GENETICS by: Jordan Harkness Genetics is a branch of biology that deals with heredity and variation of organisms.

Gregor Mendel is known as the "father of genetics." Mendel used pea plants and statistical methods to demonstrate that traits were passed from parent to offspring through the inheritance of genes. By pollinating the common pea plants Mendel was able to record every detail of how the inheritance of traits and pollination works. The results of his pea plant experiments showed that the traits obeyed simple statistical rules. From his analysis Mendel defined a concept he described as an allele. Allele simply means a specific variation of a particular gene. Mendel recorded all of his work, and had it published in 1866. What Mendel described in his published discoveries became known as Mendelian Inheritance. The heading for The Island is, "The Island portrays the immorality of the principle behind embryonic stem-cell research, which is that certain human beings can be declared expendable for the benefit of others." Genetics is presented in this movie through the cloning of certain humans. In order to clone something you must have the original DNA, genes, alleles, and all of hereditary materials so that the clone will be exactly like the original. Scientists took DNA from particular beings to create an exact copy of that being. They did that so if by any chance the original human needed a transplant of any kind, they could take the needed organ from the clone. Cloning for the purpose of organ donation isn't exactly a good practice. If you could clone the organ itself, and not create a living, breathing, feeling, human being then it would be different. I would think it would be okay then, but since in The Island they could not successfully clone simply just the organ, I do not feel it is right to clone an entire human that thinks and feels just for the purpose of organ donation. Cloning has happened in the "real world" already. So yes, I do think it is possible to clone an organism. I'm not so sure if it is possible to clone a complete working organ though. It could very well be possible one day, I bet, with all of the new technology and ideas being created everyday. If you cloned an entire human but left it completely unconscious and it had no senses, then I would be okay with it. The clone would have no feeling or anything to know it was being used as just an organ donor. Yes, the clones should definitely be considered human beings. They think and feel just like we do. They are human beings, they have just been brain-washed. There should be restrictions against human cloning. It could very easily go wrong, and you could create a human being that is horribly deformed or ill.

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