. TUQ, the DPC and Sipah Sahaba also plan to join the march. many other smaller groups are also joining in who would NOT be under the control of Minhaj leadership. DPC is led by Tahir Ashrafi, the Indian backed snake who has recently promised to support Altaf Hussian and Minhaj. It is getting dirty by the minute. But as we say, InshAllah, khair will emerge from this chaos. Followers of Dr. Qadri are genuine sincere Muslims and we love and respect them but we strongly feel that Dr. Qadri is making a huge political blunder. They should have taken the advice of army before such ventures and MQM makes bad allies. We have done our analysis based on sincerity and good faith. It is upto the readers to follow their hearts. We do not force anyone to follow our advice. Jazak Allah khair. ZH 109463862441767&type=1&theater

To all members. We know the emotions are high in all camps at the moment but even in strongest disagreements, remain decent and dignified. All posts that are abusive, humiliating and insulting would be deleted. Learn the Ikhlaq of a momin even if you feel that the person or organization is wrong. We, at BrassTacks, have strong disagreements with strategy of Dr. TUQ and his choice of allies, but we are neither Ghatia or cheap in expressing our

opinion nor would be allow any member to become ghatia. Disagree with logic and wisdom and dignity please. You can be firm without being ghatia. Know the difference dears. It is now a battle for the Caretakers! Zardari and Nawaz wants their own caretakers. MQM/MQ/other parties want their own caretakers. Army would want their own caretakers who can stabilize the country against all axis of threat. If anarchy spread in Islamabad, just as it happened in Lal masjid time, then army will surely move in and take charge of the situation and then anything can happen..... Now when the camps have announced their intentions, no point in arguing and fighting within each other. We at BrassTacks have given our analysis and opinion. Now wait and see how the situation develops. In all cases, remain decent. Khair inshAllah. ZH

InshaAllah watch Zaid Hamid on Aljazeera English at 10:30 pm tonight on Inside story, exposing the damage by the CIA backed polio drive in Pakistan! This is a harsh program and blasts the entire stupidity of the government and the sinister motives of the CIA.

InshAllah, tomorrow, in the Supreme Court, we are going for another battle against Najam Sethi and Hamid Mir and their acts of treason against Pak Sarzameen. InshAllah, we will stand in the court and present our case directly to Mr. Iftikhar Chaudrey to accept our petition for regular hearing. We will chase these traitors in media, in courts and in society -- we will expose them inshAllah and then get them hanged through the law. They deserve no mercy. We offer none to them!

We just came back from the hearing in the Supreme Court for our case against Najam Sethi and Hamid Mir. We saw an incredible scene today, almost unbelievable, surreal. The CJ and two other judges of the Supreme Court were begging our lawyers to take the case back and not to pursue it against the media !!! Can you believe this????? The Supreme Court of Pakistan is desperate to avoid hearing the case against the media. They did not throw it out because the evidence was too strong. They could not accept it because that would be destroyed the snakes in media. Then they just adjourned the matter for next date to be taken at a later stage -- meaning that the case wont be heard in near future. This is such a shame!!! We stood and spoke in front of the CJ and demanded that our petition is

admitted. He simply delayed for the next date. We will continue our war against these snakes in media and will get them hanged after due course of law. That is a promise. They started this war against Pakistan. BY Allah, we will finish it for them now, InshAllah!!

03-01-13 Our azaan against CIA on Al-Jazeera! The dirty sinister games the CIA plays within Pakistan, collapse of the state organs and the reality behind the polio campaign in Pakistan. This one really blasted CIA and their dirty wars.


On the day of judgement, Iftikhar Chaudrey will carry a heavy burden for what he does today. We cannot do anything to him today as he stays powerful and on high pedestal but one day, in front of Allah (swt), he will face a most severe accountability and Ummat e Rasul (sm) will testify against him. Now we have filed a petition against him in front of Allah (swt) and indeed Allah is the best of the judges, all powerful, all wise. 109463862441767&type=1

03-01-13 Read what happened in the SC today. Even the Jang is reporting that CJ is asking us to abandon this case and that we should not raise these issues !!!! We have gone to supreme court to demand that the Line between Journalism and Subversion must be defined. We have gone against 2 snakes -- Najam Sethi and Hamid Mir -- and have presented there writings and programs as evidence to prove that whatever these two snakes are doing is NOT journalism but Information war, Psy-ops and propaganda against the state and armed forces of Pakistan. This is a national security petition filed by our team to expose and nail the traitors within media. But the CJ is extremely nervous and is NOT taking the case despite multiple hearings. Today, he was angry as to why are we pushing for hearing this petition. read yourself and decide.

If the CJ cannot decide the difference between journalism and Treason, then where should we go ?????? One day, we will put these media snakes on trial. That is a promise.

On a lighter note, today in the SC, we saw the most comical and ridiculous aspects of the Pakistan's Anglo-saxon judicial system. The levels of arguments, debates, delays were so petty that it was nauseatingly shameful. There were cases being heard which were filed in 1996 but still no decisions and dates were being given for 2013. The entire arguments were focused around legal technical issues but not on the substance of justice. Procedures were more sacred than the justice. Lawyers who took millions in fees were roaming like warlords but still petitioners were helpless. Court employees, khadims, Qasids etc.were powerful brokers who could move files when given Bakhshish! Huge building, billions spent in budget, artificial protocol of the British colonial system but alas, no justice, peace or redressing of the grievances. It was all so shallow, empty and pompous. Nothing sacred but made to appear as divine. To sum up this judicial system, it reminds us of a joke when a man was held for murder charges. He hired an expensive lawyer and ordered him to create so much technical issues and somehow save him from the death penalty and get him sentenced to life imprisonment instead. After few years of spending time in jail and multiple court hearings at sessions, high and supreme court levels, the Lawyers came to the murderer and congratulated him with these words " Oh man, after great bribes, lying and cheating, I finally got you life imprisonment. The Damn judge was insisting upon acquitting you honorably" !!! :)))

By Allah, this is our judicial system today -- at all levels! If you do not believe us, then file a case in the sessions, high or supreme court and see it for yourself first hand. The more we see this judicial system, the more determined we become that we will replace this with Justice system of Khilafat e Rashida InshAllah!! That is our promise, a mission of life and duty towards Pak Sarzameen!! It is greatest of zulm to carry on with this anglo-saxon law. Zulm indeed.


Our entire judicial system is a symbol of British slavery and their colonial rule over Muslims when they destroyed our faith, ideology, identity and society. Our judges are the custodians of the British AngloSaxon law made to enslave humanity under the Roman laws adopted by the British. Isnt it shameful that even after 65 years of "Independence", our rulers and judges still proudly wear dresses of their former colonial masters who enslaved and destroyed our civilization. Pakistan was NOT made for Anglo-saxon laws. Any reform plan, any tsunami, any long march, which does not promise to change the British era Anglo-saxon kafir law is a fraud, another form of slavery in the name of reforms. Know this well before you join any crowd for change! 109463862441767&type=1&theater

03-01-13 The masters are throwing off their wigs. The slaves in former colonies still hold on. There are many idiots who are saying that we have Photoshopped this pic of CJ. they are being blocked from our page for being too stupid. If they had just googled "Iftikhar Chaudrey, Musharraf", they would have found the original pic. These wigs are used for hundreds of years by British Colonial masters. Read what the Irish judges are doing now after 350 years of slavery!


Being a judge is one of the most difficult and sobering responsibility in an Islamic society. In old days, Muslim judges would shiver when this responsibility was given to them. Even companions of Rasul Allah (sm) would refuse this duty for fear of accountability in front of Allah (swt) on the day of judgement. Today, we shiver when we think what would be the fate of the judges of today, who lead a system of Kufr and zulm, in an anglo-saxon law, protecting the colonial era slavery. This system needs to go and replaced with justice of Khilafat e Rashida, where justice would be FREE, immediate, would be seen to be done, would be at the doorsteps, without any lawyers charging fat fees or judges wearing monkey wigs! 109463862441767&type=1

04-01-13 Finally, Pakistan army changes its entire military doctrine recognizing the 4th Generation War and 5th Generation war as the real and immediate danger to Pakistan. For years, we were hammering this idea that urban decentralized asymmetric warfare is the biggest threat to Pakistan as part of the 4thGW. Now, our analysis stand vindicated and army accepts our doctrine totally, alhamdolillah! All those who called us conspiracy theorists should hang their heads in shame. All those who call us Facebook analysts should jump into the Indus. All those who say that we should do something "practical" should climb the highest pole and jump from it. Allah is proving us right alhamdolillah and our demands are being accepted and picked up by all mainstream policy makers. We now demand patriotic caretakers for 3 years, blocking of elections and a most ruthless bloody accountability of traitors. InshAllah, soon, this will happen also. We are warning the traitors now. You can make fun of our sacred mission as much as you want. We are coming after you, InshAllah! Remember, now army also says -- traitors are the biggest threats !! Got it ???


This is a profound article from Ghulam Akbar sahib -- telling the harsh bitter truth behind the political struggles of democracy and dictatorships. The youth of today, who have not see the eras of Ayub, Bhutto, Zia, Benazir, Nawaz.... and have seen the era of Musharraf and now Zardari should listen to this most sincere advice where he has reached after a life of struggle. Now there is no way out for us -- try elections again, try democracy again, try Martial law again -- you are bound to fail. It is time to come for the 3rd option -- Khilafat e Rashida model!!! 109463862441767&type=1

05-01-13 To outline what an Islamic system based on Khilafat e Rashida is, watch this video and see if this generate sparks of romance and dignity in your soul. We are only talking to those who have the courage to live for a

great idea and have the passion to die for it too. We are talking to falcons and tigers of Rasul Allah (sm). Are you one of those ????


another excellent article by Ghulam akbar sahib. The old veteran of Pakistani journalism and politics is now reverting back to the final solution -- Islam or perish ! The leadership of today is totally responsible for destroying Pakistan. Each one of them -- civil or military -- is responsible in front of Allah (swt) for their failure to implement the rules of Allah (swt). They are happy with the system of Kufr but now the nation makes a stand -- Islam or perish ! 109463862441767&type=1&theater


While there is a war going on within Pakistan and we fight for the heart, soul and integrity of our beloved land, Allah is helping us in strange ways. Keep an eye on the economic collapse in US also. The wars on Afghanistan and within the Muslim world have destroyed the US economy at home, just as it did with the former Soviet Union. As Baba Iqbal had predicted " this civilization has now committed suicide with its own dagger"! US economy has been given an artificial breather for two months now but they have to cut expenses, raise taxes and launch massive austerity measures and still cannot save themselves from a total economic meltdown. It is a written destiny now for this Riba based paper currency backed banking system. US dollars is now going to crash big time....InshAllah.

Now US cannot wage direct wars within Muslim world, that is why they depend upon 4th and 5th generation wars. Now, it is time that we throw the US out of Afghanistan for a permanent peace in the region. We must block NATO supplies again and help the Afghans to do with the Americans and NATO what we did to the Soviets. It is time for payback after what CIA and RAW has done to Pakistan in the last 10 years. This is natural divine justice. To achieve a decisive victory in the region, we need a strong patriotic government in Islamabad not a corrupt, compromised and treacherous democracy which any next elections would throw up. Know the opportunities Allah is giving you. This window wont remain open for long. It is time to crush the Americans and finish this filthy war! 109463862441767&type=1

06-01-13 463862441767&type=2&theater Always remember that it is the Hindu Zionists that we have to deal with now. Never ever trust the Hindu state. When we talk about capturing Delhi, the liberal seculars call us an extremist. But when the Hindu Zionists bark about capturing Makkah, Medina, Jerusalem and Islamabad, that is OK for the aman ki Asha !! Our final battle is with the Hindu Mushriks. Prepare for that. &theater


We had one shaheed and one wounded today in a small battle of Ghazwa e Hind with the Hindu Mushriks in Kashmir. They tried to capture a post and we pushed them back, giving them a bloody nose. Indian army left some equipment and weapons behind, alhamdolillah. Kashmir is NOT India. It is a Muslim land under Hindu occupation and we will support all Jihad, Mujahideen and wars with India to reclaim our land, honor and faith. It is Farz for Muslims to participate in Kashmir jihad at all levels. We stand with our army in this sacred war.


Our latest Shaheed on the Kashmir battlefront of the larger Ghawa e Hind war!! Naik Aslam died yesterday, fighting the Hindu Mushriks, who are occupying the Muslim land of Kashmir. Our army fight them everyday, our Kashmiri Mujahideen resist every moment, our people support the support with every breadth. All the fighting done in Kashmir was done by Mujahideen and was approved and organized by Quaid e Azam in 1947. Jihad continues till this day..... . In 1948, 1965, 1971, Siachen in 1984, Kargil in 1999 were jointly fought by Pak army and Mujahideen. Jihad in Kashmir is the purest, most romantic, dignified and full of barakah Jihad against Hindu Mushriks and would continue till the final battles of Ghazwa e Hind -the capturing of Delhi !! This is our destiny as foretold by Sayyadi Rasul Allah (sm). We believe

unconditionally ! 109463862441767&type=1&theater


BrassTacks -- Pakistan‟s National Security Analysis -- for those who are not deaf, dumb and blind !! Taking advantage of the anarchy, chaos, confusion and weakest leadership in Pakistan, Indian tried to change the geography of the Line of Control on the Kashmir front. A short, fierce battle ensued but Indians failed and were pushed back though the environment in the area remains tense. For many months now, Indians have been focusing on supporting the insurgencies, TTP and BLA against Pakistan and had not been directly engaging Pakistan army on the eastern sector. This attempt by the Indians is a feeler to test the waters and the preparedness of Pak army. In the coming months, Indians will be conducting more or such probing attacks as the situation within Pakistan is expected to get more and more chaotic. With the political anarchy spreading across the entire country, the levels of violence, terrorism, urban insurgency and chaos is also rising exponentially. This week also, we saw insane levels of violence in every corner of the country. There is definitely urgency within the insurgents to exploit the political and judicial anarchy.

Security forces are fighting back with all the resources in a war which is a high intensity conflict in an urban environment. From jet fighters to special operations by covert means, all axis of force is being deployed. There is no doubt that the CIA backed TTP has been badly bruised and pushed back into Afghanistan after a long bloody slog by the Pakistan army. Now the insurgent group is weakened, isolated, dislocated and suing for peace to gain time to regroup. Signing any peace deals with the dreaded terrorist group when they are at their weakest would be a catastrophic military blunder and army is cautioning the government not to rush into any offer by the militants. But the mission of Pakistan army has been made near to impossible by direct CIA involvement to destroy any pro-Pakistan assets in the region to fight the TTP. There is absolutely no doubt now that CIA is fighting Pakistan through the proxies of TTP and BLA and is actively eliminating all those tribals who sign peace deals with Pakistan or show their willingness to fight the TTP. This treacherous betrayal by the CIA is stil NOT acknowledged at the official levels though everyone knows about it at all levels. The secretary defense Lt General Asif Yasin Malik had even mentioned this last week. This week, CIA eliminated a strong pro-Pakistan local militant commander, Mullah Nazeer, who had earlier survived an assassinating attempt by the TTP. Once TTP failed, CIA sent in a drone to finish the job. In another attack, another pro-Pakistan commander belonging to Hafiz Gul Bahadur group was targeted and eliminated. It is actually that dirty war where CIA is directly fighting Pakistan but the government and the army leadership still remains silent. *************

While the 4th and 5th generation wars rage within Pakistan, the politicians remains busy in petty squabbles, power grabbing, turf wars and preparing for elections, creating more and more anarchy every day. There is absolutely no concern for the national security, economic collapse or the political or ideological vision. It is a fish market with a bloody touch. MQM and the new entrant Dr. Tahir ul Qadri are threatening a “drone attack” on Pakistan within the next week and turning Islamabad into another Tehreer square. The ruling PPP‟s alliance with other parties is now in a chaos also with all other parties flexing their muscles and looking for best opportunities to grab more power and wealth. Downright dirty it is. Zardari is genuinely concerned now as the date of the “long march” approaches. Meanwhile, the common citizens and the society suffer staggeringly as the government destroys the last remnants of the state and the economy. It is an artificially created crisis of gas to protect and “bless” the cartels in power to make windfall profits through imports of oil. As the “last straw” on the camel‟s back, the government plans to deploy 150,000 troops for election duties, drawing the already over stretched army from counter insurgency operations and defense of the country on the East. Drawing such a huge number of troops from the strategic reserves or from the active duty troops would mean depleting the national defense to dangerous levels. For now, Pakistan army is going along the PPP regime‟s plans but in our assessment this is a fatal mistake which will have staggeringly high cost later on. The next two weeks would be very critical and decisive in the country. On January 14th, “tehreer square” styled sit in is planned in Islamabad by “millions” of followers of Altaf Hussian and Tahir ul Qadri – the gangster and the priest have joined hands in a most bizarre alliance

which is threatening not just the remains of the government but also the entire decayed political system! If the march goes ahead, then the field would be open for all forces to intervene. The terrorists would have the sitting ducks to target. The government would deploy its resources to stop the marchers from reaching the parliament. Army would watch in silence with troops ready close by for any intervention if needed. We would advice no traveling even within Islamabad after 12th January. The game is wide open now but the government and the judiciary as well as the media and the army remains focused on the elections for now or the spoilers who have come from outside to change the rules of the game. The national security and the 4th and 5th generation war is definitely not the priority of any of the power brokers for now. That is the real tragedy.


NO harampkhor politicians send their children to join army to fight the Khawarij. That is why they don't care of these brave sons die or not. Our brave sons are fighting and dying everyday, smiling in the face of death but the nation and its leaders remain naive, ignorant and even hostile against these brave sons. If these sons were not fighting and dying everyday, you can be sure TTP or Indians or Crusader Blackwaters entering into your homes and taking away your honor! MQM, ANP and BLA are part of this war as well and so is this regime of Zardari and his allies. Today, Pakistan is facing a most bloody war within its borders. Elections under these conditions will bring back the same snakes who are in power today. This democracy is a curse and unless we return back to Allah (swt) and demand a Khilafat e Rashida model, we are doomed. We demand army to take over now and bring patriotic caretaker government. NO elections, for God sake. 109463862441767&type=1&theater


Try attending a Jinaza like this and then you will know what it means to be in a war ! What it means to pray over your fallen friends who had fought alongside you in battles. The families of our sons and brothers in armed forces are doing this everyday -- leaving behind thousands of orphans, widows and old grieving parents. This is a war our haramkhor politicians do not want to acknowledge. Elections in these times of war would mean more deaths, destruction and chaos. Then there will be no time for tauba, just punishments. Wake up now before it is too late. 109463862441767&type=1&theater

08-01-13 What do we mean by Khilafat e Rashida model?? Why do we insist that

elections would be fatal for the country? why do we want patriotic caretakers who should rule with iron hand for 3 years ??? This program with PJ Mir was done on November 29th and gave a most comprehensive outline of national security and the solutions. Now when everyone wants their own version of Inqilab, it is time that our members watch this program once again and set their bearings right. The political model which is enforced in Pakistan today is a degenerated, decayed and stinking model adopted from the British parliamentary democracy which is currently enforced in England. In England, the Prime Minister is elected from the parliament and is considered the head of the government, which still has a Queen and Monarchy at its head. Queen is also the head of the Church of England, which means religion is NOT separated from the state. Interestingly, there is NO written constitution and emphasis is on "Ijtihad" based on tradition and historical precedence and the needs of the time! Incredible isn't it ??? No written constitution and Ijtihad as the basis of state craft. While in England they only have two large parties competing together (both controlled by same Freemason bankers), there are over 50 large and small major political parties in Pakistan divided on ethnic, regional, sectarian and provincial lines, creating the anarchy that we see today. The most corrupt, feudal, traitors and foreign funded separatists make to the parliament and treat Pakistan's wealth as their private pocket funds embezzling almost 12 billion rupees per day. There is a written constitution which is never practiced either by the political parties nor by the supreme court. Munafiqat and shameless hypocrisy which has no parallel in history.

In US, there is another form of democracy, called Presidential democracy. Two large parties (both controlled by same Zionist bankers), give the illusion of free elections and chose a President, who then chose his own team of hundreds of technocrats to run the government. In China, they have their own model. One political party which controls the country with iron hand. There are no elections, no democracy, no political parties based on ethnic, regional or religious lines. China is going strongest and the world super power now. So, country can also flourish and become a super power even without parliamentary and presidential democracy !! Strange isn't it especially when they tell you that democracy of the West is the best form of government ??? Iran has its own model. They select the President directly. They have no political parties and free elections to select their best man as President. That is another form of government, which is NOT parliamentary democracy, NOT party based presidential democracy, NOT a single party based Chinese model. That means, there can be other forms of governments also other than UK, US or Chinese models. This is what our point is. We need to make our own form of government and political system which is NOT based on western concepts or Chinese models but on Khilafat e Rashida. That would be our own model. Now we come to the Khilafat e Rashida model. Khilafat model has following attributes: 1. The leader or ameer or sultan or President is directly selected / elected by the people from a group of few finest selected people capable to be leaders.

2. The leader then brings his own team of advisers, technocrats, scholars, scientists and administrators to run the government administration. The system is based on consultation, shoora, consensus and advice but NOT on rule of the Majority. There are NO political parties in an Islamic society. Muslims are one Ummah! 3. The system of government is NOT a democracy and NOT based on rule of the majority. The Ameer has the final say but it is NOT a dictatorship also. This is critical to understand. 4. The system is dictatorship when a ruler behaves like the almighty, taking all powers in his own hands. It is democracy when the majority decides the law even if it is a destructive law. Khilafat e Rashida model is neither of the two. 5. The ruler is the final authority but he is NOT free to decide anything according to his whims. He is bound by the supreme Constitution of Quran and Sunnah. As long as the rulers remains within the boundaries of Shariat, he remains the final authority. If his orders are violation of the Quran and Sunnah, the advisers and the shoora will put him right and he ceases to have the authority of the ameer. 6. This system is NOT a theocracy as any good ordinary Muslim can be the head of the state. But in another way, this system IS is a theocracy because supreme law is Islam and Quran. This is the uniqueness of this system which the modern secular minds do not understand. The only written constitution is Quran and Sunnah. Rest are evolved according to the needs of the time, based on traditions and history, as done even today in British system. They have adopted from Islam what we have

abandoned. Free men do not have man made constitution. Only slaves have. In Pakistan, now we need a new social, political, economic and judicial contract. This one made by a man has become obsolete and is NOT being practiced by the ruling elite nor by the judiciary. It is NOT protecting Pakistan nor giving dignity to the Pakistanis. Free people need a divine constitution, not a man made one. Sooner or later, this is the destiny we will achieve, InshAllah. If we want to rise and lead the world in the 21st century, we will have to revert back to our faith and Quran and must abandon the political, economic and judicial system of the Kuffar from the West. Only slaves follow the West. Free men follow Rasul Allah (sm). Take your choice! We have decided and will live and die for this cause. No compromise ever InshAllah !!


Let us further elaborate the system and leadership in Khilafat e Rashida. Many ask us what should be the criteria of the Ameer? Who would select that ameer or group of candidates to select the ameer from? How will the transition of power take place? Who will decide who is qualified to become an Ameer ? Any person who has the qualities, faith, determination and honesty of Quaid e Azam can be the Ameer in a Khilafat e Rashida model of governance. Quaid is a living example that such people are born even today. The article 62, 63 of the constitution gives a broad outline of any person who qualifies to become a leader. 1. He should be an honest Sadiq and Ameen Muslims.

2. He should be passionate about Pakistan and Islam. 3. He should be avoiding the "gunah e Kabeera" the great sins like Riba, adultry, wine, Shirk, haram earning etc.... Alhamdolillah, there are millions of Muslims in Pakistan who qualify this criteria. Everyone is sinful but it is actually not difficult to find people like Quaid even today. Iqbal had called him "un-corruptible, unpurchasable" !! A competent man with passion for the Ummah, having sincerity and capability is all that it takes. Any short comings are compensated by the sincere and competent advisors, mutual consultations, discussions and Shoora within the leaders to help run the affairs of the state. It is really not that complicated. It is the strength and power of the Khilafat e Rashida model that it is designed for the brave and free men who are answerable only to Allah (swt) and Rasul Allah (sm) and follow the strongest and dynamic institution of Ijtihad rather than a fixed man made legislation called constitution. In the original Khilafat e Rashida, we see that all 4 righteous Caliphs were appointed differently, under Ijtihad by the Sahaba. 1. Sayyadna Abubakr was appointed by virtue of his huge stature within the Muslim society. No one could compete against him and all agreed unconditionally. 2. Sayyadna Umer was appointed by Sayyadna Abu bakr when Sayyadna Abubakr was close to passing away. The entire Muslim community accepted this decision as both Sayyadna Abu bakr and Sayyadna were most respected.

3. When the last days of Sayyadna Umer arrived, he selected / appointed 6 people from within the community and asked the Muslims to elect anyone from them. This is the model adopted by Iran today. Muslims selected Sayyadna Usman from the earlier shortlisted group of finest of men. 4. When Sayadna Usman was martyred suddenly, Muslims in Medina requested and appointed Sayyadna Ali by consensus. All 4 Caliphs were appointed through separate procedures, depending upon the circumstances and environment of the time, through Ijtihad and general consensus within the Muslim society. This great flexibility of the Islamic political model gives it the strength to adopt to the changing national and regional security situaiton and Geo-politics, without restricting it under a man made myopic set of rules made for a particular time. All the Ameer / Caliphs were appointed for life, unless they deviated from Quran and Sunnah, which they never did. In Pakistan army, an officer is promoted on the basis of his performance within the organization and finally he makes up to the finest of the lot as the Corp Commander. Then when a former Chief retires, a new one is selected by the President from these finest 20 Lt generals. There is NO democracy in army but great consultation and advice within top officers and within lower ranks but the final say is with the army chief. This is a very unique and robust system which makes the army so efficient. In many ways very similar to Khilafat e Rashida model of governance at national levels.

Rasul Allah (sm) has advised us that even if a black slave without his nose is appointed over us as leader but he takes us on the path of Quran and Sunnah, then we must obey him!! It is a great sin to rebel against an Ameer who is not violating any rule of Quran and Sunnah. Islamic political model is based on supremacy of Quran and Sunnah, sincerity of the leader, collective wisdom of the advisors and society and the most powerful institution of Ijtihad, which allows dynamic decision making for all times to come, without being restrcited by man made set of rules. Only Quran and Sunnah are undisputed. Rest, all laws, can be changed, improved, modified and adjusted according to the needs of the time and space. So, for Pakistan, if we just have decent human beings, who are sincere with Pakistan and have the knowledge about their subjects, as our group of leaders -- patriotic, technocratic, basic Muslims -- it would be enough for us for now. Take this advice of Hazrat Wasif Ali Wasif. There is great wisdom in this. Khair inshAllah. 109463862441767&type=1&theater


Let us take it one step further. Pakistan desperately needs a patriotic caretaker setup. There are no two opinions about it. The caretaker setup for 3 years should rule with iron hand and clean this Pak Sarzameen of this filth of corruption, Kufr and terrorism and revive the nation of Pakistan. People ask us who will being this caretaker setup?? Let us answer them. Let us propose a set of names to form a board of neutral patriotic selectors. This board of selectors should name 18 people whom they feel should be part of the caretaker setup. Then we ask the army and the

judiciary to remove this present regime and bring those 18 recommended people as caretaker government. Then leave the rest to this new caretaker government to do. In our suggestion, the board for selection of caretaker government should consist of following neutral patriotic people. We will trust their judgement. These people will NOT be part of any political setup but would be part of the board to recommend the names only. 1. Dr. Ajmal Niazi sahib. 2. Ghulam Akbar sahib. 3. Dr. AQ Khan sahib. 4. Dr. Samar sahib. 5. General Hamid Gul sahib. 6. Orya Maqbool Jan sahib. 7. One member from army. 8. One member from Navy. 9. One member from PAF. 10. One member from judiciary. Such a board which is patriotic, neutral, non-political and ideologically correct with a proven track record of contribution in their own fields should be enough to make a jump start for the Caretaker government. Army and the Judiciary should accept our proposal and act upon it urgently. This will save the country from lots of anarchy and chaos. Otherwise, in the end, when the total anarchy would spread before or after the elections, then the military will have to take over and then the entire caretaker setp would be formed by the army. We are OK wit that too but many others may not be. So, now when we propose that a natural caretaker setup can be brought through a neutral patriotic board of selectors, then this proposal should be accepted. There is khair in what we have suggested, InshAllah. 109463862441767&type=1


Alhamdolillah, our book From Indus to Oxus is now also available on Amazon. Those outside Pakistan can now have it easily InshAllah. Those in Pakistan can order directly from our office and call or sms at 03215001370. Our team member Imaad Khalid shall coordinate for Pakistan dispatch, InshAllah. In Pakistan, this unique book is priced at Rs: 2500/-. Just to give you the idea what kind of insane but factual adventures these memoirs contain, we give just a few paragraphs from this entire amazing book of adventures of a young man in those those romantic times. This may sound insanity but this was Jihad in Afghanistan - the most profound Muslim resistance movement of the 20th century. Let us take you on this wild ride :) *********** "The next 15 minutes were the tensest and gut wrenching moments for me. We were driving like mad men, cruising at the maximum speed which that old rickety Russian jeep could muster, while just a couple of hundred meters on our right, pandemonium was lose with the enemy post being under attack. I looked towards my right and saw the incredible firework and patterns of tracer bullets flying in both

directions. Despite the fact that our headlights were on and we were cruising at full speed on the main road, we did not draw any fire. That was nothing short of a miracle. But while we were crossing the post, the next threat triggered panic in my soul. The driver was unbelievably calm, even joking with me under such tense environment. I was sitting in the front seat of the jeep and he pointed towards a small stone on the road which was now dimly visible. “This is a mine and I shall drive over it. You will see,” He boasted of his driving excellence. The lump in my throat almost choked me. In a flash, the white stone disappeared under our jeep and nothing happened. But now, I could see many white stones on the road spread in confused pattern. Now almost touching 70 miles per hour, the driver was driving in a wild zig zag manner, avoiding the landmines, sometimes driving over them and keeping them between the wheels or sometimes bypassing them from the sides. “Now I will drive between them,” He pointed towards two stones which were placed just wide enough to block a truck or a tank. But if our jeep had to go between them, the margin of error would be zero. Few inches on either side would be the total space available to us if we had to go between them. I closed my eyes and recited a prayer and then watched again in silence while the jeep approached the mines. “We cannot make it, these are too close!” I screamed inside my head and waited for the jeep to explode into smithereens. In a flash, we crossed the mines and nothing happened. We were clear of the minefields. But even before I could let out a scream of joy, we heard a loud human voice on the roadside asking us to stop and identify ourselves. It was a Mujahideen check post which was placed there to block any enemy advance from the road. No one at the post expected us to arrive at that time, in total darkness, with our headlights on, at such fast pace, passing through the battle raging on the post and then crossing the minefield. All

our credentials marked us as a hostile vehicle. The driver was too fast and did not understand the orders given. He did not stop and just kept pushing forward though now at a slightly slower pace. This time it was trouble, and serious one. Even before anyone could react, a man appeared in the middle of the road right in front of us. Illuminated by the headlights, I saw him pointing his AK47 towards the jeep and then he fired a burst of automatic fire. I saw the flash rising from the barrel as I instinctively ducked to avoid the incoming volley of bullets which just went over our heads. The headlights had blinded the Mujahid and he had aimed slightly higher missing us by whiskers. Now the driver slammed on the brakes, hurling out abuses while he introduced himself. Even he was shaken this time. We had finally come out of the danger zone and now slowed down considerably as we continued on the road to Khanabad.


Pakistan army, watch your back! Indians are now beating the war drums!!! Indians are now sensing that anarchy would spread in Pakistan in the coming days and Pakistan army would be totally bogged down in internal security, Election duties and controlling the Long Marches. That would mean that Indians will have the strongest opportunity to take advantage of the internal anarchy as they did in 1971. With TTP, BLA, MQM, ANP and Drones already attacking Pakistan, the new political

anarchy and elections are moments Indians had been waiting for the launch the Cold Start. Indian media is already in a frenzy. Even the treacherous Pakistani media is surprised at the rage and anger being drummed up in India. Indian analysts are openly demanding a war with Pakistan. Read the signs -- these are the media Psy-Ops being built for the invasion. Our message to the Indians -- We are waiting for you. This time, we will NOT take prisoners. That is a promise. You have been warned. To Pakistan army -- abandon the elections, bring caretaker government and prepare for war. Enemy is ready to launch at shortest notice.


The modern wars are fought with these 3 weapons!! Our army will fight with the bullets. All of you take up the Pen and the USB !! Each aspect of the war is lethally important and army cannot fight on all fronts alone. Each one of you is a soldier for Pakistan.

We have produced massive material already. Use your laptops, cyber world, sites, blogs, tweets and your mailing lists to spread the message to all Pakistanis and Muslims. There are 7 million Pakistanis outside Pakistan and millions of user within. We connect to them through the

USB and net. Reach out to them and defend your ideology and identity against Indian and hostile propaganda and information war.

Think of new ideas to fight back and to take the war to the enemies. Attack and destroy Aman Ki Asha drama. Expose the traitors within our ranks. Give hope to the nation and brand Pakistan strongly. Each one of you is our ambassador. Defend this land and its sacred ideology well. Our time has come. Rise and there is enough glory for all. May Allah be with you always. 109463862441767&type=1


Alhamdolillah, we had told you before also, never underestimate the power of a sincere azaan ! We did a powerful program on Al-Jazeera English last week on how CIA was using health care programs in Pakistan for spying and espionage. The program's startling revelations sent shock waves across the entire globe and have now mobilized the healthcare organizations to force Obama against deployment of CIA in healthcare programs. Just 15 minutes of airtime has now created a most serious crisis for CIA and Obama, alhamdolillah !

We demand that Pakistan army and ISI should come down really hard on CIA in Pakistan and their covert operations operating behind the facades of various healthcare and education programs. CIA has been exposed big time. The debate has begun in their own country against them. This is the moment to strike.


Today, that snake Altaf Hussian barked against our beloved Quaid. Let us tell you the policy of Pakistan government, Quaid e Azam and Liaqat Ali Khan on dual citizenship!! Read yourself. A Man can only be loyal to one country only!!!! Before Pakistan was created, even Indian citizen was given a British Indian empire passport. Every Indian was a "British subject by Birth", it was written on the passport!!! Indian people were not citizens of the state, they were SUBJECTS, ruled like slaves by the crown. We shall post the pic of the passport here as well but for now read the policy of Pakistan government on dual nationality. DO NOT be deceived by that liar snake. Once Quaid made Pakistan, he never used British passport and never went out of Pakistan and lived an died here. Pakistan was inherited from British empire and many rules and practices existed from the colonial era but Quaid was NOT a British subject once Pakistan was created!! 109463862441767&type=1&theater


Quaid e Azam did NOT have a British Passport. He had a British Indian passport -- a different passport for Indian slaves of the empire. On page 1B you can read that it is written "British subject by Birth" !! Quaid never applied for British citizenship nor he traveled on this passport after Pakistan was created. Quaid left the British Indian passport to become a Pakistani and lived and died here. He never walked out on Pakistan like that snake Altaf! Know the history and spread it powerfully to counter this attack on our beloved Quaid. 109463862441767&type=1&theater


Now when we have shot down the "drone" of Altaf, let us come back to the national security. Today, was one of the worst day of massacres and terrorism within the country. Over a 100 died and nearly 250 wounded in almost a dozen violent acts of mass murders. The line of Control in Kashmir is now red hot with more fighting today and another shaheed from our side. Indians had threatened revenge from "non military" means and we saw this day of carnage and mass murders in Karachi, Quetta, Swat and FATA and even in Pak-Afghan border. This is the 4th and 5th Generation war we had been warning you about but the idiots and the skeptics kept mocking us. Now the war is upon us!! The nation and its leaders do not want to do tauba. We see no seriousness at any level. Media, government, judiciary, political parties - it is a mass circus and carnival, oblivious of the deadly threats that have gathered within and on borders.

The last straw would be the anarchy in Islamabad which is now expected within the next 4 days! May Allah protect Pakistan. MQM and TTP would be coming to Islamabad in these times of anarchy and war. These are seriously dangerous developments. Pakistan army is already deployed, alerted and issued with ammunition. They are isolated, surrounded and being attacked not just by the Indians at LoC but also by the traitors in media and terrorists in TTP, ANP, BLA and MQM. It is a desperate war now. We assure our armed forces that we stand with them and would fight alongside them not just through the pen and the USB but also with bullets when the time comes. We are ready too, armed and booted. When history of the present times will be written, the future historians would be appalled at the stupidity, treason and criminal negligence of the present leadership at all levels. To all idiots who still wish to remain in denial and still attack Pak army - wait for the judgement from Allah now. Time for tauba is long gone. 109463862441767&type=1&theater


Just as a precaution, we would like to advice those Pakistanis living around Pindi and Islamabad and on main roads like GT road. Allah is the only protector and we trust Him alone and "tie our camel" well as a duty. The Long march seems set to be launched. The government would try to block it. There are serious chances of anarchy and chaos and blockade of roads. As a precaution: 1. Stock up food supplies, milk etc at home for a week at least. 2. Fill up your cars with fuel. 3. Fill up your mobile phones with enough credit for a week at least. 4. Avoid traveling on roads in these areas after night of 12th January. Stay indoors and avoid public exposures. Do not take unnecessary risks and seek refuge of Allah from fitnah.

This is time for astaghfar and staying away from fitnah. We do not know which way this march will go. DO NOT panic and stay firm and prepare. This is time to sit back and reflect upon our collective mistakes which have brought us to this state of disaster and anarchy. Most difficult times are ahead. Seek refuge of Allah (swt) and ponder deep. HasbunAllah Naimal Wakeel, Naimal Maula wa Naiman Naseer... Khair inshAllah. 109463862441767&type=1&theater


Many people ask us why are we not part of the march. Let us reply once again.

In 1921, When Gandhi joined the Khilafat Movement, Allama Iqbal knew that the movement is now doomed. Why would Hindus join Muslims to protect Khilafat which would harm Hindus the most ?? But even great Muslims, like Maulana Zafar Ali Khan and Shaukat Ali khan, failed to see the Hindu game plan and welcomed the Hindu Congress. The result? Hindus left the Khilafat movement after signing secret deals with the British and abandoned the Muslims to defeat. Allama Iqbal had stayed away from this movement for this very reason. The strategy and the allies were wrong and the goals were undefined. This is exactly what MQM has done now. What is common between MQM and MQ ? Apparently nothing ? Then why did MQM join ? They joined hands with the MQ and when the movement got some momentum, they betrayed and abandoned it after securing more deals with Zardari, leaving the MQ to face a hopeless task. We had raised the alarm on December 23rd when MQM was present in Lahore and had warned the MQ that this is a dangerous sign. We knew where this movement would go. Now MQ is stunned. Any plan or movement which is NOT backed by army is doomed to fail, especially if it has been betrayed from within so treacherously. We want a most fierce change and accountability in the country also but we know that it cannot be done through elections, long marches or protests. This would only spread anarchy in these times of urban war and terrorism. We DO NOT want to fight to strengthen this democracy in the country. We want to destroy this western multiparty democracy not protect it. We want a total system change, not reform of this corrupt system. We are at war with this treacherous media, not taking it along us. Country is in a state of war. Our demand is patriotic caretakers by army. Only army can bring this organized change and for now, army has decided to stay away from this whole movement. That is why we have decided not to join the march and would wait till the army decide to intervene decisively. Only the army can bring a stable change and prevent fasad. Everything else is too risky for the country in these times

of 4thGW and 5GW. We are firm on our strategy, alhamdolillah and leave the rest in the hands of Allah (swt). He is all knowing, all wise and the best of the judges. Khair inshAllah. 109463862441767&type=1&theater


Now analyze the possibilities which can happen during the March. It has

now become a matter of honor and prestige for MQ to carry on with the March. Any withdrawal at this stage would destroy their image and credibility fatally. But now, it is a high risk strategy with many dead ends. There can be many options. 1. The March reaches Islamabad, makes a strong sit-in and presents its own caretaker government. The problem is then what? How will the existing government, judiciary and army react to a street demand under public pressure? It is too open ended for a smooth transfer and would sure result in total anarchy in Islamabad. The government wont go down without a fight and SC and army would find it next to impossible to accept this street caretaker as the legitimate government. Too dangerous. 2. The March does not reach Islamabad and is blocked and dispersed on its way, creating multiple smaller street battle scenes across all Punjab and around Islamabad. This again would create anarchy but would not destroy the government. Still a dangerous option. 3. The March takes place but is exploited by the terrorists and shock forces to attack army and government installations in Islamabad and thus create a dangerous urban anarchy, drawing security forces and Police into an open confrontation with the crowd. A few casualties within the crowd and the situation would go totally out of hand. Army would wait for some time to see the intensity of the events, just as it did after Benazir's murder, and then would be forced to move in with force -would either impose martial law or impose curfew, that depends upon the intention of the army leadership and the level of the violence. Again, a high risk dangerous possibility. 4. The March reach Islamabad, make a sit in, remains peaceful but fails to rattle the government and starts to disperse and dissipate under extremes of weather and fatigue. Such huge crowds cannot make a very long stand in this very harsh weather. Government is hoping this actually. If the crowd gets small enough for the government to handle,

they may then move with force to disperse it and then would launch its own attack on MQ and its leadership with arrests, cases and jails. In all the 4 options, one thing is common -- they would create dangerous anarchy and confusion in Islamabad in these times when Pakistan is at war from all axis. Already, Karachi, Quetta, Peshawar is burning. A chaos in Islamabad would be fatal for Pakistan at a time when enemies are waiting with their guns loaded. Our reports suggest that MQM's shock forces would be present in the crowd and would draw the Police against the crowd. Since MQM has announced publicly that they are not participating, the blame for any violence would also not be blamed on them. Same is true for TTP also which would try to exploit this moment. We are concerned. very concerned. Ya Allah Khair. 9.109463862441767&type=1&theater


All provincial capitals are on fire. Cant you see this 4th and 5th Generation wars ?? Even MQM/ANP demand that army should take over Karachi. Now Hazaras are demanding that Quetta should be handed over to army. Peshawar and NWFP is almost entirely protected by army already. Now we fear a massive anarchy heading towards Islamabad also.

For how long army would wait, we cannot say. But when everyone else in provincial capitals can demand army to take over, then we can also demand army to take over Islamabad. If army delays taking over, they will have such a mess that even an intervention later would not be able to recover the country -- just as it happened in Yugoslavia. That is our point -- everyone knows within their hearts that political government and democracy has collapsed. Allah willing, Only army can save Pakistan now. Even the politicians, Supreme Court and the Election Commission knows that. They cannot even count votes in Karachi without army's help! Only the total idiots or the traitors can demand election in these times and say that only democracy can save the country. Allah does not give guidance to the deaf, dumb and the blind. 109463862441767&type=1&theater


This is NOT Bosnia. This is NOT Iraq. This is NOT Libya. This is our own Quetta!! Innalillahe Inna ilehe rajeoon !! If this nation and its leaders are so blind that they cannot see that a horrible war is being waged within our cities and they still call for

elections -- with or without reforms -- then these scenes will be in every city of Pakistan, every day, Naoozu Billah !! Pakistan need a strong military backed government which should brutally eliminate the terrorists and the corrupt. The entire present political elite needs to be hanged from the lamp posts in Islamabad. But we would want the army to do this cleanup else there would be most horrendous anarchy if done through vigilante justice and street anarchy. Army leadership still waits and watches the bloodshed and is under pressure from the media, judiciary and the political forces. Even Dr. TUQ is not inviting the army but only wants "reforms" for elections. We are beyond reforms now. Either we destroy and eliminate the enemies or the enemies destroy us. Either they dig their graves or we dig our graves. No other option now. 862441767&type=1&theater


Now you can see the Indian Cold Start also being prepared as 5thGW spread deadly anarchy within the country. We had been warning this for years but the political leadership, judiciary and the media remain with deaf ears and blind eyes! India is on the edge for roll into Pakistan. Their ground assets are waging the most brutal terrorism war in Quetta, Karachi and NWFP. Now their ground troops are also ready to enter, just as they did in 1971, after the elections. The anarchy in Islamabad would be the last nail in the coffin,

astaghfurullah! The long march may create great crisis for Zardari but ti will also create a great crisis for Pakistan and Pak army as enemies would attack from behind when we would be busy fighting with each other. Pak army -- where are you, for Allah's sake !!! 109463862441767&type=1&theater


Read what this retired Indian general says: India should exploit the faultlines in Pakistan -- Baluchistan sectarian and economic through all covert means. This is called the 4th and 5th GW. Wars are not fought on borders alone now. Indians are fully waging the wars on our streets and in our urban centers through TTP, BLA, MQM, PPP, media and urban insurgents. The entire Indian society is now gearing for war with Pakistan. Indian air force chief, Ana Hazare, Indian media and their army -- all are belligerent and aggressive, sensing the major failures in Pakistan. Pak army, if the Indians roll into Pakistan and there is anarchy in

Islamabad as it is today, then it would be game over for Pakistan. First red line is already crossed -- second red line is inches away! 109463862441767&type=1&theater

12-01-13 These are desperate times but Aulia Allah have great news about an amazing future and a very "harsh" government in Pakistan which will restore the justice in this Pak Sarzameen. We are hitting rock bottom now. The judges, media, rulers and the leaders are nothing but spineless traitors leading the country towards absolute anarchy. This is the time for "Dandey Wali Sarkar" !! InshAllah khair. Have faith that Allah has not abandoned us. He is only separating the Munafiqs from the Momineen! Just Sabr..


The infamous Indian activist Ana Hazare now openly calls for war against Pak Sarzameen !! The snakes are all hissing now. The Indian media, Indian air force chief, their social activists..... The clashes on the LoC and the Indian 5th generation war against Pakistan in Quetta, in Fata, Karachi and in rest of the country. We are monitoring the media and diplomatic traffic and there is no doubt that Indians are waiting for the right moment of anarchy in

Pakistan, which they feel would come anytime now. Let us inform our nation: We may suffer severe losses in the beginning, as we are facing now. If the Indians decide to go for the Cold Start, we may suffer some more as we do not have a government in Pakistan and the nation is most bitterly divided. But these setbacks will bring most patriotic and ruthless brave men to the top for a comprehensive counterattack. Indians have already started the war, but by Allah, InshAllah, we will finish it for them, no matter what the cost. Just another reminder -- before we take on the Indians, we will eliminate the traitors within us without mercy. That is a promise.


Our firm and final message to the Hindu Zionists! You have been warned now.

We are the soldiers of Rasul Allah (sm) and are burning with desire for Ghazwa e Hind! By Allah, we desire for Shahadat more than you desire for wine. We wait for you in ambush. You will not see our faces, we will move stealthy in the darkest of nights, strike like the lightening bolts and then disappear like the morning star! Our nation is armed and ready and the sight of dirty Hindu Mushriks are enough to unite this nation like a solid wall of steel. Come on, we are eager to meet you in the battle. 30 million armed Pakistani tribals, mujahideen and patriots stand united with our armed forces. You start this. We will finish it for you. That is a promise.. and this time, we will not take prisoners. If you do not believe us, try us!! 109463862441767&type=1&theater


For the past 52 hours, people of Quetta are sitting in the freezing cold with their dead and demanding -- Martial law!!!! And that is why they are demanding death to democracy and YES to Martial Law !! The CM is in Dubai busy in his moral corruption and debouch lechery while the army is hunting and eliminating the terrorists to defend this Pak Sarzameen! The nation does NOT trust the political elite and democracy now. The national demand is to bring army or army backed patriotic caretaker government. We would advice army not to take over cities but to take over the

country and clean this filth called politicians and democracy and bring patriotic caretakers who can join hands with the army and the patriots to defend and clean this Pak Sarzameen. Pak army, just do it!!! We love you. 109463862441767&type=1&theater


Now when every party, group and movement has given their charter and agenda, now listen to OUR plan which we gave 3 years ago to the millat. Every threat was identified, every enemy was defined, every aspect of destiny was unfolded, alhamdolillah. Now you chose -- which destiny you want. Any plan, agenda or policy which is not according to this divine destiny is bound to fail. You will only be on the right side of history of you follow this divine plan. Everything else is bound to perish, InshAllah! Allahu Akbar! Allahu Akbar ! Allahu Akbar !


Even a British paper acknowledges that the game of changing maps of Pakistan has begun and even say that this possibility was warned by "friends" of Pakistan way back in early 2000. We were first to warn the nation of Yugoslavia option, 4thGW, Cold start and Af-Pak but the snakes in media and the leadership deleberatly blocked us. Now the final phase has begun. The writer is a Pakistani and is sympathetic to Pakistan and writes: "Finally, has the big game really begun, shown on some maps in early 2000s? Is this all happenings are a planned script, which is repeatedly warned by friends of Pakistan? If such conspiracy is set then why our leaders are acting according to that script and why no agency disclosing that evil plan? " Now listen to us carefully. We say again -- the 5th Generation war has been launched -- which means destroy everything in Pakistan for a total anarchy. Today, we lost about 30 of our troops in a bomb blast by TTP Kharjis. The drama is unfolding in Quetta and on the LoC. Karachi is under siege and the Long March is blocking the entire Punjab and Islamabad. There is only one solution -- a brutal martial law to bring civilian patriotic caretaker government. If this does not happen within days, it would be game over for us and we will have to fight street battles to save our honor, faith and land from Hindu zionists, TTP kharjis, BLA anarchists and MQM Fascist. DO NOT argue with us on this. Either support the cause or stay silent. Army can still intervene and control the situation but the delay by General Kayani is allowing the enemies to be on the attack ruthlessly. We fully support the demand of Quetta people and much more -- Not just in Quetta, bring army in Islamabad also! We are seeing Pakistan falling apart in front of our eyes and the media,

leaders and the politicians still demand elections.... bloody snakes.. Where is iftikhar Chaudrey now???? He humiliated FC in Quetta, blocked the working of army and FC, cancelled all orders of FC and gave a free hand to BLA to register cases against patriots and refused to hear our most critical petition on Baluchistan. Now Baluchistan is burning and Mr. CJ is silent, no where to be seen!! Astaghfurullah.....

Pak army, do your duty. Nation wants you to come. Even the enemies can feel that they can demolish Pakistan now unless Pak army takes charge. Khair inshAllah


Indians are itching to enter into our beloved Pak Sarzameen. We are taking losses today, not because of Indian plans but because of treachery and stupidity of our own leaders. But let us give a cold reminder to the Hindu Mushriks.... 862441767&type=1&theater


BrassTacks latest Threat Analysis: The PPP regime is facing a collapse now. Multiple challenges of security have now brought the Zardari led government into panic mode now. The government of Baluchistan is about to collapse and Zardari‟s own residence in Karachi, Bilawal house, is under siege by protestors. The Shias in the country are blocking roads and trains all across the country to protest the killings in Quetta. In Quetta itself, the Hazara Shias are sitting with their nearly 100 bodies in the freezing cold for the last 52 hours demanding a martial law in the city. Hundreds of thousands of marchers are now heading towards Islamabad demanding the scalp of

Zardari and his regime. Islamabad is sealed and under siege and the government has fled, hiding behind hundreds of containers and thousands of civilian law enforcement troops. Pakistan army is facing a multi-axis war from Line of Control to the FATA and is also being dragged into the election duties, over stretching the already thinned out military. TTP, Indian army and Drones are now going for the kill, sensing the vulnerabilities of the Pak army under these most dangerous times. Now the people of Quetta are demanding army to take over the city. Army is already on the standby in Islamabad to be called in if the situation gets out of control of the government. This is a very difficult time for the army also. On one hand, the country is sinking and the enemies are opening up more and bloodier fronts everyday causing great casualties on daily basis. On the other hand, people have now started to demand army to intervene to remove the provincial and even federal governments. If the army waits and let the politicians handle the crisis, the country would be lost for good within weeks. The political government has already lost total control. If the army intervenes, it will have to chose between a martial law or a army backed civilian caretaker government. It can also chose to intervene to support the Zardari regime but it would also be severely burnt in the process as Zardari is now a total liability for the nation and the army. It is the call of the army Chief now. He remains silent. Deadly silent, causing more and more frustration and anger within the nation and even

within the army. Next week or two would basically decide the fate of the regime and threats would further rise exponentially. Monday, onwards would be the moment of truth for the government now and for the nation. Years of corruption, negligence and complacency has now brought the country on the brink of collapse. A tragic state of affairs indeed. But great khair would emerge from this anarchy, InshAllah. Baluchistan government has collapsed. The process has begun. Now Islamabad regime would also fall. It is just a matter of time now, InshAllah. Rabi ul Awwal has begun. A Month of khair and Barakah alhamdolillah. Allah will never abandon the Ummat of Sayyadi Rasul Allah (sm). Milad un Nabi Mubarak. Infinite salat o salam on Sayyadi Rasul Allah (sm). 862441767&type=1&theater


People of Baluchistan have slapped the "azaad Adlia" and are now demanding Army to take over !! A complete collapse of Anglo-Saxon law led by the CJ, who lost no opportunity to humiliate and insult the army and FC in Baluchistan when the security forces tried to control the terrorists. People DO NOT trust Iftikhar Chaudrey now. People trust Pak army!! When BrassTacks filed a petition over law and order of Baluchistan, Mr. Iftikhar Chaudrey threw it out. Now the people have spoken against CJ and his adlia and demand the same Army whom the CJ tried to block. Now where is CJ when the people are sitting on the streets with 80 dead bodies for the last 4 days !!! Where is adlia???

One of the biggest betrayal of the nation has come from the judiciary in these times of war and crisis !! Innalillahe...... 862441767&type=1&theater

14-01-13 3862441767&type=1&theater


We had been warning you for years -- Indians will launch Cold Start Military doctrine when anarchy and chaos would spread inside Pakistan and Multiple Mukti Bahini's of today would attack us from within. our Politicians, Our CJ and our Media has sold us to the enemies. Army alone is fighting on ground. No one in media is taking these Indian

threats seriously. We are monitoring them closely and know they that they plan to start a war once we collapse within. If Indians attack openly, that would be the last stages of the Ghazwa e Hind InshAllah. Let them ignite it. We have been waiting for centuries...... 862441767&type=1&theater


India is deliberately provoking Pakistan army for a high intensity conflict when Islamabad is under siege and the entire government has fled the Capital and Pak army is heavily engaged in internal security duties. These are serious escalations and the patern suggest that Indians are now looking for an excuse to launch their Cold start. We had warned of this scenario a thousand times but the leaders, media and the CJ always betrayed the millat. Now we are in a most serious crisis. We have no doubt about the outcome of this conflict if India wages it but now the cost of defending Pakistan would run into hundreds of thousands of Shaheeds if not more. Allah never forgives the collective blunders of the leaders and the nation. Now tauba would only be accepted in blood.... lots of it. Astaghfurullah !! 862441767&type=1&theater


We are sitting on a volcano, ready to erupt! It can go in any direction -anarchy, chaos, urban war, social destruction, military take over, Indian invasion -- Allah is the best of planners and best of judges ! Now we wait and let the judgement of Allah unfold. Do NOT panic but stand firm against any calamity. Every sincere, sane and sober person can see this and hands over the fate to Allah (swt). Khair inshAllah! 862441767&type=1&theater

A dangerous escalation in Islamabad. Dr. Qadri has "dismissed" the government, parliament, President and the PM. Now advancing towards "NO go area" on D chaok ! Almost declared himself the caretaker "PM"! Technically, what he has done is called "rebellion" ! The clash is now inevitable between the people and the forces of Zardari and Rehman Malick. The government is not going to abandon its power so easily. An anarchy in the making.... There are daughters, sisters and children.... Ya Allah Khair......

Zardari regime in real crisis now. It took bomb blasts, dead bodies and a sit in by Hazaras to bring down Baluchistan government. Supreme Court destroys the Prime Minister's authority.

Protest in Islamabad is increasing pressure on the regime. Now nature is conspiring to bring the regime down. But who will replace them ??? This is where Pak army will have to intervene decisively. Events are unfolding rapidly and enemies are preparing to exploit the crisis. Khair inshAllah.

No government in Pakistan today. SC decapitates PM and TUQ seizes the Capital. Parliament cannot sit, hence no political process can begin. For how long Pakistan can afford to stay in this dangerous state of limbo when a war is going on in the country and Indians are threatening the borders. No matter what the politicians says, the game is out control of the hands of the government and the politicians now. IK still demands elections. Strange!! Question is for how long army would wait ???. In the end, it is the call of army. Only they can decide what to do now. Martial Law or a take over to bring Caretaker government. Under no constitution or law, SC or political parties can bring caretakers. It is a free for all now. Total anarchy!

Our message to Imran and PTI: The Hazaras of Quetta had put up a brave stand in freezing conditions to

bring down the corrupt provincial government. Now thousands of Pakistanis are putting up a brave fight in Islamabad in extreme conditions to remove this regime. Zardari is under extreme pressure now. Chef Justice has also been encouraged and has taken the much delayed step of ordering the arrest of Prime Minister also. This is the moment to launch your own movement in support of the cause. Do not delay now. Launch immediately. We may have many differences on strategy, policies and vision but we are common on one agenda -- remove this regime and bring about patriotic caretaker government which should reform the system and recover the state. We will deal about the elections later. There is a complete political anarchy in Islamabad now. This is an unprecedented crisis. parliament is under siege and the entire government has fled. Constitution is silent on such a crisis. We have rejected the caretaker setup by the two political parties. Now the parliament is also under siege and government is incapacitated. This situation cannot continue indefinitely. Pakistan cannot remain without a government for long. The crisis must be resolved quickly and that needs a force multiplier. Indians are waiting on their toes to exploit the power vacuum in Pakistan. If the political parties delay the resolution of the crisis, enemies would exploit our national security. InshAllah Khair for Pak Sarzameen.


Indians have again attacked Line of Kashmir tonight. We have one soldier Naek Ashraf as Shaheed! Innalillahe Inna ilehe rajeoon. The escalation is rising rapidly on borders. Pakistan army is already on the alert and is being deployed and the Indians are also deploying their forces along the main borders also.

The politicians, media and the SC has no idea of the threats building on our borders. Indians are deliberately provoking us and their top most military leadership is threatening us of war at a front of their choice! That is why we ask the army to resolve the crisis in Islamabad quickly as we have no government in Islamabad today. Going to war with Zardari as President would mean a national suicide. Pakistani nation -- wake up. Hindu Zionists are planning a war when we are weakest within. We had warned you about this Cold Start. Now Indians are deploying it while we remain bitterly divided within. Let the Hindu Zionists come. We have been waiting for Ghazwa e Hind for centuries.... Allahu Akbar ! 862441767&type=1&theater


This is serious development. Indian media is blaming Pakistan for deployment and its political parties and military leadership are beating the war drums! There is no doubt now that Indians plan an invasion and are provoking Pakistan by attacks. Nation, wake up and be serious ! The crisis must be resolved in Islamabad immediately, even if it means military bringing a patriotic caretaker government. All patriots must increase pressure on the government to resign and should ask the army and the SC to bring in patriotic caretakers. We cannot afford to waste

time in useless legal debates or administrative procedures. If no one can do it, then army must ! NO time to waste now.

It is now clear that the government is going to use force against the protestors in Dr. TUQ long march. All the corrupt political parties have joined hands together. Imran could have helped the protest but he decided to stay away. Army is neutral. CJ has not offered any help either and only wounded the government but not removed it which has allowed the government to re-group and attack as now all ruling political parties have joined hands also. As such, Rehman Malick is on the offensive now and force can be deployed anytime. We are extremely concerned about the women and the children present there. It would be extremely tragic if a Lal masjid styled tragedy is repeated. We, at BrassTacks, have tried our best to reach out to the government, Dr. TUQ, politicians and the policy makers to bring sanity into the affairs but so far, we have found very hard positions. What are the options for Dr. Qadri now? 1. Make a final demand to army and CJ to take responsibility for assuring an honorable caretaker govt. Then they should withdraw and lift the Dharna and go back. They have made their point. This may disappoint many of their followers but lots of anarchy would be avoided. 2. Make a stand and face the force of the Police and Constabulary. This could get very ugly and bloody and lots of anarchy would be created. We are concerned for women and children specialty. The present indefinite state of sit-in cannot continue for long. The

system of corruption was not weak enough and the number of people was not huge enough to be brought down through a public protest. From the beginning, we had strong reservations about the whole process and had feared this ending. Pakistan is facing an Indian threat rapidly from the East. Internal threat is equally lethal and bloody. Army is already on a high alert. An anarchy in Islamabad would exactly what the enemies want. Now we talk to the army directly: if the anarchy spreads in Islamabad, pl move the 111 Bgde and bring back sanity immediately. Pakistan cannot afford anarchy more than it already has. May Allah have mercy upon this milat e marhoom.


Every patriotic Pakistani is demanding that the hold of these corrupt political parties must be broken decisively. Only army can do that. SC is too confused and chasing non-issues. Those who are fighting for "Demon-cracy" are insane who believe that same corrupt lot will save Pakistan when the country is at war and enemies are planning to enter our lands. The last 5 years are a proof that this democracy is a curse. Sooner or later, army will be dragged in. If army does not clean the mess and bring patriotic caretakers, then Pakistan would become Syria and

there will be no democracy, no SC, no parliament, no political parties and no media. Just wait now for the decision of Allah (swt). Let these haramkhor Siyasatbaz do what they want. Allah is about to grab them from behind. They are traitors, idiots and blind. We will deal with them soon, InshAllah. 862441767&type=1&theater


Our own point of view is clear -- We want civilian patriotic caretakers brought for a period of 3 years to recover the state and bring reforms.

But those whose god is democracy want "another" chance at the democracy that you have today. In times of war, elections would mean more wars, chaos and anarchy and the same snakes would come again. We are noting the names of these Siyasatbaaz politicians who want immediate elections because then we will put them on trial for harming Pakistan because of their criminal stupidity. People of Pakistan don't give a damn if it is democracy, Martial law or caretakers. people of Pakistan want justice, peace, dignity and security. They tell you that Martial laws are bad periods. Look at the statistics below and decide. Only insane idiots would go for this democracy still. As the events are shaping up, very soon, this country will become totally out of control of these Siyasatbaaz and Azaad adlia. It does not matter what they want. They do not control anything now. They can only struggle to survive and harm Pakistan. None of these corrupt Siyasat baaz will NOT be forgiven. That is a promise. 862441767&type=1


When Pakistan was drowning and being destroyed and they were ruling in provinces and in Islamabad, they never sat together to respond to the challenges. Now when their sick "demon-cracy" was threatened, these professional gambler Siyasatbaaz came into action. If Pakistan is handed over to these gamblers once again, then be prepared to become Syria. Your daughters will be taken away by Indians or TTP or Crusaders, astaghfurullah

We need patriotic caretakers by army for 3 years to clean up the country. NO elections. We will resist. 862441767&type=1&theater


Alhamdolillah, our FB battle station has crossed 100k mark of our members today. We welcome all new members to our ideological battle station for defense of Pakistan and our ideology. But there are few important points that we would like to advice to new members. 1. This is an extremely decent forum of serious patriots. Please last few weeks of our posts below before you start to comment on this page. We are running this mission for the last 5 years and all old members know about our vision, mission, duty and strategy. New members ask very basic questions which have been answered a million times in posts and in videos. Please educate yourself and come on board so that we can have mature discussions, else your posts may too childish or time wasters and may be deleted. visit our website for entire details of our policy papers, videos, vision, other blogs and books. 2. Please mind your language, tone and words. No swear words, no sectarian or ethnic hatred, no ROMAN URDU. All such posts are

deleted here and the member may be blocked if he or she insists. 3. It is our duty to block all dangerous thoughts and ideas which can destroy the truth we present. We DO NOT run a democracy on this page nor we support the so called idea of "free speech" ! All speech must be within the parameters of this values, ideals and goals of this page and the mission that we run. For example -- We DO NOT accept democracy at all, so please don't convince other members that we should have democracy in Pakistan. we will delete you. Sorry, but we have to be firm here. Enough of ideological anarchy. 4. We strongly support Pak army. If you abuse Pakistan or Pakistan army or Iqbal or Quaid, your posts will surely be deleted. No compromise here also. 5. You can write to me directly on my personal e-mail address which I check myself. I reply myself, much to the surprise of many :)) We are an ideological and security think tank with very strong vision for an amazing Pakistan. Now when you have joined our mission page, we welcome you on board. Stay blessed and be part of this romantic journey.



One may have many differences with Dr. TUQ vision and deployed strategy but one thing is clear -- his opponents in the government and the political parties are all snakes to the core. They have robbed and destroyed Pakistan and now have joined hands together to block the call for reforms. The brave Pakistani people who have come out on his call in their thousands with women and children deserve our respect for making this brave stand, unprecedented in our history. But now the game has turned into a stalemate. The weather has turned extreme and we feel for the people caught in the open. On the surface, it is a lost cause though moral point has been scored. We would request Dr. Qadri to take his flock and break the protest. There is no shame in fighting and loosing a battle for a cause which you thought was right. At least you made a stand which others did not. They can decide to wait also and test their resolve and patience of the government which is now hell bent upon using force or dirty means. Supreme court is a lost cause also. they will destroy the country but not

help it. SC wants elections without reforms which is against constitution but alas.... If the government and the politician make their own caretakers and announce the elections, still they would fail and bring disaster to the country. The army which is not interfering into the politics now will soon enter anyways. Now it is the call of Dr. TUQ. May Allah have mercy upon this millat e Marhoom and destroy its enemies who have brought so much misery upon its people and faith. Khair inshAllah. 862441767&type=1&theater


It does not matter what becomes of Long march. It does not matter how these politicians bring caretaker government. It does not matter how they manipulate the elections to bring these snakes back into power. But what we can promise you is that now these snake politicians cannot control and save the country and soon, they will all be held accountable for their treason with Pak Sarzameen, InshAllah. All these politicians, without any exception, have committed treason to the state, to the constitution, to Quran and Sunnah and deserve the Divine Justice! How will this be achieved ? Just wait for some time. Divine Justice can be delayed but it is a written destiny now and will be implemented, InshAllah ! 862441767&type=1&theater


US army supplying weapons to TTP and Terrorist Gangs in Landi Kotal, Bara, Khyber agency!! This is an incredible proof of how TTP and terrorist gangs get direct weapons and ammunition from US to war against Pakistan. yesterday, 18 tribals were killed. Now you know who

did that. The terrorists with Tatoo, US support to TTP, direct contacts in tribal area -- the real enemy is US and India. Pak army is NOT killing our people. TTP, Black-waters and US army is. Read the last Para of this secret memo sent in 2010. US gave weapons and money to their agent in Landi Kotal. 75 AK47 rifles, 20 RPG's, 50 pistols, 340 boxes of different ammo and 1600000 US dollars paid to US agent Rahmaan Khan s/o Ali Khan, resident of Landi Kotal..... paid by 2nd Batallion of US Special Forces!! Know you enemies !! 109463862441767&type=1


The CIA's Joint Special Forces Command backed terrorists are now operating all over the region. They send in assassins, terrorists, Blackwaters, TTP, BLA and MQM under the direct control of CIA assassins. Iran has also captured terrorists with identical Tattoos on their backs. The killings of Hazaras in Quetta, the killings of tribals in Bara, assassinations in Karachi and attacks on Pak army and on airports -- all are done by CIA/RAW. Pakistani nation must know their enemy. It is CIA/US and RAW. Any government which does not speak against this CIA involvement is part of CIA. Know that well. 109463862441767&type=1

18-01-13 What is our opinion about the agreement done in Islamabad today ?? Why are we so firm on blocking the elections ? What is the anarchy and crisis that we face today ?? These 5 minutes will give you our point of view for which we stand firm with patriots and Pak army! Indians are threatening us aggressively. We are surrounded and being defeated because of treacherous leaders and their sick democracy. But we warn the traitors and the Indians -- By Allah, we are burning with desire to hang the traitors in Islamabad and we will not take any Indian prisoners. This time don't expect mercy from us. The time is closer than these snakes think.


Iqbal was a Wali Allah, Hakeem ul Ummat, a visionary seer and dervesh who knew the very fiber of the western capitalist democracy and its evils. Iqbal called Democracy a dragon of cruelty and tyranny, whose reality is worse than that of Changez Khan! Iqbal also said that the intellect of a 100 donkeys can never be equal to the wisdom of a wise

man! In democracy, they count the heads not weigh their wisdom! Listen to Baba Iqbal. In our country, masses are slaves of the feudals, Pirs, Capitalists, urban gangsters and terrorist warlords. Majority are below poverty line, average of 65 IQ, with no vision, education, idealism or understanding of national needs. Their only criteria is Baradri, pir, threat or a promise of bread. That is all. The educated, enlightend, progressive and visionary Pakistanis are less than 5%. The system is such decadant that if 90% do not vote, the one with 6 percent would become the Minister where 2 others grab 3 or 1 % votes. This is how Zardari has come to rule us -- PPP grabbed only 12 % vote out of which millions were fake!! This is democracy !!! The Capitalist system controlled by bankers prefer democracy because it allows money and media to control the masses. In the modern world, there is NO democracy anywhere -- only the illusion of it. In reality, the system is always controlled by the Bankers, the feudal, the Capitalists and their pimps in media and judiciary. Only the most idiotic, insane and stupid would believe that they have any say in electing their rulers or making the national policies. The last 5 years of democracy have gifted us death, destruction and poverty. This country would not last another 5 years of the same filth. Under Zardari, it is impossible to expect free and fair vote and even if there is, idiots would always be in a majority !! Think about it before it is too late. A curse is already upon us. Don't prolong the agony for Allah's sake !! There will be no second chance ! 109463862441767&type=1&theater

19-01-13 This is the alternate political model for Pakistan -- NOT democracy, NOT dictatorship -- But Khilafat e Rashida model. Allah will never give izzat to a nation, people or millat if they seek it in Riba based economy, Anglo-Saxon laws and Capitalist democracy ! Oh Muslims, For Allah's sake, wake up! Pakistan has experimented with Democracy and Dictatorhsip for 65 year and have received humiliation, dismemberment and injustice in return. The leadership was corrupt, the system was Kufr -- the result was humiliation, insult and death. Today, no political or religious party want an Islamic system in Pakistan -- what a shame, what a rebellion from Allah and Rasul Allah (sm). There is a reason death, poverty and Zardari is upon us !! We asked for it.

19-01-13 If army and ISI had not stopped the government, Rehman Malick was about to stage a slaughter of the protestors in Islamabad !!! Such an evil plan was hatched by Rehman Malick but army and ISI intervened to stop the slaughter of women and children! Let this be known as fact of history. Army neither backed the marchers nor allowed the government to kill the unarmed civilians, even though a slaughter would have helped the

army to take over power in Islamabad. A great move by army and ISI. Now we ask the army to genuinely demand that this regime must be removed which wrote the treacherous Memo. SC has proved that memo was a reality. The traitors must be punished. If SC cannot do it, then army MUST !!


A ruler should be loved by his people and should behave as a father to his nation. Turkish PM, Tayyip Erdogan is one such leader. For all the snakes we have, May Allah give us one Erdogan. He is available to his people, even to children for their homework! Iran's Ahmedinejad is same to his people. Palestine's Hania is also such a dervesh.

An 8-year-old primary school student, Hale Hancherkıran, took the opportunity on Tuesday to interview Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan for a homework assignment. Hancherkıran, a second grader at Ankara's Turhan Feyzioglu Primary School, stopped Erdogan before his party's parliamentary group meeting on Tuesday and requested an interview for her assignment, titled "An Interview with a Politician." Erdogan accepted the girl's request. While he spoke at the parliamentary group meeting, Hancherkıran listened to his entire speech from just behind the lectern. Erdogan later granted the girl an interview in his office. "How many children do you have, Uncle Tayyip?" was the girl's first question. Erdogan replied: "Four. Two sons and two daughters." Hancherkıran asked Erdogan how it feels to be a prime minister. Erdogan said being a prime minister brings many responsibilities, and that it is a very important job which gives one the opportunity to serve one's nation and homeland. The girl also wanted to know how Erdogan manages to remain energetic despite his busy schedule. "I don't have any bad habits. I don't drink alcohol and don't smoke. My only concern is performing my job," he said. To another question on whether Erdogan can allocate some of his time for his children, the prime minister said his children are adults and three of them are married. "I have three grandchildren. Two of them are boys, while one is a girl," he added.

The girl, who was accompanied by her father, was given a doll as a present from the prime minister. ************ InshAllah, Allah will bless us too with such a just and benevolent ruler. But that will not be through this filthy democracy driven by wealth, media and filth. Sabr. Khair inshAllah. 109463862441767&type=1&theater

19-01-13 Alhamdolillah, BrassTacks present its most comprehensive introduction, analysis, comparison and process to establish the system of Khilafat e Rashida in Pakistan. The time has come to demolish democracy and dictatorship for good. Enough of slavery of evil men, nation must be freed from the colonial tyrants, feudal lords, Zionist bankers and terrorist gang lords. The real Change is this. Any one promising you Change but not doing what is written in this book is a fraud. Know him well and don't fall for the same wine in new bottle ! A Momin cannot be an idiots. Don't be one. The book is a transcribed form of our famous TV series on the same subject. Today, many people ask us what do you mean by Khilafat e Rashida model? How would this system be implemented? How is this

system different from present democracy and dictatorships? Can this system be implemented in the 21st century? How, who, when.......??? We have answered all these questions here. read this slowly and then fight back against the system of zulm and kufr. There is no khair for humanity except in the system of Khilafat e Rashida! This is our destiny. Only the blessed will fight for it. Khair inshAllah. PS: There may be some typing and syntax errors in the book. Pl ignore them. we are still proof reading it for publishing but have posted it for all to benefit for now.


Dearest patriots, Before any stable change is brought, it is critical to have the ideological, intellectual and academic homework done with wisdom and vision. If there was no Baba Iqbal's vision and philosophy, there would be no Pakistan movement. If there was no Pakistan resolution, there would be no Pakistan movement or Pakistan. If there was no Iqbal, there would be no Quaid e Azam. The work done on spiritual, academic, philosophical and intellectual plane is NOT a time waste. It is the greatest practical work as without it, no ground movement can succeed. Many people us taunt us as to why we are not doing "practical" work ? :). I hope, now they have got their answer. The reason why no Muslim or even secular party has ever been able to bring any real change here is because none had any thinker, ideologue or philosopher within them nor they took guidance from Iqbal to make the ideological foundations of a real change. Alhamdolillah, we are BrassTacks are fighting on every axis of challange and threat this millat and Ummat faces. We have built upon the works on Baba Iqbal and Quaid and have taken it to new levels in the 21st century. On one axis, we are defending this land and on the other we are reviving the spiritual and ideological identity of this nation. The complete plan for system of Khilafat e Rashida has been given now. The resolution of Takmeel e Pakistan was passed in 2010 in Lahore. The youth and the nation are now well aware of the crimes of Demoncracy and Dictatorship. The only stable and merciful model is now available in the form of Khilafat e Rashida model. Now the homework is done alhamdolillah. Now it is the time to spread the reform agenda, revive the nation and bring about the change. Pakistan resolution has been passed. The time for Pakistan movement has begun... This is where the youth and the patriots need to join hands -

- the Mission Takmeel e Pakistan. To the fence sitters we say, Don't ask stupid questions like how will this happen, who will do it, when will it happen, why are you siting in the home, why didn't you join the march, why don't you support Imran ??? Please grow up and see the larger mature picture. Sense the mood of Allah (swt). Feel the direction of the winds. If you don't trust us, launch your own mission and bring about the change but don't distract us or try to disturb us by naive complaints. We have a strategy and alhamdolillah, we see it making progress. if you cannot see it, then wait for the Allah's judgement. You will see it soon InshAllah. 109463862441767&type=1


Dear friends, brothers and children, please read the book on Khilafat e Rashida and send us your opinion, advice and any corrections you feel should be done. Check the language, grammar, facts also please and help us proof read the document. email all your opinion to me directly at : Spread this book on all sites, blogs and pages and spread the vision, mission and model of Khilafat e Rashida. Lets defeat the liberal secular together. For decades they have been lying to the millat and pushing the haram and failed political models. Now it is time to crush their arguments for good. today, they make fun of us. Tomorrow, they will regret the day they were born, InshAllah. 109463862441767&type=1

20-01-13 All Pakistanis must read this article and slap the bloody Hindu Zionists hard on their faces. Indian media has been whipping up war hysteria blaming that Pakistan army had beheaded two Indian soldiers. Bloody liars.... But here, one of their own openly confesses that Indian army regularly beheads Pakistan army troops.......and they make trophies from the heads of Pakistan army soldiers !!!! By Allah, now we swear - while we had promised that we will not take prisoners, now we will go a step further -- we will take revenge for our beheaded soldiers too ! Read this and curse the Hindu Zionists:

On the 10th, The Hindu reported that last year, during a skirmish at Karnah, “Indian Special Forces responded by attacking a Pakistani forward post, killing several soldiers, and by the account of one military official which The Hindu could not corroborate independently, beheaded two.” In her „Confessions of a War Reporter‟, published in June 2001 by Himal, a well-known Nepalese magazine, Barkha Dutt recounted how she witnessed a decapitated Pakistani soldier‟s head at Kargil. This is what she wrote: “I had to look three times to make sure I was seeing right … “Look again,” said the army colonel, in a tone that betrayed suppressed excitement. This time, I finally saw. It was a head, the disembodied face of a slain soldier nailed onto a tree. “The boys got it as a gift for the brigade,” said the colonel, softly, but proudly.” By Allah, we will take revenge !!!!


When we called them Hindu Zionists, the liberal secular made fun of us and accused us of spreading hatred against Hindus. Now what would those liberals say?? India's own ruling part says their opponents are involved in Saffron terror, Hindu terror and spreading violence blaming it on Muslims !!! This is a God gifted kick on the teeth of the Hindu

Zionists and on the face of Aman Ki Asha and their supporters from SAFMA.


Quaid knew the power of information warfare, media war and psy-ops using latest perception management tool. Even before the creation of Pakistan, he wanted Muslims to come into the cinematography to make historical and morally correct films and drams to educate the masses.

This is a rare letter of Quaid sent to a Muslim producer. Strange it may sound, when I was in Afghanistan, our media management, perception handling and propaganda warfare group was also called MAJ, Mirror of Afghan Jihad, the initials of Quaids name printed on the top left corner of this letter -- Mohemmed Ali Jinnah, MAJ :) a spiritual bond to the desire of Quaid to forge a solid information warfare weapon system. Our youth must use the media to its fullest. A lot can be done through social media - the main battle station of today. Each one can be a soldier here. Do your duty. 109463862441767&type=1&theater


Innalillahe Inna ilehe rajeoon! Another Muslim nation of humble and innocent Muslims brought down by the Crusaders! This time it is Mali ! Still, the world says Muslims are the terrorists. Still, the Muslim leaders fight within each other to survive, taking the help of the crusaders. Still, the Muslim lands are divided, carved and dismembered by the enemies like vultures of dead carcases. There is no leadership in the Muslim world today to defend the honor of

the Ummah. Why? We are humiliated because we follow the kuffar, their Riba based economy, their kufr democracy, their anglo-saxon judiciary and we are shamed of following the Shariat. We are ashamed of following Khilafat e Rashida. We are afraid of living like a Muslims. We feel ashamed at being a Muslim and Allah humiliates us at the hands of Kuffar. We are very very sad and hurt. By Allah, we count each and every atrocity of the Kuffar and we will take revenge for this Muslim genocide. These crimes make us stronger in our belief that our salvation, dignity, respect and security lies in deploying the systems of Khilafat e Rashida alone. For this mission we live and for this mission we die inshAllah.


Who has elected the Media? Who has given them the license to shape, mold and control our minds and thinking? How come a corrupt blackmailing profession become "sacred" ???? How can media remains without accountability??? How come even the CJ, government and the nation remains hostage to few unknown men who control the advertising, media and channels???? Who has given the right to media to

declare what kind of Pakistan we need? How come the jahil, secular, lifafa driven anchors become so important that they become the King Makers, Danishwer and analysts???? This is the sinister evil Taboo subject they don't want you to talk about. That is why the media wants democracy as the Capitalists thrive on the blackmailing power of media to control the hearts and minds of the nation and the people. You think you are free to vote, to elect, to chose what you want to wear or eat ! In reality, each and every move of your life is controlled by evil men who are only interested in selling their products, ideas, ideology and beliefs to you. The Channels like Geo and Express are worse than street pimps in selling moral and spiritual anarchy -- the literal Presstitutes !! In an Islamic society, Media would be most harshly controlled and no Banker, Capitalist or Gangster will be allowed to spread moral, mental, spiritual or national anarchy to the masses. That is why you find the media as the biggest opponent of Shariat and biggest supporters of Kufr and Democracy. Now you get it???? 109463862441767&type=1


Dear Members, please note that BrassTacks never ask for donations nor send any paypal invoices to anyone to demand funds for charity purposes. This page is the only official page of Zaid Hamid and BrassTacks. There are dozens of fake pages on the FB, some even having over 100K members and demanding funds in our name. Some fraudster Abbas Haider Rizvi is sending pay pal invoices to people in our name. Please be warned and be careful. We NEVER ask for funds!! D NOT to anyone asking funds in our name. Jazak Allah. ZH 109463862441767&type=1&theater

22-01-13 Following is a FAKE page. It was ours two years ago but was hacked and now is run by the hackers. We have made numerous reports to FB but they do not block that page. But be warned and DO NOT pay anything to those fake pagers who regularly ask for donations. This fake page copy identical material from our page and then also post vulgar and dirty content in its desperate attempt to malign our mission and to generate some funds through fake donation campaigns. Please be advised and be careful. BrassTacks or Zaid Hamid never ask for donations.


The treacherous rulers are not just corrupt, they are murderers also. We stand with the fallen soldier of Pakistan Kamran Faisal who stood his ground against corruption of the powerful and the shameless. His SMS messages have now spilled the beans and his murderers stand exposed and now we demand the army to take this matter into their own hands as we have no hope from the CJ or the investigations. The entire system is too filthy and dirty to offer any justice. By Allah, we will not let the sacrifice of this brave son of Pakistan go waste. To all members - build a massive campaign on the social media and expose the snakes involved in his murder to protect the corruption of the high and the mighty. This case can bring this regime down and we will

hang all those involved in his murder. Please recite Fatiha for Faisal Kamran. He was a brave son of Pakistan and will be remembered as a Mujahid always.


Why do these snakes and treacherous politicians want democracy to continue ?? Because it gives them power, authority and the opportunity to rob, loot and plunder this millat e Marhoom as their personal fiefdom. These snakes and loyal puppies in media and judiciary are part of this filth to continue this system of exploitation and zulm. Every sane, dignified, honorable and concerned Pakistani is appalled at this political model. We want to save Pakistan, NOT democracy. In Pakistan, saving this democracy means protecting Zardari, Bilawal, Nawaz, Altaf, Fazlur Rehman and Asfandyar Wali. If this is democracy then over our dead bodies would we allow this system to continue! By Allah, we wll fight to "derail" this zulm! 109463862441767&type=1


Read our book Khilafat e Rashida. That is the futuristic, most advanced, most benevolent and most progressive social model humanity has ever seen. Only a sick mind would go for democracy or capitalism or dictatorship after being presented with a mystical and moral political, economic and social model of Khilafat e Rashida. Make your choice now. If you strive for this sacred model, only then Allah will bless you, else Zardari would remain in your naseeb. Allah wants to elevate you through izzat and khair, Do not refuse this barakah. This book has the entire plan built into it. read and spread the word. DO NOT be a Jahl, for Allah's sake. 109463862441767&type=1

24-01-13 Eid Milad un Nabi is here MashAllah and this sacred day reminds us that our life, honor, parents, children and all that we possess is sacrificed for the sake of Sayyadi Rasul Allah (sm). Love and adab of Sayyadi Rasul Allah (sm) is the greatest treasure of a Momin. Rasul Allah (sm) has ordered us to teach our children adab. Here, in this soul shaking emotional speech, you will know what adab and Ishq e Rasul (sm) really is. Watch this program. InshAllah, it will change your life forever for the greatest of khair and barakah inshAllah.

24-01-13 It is the time to prove your love to Sayyadi Rasul Allah (sm) -- report on duty now! In the times of chaos, crisis and conflict when the Ummat e Rasul (sm) is in pain, only the true Ashiq e Rasul (sm) will make a stand for the Ummah. nature is searching for the blessed soul who will do this duty! Be the army and soldier of Rasul Allah (sm).


If you love Sayyadi Rasul Allah (sm), then you must also respect and love his most beautiful gift to the Ummah -- Pakistan!! This Pak Sarzameen was created under the direct spiritual guidance of Sayyadi (sm) to establish the lost system of Khilafat e Rashida for the entire humanity after giving the lives of millions of innocent Muslim men, women and children sacrificing their lives, honor, property and families for the sake of Rasul Allah (sm). Never ever betray Sayyadi Rasul Allah ! Never ever betray Pakistan. Today is your test. The time for loyalty and sacrifice is now. prove your worth and make the daring stand !

25-01-13 Let us share with you an amazing sunnah of Sahabas and Salf AsSaleheen - They all used to take barakah and khair from the sacred relics of Sayyadi Rasul Allah (sm). Nowadays, many people spread the confusions under the generic names of Shirk and Biddat, if some believer takes barakah from the relics of Sayyadi Rasul Allah (sm). Know your deen and the sunnah of the Sahabas. Following extract is an authentic academic work on how Sahabas treated the sacred relics of Sayyadi Rasul Allah (sm) and

exressed their love by preserving and protecting anything related to Sayyadi (sm). This is Ishq. This is love. This is true Imaan.

25-01-13 These ten minutes will change your life for greatest of khair and barakah, InshAllah. Learn the protocols of adab and Ishq e Rasul (sm). Understand the wisdom of deen in these emotional, passionate and mystical talk which would unfold the secret of Quran inshAllah. This is our gift of love to Sayyadi Rasul Allah (sm) for the tarbiat of this Ummah. Barak Allah feekum...


MashAllah, a beautiful piece of lost history brought back for you to know our beloved Baba Quaid and his vision for Pakistan and Islam. Save these images and share them with your friends and family. Revive your history, faith, ideology and identity. A nation which does not know its ideology and history is a lost crowd soon to be made dust in the caravan of time. Guard your history, language and ideology jealously. 862441767&type=1


There is no point in celebrating the Milad if you are not willing to fight to establish the deen of Sayyadi Rasul Allah (sm). The false gods of today are Democracy, Secularism, Capitalism, Freedom of speech, Banks, paper currency, political parties, Anglo-Saxon laws and "supreme parliament" concept!

This is the time of fitnah and Dajjal and false gods are not made of wood or stone but of sophisticated concepts, systems and laws. The existing democracy is another name for Secularism and Capitalism and Riba. Now this millat will have to decide which side they want to take. Munafiqat will not be forgiven now. 862441767&type=1


Isn't this shameful that while the whole Ummah is being invaded, attacked, raped and destroyed by the Kuffar, the only issue the scholars discuss these days is whether celebrating the Milad is jaiz or not ??

Innalillahe inna ilehe rajeoon. Those so called corrupt scholars, who are at war with Allah and Rasul Allah (sm) and who have given fatwas to make Riba based banking Halal are barking that celebrating Milad is bidah, astaghfurullah ! People carry haram fake paper currency in their pockets and deal with riba and then come and ask if Muslims should show their love on the milad of Sayyadi Rasul Allah (sm). Just check your pockets -- if you are dealing with haram paper currency of Riba, then shut up, dont give fatwas on Milad. Oh, people, celebrating milad is not the biggest crisis for this Ummah today. For Allah's sake wake up and know your enemies. Your daughters are being kidnapped, raped and your lands being destroyed and invaded and you are arguing over matters which have so strong opinions within the Ummah. DO NOT start a sectarian war here. Both sides have their arguments. If you do not want to celebrate, don't start a war with those who want to. Rasul Allah (sm) started to fast on Monday because it was His milad day. This is a matter of love and adab only. No one is saying that this is Farz to do this. When Imam Malik walked barefoot in Medina, he did it for love of Sayyadi not because there was an order in Quran or sunnah or fiqh! For Allah's sake, showing and expressing love for Sayyadi is part of Imaan. Each one can do it on his own ways. Don't bring fatwas in this. Leave those alone who want to do this. Focus on fighting the Kuffar and defending your honor, faith and dignity. Your daughters are being taken

away and you are fighting on petty issues like the people of Baghdad who could not see the armies of Halaku Khan but argued over petty sectarian issues and were thus totally destroyed. A little astaghfar will do much more good to this nation than the petty argument they are involved in. Lahol Wala Quwwat..... 109463862441767&type=1


Have you ever thought why the Zionists want to bring democracy to the Muslim world -- even slaughtering millions for this Kufr???? It is Farz, Wajib and Sunnah on the Ummah, scholars and the youth to fight against the greatest Bidaat, Shirk and Kufr of all times --Democracy backed by Capitalism backed by Banks backed by Riba backed by Paper currency !!! If you cannot see this system of Bidaat, then all your understanding of deen, Quran and Sunnah is fake, false and fraud and you are deaf, dumb and blind to the point of no return!! It does

not matter which sect you belong to or which alim you follow -- if you are comfortable with Democracy brought through the US B52 bombers and Riba eating Bankers, then you are no different than Abu Jahal. This is our message to those who fight within Muslims on petty sectarian issues but are most comfortable with the greatest Bidat and KKufr of all times. Wake up and do astaghfar or be prepared to be erased. Allah does not need more of Abu Jahals. Ask Saddam and Qaddafi..... 109463862441767&type=1


At least ask Allah to give you a leader like Quaid, Sallahudin and Sayyadna Umer. Such a leader will not come through the satanic demoncracy we have in Pakistan. if you ask Allah, then He will surely make way for us from avenues you cannot even dream. Have faith that He has NOT abandoned us. It is we who have abandoned HIM. If you continue to search for Zardaris, Nawaz, Altaf and Fazlu in this democracy, then you will always be humiliated. Your call now. Zillat or

Izzat ? 109463862441767&type=1&theater


Alhamdolillah, On Sunday, we attended a national Security conference in Lahore sponsored by Din News. In the picture Nigerian ambassador and PJ Mir can be seen. Patriotic Marri tribals, economists who present Gold based systems and we spoke on the occasion. Pakistan's entire

security profile under 4th and 5th generation war was dissected and solutions given. As usual, a very harsh azaan against the systems of Kufr, alhamdolillah. The program will be aired by Din News inshAllah and then we will upload the video also. The summary of our azaan is: Pakistan is today a country in war whose judiciary, government and the economy has already crashed and its media is a hostile foreign funded information warfare weapon system deployed against the state itself and the nation faces multiple insurgencies in every part of the country bogging the nuclear armed forces into a asymmetric decentralized high intensity urban war while the Indians maintain an aggressive posture on East and US led NATO forces wage their own proxy and direct wars through drones, raids and mercenaries of TTP and BLA. The government plans elections in these times of war when there won‟t be any money in the kitty to even pay the salaries to the government and the army in the next few months with IMF increasing their choke hold on the vulnerable economy to set backbreaking terms for further lending. Government is being run by printing almost 3 billion rupees daily, crashing the rupee against dollar. In the life cycle of any state, there are often 2 red lines. Once the first red line is crossed, a decisive intervention by the armed forces to recover the chaos and anarchy can still save the country. It has happened many times in Pakistan‟s history. But if the army does not intervene after the first red line is crossed and the second red line is also reached, then even an intervention can also not save the collapse. Yugoslavia army waited

too long before intervening but by then the second red line had also been crossed. The result was catastrophic for the state – even the fifth largest army of the country could not save the dismemberment of the country on ethnic, religious and regional lines. Soviet army on the other hand, did not intervene at all and watched in horror and indecision as the Soviet empire disintegrated without even firing a shot! In our assessment, for Pakistan, the first red line was crossed when the government had written the treacherous memo almost 2 years ago. The second red line is weeks away now, after which even a military intervention won‟t recover the country or the cost of recovery would mean a bloody rescue effort running into hundreds of thousands of lives. Khair inshAllah 109463862441767&type=1&theater

29-01-13 All Pakistanis must read this warning from a dervesh, written by Orya Sahib. Ghazwa e Hind is a reality and very close. Its initial war has already been declared against Pakistan by India. We have warned this earlier also and you saw that during the Long march -- when there would be internal anarchy in Islamabad, Indians would use the opportunity to enter Pakistan for invasion.

A elderly dervesh/ faqeer said " No matter what you do, Bharat will launch attack from river tawi on top of jalalpur jattan, i am WARNING YOU " Jalalpur Jattan is a town located in Gujrat District, Punjab, Pakistan. Tawi is a river that flows through the city of Jammu India has 11 Mountain divisions and 5 Infantry Divisions deployed in that region that is what in simple words called 700000 Indian troops in Kashmir. They have two Armor Divisions, one at Bathinda and other at Hissar near this region to support their infantry and occupy Plains and semi-hilly terrains of Punjab and Kashmir! Battle is near, Buzurgs/ Awliya, dervishes & faqeers told this. After the short range battlefield Nasr missile, It is impossible for India to face Pakistani Forces in deserts. They will try for North of Punjab and Kashmir which is populous area and Nasr cannot be used there. Moreover India has no beloved citizens in that area, Sikhs are not their own people and Kashmiris are not human beings for them so they will open that front more likely to avoid any collateral damage to them. India many times stated that they will open the front of their will. Only Allah knows best about the timings but we have a fair idea of the chosen battlefield. For now, the war is being fought within our streets and cities to prepare the ground for the massive external invasion. Pakistan does NOT need elections. We need security on our streets and economic stability under a caretaker government for 3 years. We need to

prepare for the war which is already upon us.

29-01-13 The traitor media and the treacherous political touts join hands to create fear, terror and anarchy to prepare the grounds for the Indian invasion. Only the deaf, dumb and the blind cannot see the deliberate orchestrated anarchy of the 5th generation war. Still, the idiots ask us why are we are warning of the impost war and plan to dismember Pakistan on ethnic, linguistic and provincial lines. Now when Karachi is already on fire, they are creating new provinces in an anarchic way when there is only 4 weeks left for this regime -- result would be civil war between ethnic communities in Punjab also. FATA and NWFP and Baluchistan are already on fire. For Allah's sake wake up and demand patriotic caretakers and block elections. People of Pakistan must know their enemies and must realize the threats else be ready for the most harshest of punishments from where there is no tauba except rivers of blood, astaghfurullah.

29-01-13 Can you believe this ? The snake Rehman Malik is openly threatening

"Fall of Karachi" under "atrocious terrorist attacks" which can "detach the port city from rest of the country" !! This is called 5th Generation war -- spread fear, anarchy, chaos, violence and insurgencies which this regime, media and judiciary and the terrorists are all doing together under a directed controlled 5th GW against Pakistan. The objectives of this latest hissing is to draw the entire intelligence assets into Karachi and then draw army into an open war on urban streets. A trap is being set for the army to demolish the nation from within. When we talked about 4th and 5th Generation war, these snakes made mockery of us. Now even the blind can see their game. The only solution to prevent this crisis is to bring a patriotic caretaker government, else be ready to become Iraq or Libya.. The so called leaders have sold us to the dogs...


Let us show you another sinister axis of 5thGW. divide the country on ethnic lines. These very Makhdooms are now trying push through the creation of new provinces on ethno-linguistic basis. They intend to create new political

fiefdoms for themselves and create new posts of Governors, Chief Ministers & Cabinet Ministers for their progeny. I urge you to launch a strong media campaign against the creation of new provinces on the following lines:1) Provinces on ethno-linguistic lines totally negates the ideology of Pakistan which rejects all racial, ethnic & linguistic divisions and brings together all muslims as a nation solely on the basis of their muslim identity. These Siasatbaaz politicians pushing for ethno-linguistic provinces should be branded as anti-Pakistan. 2) Siasatbaaz politicians have no love for people and only wish to create new posts for themselves. Increase of ministerial posts will open up new avenues of misuse of power & corruption. Pakistan's political superstructure is already top heavy and very expensive for a poor country. It needs to be trimmed down to reduce bad governance & corruption and not further increased. 3) The feelings of Administrative Neglect & Under-development in areas peripheral to provincial headquarters i.e. South Punjab, Bhawalpur, Interior Sindh, Hazara etc., can easily be addressed by reviving Commissioners & Division and ensuring fair distribution of development funds through the Provincial Finance Commissions. This solution will not increase the political super-structure. This haramkhor regime is desperately trying to destroy our beloved Pak sarzameen, astaghfurullah... 109463862441767&type=1

29-01-13 All over the Muslim world, it is same chaotic anarchy. Now they are going after Egypt also, along with Pakistan. Iraq, Libya, Syria already in anarchy. Sudan divided. Mali invaded. Yemen, Bahrain and North Africa in turmoil heading towards lawlessness. This is various forms of 4th and 5th Generation wars. In Egypt, it is the army which is keeping the country together but the street anarchy is spreading fast. Exactly the same is being done in Pakistan. Unless Pak army intervenes decisively, Pakistan would become another Iraq, Syria or libya, astaghfrullah. Egypt is touching the red line now.... Now do you see the bigger game?


Both Zardari and Nawaz have appointed Asma as the caretaker PM. Our simple message to both of these traitors -- that would mean an open war! Patriots will come out and declare an open rebellion against you. We will support all the parties and groups which will offer resistance to this Hindu Zionist and her patrons in PPP and PML(N). Everyone involved in even attempting to bring this Hindu Zionist snake will pay for their crimes against Pakistan, InshAllah.. 109463862441767&type=1

30-01-13 The government and their mentally retarded allies including Nawaz should read this column by Haroon Rasheed. There will be a revolt in the country now if that Indian RAW agent Asma is appointed as the caretaker PM! The mood is not just angry, it is mutinous and violent. This time, everyone will be on streets..


Imran, what on earth you mean by saying that article 62,63 should be removed or should remain restricted to financial corruption only ??? Does it mean all the adulterers, fornicators, alcoholics, womanizers, secularists, atheists, separatists, traitors and anti Islam snakes can make their way into the parliament to decide the destiny of this Ummat e Rasul (sm) ???? If this the idea of an Islamic state that you have in mind ????? Innalillahe inna ilehe rajeoon.... 109463862441767&type=1&theater


Let us destroy one propaganda myth against article 62, 63. All those who are against these clauses say " who will decide who is the Sadiq and ameen?? Who will decide who is the pious Muslim or not ??? Who will be the judge of people's Imaan ???

All the above arguments are either given by snakes, idiots or fools to deceive the nation. What does article 62,63 basically mean?? 1. Person should not be against the ideology of Pakistan. Now, what is so difficult about this clause??? Everyone knows who is against the ideology of Pakistan and who stands for an Islamic Pakistan of Quaid and Iqbal. ANP DO NOT accept Pakistan at all. MQM says making of Pakistan was the biggest blunder. So these snakes are clearly known and the entire nation knows that they fail this first clause of the article 62,63. 2. Second clause says they should be practicing Muslims abstaining from known Haram and major sins -- like Alcohol, adultery, womanizing, Riba and should be following at least the 5 fundamental pillers of Islam -- Salat, Zakat, Hajj and Saum along with being a Muslim. Now, this is also NOT a secret who does what openly. Only Allah knows the sins done within the boundary walls or behind locked doors but this clause applies to sins or deeds done in Public. What is so difficult to decide who drinks, womanizes or prays or not ???? Those leaders who are living without wives like Zardari and Altaf are not angels that they live without wives and pray all night and fast all day !!!! Everyone knows what they do and so does so many of the Ministers, MNA's and MPA's. 3. Third clause is that they should not be financially corrupt where the condition of Ameen is applied. Again, everyone knows who is corrupt and who is honest. When people live beyond their known incomes and they become rich overnight after coming into power, they are corrupt. This is NOT a secret anymore now. Almost the entire country has been

bled dry at 13 billion rupees per day corruption and still we don't know who the corrupt are ???? Astaghfurllah. So, all the criticism on article 62, 63 is only done by total and complete idiots, corrupt or traitors or womanizers, or those who do not offer salat or pay Zakat or do not fast have not done Hajj because they fear it most!! Now you get it ???? DO WE WANT these almost Kafir like people in the parliament ?? if yes, then go ahead and remove these conditions and then wait for the most severe punishment from Allah. Go ahead and do what you will. Allah is doing what He wills.. 109463862441767&type=1


Never in Pakistan's history have we seen the leadership, executive, judiciary, scholars, intellectuals and the government so hopelessly confused, treacherous and blind! This is a dangerous appalling and nauseating state of affairs at a time when the country is facing an existential war on multiple axis. We only see a blazing fire at the end of this dark cold tunnel of politics and democracy. Not a single person at the helm of affairs have any clue on how to develop the national, long term, stable and pro-active responses to the catastrophic state failure we face today. stupid men, walking in a dark night, led by the deaf, dumb and the blind -- the disaster is inevitable now. Elections would only create a bloody anarchy, much more than what we have today. We have done our duty and would remain firm in what we believe to be the only course for this millat e Marhoom. If this nation

and its blind pygmy leaders do not want to listen, which they wont, then now we wait for the judgement from Allah (swt). It can be a Halaku Khan like punishment or a Hasan Bin Sabah styled fitnah e Kharji or Salahuddin type Mujahid. We wait now for the judgement. 109463862441767&type=1

02-02-13 -%DA%A9%DB%8C%D9%88%DA%BA%D8%A8%D9%86%D8%A7%DB%8C%D8%A7-%D8%9F-ByAllama-Asad

One of the most profound documents on the romantic phenomenon of Pakistan and Islamic revival as seen by the founding fathers of this amazing land -- the only ideological Islamic state in the world. Allama Iqbal, Quaid e Azam, Allama Muhemmed Asad, Liaqat Ali Khan, Allama ShabbirAhmed Usmani, Pir Jamaat Ali Shah and Sardar Abdul Rab Nishter are the ideological fathers of this land. Allama Asad, was a revert Muslim from Germany, and was asked by Allama Iqbal and Quaid to draw the ideological and political parameters of the Islamic state of Pakistan. He is best placed to represent the ethos, ideology, vision and passion of the Muslims of the time and also of their weakneses, failures and threats which this ideological state would face in

future from ideological rivals. An amazing document brought back from the lost pages of history. Read it and share it !


Believe this or not....this is a real picture of the first Azad Kashmir Secretariat in 1948!! This was how we started off!! Offices were merely tents propped up on ground....papers were pinned together using thorns because we didn't

even have paper clips! Yet our elders believed in this piece of sacred land...they said resolutely "There is no power on Earth that can undo Pakistan!" And today when we have all the resources in the world...we shrug and say, "Pakistan is a failed state!" Do not forget how we started and how far we have reached! And NEVER lose faith in the destiny of Takmeel-e-Pakistan... Pakistan is here to stay!! InshAllah, forever!!! We indeed have a tough fight at hand and for now we are loosing ground but never ever lose hope. Stand firm, united and dignified and be wise. Dont be fooled by these snake Siyasatbaaz who pass as leaders in this demon-cracy. InshAllah khair. (picture taken from Shahab Nama) 109463862441767&type=1


Allah will only give you a great leader if you do tauba from all systems of Kufr and demand a Mujahid to establish the system of Khilafate Rashida. Allah will never give you a WaliAllah if you keep sinking deeper into filthy democracy or Capitalism or anglo-saxon laws under this sickening judiciary and elections. How did Allah give Sallahuddin to the Ummah during crusades when we were desperate for a leader ?? Did he come through elections ?? NO !!! How did Allah sent Fateh, Tareq, Tipu, Shamil, Qasim and Quaid ?? None of them came through democracy but were God sent in times of

crisis in response to the prayers of the Ummah. DO NOT dictate the process to Allah. DO NOT say that we want a leader from democracy or from political parties or we don't want a soldier.... DO NOT be stupid. Just ask for Allah's mercy in the form of a Mujahid leader. He can be a soldier or a civilian but he will have amazing attributes. We are without a leader today and taking great losses, no doubt. But it is always darkest before the dawn. Sabr and defend Pakistan fiercely in your own capacity and join the mission Takmeel e Pakistan. InshAllah, Allah has NOT abandoned us. He will give us a Salahuddin. Prepare yourself to receive such a ruler and till that time, DO NOT sit idle. Fight back and use the weapon of Dua. InshAllah Khair. 109463862441767&type=1


Our elders made this millat brick by brick, giving millions of lives, honors and property. But the greatest human sacrifice for a sacred land was given for a romantic divine ideology based on Khilafat e Rashida. The destiny is in our hands to finish the unfinished duty of our elders. If we fail to do this duty, we will be most severely asked on the day of judgement and most humiliatingly destroyed in this dunya. This country was NOT made for Anglo-saxon laws, western secular demon-cracy and Riba based banking system! We have made our choice -- a life of dignity for the sake of Takmeel e Pakistan and a death of honor in the process or after the victory, as Allah wills! Even if the entire world is against us, we will walk alone declaring our war against the kufr of the time - The Taghoot of Dajjal! It is Khilafat e Rashida system for us or Shahadat !! Nothing else... 109463862441767&type=1


When we talk about the system of Khilafat e Rashida, the idiots start asking non-sense questions like who will be the Khalifa or which fiqh will be enforced. Only an insane idiot or a snake would ask such questions. When we talk about systems of Khilafat e Rashida, it means rules, Hudood and sharia of Quran and Sunnah to be implemented. The system is independent of personalities or individuals as the ruler in this system is only the viceroy of Allah, responsible to implement the laws already given in Quran. Any good Muslims can do that, even a black slave who does not have a nose can do that if he has knowledge and is sincere.

The system is independent of Fiqh and sectarian divides. No Muslim fiqh supports Riba or Anglo-Saxon laws or Banks or awara media or secular democracy or oppose unity of Muslim lands or oppose Jihad against Hindu Mushriks.


Slaves cannot even dream of dignity and honor. When a romantic dream, a vision, a mission is shared with them, they always say "it is impossible" or ask "how can this be done???? " . Free men with Faqr e Ghayyur and revived Khudi not just have the power to dream but also the courage to achieve that "impossible" dream! Free men don't ask how it will be done. They rise and do it and create history, shape destinies.

Our leaders, judiciary, media and even thinkers are slaves of the Kufr system and Dajjal. They do not have the capacity to become Salahuddin, Tariq, Tipu oe even Quaid. InshAllah, Allah will give us a great leader soon. Each one of you can be that leader if you have the courage to dream and the will to fight and die for it. In our entire 1400 years of history, we have never found a great leader and glory through democracy. remember that... 109463862441767&type=1

04-02-13 This is our firm, solid brief Policy statement on Kashmir. We will be posting the detailed historical background of the Kashmir dispute later, InshAllah. It does not matter what our traitor leaders say about Kashmir. What matters is that Muslims of Pakistan have NOT abandoned Kashmir. It is the "K" in Pakistan and our beloved Medina e Sani is not complete without the our beloved Kashmir. This is our message to the Kashmiri Muslims and our warning to the Hindu Zionists.

05-02-13 There will be a war -- the final one - over Kashmir. It is about our faith, our beliefs, our destiny, our Land, our waters and the Ghazwa e Hind. Kashmir is the unfinished agenda of Partition -- the missing "K" in Pakistan !! Know the facts about Kashmir - past, present and future -- and arm yourself with knowledge before you are asked to join the march towards Delhi! Spread this azaan and fight back against demands to bypass Kashmir and defeat the Aman Ki Asha!


Pakistan cannot be complete without Kashmir. This is a destiny we must achieve. The Quaid-e-Azam‟s interest in Kashmir is evident from the fact that he explained the significance of the name of Pakistan to Mountbatten on 17 May 1947 as follows: "The derivation of the word Pakistan – P for Punjab; A for Afghan (i.e. Pathans NWFP); K for Kashmir; I for nothing because that letter was not in the word in Urdu; S for Sindh and Tan for the last syllable for Baluchistan".

Quaid could not tell Mountbatten what is "I" for :) We tell you. It is for India !!!!! Labbaik Ghazwa e Hind!!!! 109463862441767&type=1


Last year, when Rahul Gandi visited Kashmir university, the students joined together to sing Pakistan's national anthem in sheer defiance to the Hindu rule. After 65 years of brutal Hindu rule, the youth of Kashmir are Pakistanis -- heart and soul intact. By Allah, we will pray Juma in Jamia Masjid Srinagar very soon with Pakistan flag flying over the valley!!


Every Prophet of Allah (swt) warned their Ummat against the Fitnah of Dajjal. Sayyadi Rasul Allah (sm) has asked Muslims to recite Sura Kahaf on Friday to remain protected from the Fitnah of Dajjal. Dajjal means the master of deception, lies, confusion and disinformation. The Dajjal and his system of lies, media, propaganda and deception would be extremely powerful showing the hellfire as paradise, and paradise as hell! Know the system of Dajjal well. If you accept any part of it, you are part

of it !! When we demand system of Khilafat e Rashida, we mean it in total, NOT in bits and pieces. We have either the System of Dajjal OR the system of Khilafat e Rashida! There is no third option! We chose the system of Khilafat e Rashida NOT Dajjal. May Allah have mercy upon the millat which insist upon following the system of Dajjal in its many deceptions, lies and confusions. We have made our choice. InshAllah life and death for the system of Khilafat e Rashida ! 109463862441767&type=1

06-02-13 There can be no talks with Khawarij, the cursed terrorists who have killed and wounded over a 100,000 Pakistanis and have betrayed the sacred state of Pakistan. TTP have been pushed into Afghanistan and are now at their weakest as their backers -- CIA and RAW -- find it difficult to hold on to Afghanistan. Now TTP wants an exit strategy and is trying to survive by offering peace talks to gain time to regroup. No peace with Khawarij. The time has come to crush TTP -- the dogs of hell !


Allahu Akbar ! When we warned that Indians plan to attack us after the elections, just as they did in East Pakistan, the snakes and the idiots in our media and politics tried to make fun of us. Now read this news -- from a leader of Indian National Conference. INC is a strongly pro-Indian party and they have clearly exposed that India plans to attack and capture Azad Kashmir just as they did in East

Pakistan in 1971 !! Now you know why the Indian army wanted to start a war on LOC when there was anarchy in Islamabad, which we mentioned in last nights program also on DIN News. We have been warning for months now of this scenario. These elections will bring anarchy and chaos. Everyone knows this. Indians are counting and planning for such a time. Now the cat is finally and officially out of the bag. Read this and slap the traitors and idiots who say that we are spreading false war hysteria. Indians are planning a war of annihilation against us. All those demanding elections are either traitors or total idiots, without exception, without doubt. Khair inshAllah. 109463862441767&type=1&theater


Imran says that he wants to create an Islamic welfare state. Great idea ! But there is one serious problem. You cannot create an Islamic welfare state within Riba Based banking, Anglo-saxon laws and western democracy !!!!! This is the utter confusion within the hearts and minds of Muslim leadership today. They want brothels, gambling dens and robbers to become "Islamic" !! NOT possible. For an Islamic welfare state, laws of Islam and the entire social, political, economic and judicial model of Islam also needs to be implemented. Islam did not come to give us a better standard of living. It came to help us achieve our physical, spiritual, ideological, material and emotional excellence through the model of Rasul Allah (sm) as instructed in Quran. A state made under these guidelines would be an Islamic welfare state. Otherwise, it will remain a secular state, part of Kufr and Taghoot. This you must understand. 109463862441767&type=1&theater


Allah (swt) will never forgive this treacherous leadership we have today. History will mention them with hatred and contempt along with Mir Jaffar and Mir Sadiq. Country is burning and they are all focused on elections like devils possessed. Each one of them know that these elections will destroy Pakistan

(Naoozobillah) but are still arrogant and stupid to push for it. Some of them have the duty to destroy Pakistan Some of them are too stupid and are being used by the enemies -- from the Supreme Court to the Election Commission to the political parties to the media! Even right now, CJ is acknowledging that Karachi is burning down to the ashes and even the election commission is under fire for being biased, but still they want to push for elections. In their private gatherings and messages to their friends, they know the reality and know that we are speaking the truth and a civil war will erupt after the elections. Here a PPP top man expressing his views about elections. May Allah's curse be upon the enemies of Pakistan.... Innalillahe inna ilehe rajeoon! 109463862441767&type=1


System of Khilafat e Rashida is the most benevolent system for the minorities - Christians, Jews, Hindus and Parsis etc living under the Muslim rule. If the minorities know of the khair and mercy within this system, they will themselves ask for the establishment of system of Khilafate Rashida. No where in human history have minorities been treated with such love, tolerance and mercy as in the political model of Khilafat e Rashida. Can any democracy or any dictatorship give any example in human history of such mercy?? 109463862441767&type=1&theater


Read this most powerful and eye opening article by Ghulam Akbar sahib. Now, if you still want to remain deaf, dumb and blind, then you are condemned for a life of humiliation, zillat and disgrace. Media, Capitalism and democracy -- they are inter related to create this system of Dajjal. Everything that is happening in Pakistan today and we we had been

warning against, is exposed once again here. Read and make your stand against this filthy system. Spread and share to join forces against this Zulm.


10-02-13 Kashmir is the "K" in Pakistan ! Kashmir IS Pakistan !! The Kashmiri Muslims will live and die for Pakistan. They are Pakistanis and Pakistan belongs to them ! Hear the most passionate chants of freedom from the most oppressed nation on earth.

10-02-13 Te ground breaking epic Urdu book by Zaid Hamid is about to be released on Internet, InshAllah. The most profound analysis of the glorious erah of Khilafat e Rashida and its direct application in modern times to replace the decadent and corrupt political models of democracy and dictatorships.


The time has come for a most benevolent, progressive and tolerant political model even known to humanity. You are the generation who will be given this opportunity to decide your destiny. You can either decide to become part of Dajjal or you can revolt against the Taghoot and side with Rasul Allah (sm). You can be cursed or you can be blessed in dunya and akhira. The destiny is in front of you, within your grasp. First, decide within yourself what you want. Then rise and march towards that destiny. If the nation wants the system of Khilafat e Rashida, NO power on earth can impose democracy or dictatorship upon us. We declare rebellion against Kufr !! Allah will create ways and means for the millat to achieve this sacred destiny. Prepare yourself mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Arm yourself with knowledge and spread the light. Allah will send you a leader who will achieve it if you are ready and demand it. 109463862441767&type=1&theater


These are our present rulers -- the worst creation on earth, condemned for hell in dunya and akhirat. These are the curses imposed upon us through democracy and dictatorships. The bring us zillat, humiliation, death, hunger and dishonor. If you want to come out of this cycle of curse then stand firm and rebel against the system in your hearts and soul and ask Allah for a Spiritual Leader, a benevolent ruler who brings to us the system of Khilafat e Rashida. There is no other path to glory, dignity and honor. 109463862441767&type=1


We are facing an existential crisis today. Our honor, faith, lands and identity is under attack and our rulers are partners in destroying us. These rulers and their systems cannot save us now. Ask Allah for a Sallahuddin of the time, a Mard e Azaad with Faqr e Ghayyur -- a Khalifa of Allah on earth -- a slave of Rasul Allah (sm) ! Allah will gift you such a Mujahid only if you ask for it. If you are happey with democracy then you will continue to be humiliated by Zardari, Nawaz, Bilawal and Altaf like snakes. You have NO idea what a great leadership actually is. He is a blessing of Allah on the humanity. InshAllah, Allah will bless him to us if as ask. 109463862441767&type=1


If there is any khair in any system in the world today, it is because they have adopted it from Khilafat e Rashida. We have the entire system with us but our leaders are cursed to go for the Kufr systems of democracy and dictatorships. Oh Muslims, rise and take charge of your destiny. Spread the knowledge and demand that Shariat based political model of Khilafat must be established in this Medina e Sani. We reject this Kufr of democracy. We want dignity, honor, safety and our faith applied in our lands. We

declare total war against the systems and Taghoot of Kufr. Enough of rebellion against Allah and Rasul Allah (sm) ! 109463862441767&type=1


Alhamdolillah, M.M. Alam sahib is fine and has NOT passed away as some rumors are floating around. I have just talked to his family in Karachi and they have confirmed that he is fine alhamdolillah. They were also surprised at the rumors. May Allah give long life full of health, Imaan and wisdom to Alam sahib. He is a living legend and you will be fortunate to shake hands with him. For now, he is old and not keeping good health but alhamdolillah he is fine for now. May Allah

bless him always and forever. 109463862441767&type=1

Indians now plan a 1971 East Pakistan styled invasion on Pakistan to grab the territory of Kashmir which is under Pakistan‟s control!! This would be the “Cold Start” Indians plan to launch into Pakistan when the country reaches a critical threshold of anarchy, chaos and urban wars – just as it happened in 1971. This is no more a hypothetical scenario but a declared intent of Indian planners, policy makers and army. The signals, signs and actions are too damning.

1. Just a few weeks ago Indian Police asked people to prepare for a nuclear war. It is obvious that they meant an “attack” from Pakistan is high probability. Indians know that Pakistan would only be forced to use nuclear weapons if the Pakistani controlled Kashmir is lost under an Indian invasion. 2. As the anarchy began to spread in Islamabad during the Long march of Dr. Tahir ul Qadri and the entire Pakistan government was on the verge of collapse, Indians started hostile provocations on the Line of Control in Kashmir with Indian army Chief issuing an unprecedented warning to Pakistan, threatening to chose a war theatre of their own choice. The Indian game plan was expose here also. Anarchy within Pakistan would invite a war on the Eastern front, just as it did in 1971.

3. Finally, an Indian Kashmiri leader belonging to pro-India party spills the beans. Indians are planning a military invasion on Azaad Kashmir to grab the territory by force in a military-political operation similar to the one orchestrated in 1971 in East Pakistan, now Bangladesh. US did manage to diffuse the tension this time but in future, Indians won‟t miss the opportunity. Pakistan is a too lucrative target for Indians to come under US pressure. In East Pakistan, in 1971, the former Pakistani province led by Indian backed separatists announced unilateral declaration of Independence from Pakistan after winning the 1970 elections. Five years before the elections, in 1966, Indians had created an insurgent group Mukti Bahini in East Pakistan which was launched to create complete and total anarchy during and after the elections. Mukti Bahini declared rebellion against the state of Pakistan, created massive internal anarchy, drew Pakistan army into urban war for 9 months, exhausting the resources of the besieged army and then in November 1971, Indian army crossed over the international borders to launch a massive 4 prong attack on East Pakistan leading to a short but bloody war which created the state of Bangladesh. The hallmarks of the East Pakistan crisis were: 1. A weak and corrupt government in Islamabad creating total governance collapse in Islamabad. 2. Urban insurgency and terrorist groups created by Indian army and RAW in East Pakistan. 3. Bogging down of Pakistan army in urban war within its own borders, drawing it away from border defenses into internal security duties.

4. Invasion by Indian army in a sudden attack when the internal anarchy, chaos and insurgencies reached the peak levels, leading to capitulation of Pakistan government in the East. Except for the last phase of an Indian invasion mentioned above, all the other ingredients of the East Pakistan war are now in place. A collapsed regime is in place in Islamabad turning Pakistan into an almost a failed state. Multiple insurgencies, terrorist gangs and urban militant gangs are operating all over the country dragging the army into a bloody urban war within the national borders. Now elections are around the corner which is sure to be the bloodiest, anarchic and chaotic in Pakistan‟s history, literally the last nail in the coffin of an organized state. The proposed Indian invasion plan is now expected to be launched after the elections when the state would be officially headless, chaotic and burning itself down under the weight of democracy. Kashmir is the Line of Control, NOT an international border; hence the Indians will escape any international sanctions also for annihilating a “disputed” territory. Over half a million strong Indian army is already present in Kashmir, making it an ideal battleground for the Cold start military launch. If the Indians decide to enter into Kashmir, they will also open multiple diversionary attacks along the entire international border to draw the main force of Pakistan army away from the Kashmir front. With almost 150,000 Pakistani troops bogged down in elections duties, Pakistan will not have any reserves to compensate for the overwhelmingly strong Indian force in the Kashmir theater. Pakistan now faces a real existential crisis on the East also, along with fighting another existential war on the West. The crisis had magnified

exponentially for the Pak army and the state. On the Western theater, Pakistan is faced with newer and multiple threats from US, TTP, Afghan national army and the Baluchistan liberation army. US is now starting a phased withdrawal from Afghanistan. They are taking out first batches of redundant military hardware on a journey to Karachi port to be taken out of the country. US needs Pakistan for this withdrawal and hence had to force the Indians to back off when Indians attempted to exploit the anarchy in Islamabad in mid January. But once this US withdrawal would be complete, US would not need the Pakistani land route to sustain their limited military presence in Afghanistan which can be supplied through Central Asia or through the air. Pakistan army is trying to develop its own strategy in the wake of US withdrawal and would be building bridges with the Afghan resistance and the ruling coalition of Tajiks, Uzbeks and Hazarars. But still, Pakistan government does not have an independent, defined or declared long term Afghan strategy and everything is being done ad-hoc on the basis of doctrine of necessity as the leftovers of US game plan in the region. It is the Afghans or the US which are making the policy. Pakistan government is only complying obediently when the greatest Geo-political opportunity is knocking at the door since the Soviet withdrawal in 1988. Sensing that the US would be withdrawing the bulk of their forces and Afghan Taliban would be exerting themselves more strongly into the Afghan affairs, the CIA/RAW created TTP is now panicking and is trying to find its own exit strategy by offering “peace” talks with

Pakistan army. TTP is searching for anti-army allies within the Pakistani society and found the JUI, JI and PML(N) as allies. TTP made the “peace” offer through the man who was responsible for attack on the army chief and the one who is the most wanted for the Pak army, sending a most provocative message to the army. TTP also demands release of their top terrorists in the custody of the army as precondition for talks and in the same breath threatens Pakistan of more attacks unless their demands are not met. A totally blackmailing attempt by keeping the state hostage and trying to exploit the anti-army sentiments in the political parties. The talks are a non-starter with army though the government and the political parties would try to humiliate the army by initiating the talks with the terrorists. The Zardari regime has changed the Governor of NWFP at this stage and the serious suspicion is that he is being brought in to complete the final phase of the US / CIA demolition job in Pakistan in the most sensitive war torn province of Pakistan. Giving an exit strategy to TTP at this stage would be a national security suicide. CIA is also deploying their prime asset in Pakistan – JUI chief Fazlur rehman to act as go between the CIA and Afghan Taliban to seek favorable terms for the US. This is the same JUI chief who has been asked to become the guarantors for peace talks by the CIA mercenary army TTP fighting against the Pakistani state. The game has entered the last stages now and every snake is coming out of his pit to play its role in the deadly end game. In these times of state failure, the government and the political parties are hell bent upon holding the elections while the pressure groups are crying foul, going to the Supreme Court to set the playing field level. No

one is worried about the war or the consequences of holding the elections in these times of state failure. It is a total circus at judicial, political and media levels. Even the government knows that elections can only be held under the protection of the army due to bloody violence all over the country but no one is willing to talk about the consequences. Indians are waiting for such a scenario. One does not have to go far to see the reasons for the catastrophic failure of law and order in Karachi and in rest of the country. The city cops are mostly all criminals, even facing cases of murders, arson, robberies and gang crimes but still serving on critical posts!! On the average 15 people are being killed in Karachi in crimes and gang wars led by political parties whose appointed cops are running the business for them. The country is collapsing on all axis, Baluchistan, Karachi and NWFP are already war zones with economy of the country hitting the rock bottom with no revenue generation sources for the government to this extent that now even paying of salaries or managing fuel for the government may also become a challenge. With every passing day, Pakistan army is making it almost impossible for itself to recover the state by staying neutral in this imposed 4th generation war. Responding to the military axis is NOT enough in a war whose major axis are political, judicial, media and economic. As such, defeat is certain now and the Indians are aggressively preparing to move in to exploit the strategic void in Pakistan. Elections would be the cutoff date after which Pakistan army will start to physically lose ground to the internal and external invasions. The signs are too uncomfortable to ignore now. We have entered the last stages now. It is the call of the army now. All other organs of the state have been

compromised. Khair inshAllah.


We are re-posting this as figure was mistakenly written as 250 million. It should have been 25 million. Sorry for the typo error. ************ In 2004, we had written a paper Armageddon 2014 in which we had given the scenario of a nuclear global war in and around Pakistan. That paper is available on our website We had written that around 25 million people from Pakistan would die in that final war with India.

Now read this column by Orya Maqbool Jan. A dervesh Baba has told him that either we eliminate 2500 traitors today or be ready to sacrifice 25 million people very soon. Also, read our threat analysis posted next

to this post where we have mentioned that Indians are planning to attack and capture Azaad Kashmir. Pakistan has been betrayed by its leaders, judiciary, politicians, Ulama, media and the intellectuals. Army fights on the ground alone but is loosing the war now. There is NO sign of tauba anywhere. A most severe punishment seems inevitable now. Read this article and also our Armageddon 2014 and also the Threat analysis posted on this page. Brace yourself for the impact. The time has come for the brave to make their last stand. If this is how Allah wills to clean the mess, then so be it. Khair inshAllah.

12-02-13 Keep visiting our website. A powerful resource for the knowledge which is our sharpest weapon in this Jihad. Read our policy papers, download our MP3's, follow the mission, vision and the ideology register yourself and friends to spread the message. Action action on ground must be solidly grounded in ideology, vision, mission and planning. All Muslims movements have failed so far because they did not have any policy and vision to achieve the stated goals. Never underestimate the power of a romantic mission whose time has come. The time for Takmeel e Pakistan has come, alhamdolillah.

13-02-13 This website is our alternate battle station and you must bookmark it and visit regularly. The Kufr system blocks us on the mainstream media and our battle stations are spread on the cyber world. Do your duty and spread the message. Each share counts. May Allah give you barakah.


All state organs -- Government, Political parties, media, judiciary, parliament -- are guilty of treason with Rasul Allah (sm) and this Pak Sarzameen. Despite giving heroic sacrifices on ground to defend Pakistan, Army is still not able to stop this filthy CIA imposed democracy which is destroying us from within. In the last 5 years of democracy, Pakistan has suffered on the average 10 bomb blasts per day !!! The entire country has become a war zone. We have almost lost Baluchistan, Karachi and FATA. Entire fabric of society, all state owned mega corporations like PIA, PSO, Railways etc have been destroyed. Entire social, national and provincial unity has been torn to shreds and the nation is bankrupt economically and morally. NOT a single terrorist hanged, NOT a single corrupt sent to jail despite thousands of blatant cases. Now the CJ has also thrown out the petition against corrupt practices in elections. Now it means that they are going for another round of CIA backed democracy with all the traitors joining hands to accomplish what the CIA could not do in the last five years. About the elections, If you do not participate, you are damned. if you vote for the loosing guy, you are damned. if you vote for the winning guy, you are still damned. This entire system is controlled by the slaves of the Kufr. That is why

they want us to make a political party and participate in the elections, because they make and control the rules and only their slaves can come into power. The entire system is in their pockets. But Allah has His own plans and He will soon grab them from where they least expect. The change is inevitable, InshAllah. This system of Kufr will NOT live long now. Allah is bringing forces who will intervene and then those will be the days of most severe accountability. We see bodies of traitors and corrupt hanging from the lamp posts on GT road and in Islamabad. So wait for the destiny to unfold. They indeed asked for it. Don't ask questions. Just watch and wait.... 109463862441767&type=1


Pakistan State Oil, PSO, may default today! When there are weeks left to this regime, they are destroying what is left of our strategic organizations. If PSO defaults, there would be no fuel imports in the country and within days fuel and power shortages would hit the country, astaghfurullah. This is being deliberately orchestrated by the government as part of the 5thGW -- creating fatal anarchy in the country. Democracy at work -- destroying Pakistan from within! Khair inshAllah, we are noting the names of the traitors. None of them would escape the wrath of the patriots. 109463862441767&type=1

15-02-13 Each and every member of this government deserves most severe punishment for treason. While PSO faces collapse, now Dr. Asim says that two other strategic energy organizations -- Sui Southern and Sui Northern -- also face a total collapse. Innalillhe inna ilehe rajeoon. They have robbed, looted and plundered this millat in this demon-cracy as if there is no tomorrow. They were sent to destroy Pakistan and they have done their job faithfully. This was NOT democracy. This was 4th and 5th GW. Now these snakes want more elections to finish what is left of our beloved Pak sarzameen. By Allah, we will bring these snakes to justice. Each one of them. ISLAMABAD: Unless Rs7 billion life-saving injections are given, the two major gas companies, Sui Northern and Sui Southern, will be unable to continue their operations, Adviser to PM on Petroleum and Natural Resources Dr Asim Hussain revealed on Thursday. The Sui Northern Gas Company has almost reached the verge of collapse as its financial miseries have touched a new high. The stateowned company is left with even not enough money to pay monthly salaries to its staff.


CJ has ordered that FC must be withdrawn from Dera Bugti where BLA is attacking pro-Pakistan Bugti tribes and Gas lines !!! Brilliant !! Since, there is NO police in Dera Bugti and only FC protects Pakistan, now BLA will have a free hand to attack pro-Pakistan Bugti tribes and a bloody inter-Bugti civil war would begin !! CJ has also ordered that all pro-Pakistan Bugti tribes should be disarmed !!! Now BLA will hunt and kill all patriotic Bugtis as CJ has made sure that FC is withdrawn and patriots Bugti are disarmed. CJ does NOT order BLA to disarm !!!! It is unbelievable what he is doing to Pakistan!! Innalillahe inna ilehe rajeoon !!!! One day, he will be judged by Allah (swt), very very harshly !!!


Every Dervesh, visionary, Ideologue, thinker and reformer has been warning agains this evil filthy western democracy! From Baba Iqbal to Quaid to Wasif Ali Wasif to present times. Read an amazing piece from Hazrat Wasif Ali Wasif on the filth of democracy. If this nation does not want to take advice and still wants to commit suicide, then be witness that we have given our azaan. You have seen what this satanic democracy has done to Pakistan. You want more of it, then go ahead and vote in the next elections. Insanity is defined as doing the same thing over and over again and then expecting different results !!!! We have rebelled against this Kufr system. Soon,

there will be time for Vigilante justice as the judiciary in democracy are also murderers and traitors! 109463862441767&type=1

16-02-13 When Allah (swt) decides to punish and grip a nation, he does not give any warning! Watch this clip of a meteor hitting Russia yesterday, injuring nearly 1000 people and nearly destroying the entire glass works and weak structures in many kilometer radius. If the strike had been directly within the city, thousands may have died. When the earth quake struck Pakistan in 2005, nearly 100,000 died in a flash. When the Tsunami struck Japan, nearly quarter a million were devastated. Iqbal says that when nature decides to punish a nation, it has many harsh ways to do it. From "Halaku Khan" to earth quakes to meteors to Tsunamis -- these are all weapons of Allah (swt) to punish a disobedient race. Leaders and people of Pakistan must realize that Allah is running out of patience with us too. We are already in his punishment. But fear the day when He really come in Jalal. It is time for Tauba now. You don't know when your time comes to an end.

16-02-13 Democracy lovers -- SHUT UP now !!! Nation wants army !!! US survey confirms 88 % Pakistanis want military rule or military backed government. We patriots now demand army to do its sacred duty of protecting Pakistan from all internal and external enemies. We want a military backed rule and we are 88% of Pakistan. To hell with democracy !!!

17-02-13 Recite Fatiha for your brother Afzal Guru who have become one of the latest Shaheeds in the journey of sacrifice in Kashmir. A innocent, humble soul killed in a judicial murder because the Hindu zionists needed a Muslim to be the fall guy ! Innalillahe inna ilehe rajeoon. Most of you do not know this humble man Afzal Guru, who now leaves behind a weeping wife and an innocent son who never saw his dad. Even after shahadat, Guru's body was not handed over to his family and he was supposedly buried secretly in the Tihar jail.

Now read about this soul and cry your heart out for the innocents who die everyday at the hands of Hindu Zionists. Each one of these shaheeds will be avenged, that is our promise. No mercy to the Hindu Zionists. By Allah, no mercy for these Mushriks!

Inshallah, watch Zaid Hamid's bold analysis on current crises in a National Security Conference recently held in Lahore. The program will be on air at 6pm tonight on Din News.

Those with PTCL IPTV can watch our DIN news program on Channel 108 at 6 PM today inshAllah. This is a special arrangement with PTCL IPTV for today only. Right now, channel 108 is Punjab TV but that would switch to DIN news at 6 pm InshAllah.

17-02-13 This is edited version of our speech which went on air at the Lahore Security Conference but still it is a strong azaan alhamdolillah against the system of Kufr and its treacherous managers in Pakistan. We shall upload the uncut version also soon inshAllah.

These are the final and decisive calls for Tauba to this millat and its leaders, else the judgement of Allah is closer than they assume. Khair inshAllah. Spread this far and wide and let the people know the truth.

17-02-13 InshAllah, also watch Zaid Hamid on Al Jazeera program Inside Story at 10:30 PM tonight -- a harsh analysis of Baluchistan insurgency and killings of Hazaras! Hear the real untold story behind the "sectarian" war in Quetta. CIA wont like what we have to stay. Blasted them really, alhamdolillah !

19-02-13 For the last 5 years, a Hindu Astrologer, probably a RAW agent, is running Pakistan from the President House !!!! Now you know why Pakistan is in this chaos today. Zardari is a virtual slave to this Hindu Jotshi and makes each and every move under his satanic guidance. Innalillahe inna ilehe rajeoon.


Our advice to the Shia community would be NOT to resort to violence, blockade of roads or hurting other people to express their anger. Today, sympathies of entire nation are with Hazaras. Thousands of Pakistanis are being hurt as protestors are blocking roads, airports, motorway and hospitals, turning the sympathy into anger against Shias. DO NOT do it. CJ is blaming the security forces and Intel agencies for their "failure". We would like to ask Mr. CJ, what about your own judiciary ?? How many terrorists have they hanged in last 12 years ??? Is this the incompetence of the judiciary or their deliberate act of sabotage against the state ??? Mr CJ, on the day of judgement, you will be a very sorry man indeed. Orya sahib has written another article which carries the glad tidings for the oppressed people of this millat e Marhoom. Just wait a little while. Divine justice is just around the corner. Sabr. Khair inshAllah. then there will be no Zardari, No CJ, No snakes likes Hamid Mir and Najam

sethi.... 109463862441767&type=1


We are sorry we DO NOT see any Shia genocide in Baluchistan! We only see Pakistani Muslims being killed. Our survival is in remaining united as Muslims, as Pakistanis and NOT dividing ourselves on sects or ethnic lines. That would be our defeat and the victory for our enemies. We, at this forum, will NOT sink to sectarian or ethnic lines. Our ideology is Islam, our identity is Pakistan. We DO NOT recognize any other identity. Now, in Baluchistan, let us tell you some staggering facts. It is NOT just

shais who are being persecuted but Sunnis as well, if anyone wants to argue on "zulm" being done on Shias. Just for the perspective, in the last 5 years of PPP rule following staggering figures are to be noted. 1. Over 100,000 families of non-Baluch SUNNI settlers have migrated out of the province for fear of life, property and honor. This ethnic cleansing at the hands of BLA terrorists had eliminated the entire patriotic citizen‟s base in the province – forcing nearly a million citizens to leave the region, who could have provided the patriotic sentiments in a hostile environment. Why no body talks about this ethnic cleansing of patriotic Muslims ??? 2. Over 1500 settler professionals – engineers, doctors, teachers, traders, almost all Sunnis – have been assassinated forcing the entire settler community to leave the province. In addition to these settlers, over 1500 Shia Hazaras have been killed as well. 3. Pakistan flag is not raised in any school of the province under the threat of the militants. Government has allowed this blasphemy to continue for the last five years and now no teacher or school dares to confront the separatists. 4. The entire government – from Governor to the CM to the Chief Secretary to the top officials are Baluch or Brahwis while the province has more than 60% population which is Pastun, creating a serious ethnic divide within the society. 5. Hundreds of billions of rupees, running into tens of billions of dollars, have been given to the provincial government without a single development project worth its name of produce on ground. The provincial ministers would pay the BLA for their own protection, allowing the dreaded terrorist outfit to generate billions in funding as well as prosecution free protection. 6. The judiciary remains equally corrupt and incompetent and has done

more damage to the security forces than the BLA itself. The IG FC has been called to the SC over 150 times while the terrorists and the separatists are free to exploit the judicial system against the forces. 7. There is no law in the province and the separatists are dominating the patriotic Baluch as the government, judiciary and the media remains extremely hostile against the army. In these times of state failure, the government and the political parties are hell bent upon holding the elections. No one is worried about the war or the consequences of holding the elections in these times of state failure. It is a total circus at judicial, political and media levels. Even the government knows that elections can only be held under the protection of the army due to bloody violence all over the country but no one is willing to talk about the consequences. Indians are waiting for such a scenario. Now you tell us? Are Shias being killed only in Baluchistan or the entire state of Pakistan and Muslims from all sects, all ethnic backgrounds are being attacked and killed ?? Can shias live in peace if Pakistan falls to the enemies ??? We ask the Shia Muslims to stop segregating themselves form the mainstream millat and feel that pain of the nation which we all feel. We are all together in this war and we are all suffering together. It would be stupid to raise the voice of sufferings of one Pakistan community and ignore the rest. If Pakistan stays, we all stay. Or we all go down. Everyone must understand this clearly. And one last point, before making any comment, pl use your words carefully, with adab and respect and do not use roman urdu. All sectarian comments will be immediately deleted. khair inshAllah. 109463862441767&type=1&theater


We wonder if the CJ can see the irony of his meaningless judgements?? Just last week, he had ordered FC to be withdrawn from dera Bugti and demanded civil government there, which in reality does not exist any where in Baluchistan. Today, the entire country demands army take over in Baluchistan !!!!! There are nearly 70 dreaded LeJ terrorists in Quetta jails but the judiciary does not decide their cases, in fact constantly releases them honorably. An incident is cited, where an Anti-Terror Court judge recently threw out a case of over 70 kilograms of explosives seized, famously saying that “it‟s not terrorism till the explosives blow up.” Also limiting for investigators is the Anti-Terror Act of 1997 and the Qanoon-e-Shahadat, that make police testimony inadmissible, and in the absence of other witnesses, any case against the LeJ or other actors weak. When army or police raids a terrorist hideouts, only witnesses are Police and army NOT ordinary people!! This is most unforgivable crime in the eyes of Allah and Rasul Allah (sm) and complete violation of national laws -- to release the terrorists to allow them to kill with impunity and still be called the Chief Justice!! Pakistan's justice has become a global joke under this squint eyed CJ. 109463862441767&type=1&theater


The argument is simple -- delivering justice is the combined duty of the government and the judiciary -- both have failed, in fact both have committed treason with the state -- both must be prosecuted and hanged !! It is NOT the duty of the army to provide the justice. It is the judicial system which has failed miserably and Mr. CJ is the head of it. Army is doing its duty by fighting the terrorists on ground and we have given over 10,000 of our finest young officers and men in this noble

fight. NO one can dare to blame the army for not doing enough. The government and the CJ are trying to fight a 21st century war with 1860 Anglo-saxon colonial laws -- a total insanity for which they must be impeached and prosecuted. Cant they see that their entire system has collapsed under the challenge, Muslims are dying, children are being orphaned and women being widowed by the dozens daily and they have NOT convicted a single terrorist -- both judiciary and the govt passing the blame on each other? This is criminal and unforgivable. No mercy for this stupidity and criminal negligence. All subordinate courts are under the CJ, just as all army units are under the army chief. can the army chief says that he is not responsible for what Punjab regiment does ??? Never ! How can the CJ not know that his subordinate judiciary is the most corrupt, compromised and afraid and is releasing the thousands of terrorists arrested by the army and the police. They have released Ajmal Pahari, the man who confessed in front of video camera in the whole world that he has killed over 100 people in Karachi and has taken training from India!!! Now they say, courts need proof??? Burn these courts if they cannot do justice. Let them prepare their answer in front of Allah and Rasul Allah (sm) on the day of judgement. let them blame each other now. On the day of judgement, Allah will hang them all upside down!! By Allah, He will!! A judge would be most harshly dealt with. I only wish Mr. CJ knew that. This man has betrayed Rasul Allah (sm). He has betrayed Medina e Sani. He has betrayed Ummat e Rasul (sm). Now we know, why Aulia Allah are doing curse upon him. you will see a very "ibratnaak" end to this man in dunya and akhira. 109463862441767&type=1&theater

20-02-13 This is the uncut raw footage of our full 37 minutes of our blunt azaan at the National Security Conference in Lahore on January 27th. Din News had aired 15 minutes only. Here is the full version. The time for azaan has ran out now. Now we wait for the destiny to unfold as we have been betrayed by the most powerful men who were supposed to protect our honor. Those who still cannot understand what we are trying to convey for the last 5 years, should now wait as well. We will not explain any further, not offer any apologies. You will see the destiny now, InshAllah. Let the enemies plot and plan. Allah has His own plans and He indeed intends to crush all those in power today. How He does it? You will see soon. Let the traitors celebrate for now in their intoxication of power.


Today, Shias are being slaughtered by Lashkar e Jhangvi. Lashkar e Jhangvi is being protected by Tahir Mehmood Ashrafi, the famous snake close to Zardari, Nawaz and Rana Sanaullah. Tahir Ashrafi is being protected and promoted by SAFMA. He has just been pushed into the council of Islamic ideology also by SAFMA. Imtiaz Alam is known to be on record desiring this. Why does SAFMA wants a known terrorist to be strengthened through powerful posts and media projections ? do you get it now ? SAFMA is backed and funded by RAW and is RAW's information warfare arm against Pakistan. When LeJ slaughters Shias, SAFMA starts media war against army and ISI for not able to protect the country.

Ironically, many top SAFMA snakes are Shias themselves but are working on behalf of RAW to get their fellow brethren killed at the hands of LeJ to destroy Pakistan in the 5thGW. This is the dirty trail of Shia slaughter, which even the Shia scholars are not aware of. The real enemy is SAFMA, working stealthy in the background, promoting and supporting the merciless killers. They need to be prosecuted. They are the true enemies. The real killers behind the LeJ !! 109463862441767&type=1

21-02-13 Now what would the CJ says when terrorism and violence destroys Pakistan ?? All of you remember the video of Shahzain where he is confessing to smuggling arms from Afghanistan. You also remember the video where he is talking to US embassy after being caught by the forces. Both his terrorism and links with CIA were recorded and seen by the nation. Now the courts release him for not having any evidence !!!! Innalillahe inna ilehe rajeoon !!! Shame and death be on this judiciary !! May Allah's curse be on these judges....


Watch this video and then tell us what should we do with these courts which says there is no evidence ????? Those who still defend these courts should be shot along with this judicial system. This system and its managers are a curse on humanity. By Allah, they are not humans. Thousands of Muslims have died because of ruthless violence by these terrorists but the courts..... Innalillahe inna ilehe rajeoon.

22-02-13 In 2007-8, we had clearly defined the sinister 4th generation war of the CIA and had demanded that we must crush the US presence in Afghanistan, else they will turn Pakistan into a graveyard. The treacherous politicians and media refused to listen to us and now we face the consequences.... It hurts to say but we had warned you well in time.... Now it is the punishment period. Now we say to you again, these elections must be blocked and patriotic caretakers must be brought else..... the country would float in river of blood, astaghfurullah, Allah forbid!

22-02-13 DB%81-%D8%A8%D8%A7%D8%A8%D8%B1%DB%8C%D8%A7%D8%AF-%D8%A2%D8%AA%DB%92%DB%81%DB%8C%DA%BA%D8%A7%D8%B1%D8%B4%D8%AF%D9%85%D8%AD%D9%85%D9%88%D8%AF

Most of you do not remember General Naseer ullah Babar. He was my father's course mate in 1st PMA in 1948 and rose to become a tough General known to be strongly patriotic. After retirement, he joined People's party and was made the Interior Minister in 1992 in Benazir's govt. In those days, Karachi was exactly as it is today. Benazir gave a free hand to General Babar and the army chief to clean Karachi. Then what happened ?? read below. All you need is a patriotic government, a tough army chief like General Kakar and an Interior Minister like Naseerullah Babar! Karachi will be the safest city in a month, InshAllah !!

See the dirty face of this true enemy of Rasul Allah (sm) and Medina e Sani. In the books of history, this Mir Hamid snake will be written along with Mir Jaffar and Mir Sadiq. May Allah's curse be upon him and may he die a painful death for betraying the Ummat e Rasul (sm). For years, this snake was hissing that Pak army and FC are doing crimes in Baluchistan. Today, the entire Baluchistan are begging that Pak army must be sent to protect their honor and lives !!

When you do dua for Muslims and Pak sarzameen, also do Bad-dua for snakes like him. Dua is our weapon. Use if powerful against the enemies of Rasul Allah (sm). 109463862441767&type=1

22-02-13 85008238636c897fefa1ac1&tab=core&_cview=0 US army has started preparations to land US forces in Karachi. This is NO joke!! We have been sold to the pigs in this democracy. As Pakistan starts to collapse, the US army is aggressively building Command and Control center at Karachi airport to act as the forward base to seize and control the airport for US troops landings. Of course, the cover story is that the entire might of the US army is being deployed for anti-narcotics operations, as if we are all idiots here. US Marine Corp has also been practicing landing of Marine amphibians divisions on Makran coast just a few years back -- again under the drama of anti-drug operations. Once the anarchy gets out of control in Karachi, MQM would facilitate US military landing, just as NATO did in Libya. The last phase of the 5thGW being deployed aggressively. For years, we had been warning the nation but those destined for punishment seldom do tauba.


An interesting and amusing article on us appearing on They really do not know what to do with us now :)))) They cannot accept us, cannot love us but cannot ignore us too. They wish to make us disappear but are afraid that our message and mission is spreading like wild fire globally, alhamdolillah. Liberal secular are as intolerant and prejudiced as religious radicals in opposing us. Because we bring the purest and simplest message of benevolent Islam based on Khilafat e Rashida. Our message is too powerful to be mocked, so they attack our person instead and even there they cannot put a finger, alhamdolillah :) This faqeer has become an enigma for them which they love to hate and fear. When this happens, you can be sure -- we are winning the battle !!! alhamdolillah. They have blocked us from mainstream media for the last 3 years still they are afraid and our message is spreading fast that now they are forced to take us seriously. Very soon, InshAllah, they will be forced to accept the truth -- even if they like it or not!

23-02-13 Now this confirms what we have been saying for years -- TTP remain the guests of Afghan regime/CIA/RAW in Afghanistan. TTP leader got into a fight with local Afghan leader and was arrested and the world came to know of their presence in Afghanistan. Now Pakistan wants him to be extradited but Karzai is now desperate to

protect TTP leader. What more proof do you want ? What was this Kharji doing in Afghanistan right in front of all CIA/RAW/RAMA?? The entire TTP is based in Afghanistan as state guests and sometime the dogs bark at their masters too. TTP is NOT attacking Pakistan due to drones, as Dr. AQ Khan or IK believe. They are Khawarij, Indian/CIA backed terror gang. If Kabul was sincere with Pakistan, they would never give these lame excuses of extradition treaties. We will kill this snake sooner or later, InshAllah. For now, the guilt of CIA stands further exposed.

23-02-13 While we defend our land and ideology, we must defend our language Urdu as well. Here we would strongly recommend all of you to read this unique Urdu book by Ibn Anqa "saat samandar, saat safar" ! published by Al-Quresh publications Lahore. The most incredible part of this book is that NOT a single word of English has been used in the entire book. New Urdu translations have been added of commonly used English words like passport, hotel, mobile phone, visas, train, films and sims... making this a truly a pleasure to read, enriching new Urdu diction. Extremely amusing with a class sense of humor, this book will set you into burst of uncontrollable laughter on every page. Go get your copy and start using the new Urdu terms to make them viral. We needed such a book and now we got one.


InshAllah, one day, we will build the Pakistan our founding fathers and Allah (swt) wants us to make. Allah has blessed us with all the wealth that we need. We DO NOT needs loans from the IMF or the charities of the Kerry Logar bill. They rob, loot and plunder our own wealth to make us poor and then come back with loans from our own wealth to make us their slaves. NOT any more inshAllah. 109463862441767&type=1


People ask us how can we fix Pakistan today ???? This one verse of Quran is enough to eliminate all terrorism, all corruption, all fasad from Pakistan !!! All we need to do is to apply this order in full, with force, without mercy and InshAllah, overnight, this land will actually flow with honey and milk, InshAllah! There is khair in following Allah's hukm and in implementing Qisas and orders for doing fasad. "Indeed, the penalty for those who wage war against Allah and His Messenger and strive upon earth [to cause] violence, fasad and corruption is none but that they be killed or crucified or that their hands and feet be cut off from opposite sides or that they be exiled from the land. That is for them a disgrace in this world; and for them in the Hereafter is a great punishment, (surah Maida, Ayat No. 33) Remember this clearly, no elections, no martial law, no judiciary, no political party or no long march can bring peace in Pakistan unless we

firmly apply this verse of Quran. All the TTP's, BLA's and their liberal fascist supporters in media and politics need to be crucified !! Very soon, InshAllah. 109463862441767&type=1

A Major power breakdown has struck Pakistan. All major cities are without power now. This could be a sabotage. Save your cell phone batteries and DO NOT panic. Car chargers would be the alternate options if power does not come soon. My Internet has few minutes of backup time and while it lasts, I am making these posts. DO NOT leave homes unless really emergency and try to stay in contact with families through land lines though even the batteries in exchanges would also die within 12 hours. Khair inshAllah. Army and PAF have gone on high alert. InshAllah, khair. Stay strong and help others. This is a test for the nation and we need to stand united. Pakistan Zindabaad.

Alhamdolillah, power just came back to us in Pindi. InshAllah, it will be restored in other places also. When we had last posted about the power breakdown, no body in the country knew about the reason and under such circumstances, all national security managers take extreme precaution for fear of enemy threats. That is why we had asked you all to stay indoors and armed forces had gone on extra alert mode. This is normal standard procedure. It is always necessary to be safe than to be sorry.

So far, no one still knows about the exact reason for this extremely unusual breakdown. This could be an accident or could be deliberate but for now we don't know. Charge your phones and preserve your batteries. The system is under pressure and can break anytime again. Khair inshAllah.

After our post last night about the power breakdown, many blamed us for spreading panic. We can only say Innalillahe inna ilyhe rajeoon. Let us respond to those who have hearts to understand the wisdom. When a major crisis of this nature, specially a national power blackout happens, this can be due to two reasons: 1. It can be an accident. 2. Or it can be a deliberate attack to cripple the national grid. In both of the above scenarios, enemies and criminals can exploit the confusion, uncertainty and panic and that is why armed forces always take such scenarios very seriously and go on extra alert. No one know even now the exact cause of the breakdown and no one knew last night when the power would come back. We had felt that panic has already started to set in and people were talking about a military coup, an enemy attack or anarchy. Then we made our post: 1. We asked the members NOT to panic.

2. We asked them not to take it lightly as the breakdown could be from a sabotage. 3. We told them and also to the enemies that our armed forces are ready to respond to any threats. This boosts the morale of the friends and sends a firm message to the enemies. 4. We asked our members to stay indoors as situation was not clear at all. In all such cases, it is always safe to take precaution instead of behaving carelessly. 4. We asked them to save batteries and use car chargers in case power does not return early. 5. Then we gave them hope that InshAllah, there will be khair and asked each one to help each other in this test. Now, be honest, are we spreading panic or giving mature, timely, wise advice in times where there were total confusion and panic was already settling in through rumors and whispers ?? Remember this basic rule of security management. When a situation develops, you ample: Whalways take the worst case scenario and then plan accordingly. For exen you park your car in the market, you always assume that it will be stolen. That is why you put multiple locks on the car. You never assume that all is fine and no body will steal the car, so we can leave the doors unlocked ! Only an idiot would do that and would then pay the price very soon. The same laws apply on matters of national security. when there is a national crisis, the top managers always assume that it is due to mischief or sabotage or enemy attack and take precaution accordingly. Only an insane idiot would call it spreading panic. Such idiots do not last long in life and sooner and later burn themselves and their families because of their casual reckless attitude. You will hardly come to know this but on all Eids' and national celebrations when the entire nation is busy in enjoying their lives, PAF and armed forces are always on highest alert to prevent any enemy

attempt when the nation is casual. This is the difference in security mindset which the very ordinary people cannot understand. Our one last advice to those who have problems with our posts: Please leave the page and make space for those who can respect and appreciate the mission this team is doing for the sake of Pak Sarzameen. We offer no apologies and we have shown enough patience to the idiots who just refuse to understand. We have a duty to defend this Pak Sarzameen. We are honored to be selected for this divine mission. We welcome all Pakistanis and Muslims to be part of this amazing destiny but now have zero tolerance for those who have chosen to remain deaf, dumb and blind. Khair inshAllah.

26-02-13 Back in 2008-9, when the leaders and the nation was intoxicated in CIA backed democracy, we gave out our azaan against the CIA's threats to Pakistan and had warned the nation of the future grand strategy in the region. Each and every word of the warnings given have been proven hauntingly right after 5 years of democracy. Allah is punishing us today because we failed to listen o the advice back then. Our stance has remained firm ever since we have started to give our azaan in 2007, despite threats, despite atatcks and despite cases against us, we have stood firm alhamdolillah! Now, the Americans are being forced to leave Afghanistan. They have

been defeated but the traitors within the country still remain strong but now the time has come for their accountability. Let them remain intoxicated in power for now that they do not see their "ibratnaak" fate coming to them. They are planning another elections and then another term of democracy.... This will NOT happen inshAllah. The time has come to hang them on the lampposts in Islamabad. In the coming days, this is the strategy which will be deployed by the "Dandey Wali Sarkaar", InshAllah !! We had warned five years ago !!!


Indus to Oxus is now available in all over UK and Europe:) Our much awaited Memoirs of Afghan Jihad are now published and available! InshAllah, these ground breaking historical account would change the entire perspective of the Afghan Jihad and would decisively alter the way Afghan JIhad was viewed by the historians and the analysts alike. For the last 20 years, we carried this sacred trust upon our shoulders and

now we pass it on to the present and future generations. With hundreds of original and unpublished rare photographs and written in emotional and absorbing narrative, these memoirs are a treasure trove of untold history. (ZH) Hard bound, packed in a beautiful box with 440 colored pages with hundreds of fascinating pictures, these memoirs will take you back in time with the Afghan Mujahideen in the romantic era when history was being created in the melting pot of Afghan JIhad. No such document exist in the world today with such first hand and authentic account of that amazing era, critically analyzing the mistakes and blunders also which led to the chaos and anarchy we see today in Afghanistan and Pakistan. The memoirs are priced at 25 pounds only. You can order directly by sending the email to UK phone number.. 07411097896 or 07414911323 InshAllah, books will be dispatched within 3 to 4 working days. May Allah bless Ummat e Rasul (sm) and accept this humble gift as our contribution for the glory of the Ummah and defense of Pak Sarzameen........ 109463862441767&type=1


Every word that we have been saying is now being confirmed by the enemies also -- this time White House advisers acknowledging that India is using the Afghan soil to bank roll terrorism in Pakistan !!! The entire arc of terrorism of TTP and BLA is being sponsored by RAW through Afghanistan. TTP is an Indian asset and now when the terrorist gangs are feeling exposed and weak, Indians are launching their assets in Pakistani politics -- Fazlu, ANP and Nawaz -- to demand talks with TTP for a "peace deal " ! This will NOT happen no matter how much the Indians and their snakes in Pakistani politics try. TTP will be crushed, InshAllah once the US are forced to leave Afghanistan. The time is coming close when we take a most severe revenge from India, TTP, BLA and their patrons in JUI and ANP. By Allah, they wll pay. The sinister game is now fully exposed.

28-02-13 Just as the enemies did in 1970 elections, another plan to dismember Pakistan is already in the advanced stages just as they did to Yugoslavia, Iraq, Libya and now Syria. For once, make a stand for Pakistan and reject this sham political process called Demon-crazy! These elections are sure to bring death, destruction and civil war and would be fatally corrupt and manipulated. The last stages of the 5th Generation war are being deployed under the facade of elections. There will no tauba if the country goes through these fake and fraud elections bringing back these same snakes for another five years. Their daggers are sharpened and now they want to go for the kill. Time has come to make a stand for Pakistan!

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