Class No: …………………………….. Name : …………………………….. COMBINED FIRST AND SECOND SEMESTER CONTINUOUS ASSESSMENT EXAMINATION – II, FEBRUARY 2013 08.107 BASIC MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Time: 2 hours PART A (Answer all questions, 4 marks each) Max. Marks: 50

1. Write short notes on CRDI system. 2. Explain Air system of Petrol engine. 3. List the classification of IC engines. 4. Differentiate Open cycle and Closed cycle Gas turbines. 5. a. Draw the p-V and T-S diagrams of Diesel cycle. b. An IC engine working on Diesel cycle has a compression ratio of 15 and Cut-off ratio of 3.16. Calculate the Ideal Cycle efficiency of the engine. Take γ = 1.4.
(5 x 4 marks= 20 marks) PART B

6. With a neat sketch, explain Babcock and Wilcox boiler.

7. Draw a layout and explain the working of Battery Ignition system. 8. With the help of a neat sketch and p-V diagram, explain the working of a Reciprocating Compressor.

9. Describe with suitable sketches, working of a Centrifugal Pump. 10. Draw a simple diagrammatic representation and explain Francis Reaction Turbine.

11. Explain the working of De-Lavel Impulse Turbine with the help of a sketch. Show the variation of velocity and pressure of steam while flowing through the turbine.
(3 x 10 marks= 30 marks)

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