Grand Rapids FRC Bulletin

March 3, 2013

 The Sunday School & Catechism classes’ (beginners – 7 grade) are asked to meet upstairs this morning. Parents and grandparents are encourage to join us. The Psalter of the month is #382: 1, 2, 5.  From the Deacons: There will be a box in the narthex for the Youth Group Mission trip. To date, the Youth Group is behind in needed funds. Your donations are appreciated.  There will be a Prayer Day service led by Pastor Mark Kelderman on Wednesday, March 13 at 7 PM.


9:30 AM – Pierced Ears

Scripture: Psalm 40

Text: Psalm 40:6

 Pastor Joel Overduin has accepted the call extended to him by our Vineland congregation. Please remember, in your prayers, the Mitchell congregation as well as the Vineland congregation.  Pastor David Kranendonk received a call from the Hamilton FRC congregation to be the pastor of its Woodstock preaching station.

5:50 PM - SONG SERVICE: Psalter 317:all 6:00 PM – Seeing Christ we see the Father

~ Calendar ~

“The Lord willing...” James 4:15

March 4 – (Monday) 7:30 PM Consistory meeting. March 5 – (Tuesday) 7 PM Dorcas Guild meeting. All ladies are invited!! Scripture: John 14:1-24 Text: John 14:9; Lord’s Day 8 March 5 – (Tuesday) 7:30 PM Financial Peace University – This week’s lesson is Retirement and College Planning: Mastering the Alphabet Soup of Investing. March 9 - (Saturday) 7 PM Informal service at Mel Trotter Mission led by John Procee. March 10 - (Sunday) 4:15 PM Youth Group meets. Snack: Jade Leer March 12 – (Tuesday) 9:45 AM Ladies Bible Study. Coffee is at 9.45 and the lesson starts at 10. All ladies are welcome and nursery is provided. March 12 & 14 is the Forgotten Man Mission Dinner. Doors open at 6pm and Dinner starts at 6:30pm. For those of you who have been there before, you know that there is a lot to learn from those who give their testimonies; sharing what God has done in their lives and how important it is to be able to learn about the gospel while in jail. Please let Cherise Bergsma or Cheryl Moerdyk know as soon as possible if you are able to join us as we will need to give numbers to them very soon. See bulletin board in the narthex. March 13 - (Wednesday) 7 PM Prayer Day service. There will be no fellowship meal this month. March 16 - (Saturday) 7 AM Men’s Breakfast Bible Study at the Rainbow Grill in Hudsonville. We are starting a new book, “Glory Veiled and Unveiled;” A Heart Searching Look at Christ’s Parables by Gerald M. Bilkes. Contact Steve Kleyn or Dwight Prince for a book. March 16 - (Saturday) 12 PM Boys & Girls Club derby race at Plymouth Christian Elementary school gym. A snack/light lunch will be provided.

“Search me, O God, and know my heart: try me, and know my thoughts:”

Psalm 139:23

~ From The Consistory ~
Visitors, welcome. We hope you are blessed through worshiping with us this Lord’s Day.  Today, we welcome Pastor Mark Kelderman who will conduct our services.  Pastor Kelderman will preach a preparatory message, as we prepare for the Lord’s Supper that is scheduled for next Sunday morning. The observance of the Lord’s Supper, in our congregation and denomination, is a ‘close communion.’ Therefore, those who are not members are asked to appear before the consistory prior to being permitted to partake of the Lord’s Supper. Those visitors desiring to attend are encouraged to contact one of the Elders. There will be no Sunday School or Catechism classes on that morning.  Next Sunday, Dr. Jerry Bilkes will lead our services, the Lord willing.

~ Other News ~
Free Reformed Mission Update – Is education of children really a part of the mandate for the Foreign Missions Committee? The board previously concluded that while it is not the main focus it is important to have children well educated to help them understand Biblical concepts. This was confirmed recently when we heard that a number of children are attending the worship services. Two young children were given special instruction in the Christian faith by Pastor Xicara and in the course of time they expressed the desire to be baptized. After more instruction was given the sacrament was administered in a special service on Dec. 22. We pray that God will bless our efforts to help the youth around Cubulco. You can read a full report at Today: Next Week:

~ Ushers ~
AM Eric Wielhouwer AM Chris Engelsma PM Henry Boven PM Bill Moerdyk

~ Offerings ~
1 collection: nd 2 collection: Box at Exits: Prayer Day

Today General Fund Building Fund Guatemala Mission Trinitarian Bible Society

Next Week General Fund Education Fund HRC Food Pantry

~ Church Family ~
The Youth Group and leaders would like to thank all those who helped with the food preparation and planning of our fundraiser fellowship meals. Your time and energy is much appreciated by our group and was very helpful to us as we planned for our mission trip. Also, thank you to the church family for your support through your attendance and generosity. You have made our ‘helping of others’ possible. To God Be the Glory! Please Remember in Our Prayers: Mrs. Elsie Arnoudse, Mr. Bob Timmer, Mr. Trent Timmer, Mr. Howard Vanden Toorn, Mrs. Gertrude VanderGraaf, Mr. Rick Vander Veen, Mrs. Mina Van't Hof. Chris and Heather Engelsma were blessed with the birth of their fifth boy, Luke Theodore, this past Monday morning. All is well with the family. Shut-ins: Mr. Everett Beute, Mrs. Dorothy Hitchcock, Mr. Cornelius Jobse, Mr. & Mrs. Al and Shirley VandenToorn and Mrs. Gertrude VanderGraaf Serviceman: Dan Arnoudse

Sermon Notes _____________________________________ _____________________________________ _____________________________________ _____________________________________ _____________________________________ _____________________________________ _____________________________________ _____________________________________ _____________________________________ _____________________________________ _____________________________________ _____________________________________

Mother In Charge – March: Lisa VanStrien Today: AM A: B: PM A: B: AM A: B: PM A: B: Jana Birn, Josephine Haab Misty Huckstead, Julie Spaans Cora Beute, Hannah Karel Renee Langerak Betsy Timmer Jane Bilkes, Emma Vander Boon Kim Kleyn, Kathy Pols Cherise Bergsma, Louisa Haab Suzanne Kleyn, Abbie Prince

Next Week:

Prayer Day: Betty Elliott, Aileen Rittner, Annelise Moerdyk

Song Service: Psalter 317: all

LITURGY March 3, 2013 Morning Service Votum & Salutation Psalter: 40: 1, 5, 6 Law Psalter: 109 Scripture Reading: Psalm 40 Text: Psalm 40: 6 Pastoral Prayer Offertory Psalter: 313: 1, 2, 4, 5 Sermon: Pierced Ears Prayer Offertory Psalter: 175: 1 - 3 Benediction Doxology: 410: 1 ******

LITURGY March 3, 2013 Evening Service Votum & Salutation Psalter: 124: 1, 2, 4, 7 Scripture Reading: John 14:1-24 Text: John 14:9; Lord’s Day 8 Apostles’ Creed Psalter: 232 Pastoral Prayer Offertory Psalter: 235 Sermon: Seeing Christ we see the Father Prayer Offertory Psalter: 73: 1-3, 5, 6 Benediction Doxology: 410: 2 ******

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