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Noreena Valerie D. Fajardo I.M.E.

-3 Reaction Paper: A Walk in the Clouds

Catech 310 February 13, 2007

Throughout history, man is always fallible, causing the tendency to sin which is meant by concupiscence. In our journey through life, we could not avoid of the obstacles that hinder us to reach our goal and destination that we desire. We seek for love and affection that lead us to happiness in search for completeness that may bring us again towards the quest for finding true happiness. It is like a bliss that may pass our way, a feeling of exhilaration, a walk in the clouds. The film depicts a lesson about morality. Victoria, being afraid of her father, hides the truth to her family that she was pregnant and her fianc left, and did not marry her. Meeting Paul accidentally, a gentleman, who changed her life; she asked for a favor that for the mean time, he will be introduced as her husband. As a noble man, he agreed to the favor for the purpose of protecting Victoria. But indeed, what Victoria and Paul did was not morally justified because in the first place, Paul has a wife whom he left because of his duty as a soldier, a public servant. Evaluating the circumstances, we could not promptly blame them because they are in the middle of two opposing circumstances. Likewise, the sixth commandment was violated, You shall not commit adultery and likewise the Ninth Commandment, You shall not covet you neighbors wife. Victoria, knowing that Paul has a wife had already fallen in love with him. Moreover, Paul has already developed his feelings to Victoria that it seems that he had also fallen from her. I can say that Paul is still virtuous because he ignored his feelings and decided to come home for his wife. Unfortunately, he saw his wife with another man, a very painful, heart crashing moment. Then finally his wife admitted that they were not really married and she was not happy with their relationship. Instead of mourning, he feels very happy because once more he is free. Left and imprinted behind is a lesson, a lesson of faithfulness, of chastity. Thus, the sixth commandment protects our sexuality which prohibits married persons from entering into sexual union with someone other than their spouse (CFC 1119). Moreover, the Ninth Commandment enjoins purity of heart of the virtue of chastity which signifies the spiritual energy capable of defending love from the perils of selfishness and aggressiveness (CFC 1128). Honesty, faithfulness or fidelity, thus play a very important role in building and entering into relationships. Thus, it will serve as the foundation of maintaining a good relationship just like how we should nourish our relationship with God through personal prayer and sacramental life. Participating in the celebration of the Holy Eucharist, partaking to receive Christ through the Holy Communion who will once purify us, take away our sins, give us new life, strengthen and nourish us spiritually.