Mild Peppers

These varieties are the ones with the lowest Scoville ratings. Hence, they are the least hot, though they still have a little 'bite' to them. The regular green, red, orange and yellow bell peppers do not have heat - at least, none worth measuring - and so are not termed 'hot' peppers and are not found even in the 'mild' category. Most mild peppers are of a large size. Pasilla Pepper - (Scoville rating = 1,000 - 2,000) - fruits of this variety are generally very long and narrow, with lengths ranging from 7 to 12 inches and an average diameter of 1 inch. As the fruits ripen, they turn from dark green to dark purplish-brown. They are used in moles and salsas and are very common in Mexico. Poblano Pepper - (Scoville rating = 1,000 - 1,500) - this variety is relatively stouter than the pasilla, with typical diameters of 2 to 3 inches and lengths between 3 to 6 inches. Young poblano fruits start off as purplishgreen but eventually turn very dark red. In some cases, they can be so dark that they are often mistaken to be black. Because of their very low Scoville rating, fruits of this variety can be used in many culinary recipes. They can be dried, coated in egg in an omelette, or sprinkled and stirred in mole sauces. Like the pasilla, they are also grown in Mexico. Santa Fe Grand Pepper - (Scoville rating = 500 - 700) - Often called the yellow hot chile or the gueto chile, this cone-shaped pepper can only grow up to 5 inches long. As they ripen, their color changes from greenish-yellow to orange-yellow or red. Because of their slightly sweet taste and mild hotness, this fruit is often roasted or mixed with quesadillas and tacos. The santa fe grande is mostly found in the United States. Pepperoncini - (Scoville rating = 100 - 500) - Also known as the Tuscan pepper, peperone, or frigitello, this sweet variety from Italy is typically bellshaped. Being the mildest variety, frigitelli, as they are more commonly known in their place of origin, are used in sandwiches, Greek salads, tossed salads, and can be bought in jars. They are also often used as garnish in various dishes.

Jalapeño .(Scoville rating = 1. They are served in snacks. orange.2. but are not hot enough to melt your face into flames. and salsas. its loose seeds can bang on the dried. being practically spherical with an average diameter of 1 inch. the fruits are usually sold green. the jalapeño can grow up to 3 inches long. and chiles gordos in its native Mexico.(Scoville rating = 10. where it is still commonly found. Although often maturing into a red color. they taste good. sauces. as serrano peppers mature.500 . Rocotillo Pepper .(Scoville rating = 2.23. The tolerable but nevertheless hot burning sensation has made this variety the one of the most popular. Like most hot peppers.The rocotillo is similar to the serrano in that it can have varying colors once fully matured and green or yellow when young. and this is the category most people can 'handle' comfortably. They are hot enough to give a satisfactory burn to those who want some spice. and are often smoked.It is aptly called the rattle chili because when dried and shaken. the most common being red. Note that Serrano peppers can vary widely. this is for you. Cascabel Pepper .. Like most peppers.8. and will flame your mouth a little. They are entirely different in shape. in daily culinary use. but if you want the 'upper-side' of medium peppers.000). but some strains can be much hotter.000) . however. brown..500). However. usually they will be within this Scoville rating area. hard coat producing a rattling sound that allows it to serve its main purpose . Here are the more common medium peppers: Serrano Pepper .000 . They're a little too hot for most people. or yellow. before getting into the scorcers.(Scoville rating = 1.Also known as cuaresmenos. They are can be mixed fresh into salsa or roasted and mixed with Mexican or Southwestern-style sauces.2. dishes. they can take on different colors. they look pretty and their size and shape lend themselves to being used whole in recipes.The typical dimensions of this variety are 1 to 4 inches in length and half an inch in diameter. They are often served with roased meat or cooked beans. they have some pretty hot heat. the rocotillo's roots can be traced to Peru.500 .a musical instrument. their colors .000 .500) . huachinangos. Jalapeno peppers seem to be the most perfect hot pepper and so are found in grocery stores everywhere. so are the ideal balance of heat and edibility. the fruits start off as green.Medium Peppers Medium peppers are the 'workhorse' of the hot peppers. And unlike the serrano that originated in Mexico.

. it is grown around Mexico.transform from green to red as they ripen. and just like most.

Colombia. cooked. pequins are not as versatile when it comes to its applications. The fruits. This class is beginning to actually be dangerous. Ecuador. Cayenne Pepper .000 . or chopped up in a sauce.000) . and in too intense a concentration it can cause burns in your mouth.50. Usually. This pepper is further grouped into different breeds. Cayennes in turn derive their name from the city of Cayenne in French Guiana where they are most abundant.58. Believed to have been spread in the wild by birds in its native New Mexico. They also turn from green to red as they ripen. even after a small nibble. or aji amarillo in the native language.000) . the Dominican Republic. It has a curious looking bell shape with a cone-shaped extension. It is usually ground into colorful powders and mixed with various dishes.50. Unlike its low Scoville-rated cousins. remember that Capsaicin is a burning substance. as part of a salsa. . Peru.(Scoville rating = 30.(Scoville rating = 40. without it being diluted. It can grow up to 15 cm long and 3.000) .This variety. its capsaicin content is highly concentrated.5 cm wide. 'Yellow' Peruvian hot pepper. will run for salvation to cool our mouths.The main component of the powdered spice known by the same name. as a dried powder. As such. They are mostly used as spice.(Scoville rating = 30. unless you've had a lifetime of building up tolerance. Argentina. the only people who can eat this category of pepper plain. Pequin . throat and stomach.Hot Peppers Okay. is known to others as the Peruvian hot pepper. which is found in Chile. eating a true 'hot pepper'. Venezuela. differentiated by the locals through their colors and named accordingly. with a distinctive hot. now we're getting into scar-tissue area. are those who have grown up with them as a daily food item and have built up a tolerance level to their heat. fruity flavor. Most of us.000 . and Puerto Rico. it is subsequently known as bird pepper. is one example. The fruits are narrow. grow up to 5 inches long and are typically half an inch in diameter. The fruit is not only unique in shape but in taste as well. or chopped finely and added sparingly to cooking.000 .They are also called piquin or penguin pepper. Aji Pepper . allowing it to impart a burning hot sensation. Caution! That's why any pepper with this rating and above is usually only eaten in some other form. normally don't grow beyond 2 cm in length. which turn from green to red as they ripen.

The fruits can grow up to 4cm long and are initially yellowish-green when young. They then turn to yellow. USA.Tabascos have been popularized by two products of which they are the main component: peppered vinegar and Tabasco sauce.(Scoville rating = 30. . and finally ending in bright red when fully ripe.000 . it was first grown in Louisiana.Tabasco .000) . Contrary to popular belief. to orange.50. this variety did not originate in the Mexican state of Tabasco. Rather.

and even the bottle shapes. Still. let alone eating a piece of it. that even the 'lay hot pepper person' has heard of it.2 in. and pink. this variety. where they are normally eaten alone or mixed with other food as spices. they can burn your skin even. They are mostly found in India.350.Extra Hot Peppers Now we are into fire-control territory...3 in and diameters of 1.. red. Naga Jolokia . and naga morich. 'Blair's Death Rain'. and literally hundreds of others. Habanero Pepper . people for some reason have a 'forgiving' attitude when it comes to hot sauce names.(Scoville rating = 100. Most of the other hot peppers in this class of .000 . 'Da Bomb's Beyond Insanity'.577. sauce companies pride themselves in striving to outdo each other with the originality (and humor) of the names and descriptions they use for their sauces. but it's gotten so much fame and rep as the hottest.Currently holding the record as the hottest chili in the world.Before the naga jolokia or even the red savina were known as the hottest chilis.(Scoville rating = 855. which also goes by the names bhut jolokia. if you think 'second hottest' means you can live after trying to eat one. and Sri Lanka. ghost chili. It is much hotter of course.. Extra hot peppers are nothing to fool with. This is hot stuff. The Habanero pepper is almost as well-known as the Jalapeno. 'Widow No Survivors'. just try touching a cut piece of this to your tongue. ghost pepper. can easily be mistaken for the Habanero pepper. When we get up to this class of extra hot peppers.000). Mexico.041..000) . and people are still trying to create strains that are even hotter! Among hot pepper growers it's quite a badge of honor to grow a new strain of pepper that melts steel more than the last version. There are now even entire stores devoted to hot sauce. it is an extremely hot spice and a vital ingredient in numerous super hot sauces. You will find names far outside the bounds of 'political correctness' even on family grocery stands.This variety once held the record as the hottest chili on the planet before a naga jolokia exceeded its Scoville rating in 2007. You'll find names like 'Mad Dog's Liquid Fire'.427) .1.000 . 'Ass in the Tub'.000 . this inverted teardrop-shaped hot pepper can take on various colors like yellow-orange.. orange. Fully grown fruits can have typical lengths of 3. Bangladesh. Red Savina . a close inspection will reveal that the naga jolokia has a rougher skin. in the land of hot peppers. They can burn you. However.(Scoville rating = 350. the habanero chile reigned supreme. brown. They can grow up to within 3 in long and 2 in wide and are normally the main ingredients in extra hot pepper sauce.. Their usual colors are orange or red. Originally found only in the Yucatan Peninsula..

it is likewise spread out in other neighboring Asian countries such as Vietnam. Thai Pepper .This pepper is commonly found in Thailand. and develop a pumpkin orange or scarlet red color when ripe.000 . Indonesia. Other exotic concoctions involve mixing them with dark chocolate or fresh fruit for a sweet.heat are some strain of the Habanero and that is why they all look so similar.000) .325. hence the name. Although they can grow to 3 inches long. most of the really hot ones don't grow beyond an inch. Singapore. Philippines.(Scoville rating = 100. However.000) . . Malaysia.000 . This variety belongs to the same species as the habanero and has practically the same range of hotness. The fruits can only grow up to an inch and a half in length. Scotch Bonnet . where it is used as spice or mixed in sauces. and India.(Scoville rating = 50.100. Since they are grown mainly in the Caribbean and Maldives Islands. hot taste.The scotch bonnet got its name from the shape of its fruit which resembles that of a Scot's bonnet. these peppers are common in spicy Caribbean cuisine.

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