The Patience Stone Revisited

I regret to inform the readers of “The Patience Stone” that, while I provided a fair description of the event, I did not convey the entire picture and feelings that I experienced. I am now going to reveal “the rest of the story” as I should have done in the original document. In the process of pecking a hole through the Basalt Stone with a Quartz Stone it must be understood that the quartz stone must have several sharp edges, points, and otherwise cutting surfaces. The very act of smashing a hard stone against a softer stone results, not only in the making of an indentation in the soft stone, but it causes the harder stone to loose it’s sharp edges. Pieces of the quartz broke away just as did the basalt lost itself in a pail of grey dust and tiny chips. This was a frightening aspect of the process because I was not certain that the Quartz Stone would survive the entire process, and remember, I was told by Willy that I could not get another quartz to replace the one I was given in the first place. I was stuck. I had to rely on the fact, as told by Willy, that the Basalt Stone would give way to the Quartz Stone. There would be enough of it to last throughout the entire process. During the inspection of the stones by the Stone Masters, they demonstrated that the Quartz Stone presented to them as being the one that created the BiConical, Bi-Lateral hole through the Basalt Stone could have been made by

this Quartz Stone and no other. There was a ‘forensic fit’ if you like, when the two were put together. It was a perfect match, they fit into one another like a hand into a glove. The other aspect of the process is the fact that I did not describe the twelve hours with sufficient detail. I will attempt to provide this documentation here and then be done with the story. Hour One: I was feeling the pain frustration, and futility of smashing the Quartz Stone against the Basalt Stone. I kept loosing slivers of the quartz, all too frequently by my estimation. The basalt was hardly showing signs of having a BiConical, Bi-Lateral hole pecked through it. All I saw, from time to time, was tiny puffs of grey power evaporate in a small cloud about my hands. As for any major progress…no. My hands, arms, shoulders, and upper body were wracked with a pain that I did not recognize. This was an unusual pain, but pain nonetheless. It was the pain that told you that whatever was causing it was unnatural and unnecessary. It was the pain that said, “Stop.” I continued, not knowing why I had made that decision when my entire body was telling me to stop. Hour Two: I think that this was when Willy paid me a visit. He came up from behind and was within a few meters when I realized that he was behind me. I turned, looked at him with a face that must have told him that I was completely disgusted and wanting to stop. Willy looked at me, saying not a word, his face in a broad smile. He nodded slightly and turning walked away. This I can only guess because I had already turned back to the pecking, I had already lost time by stopping when Willy came up. As Willy removed himself from my presence I think that I heard a little snicker coming from his direction. I took it to have come from Willy as an admonition that I was up against something that he did not know if I would survive, intact. Hour Three: By this time I discovered that I was no longer aware of my surroundings. I no longer heard the birds. I no longer heard the Snake River as it flowed not five meters from where I was sitting. I no longer knew if there were animals or people near me. I did not know if anyone was watching. I knew that several of my students were present with Willy for we were involved in a weekend of Experimental Archaeology, learning how to work with things of nature to survive in a harsh desert environment as the Hunter-Gatherers of the area had done hundreds, if not thousands, of years ago. As far as I knew there were no people or animals within a hundred of miles of me. I was now completely alone and I was loving it. The feeling of being completely alone was an unexpected aspect of the process but I welcomed it. It was somehow a wholesome feeling. There was no fear. I felt tranquil. The pain was being replaced by something unknown. Hour Four: By this time there was NO pain. Pain had been replaced by a warm, pain free feeling that was located in the center of my chest. It was in the general vicinity of my heart and lungs. It was the same feeling that I knew from my sessions of causing my body to release Endorphins into my bloodstream and

throughout my body. This is the natural reaction to pain. It was now coursing through my body like it had never done before. I was feeling so good. I was warm. I was happy. I was painless. I was without fear. I was so involved with what I was doing and feeling that nothing, short of a bullet in the head, would have caused me to stop. I was going to complete the task in the allocated time frame and no one would deter me from the course. I wish I could tell you, reader, how I felt. I can’t tell you. I wish I could relive those twelve hours, alas I can not. I wish I could experience the same intensity of Endorphin Rush as I did that day, but I have never been able to duplicate it. I continue with the ‘Imaging Process’ to produce Endorphin to deal with the pain of my existence, but I have never been able to duplicate it. The only way someone else can feel it is to do the task for themselves with the same restraints. If it is real, it will be real and you will know the eternal aspects and feelings of The Patience Stone. Hour Five: I have very little awareness of this hour. I was in such a trance that I knew nothing except me and the two stones and the action of pecking. I had developed a rhythm wherein I pecked a certain number of times on first one side and then repeated the same on the other. Since I am blessed with being amber dexterous I was able to pass the basalt and quartz from one hand to the other. I believe that this helped in dealing with developing a pattern that would have become destructive. I felt that if I had to work at the pecking in a single handed pattern, I would suffer for it. I kept a pattern going and when I felt that I needed to switch hands I switched without breaking stride. I think that by doing this I helped keep fatigue at bay, though fatigue and pain were no longer a problem. I think that I developed this technique just to keep my mind working. I was finding that I was really no longer thinking. I was in ‘auto-pilot’ mode. I am told by some students after the sun had set that at about this hour it began to rain. I do not remember the rain. I do not remember the sun. I do not remember anything about the weather except for the fact that I started as the Sun rose above Guffey Butte and I finished as the Sun set behind Guffey Butte. Whatever happened between is known to my only as an anecdotal memory of a few students, supported by Willy. Hour Six: I have no memory of anything from this time until I saw the pin hole view of the Snake River as I squinted through it a scant thirty to forty five minutes before the sun set. I truly remember nothing. Hour Twelve: I have a vivid memory of peering through a tiny hole in the Basalt Stone at the Snake River. I can not tell you what a joy I felt. It was a moment unlike ANY moment in my entire life. There has been nothing like it. It is unique. Just because there was a tiny hole through and through, I was not satisfied. I could have stopped then, but I would have never been satisfied with the finished product. I had to have a true Bi-Conical, Bi-Lateral hole in the Basalt Stone. I continued in spite of the risk that at this point the basalt was in danger of breaking completely in half. I can only say that I have taken life and death chances all my life and this was just another of those choices. I didn’t stop to think, I just continued. The Basalt Stone didn’t break and has a quarter sized

hole through it that I will always be proud of and willing to share with whomever wishes to see, feel, and hear told. I must also report, as the picture reveals, that the Quartz Stone survived the encounter. It isn’t as grand as it was when Willy handed it to me but it has taken on the clock of respectability. The Quartz Stone has character and personality. I respect both stones, this is why you have seen that I capitalize the words. I do this out of respect for these two stones. By doing this I say that these two stones are special. I respect them, given by Nature through Willy, for having taught me Respect. Respect, as shown me through the Patience Stones, will follow me for the rest of my days. I hope that by sharing them with the world, someone will pass my way, find the stories, and take them to heart. Ponder the stories and should you choose to try the task make certain that you do not cheat or lie to yourself. It will show you only pain and disaster should you try, fail, and report that you did not fail. It is far better to try, fail, and report the failure than to report success when you know you failed. It is a true test and I do not know many men who can pass it. I would love to hear from anyone who tried the test and succeeded, or failed. I want to know if there is anyone as daring as I have been all my life. Good Luck.

Patrick McSha ne

Digitally signed by Patrick McShane DN: cn=Patrick McShane, o=PCS Centers for Enhanced Learning, ou=Headmaster, email=mcshane.patric, c=US Date: 2009.02.24 13:15:11 -07'00'

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