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Global Monetary Systems Set To Collapse
Posted By PC On March 22, 2010 @ 12:23 pm In Gold News | 1 Comment

By Peter Costa In the last article I posted I exposed the two types of global monetary systems [1] we have gone back and forth from for centuries. If you did not read it please make sure you read it before you continue reading this article here is the link http://goldcoinblogger.com/fiat-monetary-systemrevealed/ It is important for all my readers to know how currencies and global monetary systems [1] are currently manipulated. As discussed in my prior work the mechanism behind the manipulation taking place is a central banking system backed by fiat currency. This is the central system most established countries operate from. As revealed this type of system allows banks to practice fractional reserve banking which essentially promotes banks to loan out more money than they have thus artificially expanding the money supply causing major instability in the economy. This type of practice has enabled companies to become too big to fail as well as currencies to become devalued at a rapid rate. As a result of this practice we now have a deadly web of financial

In Europe you have the European Central Bank also known as ECB which is the central hub of the EU. With this happening in such large numbers it has caused banks to tighten up their lending and has exposed bank balance sheets for what they really are. With the continued printing of money it creates inflation which if not handled correctly could lead to a collapse in the dollar. With so much pressure on all the banks this has restricted their lending and has caused failing banks to face closure. What is happening in the United States is a glimpse of what is going to happen worldwide. Now the jig is up and these banks that were allowed to loan money at an accelerated rate have had to slow down their pace.turmoil so well woven that it is only growing by the day. This has lead to many companies closing their doors for business as well as too big to fail companies receiving big bailouts to keep operating. Attached to the Federal Reserve you have all the banks in the nation who in return are protected by FDIC if they were ever to go bankrupt. The structure of our financial system is setup so you have a central bank known as the Federal Reserve that is allowed to print the US currency. Throughout the years this has created complete reliance on credit and loans for individual and with companies it has created an outlet for them to continue to be in business as long as their credit line continues to be extended at the bank. With over 500 banks on the troubled list the weight is only growing heavier and the survival of the US dollar is looking bleak. As we all know a system like this always has a breaking point and the breaking point of this system was caused by individuals faltering on their mortgages. As the days go by this web of financial Armageddon is only growing and will soon have us so entangled that there will be no escape. Every bank in the nation is attached to the central bank in order to protect them from the threat of bank runs. This has only added pressure to the entire system and as each bank fails it puts more weight on the system ultimately threatening the survival of the US dollar. It actually makes things worse because it is like having a group of people holding up an object and as each falls out it only makes the weight heavier. In the United States we have the Federal Reserve that is the central hub for the US economy. With such lee way banks have been over lending and over spending for decades not worrying about the repercussions. Attached to the ECB you have every country in the EU who . This type of practice promotes companies and individuals to go to the bank and seek money they do not have. This exact same model can be seen globally and is a direct result of the financial catastrophe that is taking place with the euro. At this point the Federal Reserve has no choice but to continue to print money in hopes that things will turn around. You would think as each bank folds that it alleviates the surrounding banks but it does not. As borrowers continue to default on loans and mortgages with various banks this puts pressure on them causing investors and depositors to withdrawal their money. This in return enables banks to loan out more money than they have thus allowing fractional reserve banking to exist. As a result of this over 200 banks have failed in the last 3 years. With over 200 bank closures in the US this has drained FDIC of their insurance fund and has lead to the larger banks having to come up with a bailout solution for failing banks. With all the banks in the nation being attached to the same reserve this has enabled them to artificially expand the money supply and bail each other out of financial trouble. The structure of this web is simple to identify. With all the banks in the nation attached to the same reserve this puts pressure on the entire monetary system and affects every bank. As a result of this current fiat system we now have a similar model that is forming all over the world.

Gold have lasted thousands of years and is the only honest currency the world has ever had. Not only are the US and the EU in trouble but the list goes on. “What is taking place globally is the collapse of fiat currencies. and government-sponsored enterprises in Eastern and Central Europe. The UK is facing a similar problem leaving the pound on very shaky ground. Fiat global monetary systems [1] have never worked and as a wise man once said to know the future is to know what was written. With this system in play it has allowed countries in the EU to be careless with their balance sheets. Italy. With all the countries in the EU being attached to the ECB it has allowed them to be reckless with their spending and enabled them to bail each other out of financial trouble. The United States is so far in debt it cannot possibly inflate its way out of it. I am calling for a complete restructuring of currencies globally. Spain. What started with PIGS (Portugal. Greece owes the world over $300 billion. Translated into USD. This will also run the risk of calling attention to questionable loans European banks still have outstanding to governments. Hungry. the mortgage crisis. As a result of this it has lead to the PIIGS (Portugal. Iceland. firms. Sooner or later he will not be able to get a credit card and will be forced into bankruptcy. Greece and Spain) has now become PIIGS adding Italy to the equation. Romania and Latvia putting an enormous amount of financial pressure on them. The IMF has already bailed out Iceland. Along with the social security crisis. It is time for everyone to foresee the inevitable and to protect themselves accordingly. More countries will be added to the list as the days go by and with the way things are going it looks like France is next.7 trillion to fix. With Portugal. To this day we have still not figured out how to create gold the . With more countries coming out of the woodwork this is causing an enormous amount of pressure for the ECB. Romania and Latvia in deep financial trouble it paints a picture of the future for the euro. Similarly the EU faces the same fate and will not be able to inflate its way out of this mess. unemployment numbers and loss of foreign investors a collapse in the green back is inevitable. The weight on the system is only growing and is threatening the survival of the euro. Ireland. Greece’s sovereign debt is currently 13 times its gross domestic product. Greece. Greece and Spain) nations which is only becoming worse by the day. With every country attached to the EU a country failing will greatly affect the entire power of the EU. many of them highly leveraged.in return are protected by the IMF if they were to have any financial collapse. Similar to the Federal Reserve they may be forced to inflate their way out of this mess which if not controlled properly could lead to a collapse in the euro. Look throughout history and you will see this type of system has only failed. It benefits only a small group while the whole is left to suffer. Italy. Hungry. I am not only calling for a collapse in the US dollar I am calling for a collapse in global currencies. Ireland. The IMF is in so much financial trouble that they are being forced to sell their gold reserves just to keep things a float globally” remarked Ronald Fricke president of Regal Assets in response to the EU problem. With the IMF in such financial constraints countries such as Germany are now being forced to come up with a bailout solution. This is identical to an individual deep in credit card debt continuing to apply for credit cards to pay off the old ones. Just the banking crisis alone is projected to cost the US $23. Dubai is in a situation as dire as Greece in regards to sovereign debt problems and currently has over $320 billion in debt. As countries start to default on their debts this puts pressure on them leading to foreign investors withdrawing their money from the country which ultimately leads to financial meltdown and a need for a bailout. Ireland. Unlike banks they cannot just close their doors for business and they become a massive weight on the whole system.

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