Statement-1: Meso compound are optically inactive. [3] Statement-2: Meso are optically inactive due to external compensation. (A) Statement-1 is true, statement-2 is true and statement-2 is correct explanation for statement-1. (B) Statement-1 is true, statement-2 is true and statement-2 is NOT the correct explanation for statement-1. (C) Statement-1 is false, statement-2 is true. (D)Statement-1 is true, statement-2 is false. True statement(s) about the following compound is/are [3]


(A) It shows geometrical isomerism (C) It configuration is E Q.5

(B) It shows optical isomerism (D) It is having three stereocenters [3]

Correct R.S. configuration of following compound is:

(A) R at A and R at B (C) S at A and R at B Q.6

(B) R at A and S at B (D) S at A and S at B [3] (Z)

Consider the following statements regarding the given projection. (W) (X) (Y)

(A) W & Y are diastereoisomers (C) W, X, Y and Z are optically active Q.7

(B) Z is the newmann projection of X (D) Y & Z isomer are meso. [3]

Correct statement about D-mannitol (in given form): OH OH HO

(A) C3 axis of symmetry (C) Centre of symmetry is present

OH (B) C2 axis of symmetry (D) 3-chiral centre are present


i ) NaCN (   Products  ( ii ) H 2SO 4


Products of above reaction are (A) Racemic mixture (C) Meso

(B) Diastereomer (D) Mixture of meso compound & optically active compound.

. [12] (i) (ii) (iii) Ph  S  O | CH 3 (vi) (iv) (v) MeCHBrCH2Me (vii) (viii) (ix) Me N DH 2 Br   (x) MeCH 2 CHCH 2Me | OH (xi) (xii) C=C=CH2 Nothing can be changed by changing the face but everything can be changed by facing the change.13 Select resolvable compounds.! Go ahead the life is yours.(e) & (f) & Q.

F Q. 5 to 7 Observe following structures and answer questions given below: Me HO HO Me (I) Q.5 H H HO Me H (II) H Me OH Me H HO H (III) OH Me H OH H (IV) OH What is the relationship between II & III.3-butandiol is: Me H Me HO Me H OH [3] HO Me Me H OH Me Me H OH OH (A) H OH OH (B) H Me (C) H (D) H Paragraph for question nos. Statement-2 : Molecules containing plane of symmetry or centre of symmetry are optically inactive.6 Which of the following is pair of diastereomers (A) I & III (B) II & III (C) I & IV Q.2 . statement-2 is true and statement-2 is NOT the correct explanation for statement-1. statement-2 is false. statement-2 is true. [3] (A) 3 (B) 4 (C) 5 (D) 6 Page No. (C) Statement-1 is true. (A) Enantiomers (B) Diastereomers [3] (C) Identical (D) Positional isomers [3] (D) None Q. Q.3 Statement-1 : F [3] F (I) F (II) (I) and (II) are optically inactive molecules. statement-2 is true and statement-2 is correct explanation for statement-1. (A) Statement-1 is true.7 Compound IV is a vicinal diol. (B) Statement-1 is true. total how many vicinal diol's are possible with the same molecular formula as IV.4 Most stable form of meso-2. (D) Statement-1 is false.

4 .Q. HO CH2OH CHO & CH3 Cl Me CH2OH CH3 Me Cl CHO OH [6] (a) CH3 H H Et CH3 Et & Et Me Me H Et H (b) (c) CH3 – O – CH2 – CH2CH3 & CH 3  O  CH  CH 3 | CH 3 OH OH Me OH Br OH (e) (d) Br H Br Br D & Me Br & O O D H Br Cl & Cl (f) Q. [16] (a) and (b) and (c) and (d) and (e) and (f) and (g) (h) Page No.12 Find relationship between following pairs. diastereoisomer or constitutional isomers.13 Identify whether each of following pair of compounds are identical or enantiomers.

-19 Column II [4] O (P) Total number of stereo isomers are odd. NO. DPP. Br H C (C) Cl C H (R) Compounds having plane of symmetry or axis of symmetry Cl (D) COOH H OH HO H COOH (S) Compounds have zero dipole in given form.3.ORGANIC CHEMISTRY Daily Practice Problems Target IIT JEE 2012 CLASS:XIII (V-GROUP) Q. Q.6 . Me Me Cl Br (B) (Q) Total number of stereocenter are even or have centre of symmetry.1 Column I Cl (A) MARKS: 44 DATE : 19-20/08/2011 TIME : 60 MIN.plane of symmetry and axis of symmetry (Q) H Me H (C) Compound having axis of symmetry (C3) and absence of plane of symmetry (R) Me Me N H (D) Compound having C2 axis of symmetry but absence of plane of symmetry. Page No. (S) 2.3-Tetramethyl butane in staggered conformer.2 (A) Column I Compound having only plane of symmetry and axis of symmetry Column II (P) Et N N N Et [4] Et (Consider the given chair form only) Me Me (B) Compound having center of symmetry .2.

2 gm is dissolved in 125 cc we observed rotation is +355. Write answer of part (a).12 (a) Total number of POS present in a CH4 molecule. The observed rotation of this solution is +357. But if 4.c. [3] (A) 25 % (B) 75 % (C) 50 % (D) 66.11 An unknown compound weighing 4.67 % [3] Q. (c) & (d) in the same order and present the four digit number as answer in OMR sheet. Q. Page No. [3] Q.13 How many total isomers are possible from C3H6O and also find out the number of optically active isomers? [4] Experience is that marvellous thing that enables you recognise a mistake when you make it again. (b).0°.8 .2 gm is dissolved in enough carbon tetrachloride to make a total volume of 250 c.9 Calculate the % of d tartaric acid in a mixture of d and l tartaric acid which has the observed specific rotation + 6.50°.75° in a 25 cm cell using the sodium D line.10 Which of the following Fischer projection is the enantiomer of the following molecule? (A) (B) (C) (D) Q.Calculate specific rotation for this compound. [5] (b) Total number of POS present in trans-1. For example : If all these answer are 9 then fill 9999 in OMR sheet.Q.4-dichloro cyclohexane (c) Total number of POS present in half chair form of cyclohexane. (d) Total number of POS present in cyclopropane. So keep working & smiling.

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